½ Prince V4Extra: The Sun should Shine in the Fair Sky

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½ Prince Volume 4: The Buskers of Infinite City

Original novel in Chinese by: 御 我 (Yu Wo)

Extra Chapter: The Sun should Shine in the Fair Sky

“Stop being annoying. I will definitely be the spokesperson, but whether or not you want to perform is up to you!” Prince angrily rebuked.

Even after she had run away, she could still vividly see Prince’s impatient face as he scolded her.

“Prince really stepped over the line this time. I like him so much, but how can he be such a playboy? And he even accepts both males and females!” Fairsky cursed as she cried. The strong words that Prince had used had really hurt her.

“I ran away so long ago… Why hasn’t anyone chased after me yet?” Fairsky wondered, looking over her shoulder as she ran. Don’t tell me that they really don’t want me anymore? That’s bad! Fairsky started to run back anxiously.

Pow! She crashed into someone else as she ran around a corner.

“Hey! Don’t you know that you should open your eyes and look around when you are walking?” Fairsky scolded angrily as she massaged her red and painfully swollen forehead.

“Fairsky, it’s me, Sunshine,” the man she’d crashed into said. As a physically weak mage, Sunshine had sustained far greater damage than Fairsky, and was in a state of dizziness. If it weren’t for Fairsky’s familiar loud voice, he wouldn’t have even realized it was her who he had crashed into.

Fairsky finally saw that the dying person lying on the ground was one of her own teammates.

“Sunshine? Why are you here?” Fairsky asked.

“I came to find you.” Sunshine replied as he slowly got back to his feet.

“So only you came to get me… I don’t want to go back,” Fairsky said while childishly refusing to get up from the ground. When she thought about how everyone didn’t care about her, her heart filled with resentment and her eyes started to moisten.

“We were really overdue for the start of our concert, so everyone had to go perform first,” Sunshine explained gently.

“I don’t care. I won’t go back. No one likes me anyway.” As Fairsky spoke, tears started to fall from her eyes. That’s right; Prince has always disliked me for being unreasonable, while Phoenix, Wicked, and Gui are my love rivals.

“There are people who like you. Like me; I like you very much,” Sunshine said, smiling. He had always thought that this girl who liked to shout and voice her opinions loudly was interesting. She always speaks her mind and expresses her feelings honestly, not like others who think one thing and say another. Those people really give me a headache.

Hearing such a straightforward answer from Sunshine, even an outspoken girl like Fairsky couldn’t help but blush and say, “You are lying! I’m so unladylike! I don’t know where to draw the line when I speak, I’m not as pretty as Lolidragon or Phoenix, and I’m always being unreasonable…!” As she listed out her shortcomings, Fairsky realized that she really did have many faults and began to sob. No wonder no one likes me. But if they want me to be gentle like Phoenix, or charming and beautiful like Lolidragon, I can’t do that either. Is it my fate to never have a place in Prince’s heart?

Sunshine couldn’t help but laugh as he watched Fairsky ignoring him and sinking into depression by herself. She’s really a cute girl, he thought.

“But you are honest, not like others who always hide their real feelings,” he said.

“Really…?” Fairsky asked doubtfully in a quiet voice. “But everyone else said I was being unreasonable like this.”

“You are unreasonable. If you weren’t unreasonable, you wouldn’t be you,” Sunshine replied with a smile.

“What? I am not unreasonable!” Fairsky’s temper flared up again.

“Well it’s true. If Wicked wasn’t always serious, he wouldn’t be Wicked. If Gui stopped being weird, he wouldn’t be Gui either. Furthermore, there is Kenshin.” Sunshine laughed aloud. “If one day Kenshin suddenly became a chatterbox, I probably would think he had gone crazy.” Sunshine continued gently, “This is why your honesty is the most appealing part about you, Fairsky. Don’t force yourself to become gentle, because you would lose your shine if you did that.”

“Really?” Being spoken of by Sunshine like that, Fairsky blushed uncharacteristically.

“Yes!” Sunshine nodded with conviction.

Fairsky stood up with a pouting mouth and said reluctantly, “Ok then, let’s go back.”

“Ok.” Sunshine smiled again while taking out his flying carpet, preparing for the “rescue operation” that the band would need. If they were late, those four people might even have all their clothes torn off, like last time, when Prince nearly suffered such a fate…

“You are such a weird person, always smiling. What’s so funny?” Fairsky continued to nag even as she got on the flying carpet.

Sunshine answered her with a laugh, “Since there is nothing to be sad about, of course I will smile.”

“What a weird person,” Fairsky mumbled, and yet she liked Sunshine’s warm smile a lot.

Fairsky was prepared to take a walk in the city in order to find a suitable site for building the bookshop. But Prince, being a glutton, was never going to abandon his food in favor of accompanying her for a walk in the city. Fairsky complained quietly to herself, I wonder why Prince loves to eat so much…

“Gui asked me to go look by myself. Hmph, as if no one knows he just wanted to stay by Prince’s side a moment more.” Fairsky pouted, reluctantly preparing to find a site alone.

Hearing Fairsky’s sulking mumble, Sunshine laughed and said, “Why don’t I go with you?”

At Sunshine’s words, Fairsky’s plaintive eyes immediately became pleading. “Are you really willing to go with me?” she asked.

“Of course I am. Kenshin, do you want to go as well?” After Sunshine answered Fairsky, he turned to look at Kenshin, who was being cold and quiet as usual.

Kenshin shook his head. “No.”

“Is that so? Then let’s go, Fairsky.” Sunshine looked at Fairsky with a smile, while the latter’s heart suddenly began to beat faster for no apparent reason.

“Sunshine, where do you think the best place to build the bookstore would be?” Fairsky asked while hugging Sunshine’s arm happily. “Should we build the bookstore in somewhere remote for the quiet, tranquil atmosphere, or in the downtown area where there is a lot of traffic?”

“Can’t we build at both sites?” Sunshine asked, puzzled.

“Build at both sites?” Fairsky repeated while her innate business mind started to race. He has a point. Both bookstores target different people. We can build a normal bookshop in the downtown area first, and then when the first bookshop becomes popular, we can build another bookshop and café combination at somewhere quiet.

“Sunshine, you are too clever.” After deciding on the sites, Fairsky was so happy that she forgot herself and she hugged and kissed Sunshine.

“Is that so?” Sunshine was totally mystified, but he still touched the cheek that had been kissed while smiling foolishly.

“Honestly, Infinite City is getting busier with each passing moment. It will definitely be a successful city,” Fairsky commented as she cheerfully watched the people around her walking on the streets that she had designed together with Gui, praising the beauty of Infinite City. She felt touched that this peaceful time had arrived after all the hardships she had gone through.

“Let’s go and take a walk in the city square!” Fairsky suggested. The fountain in the city square is very beautiful. When I saw the design drawn by Gui, I swore to myself I would definitely go and take a look at it once it was built. Although Gui is a weird guy, a gay, and shamelessly tries to fight over Prince with me…his talent is the real thing.

“Sure, I want to take a look too,” Sunshine answered.

“Wow! There are so many people here!” Fairsky gasped in surprise at the sea of people.

“Of course. This is one of the most famous tourist attractions of Infinite City after all—the Wishing Fountain of Love,” Passerby A suddenly said from beside them.

“The Wishing Fountain of Love?” Both Fairsky and Sunshine were stunned. Since when did it have a name like that?

“Yes. Rumor has it that if a couple throws coins into the fountain and the fountain sprays water, they will be granted eternal love. That’s why everyone is queuing up to throw coins,” Passerby A explained.

“Is there such a thing?” Fairsky asked in puzzlement.

“This rumor was spread by Yu Lian,” Sunshine remembered. He whispered gently in Fairsky’s ear, “She said that this is a good way to earn money as people in love always have a lower IQ.”

“Oh, I see. But now we can’t see what the fountain looks like,” Fairsky said while eagerly trying to catch a glimpse of the fountain from afar. “Since we don’t have other important things to do, why don’t we queue up to see the fountain too?” Fairsky suggested.

“Sure,” Sunshine gladly agreed. He always liked to stay in places where people gathered, to observe them.

After waiting for an extremely long time—until the sky had grown dark and the light of the stars shone upon the ground—Fairsky and Sunshine finally saw the fountain. Despite the late hour, the two were actually lucky because the fountain’s entire beauty could only be revealed at night.

“So beautiful!” Fairsky couldn’t help but exclaim as she finally fulfilled her wish to stand beside the fountain. The fountain itself was shaped like a crescent moon and was made of a fully transparent material that had a silvery, sparkling powder encased in it. The silvery sparkling powder looked like stars hiding inside the fountain, winking at people who passed by. Over the top of the central water column was a gentle yellow sun, which bathed the city square in its soft, gentle light, giving the whole city square a romantic atmosphere. It was no wonder that couples in love would have lower IQs here.

“Let’s throw coins too.” Seeing other couples doing so, Sunshine couldn’t help but want to dig out some coins as well.

“Alright. The money is going back to Infinite City anyway,” Fairsky said as she failed to suppress her laughter. Even if we don’t throw the coins, they will eventually get robbed by Yu Lian anyway.

“We should throw one together. Everyone else is doing it like this,” Sunshine noted while taking Fairsky’s hands and placing a coin in the middle of their cupped palms. He didn’t notice Fairsky’s blushing red face as they did this. On the other hand, even if he did notice Fairsky’s red face, he probably wouldn’t understand what was happening anyway.

“Throw!” both of them shouted together.

As the coin touched the surface of the water, a water column unexpectedly started to spray, and the lovely water dance was activated. While the graceful streams of water danced in the fountain, surrounding people gave them looks of blessing or envy. Fairsky and Sunshine both looked helplessly at each other with red faces and embarrassed expressions.

All of it was a coincidence! Wasn’t it?

“Sunshine, what would you do if you loved a person very much, but that person didn’t love you?” Fairsky asked while licking the Tanghulu1 she had just bought. Sunshine was happily eating ice cream at her side.

After some thought, Sunshine answered, “I have never loved a person before, so I don’t know what I’d do.”

“You’ve never been in love before?” Fairsky asked, astonished. Impossible! Sunshine, who looks like he’s twenty-years-old or older, has never loved anyone before?

“I don’t think so. What kind of feeling is love?” Sunshine asked in bewilderment. He couldn’t help it. After all, it had been only half a year since he had gained self-awareness. Furthermore, he had never been outside of Demon Cave until two months ago. He couldn’t have understood what love is in such a short time.

However, Fairsky was startled too. What is love? She answered with slight hesitation, “If you love someone very much, you think of that person all the time, you want to stay by that person’s side, and when you are at that person’s side, you’re very happy…”

“I see. So Fairsky must like staying with Prince a lot? When you’re together with Prince, you’re very happy?” Sunshine asked Fairsky in response.

Fairsky was totally stunned. Am I really happy? When she thought back, it seemed like she was always angry over Prince’s attitude toward her, and she had to be the love rival of Phoenix, whom she actually got along with. It seemed that…she wasn’t happy at all?

“Fairsky?” Sunshine asked, looking at her uncertainly after not hearing an answer for a long time. Unexpectedly, he found that there were tears flowing down Fairsky’s cheeks. He couldn’t refrain from reaching out and wiping the tears off her face with his hand, asking, “What is the matter? Why are you crying?”

“I…I suddenly realized that when I’m with Prince, I’m not happy at all,” Fairsky replied in a choked voice.

“Isn’t everything fine then if you don’t stay with Prince?” Sunshine asked her, slightly puzzled as to why she continued to do something that didn’t make her happy.

“But…but…” Fairsky was reluctant. I have chased after Prince for so long. If I give up now, it would be such a pity.

“Moreover, Fairsky, you never laugh when you are at Prince’s side! I think you are more beautiful when you are laughing!” Sunshine said with a brilliant smile. “Just like this.”

“Really? I’m prettier like this?” Fairsky asked while she unconsciously started to smile too.

“Yes,” Sunshine said with conviction.

Fairsky continued to smile and said, somewhat touched, “Sunshine, I’m always very happy being with you! Are you happy too when you go out together with me?”

“I’m very happy,” Sunshine answered without even faltering, and then he seemed to abruptly realize something. “Oh! I like to stay with Fairsky a lot, and I can’t wait for every date with Fairsky. Am I in love with Fairsky then?”

“What nonsense are you saying?!” Fairsky exclaimed with a completely red face. Sunshine always says whatever he wants without some consideration beforehand! He’s even gutsier than me!

“It isn’t love?” Sunshine asked, slightly disappointed, as he had thought he had finally understood what love is.

Both of them walked in silence for some time, until Fairsky couldn’t take it anymore and asked, “Do you really, really like being with me?”

“I like it very much,” Sunshine said, nodding firmly.

When she saw that Sunshine answered her question without even a slight wavering, Fairsky blushed so deeply that even her ears turned red. She asked in a stuttering voice, “T-then do you have any other person whom you like more than me?”

Sunshine thought hard and answered, “I like Prince very much too, as he is also easy to get along with…”

He likes Prince? Is he a gay too? Fairsky heart started to sink…

“But, I like being with Fairsky more, because it’s easier to guess what you are thinking about than Prince, since you express everything on your face,” Sunshine explained with a smile. Hahaha, Fairsky’s ever-changing expression always makes me feel like laughing.

“I do not!” Fairsky denied loudly. I totally don’t express all my emotion on my face.

“Don’t you?” Sunshine couldn’t help but laugh out loud. Then who is this person who’s pouting right now?

“Stupid, of course I don’t,” Fairsky answered. She was so embarrassed that she became angry and slapped Sunshine’s back forcefully.

“Ouch, that’s painful! Don’t hit me; I’m only saying the truth,” Sunshine said, laughing loudly as he dodged Fairsky’s deadly slaps.

As she watched Sunshine protect his back with both of his hands while retreating backwards and watching her cautiously, Fairsky couldn’t help but chase him while yelling, “Don’t run, let me hit you!”

“I’ve caught you!” Fairsky ruthlessly pounced on Sunshine as though as she was a hungry tiger pouncing onto a lamb, knocking Sunshine on to the ground.

Looking at Sunshine’s brilliant smile, Fairsky couldn’t refrain from smiling too. She buried her face into Sunshine’s chest and repeated firmly, “I’ve caught you.”

“I’ve caught you too,” Sunshine said, as he hugged Fairsky back and ruffled her hair happily.

[½ Prince Volume 4 Extra Chapter End]


1 Tanghulu: A traditional winter snack. Please refer to http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tanghulu for more information.

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