Fake Update: April Fools 2011

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April Fools 2011 Chapters
  1. The Legend of Sun Knight V2Prologue: This is our Weekend (April Fools version)
  2. ½ Prince V5C1: The Title of the Defeated King (April Fools version)

The April update is not ready yet, but be sure to check back in a bit – there’s a quite a few important things we want to mention but we still need to organize all the details together first. In the meantime, enjoy the overdue chapters.

(Unfortunately, we will not be posting another set of chapters this month to make up for the missed ones in March. Sorry.)

Update: These April Fools chapters have been moved to the blog, but the above links still link to the fake versions. See the real April 2011 update (or directly in the chapterlist in the main menu above for links to the real chapters).

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  1. Egakiar444

    April fools?

  2. Egakiar444

    You know, the funniest part was that half the people in the comments of the 1/2 prince update didn’t get it

  3. chicaalterego

    mmm well even if there is no chapter i wont be disapointed… after all, all people have issues, but i still woulg get happy if you do

  4. Topomouse

    @egakiar444: Well, I didn’t get it till I read the Sun Knight update. I have already read the manga of 1/2 Prince, so i knew that the story was more or less right, and given the setting mentioning rickrolling or the Game wasn’t all that strange. I still felt a bit stupid when got it though :-).

  5. MoonlightFlower

    *sigh* you guys aren’t funny at all…… it’s april 1st, should have at least put a prank on web >.<

    • eilinel

      Obviously you didn’t read the chapters yet.

    • MoonlightFlower

      I read them but obviously it’s boring joke and completely oblivious by non-english readers

    • MoonlightFlower

      I read the manga before the translation… seriously the joke in manga were much better! You guys should have at least say “we are closing down” or something in 1st then release translation in 2nd day. If it wasn’t the comment I would definitely not getting the joke :|

    • eilinel

      Shrugs~ I can’t please everyone out there.

  6. Gohankuten

    I didn’t realize it just like Topomouse but it wasn’t til I read the sun knight manhua update by odd squad scans that I finally remembered what day it was lol. So will prince rev tell us when the true versions without the jokes are put up? Though I got to admit the rick roll at the end of 1/2 prince was pretty good. I just wish that episode of Family Guy had been playing when I got to the end just to make myself laugh even more.

  7. I must say I don’t get the jokes. ‘ ‘ (Are the last lines in the 1/2 Prince chapter supposed to be lyrics in some song? >_O”)
    Hm…But then perhaps it might be because I’ve already been tricked by Odd Squad Scans and now I’m very cautious? ‘ ‘

    Still, I’m very glad I’ve heard something from you guys again. >x<"

  8. darkgloomie

    @Moolight Flower: I don’t think that posting an update saying they were closing down would’ve been fun. Actually, it would’ve been cruel, and certainly no better than what has been done.

    At least, it would’ve been WAY less original. Rickrolling may be old and stuff, but it works when unexpected (and it was unexpected) while The Game- aw damn, I lost the Game again- anyway it’s silly and gets a cheap laugh in. I never heard that “Friday” song they used for SK, but it at least showed some thought was put into it.

    you lament that the joke that they did for the manga scan was better. You do realize that the PR crew and OSS group are completely different and unrelated groups, do you?

    @E: in HP they used an incredibly catchy song with nonsensical lyrics, it’s an old joke of the ‘net. Look up “rickroll” to find out more. Plus they added “The Game” which is basically a sociology experiment gone sour (how long can you avoid thinking about the Game? When you think of it, you lose and have to loudly announce it, thereby making everybody else lose, etc.) the SK chapter is a song as well, though I don’t know it- somebody in the comments posted the name of the singer, maybe you can look it up on youtube.

    • @darkgloomie
      Thank you for explaining it to me. I was told about the Game once, but I doubt I fully understand its meaning. (Hey, I mentioned the Game, so did I just lose it? O_o) Because I never find it funny enough to be laughed at, you see.

  9. Though now I’m starting to get a little worried that we might have to wait another month for the real deal, I just hop that those real life bumps and bruises are not getting worse.

    • amgine

      You can blame it on eili and SR for last month. If, for any reason the real chapters don’t show up this month, then feel free to direct your curses upon me this time.

    • @amgine
      Mmmm…? You guys take turn to manage the site/the uploading?

    • @E
      umh perhaps they take the turns as scapecoats …

      anyway big fan keep up th good work … was my first post here

    • amgine

      Nah, it’s always SR and eili. They’re just a bit busy so I’m going to cover for them temporarily.

    • I see. Is it impossible for you or someone else to do it instead? But judging from what happened in March, I guess it’s not huh? óxo

      And umm… It’s just my curiosity, and it’s fine if you don’t want to answer, but after you’ve done releasing 1/2 Prince and LSK, what will you guys do next?

    • amgine

      Huh? As I said, I will be doing the updates just for this month since they needed the help. I suppose I could do it more often, but I’d rather not =P. They’ve been doing this for longer than I have, and are much better at it as a result.

      As for future projects, there was some talk of taking on another one of Yu Wo’s more recent novels (e.g. No Hero) but nothing definitive yet. If you have any other ideas or suggestions, feel free to bring them up to us.

    • Ah okay. (Hopefully it won’t be at the end of the month, because I’ll be too busy to check the site, and knowing there are new chapters at that time will seriously threaten my concentration on my work. *cries*) To the fans, it doesn’t matter who does the update, I think. But um… doesn’t the update only require you to post the chapters and an update notice? O_O”

      I like both 1/2 Prince and LSK, and therefore a fan of Yu Wo. I must say I’m a very bad fan, though. I’ve never heard/looked for other works of Yu Wo. .___.” But I do want to read other works of hers. Plus, this site has always been about Yu Wo’s works, so that sounds good to me.
      Picking up other novels of other authors seems good, too, but… maybe something that has manga/anime adaption would be appealing. ‘ ‘

    • Dianae

      I don’t send Curses over electrical currents, they backfire and kick my router off line ^^

    • amgine

      Haha. If only that happens to everyone else.

      Would you be amenable to sending your curses by post instead?

    • Dianae

      I might be able to do that, but It takes a while to get a good curse worked up…

  10. Any idea when the chapters will be coming out? Even a light estimate such as “first half of the month” or “second half of the month” would be appreciated.

    Other than that, you guys rock. I hope things get a bit easier soon.

  11. So, is the two chapters official or not? At least clarify it.

  12. how did you do the no highlighting thing, cus i kinda want to do it with some text of my own…

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