New Schedule and Second Life Project Update

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After some discussion, we’ve decided to change our normal release schedule a bit to spread things out more. From this month on, we’ll be using the following schedule:

Week 1: Monthly Update post
Week 2: First Chapter
Week 3: Second Chapter
Week 4: Monthly Contest post

When we post 3+ chapters, we’ll spread the posting out evenly over those two middle weeks. So, by this schedule, the next HP chapter will be up around the 15th!

Some of you may remember the 1/2 Prince video game project, Second Life Project, that we mentioned a while ago. If you’re new to it, you can check it out here: We also have a number of new screenshots up, which can be found in this thread. At the moment, we are recruiting more RPGmaker VX designers, artists, composers, writers, and one new position, explained in detail below.

Currently were are looking for one person to fill an intern-like position. This position requires no background skills, but we do need someone with a lot of free time on their hands and good attention to detail. If you’re interested, please email with a brief description of who you are, why you’d like to help out, and how much time you have to help. No more assistant applications are being accepted. Thanks to those who applied!


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  1. Unanimous


    artists, composers, wrtiers, and one new position, explained in detail below. Writers is misspelled.

  2. Gohankuten

    So what exactly would the inter-like position be doing? I sent an email already that I do meet the requirements said here but I think it might help you guys find a suitable person easier if it’s said what exactly they would be doing. I mean with summer vacation coming up most people should have ample time and lots of people have attention to detail of varying degrees so more criteria should possibly be included to narrow down I would say.

    As for the new release schedule I like it. Also which novel chapter will be posted each time in the schedule? Will they alternate or will say the 1/2 Prince always be on the second week and LSK be third week or vice versa?

    • Shadow Rebirth

      We’re intentionally giving as little information as possible because we need someone who is willing to do a number of things. We’ll explain further to whoever is accepted.

      As of for the schedule, we’ll basically release whatever chapter is done first =]

    • lollipopchu

      @Shadow Rebirth
      oooh how sneaky ;) (just joking lol :P) I was wondering, when you post on the updates that the chapter are going to be released, at what stage are the chapters at that point? e.g. have they been translated and just need editing? And will you guys strictly keep to this schedule so a chapter will definately be released every month?

    • Shadow Rebirth

      By the beginning of the month the chapters are usually in the final polishing stage, with most of the editing done (due to all the stages, editing generally take a month or more). And yes, our goal is definitely to release 2+ chapters each month.

  3. daystar

    it’s sad, the position closed before i even knew about it TT

  4. daystar

    i have a questian, can we have the theme at the begining of the month? i need some time to plot and write a fanfic. and not all of us are fast typists

    • amgine

      With the new schedule, the themes are announced at the end of the month, but they are for the contest in the following month.

      So, for example, the post at the end of May will be announcing the themes for June. This gives you 5 weeks notice as opposed to 4 weeks if it were at the beginning of the month.

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