Update: May 2011 – Anniversary, More Contests, Fan Creations, and Doujin Update

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May 2011 Chapters
  1. The Legend of Sun Knight V2C1: “Eat Breakfast!”
  2. ½ Prince V5C2: Conflict

This month we have a couple of important announcements. First of all, this month is PR!’s two year anniversary! The first chapter of ½ Prince was posted by Erialis, our founder, on April 25th, 2009. So here’s to another great two years of translating! =]

We hope those of you who participated in the Easter Egg Hunt had fun! If you missed it, you can check it out here http://easter.princerevolution.org/egghunt/ (though obviously you can’t win). The blog post with the answers and statistics can be found here: http://www.princerevolution.org/easter-egghunt-analysis-and-walkthrough/. Would you guys be interested in doing something like this again?

The theme for this month’s monthly contest is as follows:

  • Fanfiction: “Outrageous” – Write a short original story involving Half Prince and/or Legend of Sun Knight characters in an outrageous scenario.
  • Fanart: “Outrageous” – Draw the craziest, most unusual Half Prince or Legend of Sun Knight fanart conceivable. Nothing inappropriate, please.

The theme for next month’s contest will a little different…again!

For June’s contest, we will be holding a singing competition. We will have potentially six winners, two from each of the following songs:

  • It’s My Life by Bon Jovi
  • Swallowtail Butterfly by Mayday
  • Free Choice (Pick any song)

The three winners will receive TWO chapters (can be one of each or two of one series). The three runner-ups will receive one chapter of their choice. Judging will be done by the staff and the deadline will be June 30, which should be plenty of time for you to warm up your vocal cords. Send in your mp3s to amgine@princerevolution.org !

Good luck!

Anyone who frequents our forum may have noticed that the address has recently changed from zetaboards to forum.princerevolution.org. No need to worry about broken links though; the old site will automatically redirect to the correct one.

We also have a brand new section of our site: Fan Creations. Here we will be posting HP and LSK fanart and fanfiction galleries. For fanart, each piece links back to the DeviantArt/webpage it comes from (click on the thumbnail to see the full image). For fanfiction, we will be posting one-shots and the first chapters or stories, with links to the next chapter. Every piece of art and story is posted with the permission of the artist/author. (If you believe there has been an error, please report it at admin@princerevolution.org) We’d also love to have our readers help add to the gallery! If you have a piece to submit please use the submission buttons located at the bottom of the galleries. If you’re submitting someone else’s work, you must know the artist/author’s name and how we can contact them.

If you’ll remember, a few months ago we announced that we’d be translating a selling an LSK doujin by Yukisora. We can tell you now that the doujin, The Wonderful Sun Knight, is in printing and will be available in about a month and a half. Unfortunately, we also have some bad news. For one, Yuki has decided to place the final price at $9 USD. She has also decided to do one printing of 50 copies for now, and we can’t guarantee that there’d be another printing for quite some time—and even then only if there is a lot of interest in more copies. We might be able to print a volume when Yuki is done with all the chapters, but here’s a fair warning: we can’t guarantee that a volume will be printed, and it will take 1-2 years at the least before a volume will be done. As such, if you know you want a copy of the doujin, we recommend ordering one from this batch.

To order, please fill out this form: Order form
Order confirmation page: Link (The list will be updated every 5 minutes.)
You may also want to read this page for some extra information: February update
We know that the high shipping fees has stopped a lot of people from buying the doujin, but after discussing with Yukisora, we managed to reduce the shipping fees for non-US readers by a considerable amount. The un-registered post is now an average of about $3 and the registered post is around $4. The shipping fees for US, Malaysia, Singapore and Australia readers remained the same at around $2~$3. (All price quoted is in USD.)

And finally one last quick note: We’re in need of more translators and Chinese/English editors! If you’re interested in helping out, head on over to the Recruitment page.

If you have any questions, please ask!


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  1. Unanimous

    It was an awesome two years! Thank you Erialis and hood luck in your life!

    • daystar

      i don’t think he wants hood luck… perhaps he would prefer good luck?

    • erialis

      @daystar Hood luck would be interesting if I had a car, but yes, I’d settle for good luck instead.

  2. classicpoet

    Congrats on the two year anniversary, and a big thank you for all the good work that you guys have done over the past two years! It certainly has been a great run and I look forward to seeing what will be worked on in the future. ^^

  3. Wolfcub

    Goodness! It’s already been two years!? Congratulations!
    It doesn’t seem that long ago when this started O_O time flies.
    Thank you for working diligently these past two years!

  4. congrats!!
    wow, a singing competition!! but… do you expect me to sing in Chinese? XD

    • amgine

      You’re certainly welcome to try! I know there’s lots of singers who sing songs without actually understanding the words.

      If not, feel free to try It’s My Life or pick your own song.

  5. Congratulations for anniversary. thank u for awesome chapters.

  6. potatoleaf

    It’s been two years? It doesn’t feel like two years XD
    Thanksie for translating 1/2 Prince and The Legend of the Sunknight^_^
    I am so glad that you guys are translating the novel since I can’t read Mandarin although I am a Chinese haha

    Congratulations for turning two! ^_^
    Happy Birthday? HAHA

  7. k00st3r

    Dayum, 2 years… it’s been a long time XD Congrats on the 2 year anniversary!
    The contests seem fun enough. Especially the singing. Will we get to hear the winners from each category?

  8. first off like to say happy birthday, thanks for the two years of marvelous work. every month i find myself coming on to the page to see if the new chapters are out, seriously thank you peeps ^^

    as for this months updates…is it just me who cant seem to click and read them? usually they go blue and link directly to it but for some reason i cant do that. i also tried going to the translated chapters part of the page but it wasn’t there either. just checking if im the only retard who cant seem to read this month :P

  9. daystar

    can i submit multiple mp3s if i only expect to be judged on the overall quality? i don’t want to have to pick T_T

    • daystar

      EDIT: what should we do for back ground music? i’m fine since i can “hum” really well and i play the cello well but others may be less fortunate.

    • amgine

      You can submit multiple, and we’ll just take the best one. As for background music, taking an instrumental version and mixing it in with your voice would be acceptable.

  10. daystar

    …is there such a thing for swallowtail butterfly?

    • daystar

      EDIT: can i use editing softwear to work with my recording (ex: to play background music)? and do i have to sing swallowtail butterfly in chinese or is singing it in english fine?

    • amgine

      yes, you can use whatever software you like. i’m not aware of an english adaptation but if you find one or willing to do it yourself you’re welcome to use it.

    • daystar

      hmmm… i can find the lyrics in english… is that what you meant?

    • amgine

      Make sure it’s the right song (original artist is Mayday, there’s other songs out there with the same title but by different artists) and make sure the lyrics you find are actually singable (as in they have the right number of syllables to match the song). If you’re unsure, go PM me the link thru the forums.

    • daystar


  11. hmmm i could try singing in chinese…..it’s been a while though…..it’s hard to get the sounds right………Can someone give me a good link for swallowtail butterfly? Cuz i wanna make sure i’m using the right link if i do decide to sing…..

    • RawR

      yay thanks :) I’ll start learning it after NYSSMA

    • @amgine
      Umm, can you post me a link to the lyrics in romaji?, im interested in the song, but i dont really undestand mandarin wirting, i dont mind reading rom romaji.

    • amgine

      Romaji is a Japanese thing. The Chinese equivalent would be pinyin. For pinyin, there are four (or five) different tones that you’d need to know, too (though it’s not as important in songs, imo).

      I’ll compile a nice lyrics sheet with pinyin and post it in the week 4 monthly contest update post.

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