Easter Egghunt Contest Open to Public!

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Update: The egghunt has ended; I hope everyone who participated had a good time. A blog post with all the answers, explanations, and statistics is up. Click on the “PR! Lounge: Staff Blog” Quicklink on the top right sidepanel to take a look!

As promised, the Easter Egghunt is ready! If you want to test your intelligence, valiance, and luck in order to win sneak previews to upcoming chapters, (both series for the first five winners, and one series of your choosing to anyone after that), then get your noodles cooking and head off to http://easter.princerevolution.org!

Remember, if you get stuck, feel free to send a tweet to @princerevolutio, a PM to amgine on the forums, or an email to amgine@princerevolution.org. The deadline is the end of the month Easter Sunday (April 24th). Good luck!

  • Please do not to share your answers or ideas with anyone else! (We have a system in place which alerts us on possible “cheating”)
  • Please compose your emails with a proper title, greeting, message body, and signature. Due to the sudden influx of emails, Gmail’s spam filter has been acting particularly aggressively on the no-so-well-composed emails.
  • Please write a thought-out explanation along with your answers. Due to the volume of quality responses, we cannot accept “random guesses” that just happen to be correct.
  • If at all possible, please do NOT use Internet Explorer!

36 Responses

  1. D: I will get this, somehow. Damn mushrooms…

    • Nedrika

      YAYDONE! Thank you for the ride and well done, that was awesome. (But y u [spoiler])

    • amgine

      Congrats! I think you might have been the first to get the entire field covered (that was a tricky one, eh?)

      As for the [spoiler tag], I feign ignorance. =P Most people aren’t going to read much into it, and the ones in the know should be ashamed of themselves, hehe.

      I haven’t seen an email from you yet, so if you have a guess, be sure to let me know!

    • Nedrika

      I should probably think before I post such things in the future. And I refuse to be ashamed! Well, perhaps a little regretful… now the rules say it must be made…

  2. Got my guess mailed, really hope I’m right (probably very wrong). I lucked out with the shrooms, found the first area just by randomly jumping around. I also appreciated all the memes and other various references being thrown around.

  3. umm can you email me about the [spoiler] question, i’m lost, i even tried every [spoiler] T_T

    • amgine

      Hi Daystar,

      Looking at your answers, it seems that you got the right answer, but are making a very unusual spelling mistake.

      You wouldn’t want to be called Daistar or Daystart or anything like that right? So please make sure you get all the letters correct!


    • daystar

      thanks for spoilering my spoilers

  4. damn mushrooms.

    I was doing ok for a while, but couldn’t work out the [spoiler] hint.

    oh well, arrows was easier.

    • amgine

      Well hey, you’re still the first to get a prize, so that still deserves a big pat on the back!

      I’ll be posting a detailed walkthrough on the blog section after the contest is over, but feel free to mull on the mushrooms if you wish, tonberry.

    • @amgine
      oh I am, me and a friend are talking about it. Still haven’t got a clue though.

    • amgine

      A few people got it already, so it’s not impossible. Especially not for someone who could solve the arrows question!

      (Be sure not to share your answer for the arrows with your friend! I hope that was made clear in that final link I sent!)

    • @amgine
      not to worry, I’m keeping my lips sealed, though he seems to be close anyway. And much faster than I was too T_T

    • @amgine
      in case my other comment didn’t make it clear, he also gave up on the mushrooms.

      the shrooms claim another victim.

  5. I couldn’t get past [spoiler]. No clue on how to bypass that part.

    I think I managed to get the [spoiler] question though. It was a pretty fun question.

    I must have spent a couple hours trying to figure out that one certain mushroom part, to no avail. In the end, i went with the arrow question because it was a lot easier (the reason being that the arrow question was straightfoward). Well, it was fun… er, i mean, interesting anways.

  7. starwarrior1234

    I couldn’t get past the beginning b/c i don’t see where i type in my answer. Where is it?

  8. Okay, I’ll admit it, I’m too lazy to actually do this egghunt.
    Especially in the endless shroom fields….
    But this I must ask: is the [???] from Pokemon?
    Maybe I should try again.

    • amgine

      Well, if you’re asking those questions, it seems like you are doing the hunt, despite your professed laziness. ;)

      In any case, no knowledge of Pokemon is necessary for obtaining the correct solutions.

    • daystar

      since i don’t know pokemon and i still have some solutions, so it’s not necessary

  9. Haha, I was thoroughly entertained for hours (on two different days).
    Even the wrong guesses were great – amazing how much work you’ve put into this egghunt!
    I just watched a certain movie and only now realised what all those hours spent were for so I had to do it all over again to find the last answer…not feeling silly at all.
    Anyone who finished right away should try starting over and try out some of the wrong, yet somewhat plausible, guesses throughout the game.
    Thanks for a great game XD

  10. MoonlightFlower

    Wow, I really got the answer down on the third attempt ( I didn’t know the answer I gave for the first attempt was so popular). Too bad I can’t constantly send my answer *sob*. I guess I’m satisfy with being 22nd

  11. Yeah… you might want to remove whatever bit of code your using on your webpages to prevent right clicking.

    That’s pretty damn annoying, so I had to forbid google api’s from working.

    • amgine

      Could you elaborate on what you’re doing with google api’s that requires right clicking?

  12. Oh, just using right click to open the links in new windows – It’s just a quirk of how I read.

    Ah, and I see that it wasn’t googleapis which was forbidding right clicking but some bit of script from your site itself, sorry.

    • Shadow Rebirth

      It’s quite alright. But if you want to open a new window, you can always shift+click the link.

    • amgine

      Shift click or middle mouse button, if you have one.

  13. Moonlightflower

    OMG! The second question (smart) for round 2 is more than brain killer !!!!

    • amgine

      Haha, yes it is.

    • @amgine
      Oh, no…now I’ll have bad dreams of getting the wrong answer :o(
      I’m killing myself over trying to figure out the second lucky answer (update: better now but still).
      Why do I always start with those mushrooms when I know how much time it takes? Is it just me?
      Oh well, at least we know why our brains are fried…

  14. guess made. Probably wrong, but all I can think of atm, and its doubtful that I’ll have the internet over the weekend, so thats all she wrote.

  15. answer is in! FINALLY SLEEP TIME…… tomo i will stare at mushrooms somemore to figure out the other riddles

  16. Waaa~ damn, I totally lost the chance to finish the hunt! SO frustrating! T^T
    Btw… are you guys going to post the answers to the riddles somewhere after the hunt is over? .-.
    I feel I won’t be able to sleep peacefully anymore if I never know the answers… I’m that kind of person when it comes to riddles and puzzles… >_<

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