Update: April 2011 – Real Chapters, Twitter, and Monthly Contest

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April 2011 Chapters
  1. The Legend of Sun Knight V2Prologue: The Sun Knight
  2. ½ Prince V5C1: The Title of Undefeatable King

Hello again everyone! First of all, our sincere apologies for the missing promised updates last month. About 98% of our staff members are students (and at least 50% university students), so we occasionally get inundated with work, especially around midterm season. We will, however, be striving hard to prevent such a lapse in the future. Additionally, we’ve decided to create a Twitter account so that the lapse in communication won’t happen again! We’ll be sure to post any little updates that occur and you can ask our staff any questions you like, e.g. “when will the next chapter coming out?”, “are you guys even alive?”, “may I have your autograph?”. (Well, maybe not that last one.) The account is princerevolutio (thanks to the 15 character limit and princerev already being taken).

We hope you guys enjoyed the April Fools chapter ;) The real ones up now and the joke ones have been moved to the blog section. And for those of you who didn’t quite get the jokes, check out these links: http://knowyourmeme.com/memes/rickroll and http://knowyourmeme.com/memes/rebecca-black-friday. If you read the April Fool’s LSK chapter, you can skip ahead to the last line. If you read the April Fool’s Half Prince chapter, we highly recommend you reread from the beginning.

Our Monthly Contest for April will not be the usual fanart/fanfiction combo. Instead we’re going to have an easter egg hunt event that will test your knowledge, persistence, and luck! First five winners will receive preview chapters to both series. All winners after that (no limit this month!) will get an upcoming Half Prince chapter preview. The contest will go live on the 18th, and will be open till the end of the month.

I’d also like to take a moment to thank those of you who expressed interest in the upcoming doujin! We’re currently working on translating and getting the shop up, so we’ll have more details for you either later in this month or next month.

Happy reading!


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  1. i get to be the first to comment yay look down for the rest of the comment

    • daystar

      a twitter cool i love the name it’s so funny
      nice i might get the rickroll joke now will have to go see
      also i have a question that’s completly unrelated is that ok? if it is i’ll post it

    • amgine

      If it’s something that you think other people would want to know, then feel free to post it here or on twitter.
      If it’s something personal, private, or involves spoilers then please use email.

    • daystar

      well it doesn’t fit into any of those catagories so i’ll give you the questions theme: christian mythology (i haven’t read the bible is the reason & it would take to long to read the bible)

  2. saganatsu

    If someone prefers it, could someone get a preview of Sun Knight instead of Half Prince?

  3. Prince-olution would have been better.
    and only 14 characters too.

    • amgine

      Wanted to keep it letters only (i always tend to make typos with -, _, etc.).
      Also, “revolutio” is Latin for revolution, so it works out.

  4. Gohankuten

    So will we get the details of the easter egg hunt before it goes live or do we get the details the moment it starts?

  5. Wooo~ New chapters. *rolls around* Thank you. >x<
    That twitter name actually made me giggle. xD But is it possible for someone to ask if they don't have a twitter account?

    And cool~ I want to participate in the contest. Ò_Ó But will I need an account in the forum? I've seen the past contests, but it seems I need an account, so…

    • amgine

      It’s not that hard to make a “throwaway” account for twitter and one for our forums.
      For this particular contest, it should theoretically be fine if you have just email (to send the final answer), though if you get stuck along the way we’d probably be more responsive if you send us a tweet.

    • @amgine
      :P I admit, I can be really lazy.
      I’ll make one for the forum soon, though.
      Thank you.

    • daystar

      wait, we have forum… really? where?

    • amgine


      or click the PR! public forums link on the right sidebar

    • daystar

      a thanks, totally missed the forum link

  6. Asura_gurdeep

    i feel your pain guys, my midterms ended last week, and my finals are next week (my university is weird in the way that i have a midterm every week starting from the second month of the semester and ending a week before the final exams ). here is the best advice i can give anyone, if u want to have a life; dont take engineering.

    • Phalanx

      I know what you mean (and isn’t all engineering like that, regardless of the university?), though it’s not quite so bad if you’re like how I was and you just want to pass rather than keep high marks (though then again if you don’t have very good marks and you lack co-op then you’re going to have a hard time getting a job after you graduate). What kind of engineering are you doing?

      And more on topic: Are these two chapters all we’re getting for the month of April? No complaints if this is it for the month (I understand about exams and stuff, even if I generally didn’t study that much) but I’m a bit curious.

    • amgine

      No additional chapters planned for this month. But there is the easter egghunt to look forward to, if you’re into that kind of thing. (and if you win, you get a preview of the next-next chapter next month).

    • Asura_gurdeep

      im in mechanical engineering (was in aerospace until i found out that there are bearly any jobs avalable )

  7. What’s a doujin???

    • eilinel

      Dōjinshi (同人誌?, often transliterated as doujinshi) is the Japanese term for self-published works, usually magazines, manga or novels. Dōjinshi creators who based their materials on other creators’ works normally publish in small numbers to maintain a low profile from litigation. This makes a talented creator’s or circle’s dōjinshi a coveted commodity as only the fast or the lucky will be able to get them before they sell out. (From Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/D%C5%8Djinshi)

    • daystar

      like clamp. they started as doujin artists

  8. arethousa

    Thanks for the hard work. Ugh i hate all the studing for tests… so i just skip it unless i get nothing. Hehe that normally gets me a 80%.

  9. Happy 3rd birthday, PR! In case nobody else remembers, the first Half Prince chapter was posted on April 25th, 2009.

    • eilinel

      OMG eri! We did forget about it hahaha!!! SR and me was like…Hmm when was PR! started again??? In the end we reached the conclusion that it’s approximately in April. When are you coming back? We desperately need some C/E T_T Or you can be boss again and I focus on C/E, I don’t mind whichever =D

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