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Here we go!

With all the hype over ½ Prince, which fan could possibly resist the chance to create a page dedicated to the masochistic Gui, the devoted Wicked, the buxom Lolidragon, the bizarre Odd Squad, and (of course) our transvestite protagonist, Prince?

This site isn’t really a fanpage for the girls to go “squee” over the bishies, however. It’s actually a site meant for putting up free translations of the novel series for as long as there is no official, printed, bound and published English translation of the novels, as well as to provide spoilers for those of you people who are absolutely dying to find out what happens.

It’s all currently “under construction”, of course, so competent translators (Chinese to English) are always welcome. If you can’t understand a word of Chinese but is good at spotting grammatical errors (have you spotted it yet?) then you might just have a chance to be a proof-reader… More details will be put up on the recruitment page, anyway!

So let’s get this revolution started!