½ Prince V5C1: The Title of the Defeated King (April Fools version)

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½ Prince Volume 5: A Prince No More

Original novel in Chinese by: 御 我 (Yu Wo)

Chapter 1: The Title of the Defeated King – translated by Evangeline

“Fairsky, have your feelings really changed?”

“Gee, I never realized that Sunshine was such a charmer. He had Fairsky in his grasp before we even noticed.”

As soon as we returned to Infinite City, everyone gathered around us and bombarded Fairsky and Sunshine with questions. The embarrassed and cornered couple had no choice but to answer the rush of questions. Everyone’s faces were grinning with their blessings for Sunshine and Fairsky. Only Lolidragon, who knew the whole story, wasn’t grinning. I spied her sighing secretly from the corner of my eye.

“In conclusion, we wish the two of you much happiness!” Everyone laughed joyously.

“Th-thanks everyone,” Fairsky stammered.

“Okay that’s enough. Stop embarrassing Fairsky and Sunshine, everyone. Now come and listen to Lolidragon‘s explanation of the latest patch for Second Life.” Wolf Dàgē grinned and beckoned to us.

Everyone quieted down and looked at Lolidragon, and so she started to explain the details of the patch. “The main focus of this new patch was making Second Life more realistic. Some common aspects of everyday life that weren’t necessary before are now required. For example, previously in the game, you didn’t have to shower or bathe because your body would never get dirty; but after the patch, if you don’t shower after a day of fighting, the stench will become unbearable.”

Take a bath? I suddenly remembered, Even though I am a guy, I had never seen my “male feature” before. If we have to start taking baths, won’t I have to see it? Ahem… I never thought that the first time I would see an XXX (if you don’t count the incident where I collected the dragon ones for gold), would be on myself. Whoa, I can’t even begin to explain my emotions…

“Prince, if you are afraid to wash that part of your body, I can help you! Just relax and open your legs…” Lolidragon’s irresponsible remarks drifted over the PM channel, making me feel like beating her up.

“Hey!!” Open my legs?! I thought, are you delivering a baby? I can’t stop myself from rolling my eyes at Lolidragon.

“But, you still have to go to the washroom by yourself.” Lolidragon muttered to no one in particular.

What? I need to go to the washroom too? My mind was blank for a moment. I have to experience using my XXX to go to the washroom as well?

“Second, except for the NPCs involved in training, the NPC population is going to be decreased. For instance, the NPC shopkeepers in the Sun, Moon and Star cities will disappear eventually and be replaced by real players.” As she saw that my mind was still pondering about the previous topic, Lolidragon giggled twice to herself and continued her explanation. After she had finished her sentence, Yu Lian-Dàsăo frowned.

“Although it wouldn’t cost more to hire players over NPCs, they are harder to manage.” Yu Lian-Dàsăo muttered to herself, wondering if the patch was good or bad news.

Finally, Lolidragon uttered the most important part of the explanation. “I think the most important change in the patch is that Sun, Moon and Star City will be open for conquering…”

“So, the rumors are true.” Wolf-Dàgē grinned. “What does everyone have in mind?”

“There’s nothing left to be discussed! Let’s go and conquer them!” A spark danced in White Bird’s eyes, as if she had been waiting for this moment all her life.

“Conquer the three cities, unite the Central Continent!” Nan Gong Zui tossed down those eight words strongly. The determination and passion which shone clear in his eyes had infected others as well, causing everyone’s hearts to speed up with joy and excitement.

Uh! Another conquest? Looks like my dream of getting some rest isn’t possible anymore…Waa! Why am I so unlucky?! I had just completed my work and then another pile of tasks appear. Gosh, I’m really tired.

I listened morosely to everyone else discussing how to take down the cities. Though everyone knows that I am a military idiot, so it makes no difference whether I listen to the discussion or not… But, as the lord of the city, I can’t just go and take a nap…right? Though I really do want to go for a nap…

“The first thing we should do is to decide on a plan of attack. With the three cities open for conquering, there were probably a lot of other players planning on taking them down too, but we have an advantage over them–Infinite City’s military is progressing greatly these days. This is all thanks to the Infinite Band, and especially to our lord.” White Bird bowed to me graciously, shocking me enough to sit upright and nodding slightly in return. It’s weird; it gives me the creeps every time I see White Bird’s respectful attitude towards me…

White Bird continued, “I think that if we take down one of the cities first, it will only be a matter of time before we conquer the other two cities as well.”

“Hmm, if we are attacking just one city, which city would be the best choice?” Broken Sword thought out loud.

“Should we attack Moon City first?” Nan Gong Zui suggested. “Moon City used to be the Righteous Blades’ base, so its familiar territory to us, which would be a great help in conquering the city.”

“Yeah! Let’s take down Moon City!” Everyone roared excitedly.

“Moon City is it?” I stood up, looking in the direction of Moon City. So that city with the ancient Chinese themed atmosphere is going to burn with the fires of war too? How sad…

Then, Lolidragon’s voice drifted over the PM channel again, “If you are looking in the direction of Moon City, then I am sorry to inform you that you are looking in the opposite direction.”

“…So, what should I do?” Ignoring Lolidragon automatically, I turned to ask Nan Gong Zui.

“Prince, what’s your current level?” Zui suddenly asked me.

“Let me see.” Gee, it’s been so long since I checked my own level I almost forgot that I have one. I called out ‘system menu’ and said truthfully, “Level seventy-six.”

“Seventy-six? That ranks around the hundredth place in player level.” Nan Gong Zui thought out loud, and then he turned to me, “I don’t think your level is high enough.”

“Of the five city lords who won and gain their own land in each of the East, West, South, North and Central Continents, your level seems to be the lowest.” White Bird said carefully, while frowning. It was as if she was worried that she would anger me.

“Really?” I laughed idiotically. It’s not my fault! After the tournament, I went to East Continent and during the time I spent there, I was either helping Jing and Yun level up or I was running around everywhere trying to solve hidden quests. What’s even worse was, during the whole busking tour, I didn’t even manage to train half a level… Actually, knowing that I had only dropped down to the hundredth place in the list, I should probably laugh.

“Hence, my lord, please raise your level. We will arrange for some people dedicated to train with you.” White Bird requested politely.

“Arrange for some people? Can’t I go train with Odd Squad?” All in all, I am more familiar with the members of Odd Squad and our mutual coordination was better.

White Bird looked troubled, “The members of Odd Squad have important roles in the military and administration departments, so they may not have the time to train with you.”

“Is that so?” I felt a little down, I wonder how long had it been since I last trained with everyone?

“Prince, don’t be disappointed. We will come and find you once we have a break.” Wolf-Dàgē laughed and slapped me on the back.

“Well, at least Gui, Wicked, and Phoenix will go with me, right?” I turned toward those three and asked.

“I want to go with His Highness–” Gui didn’t even finish his sentence before Fairsky and Sunshine gagged him and dragged him away.

“You’re kidding! The amount of work piling up in the Construction Department is enough to bury me, and yet you want to be off to train with Prince? Sunshine, grab Gui firmly; if he dares to move as much as a finger, use magic to bombard him until he cannot move!” Fairsky ordered Sunshine in a self-righteous anger, and Sunshine followed her orders obediently. Such an in-sync couple…

“I…” Wicked had barely spoken a word when Nan Gong Zui and Broken Sword suddenly rest their hands on his shoulder and smiled warmly. Is it just me, or are their eyes saying, ‘Don’t even dream about it; you will never step out of this castle! Surrender to your fate!’

Phoenix didn’t even dare utter a single word. Well, I wouldn’t dare to disobey Yu Lian-Dàsăo either!

“So, I will be training alone?” I looked at the trio, disappointment clear in my eyes.

“Liege lord, we will arrange for some other players to go with you.” White Bird said, and then she looked slightly troubled. “But, I hope that my lord can exude the aura of dignity befitting a liege lord in front of those people so as to avoid disappointing our subordinates.”

I showed a troubled expression too and asked in confusion, “How do I exude the aura of dignity befitting a liege lord?”

“Basically, you just have to put on your blood elf look.” Lolidragon explained.

“That tiresome pose for the entire time?” I sighed. The blood elf isn’t the real me, but why does everyone like the fake me?

“It’s our pleasure to train with you, Liege lord!” Looking at the five pairs of eyes sparkling with adoration and love, I wondered how many times I had sighed in my mind. Luckily, XiMen Feng, who was standing to the side, didn’t send looks of adoration at me too, but his/her hateful expression certainly wasn’t exactly soothing, either.

“By Commander White Bird’s orders, we have to give all we have in order to help our lord level up, so our first and primary focus is the liege lord, does everyone understand?” the leading warrior called out to the rest.

“Of course! Our lord is the most important person, so in times of danger, I will heal the lord first. Don’t blame me if the rest of you die in the process.” The one speaking this time was, of course, a priest. The reverence which was so obvious in his eyes made me feel that I was the Goddess of Sea in the shrine being worshipped by passionate followers.

“Don’t worry my lord, we are never gonna give you up!” The archer swore to me with unmoving determination.

The other four nodded in agreement. A mage even chipped in, “And we’re never gonna let you down!”

“Or run around and desert you!” added the warrior.

Continuing the tirade, the priest gushed, “We’re never gonna make you cry; we’re never gonna say goodbye…”

At this point, even XiMen Feng joined in. “And we’re never, ever gonna tell a lie and hurt you!”

I stood dumbfounded. What exactly just happened? I opened my in-game menu and checked the built-in calendar. Ah, yes. Just as I thought. I just lost the game. It’s probably best if I log off and pretend this never happened before things get any worse.

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