Update: January 2010

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WHEW! Four updates, a contest and a site revamp is not my idea of a relaxed weekend, but what the heck. Since it’s the new year, we’ll spoil you readers for a change. It’s also almost time for spring-cleaning (Chinese New Year is just around the corner), so I figured we might as well spring-clean this place too.

Because there are a lot of changes to our site, I’ll just explain and list out the changes for you guys to keep track of. Continued

V1 PDF (Revised Version)

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EDIT: The PDF for Volume 1 has been removed temporarily. We’ll be reworking on it and changing the art to fanart in the meantime. Our apologies to all those who want to download it!

Hello again, everyone! It’s been a really hectic fortnight with one disaster after another for a number of us at PR! (I’ll go into the details later…) but here’s the revised version of the Volume 1 PDF. We’ve noted most of the typos that you’ve spotted, and here’s a huge thanks to those of you who spotted them and went to the trouble of informing us. Here are a few friendly reminders from us:

  • Please do not distribute our PDF file in either hard copy or soft copy. This includes uploading our PDF file on other file sharing sites and/or on IRC.
  • Please do not steal credit or (attempt to) profit monetarily from our hard work.
  • Please note that this is a fan-created version of volume 1 and is in no way an official version of the novel.

Printing this out is probably fine so long as your printer has enough ink and if you have enough paper. To those who have already printed out the earlier version…well, the changes made are really minute, so don’t burn the older version! Be nice to trees!

>> Click here to download Volume 1: The Beginning of a Legend! <<

News: 1/2 Prince Forum

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There is now a new forum available for ½ Prince fans to go to!

It is a place for fans to meet and discuss the latest chapters (both manhua and novel), ask questions and have them answered, and muse together as a group. It has a gallery of ½ Prince pictures, a place for FanArt/FanFics, and a spam subforum to meet other fans like you.

Join today!


EDIT 6/8/2009: The forum has been moved to http://halfprince.ipbfree.com/

EDIT 11/27/2010: The forum has been permanently moved to http://s4.zetaboards.com/halfprince/index/

Update: V1 Complete!

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Right, it’s time for update 9 and the introduction of new crew members. Before I do that, however, let me first say…


Right, on to other things.

New Translator and Proof-reader

  1. First, we have K00ST3R, our latest translator! K00ST3R will be working on V2C7 (just so you guys know who’s doing what).
  2. For those of you who were wondering who our latest proof-reader is, it’s SHADOW REBIRTH, who has already been assigned LOTS of drudge work /laughs/.

Slight Changes

  • For those of you who are slightly baffled by why we changed the order of the chapters on the “translations” page, it’s because now that we’re moving on to new volumes, we’re going to keep the most recent chapters at the top so that you won’t have to scroll a long way down later on.
  • Some changes made to our notice on the translation page.
  • Major changes made to our recruitment page to give everyone a better idea of what is involved for each role.

Right, that’s it. Happy reading as always.



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EDIT: Thanks guys for your votes and comments! Here are the results of the poll:

Dark Emperor Team – 44%

Dark Phantom Team – 27%

Either’s fine, I just want to read! – 29%

We’ll go with Dark Emperor Team for now, but please feel free to suggest yet another name – and provide a good argument for it! We’re always open to changing names. The same goes for Wicked’s name – check our characters wiki for more information about his actual name if you’re interested.

A rose by any other name would smell as sweet – that’s what the Bard says.

The question of the day is this: what would you like us to translate “暗黑邪皇队” as?

For those who have no idea what that is, it’s the name of the team that Wicked belongs to. Before you make a decision, here’s the dilemma:

The name literally means “Dark Evil Emperor Team” – so if we’re going for accuracy (and respecting the original intentions of the author) then it’s definitely Dark Emperor Team.

However, many of you are more familiar with “Dark Phantom Team” – the name which appears in the English scanlations of the manhua.

Just in case you’ve been wondering why we’re translating “Little Dragon Girl” into Lolidragon and “Evil Spirit” into “Wicked” (yes, Wicked’s name is actually Evil Spirit), the reason is because the names are still pretty true in terms of their general impression and meaning (in particular, it was requested that we translate “Little Dragon Girl” as “Lolidragon”). The difference between Dark Emperor and Dark Phantom, however, is quite big.

In any case, you get to cast a vote! We’ll go with whichever’s more popular, but do keep in mind that we’re translating the novel, so it’s always preferable (for us) to stick true to the novels.

I’ve left further information in my response to the other comments, so take a look if you would like to understand the differences and the reasoning behind the translation dilemma. Do keep in mind that the novel is written by a Chinese author, so some of the assumptions you might make (unconsciously) might not hold true! (Such as how Lolidragon is more likely to be used as an MMO name than Little Dragon Girl – hope you guys still remember the footnote about Lolidragon’s name!)