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*Straightens papers* Hi everyone! Bridget here, bringing you your monthly PR! news and updates, followed by a segment of random tidbits by our very own Iskeirka! Not much to report this fine November’s day, but our top story is there has been some developments in the translation department!

All news casting aside, we have found some people willing to translate Half Prince and/or LSK into Spanish and German. We’ll are in the process of setting them up, as  we just received permission from Yu Wo. If you would like to translate it into your own language, don’t forget to submit a full chapter translation, and also that we’ll need at least three chapters to start a group, though the more the better!

All in all, happy reading you guys!


Hello guys! After not much work, I have compiled an easy, pretty, and (hopefully) interesting document with the results of the survey that (I’m sure) you all have filled out :) Do go take a look, you might find something that surprises you!

Some comments I’d like to make:
-We have more than 500 people visiting PR, yay! ^^ That’s way more than I thought :O (Oh, and if there’s anyone else that hasn’t filled in the survey, please take just a few mins to do so! (Link: http://www.my3q.com/survey/341/anglestagium/70253.phtml) It’d be nice to see exactly how many readers we have…amongst other things)

-I can’t believe there’s someone younger than 5 reading this site o.o That might have been a …misclick or something, but if it isn’t, wow :D Hello there! Nice to see a five year old so productive :) All I did when I was five was play around and watch kids tv. I was actually quite afraid of the computer with all its scary looking buttons, random flashing lights, sounds and whatnot xD

-*applause* for whoever can fluently read more than 4 languages, especially the person who can read 6. I envy you. A lot x.x I mean…SIX languages? SIX?! I have a hard enough time keeping 2 languages (excluding english) in my head OTL


We only had one fanart submission for the October fanart contest, so Blique wins by default, though her submission is very nicely done, and can be found below. Blique, you will be receiving an email with your sneak preview chapter soon!

The forum now has the details for the contests for November. This time will we have both fanfiction and fanart contests. Please take a read if you’re interested in winning a sneak preview of an upcoming chapter.


Hey guys, it’s Isk here!

There certainly has been some developments in the translating department, though it really has nothing to do with our work. There’s been some interesting letters passing between Raylight and Amgine, after Amgine kindly made a progress tracking site for us. Raylight boldly proclaimed her love, but Amgine could not accept it. Right below is a copy of the touching letters passing between the two young sweethearts.

Dearest Raylight,

Thy bold and public Confession of Love dost movest me so, but thy servant Amgine is but a poor jester with neither riches nor Circumstance, with only Quick Wit and Luck to aid in Life, and therefore darest not lay any claims on the Heart of a Fair Maiden such as thee.

My sincerest apologies on thy hapless disposition rendering Milady unfit to perform thy duties. May Providence grant thee Strength to overcome thy Condition and return thee Joy felt upon performing thy Great Service.

Regarding thy query on the Contest, submissions from either Novel would be welcomed, as is any fair Work produced by Milady’s deft hands.

Please accept thy servant’s sincere Gratitude and Apologies regarding thy Confession. Thy servant shall always be available to offer thee Services and Accompaniment if milady dost desires.

Your Faithful Servant,


Isn’t that just so sad? D: And then it was Ray’s turn to write

Dearest Amgine,

Your earnest letter of reply is like the God of Light’s sunshine, shining through the darkness and into my heart. Of course I do not mind or resent your lack of riches or ranking, for your inner, thoughtful self is what that matters more. Though you may not be able to accept my confession, I will always look forward to the day when you will be able to do so. May the God of Light bless you and your journey.

Still loving you,

P.S DAMN IT do you know I nearly spilled my drink and choked when I saw this?? And you made me speechless. Speechless for a darn long time. Do you know how rare that is??

What will happen next? Stay tuned for further updates of silliness!


18 Responses

  1. LP


    GOOD JOB, RAY 89b

    That aside, thank you once again for the hard work!
    There’s one thing that’s been bothering me, however; is there a fixed date/time for LSK releases? I mean, sure, 1/2 Prince has been constantly released within the first week of the month w/o fail (well, there were. But it’s been long over) the other doesn’t seem to have a pattern of sorts. Or rather, can’t you just release the both of them at the same time? Unless it’s not done yet, of course.

    • eilinel

      The reason to why we can release Half Prince without fail each month is because we already have a store of translated chapters ready to be proof-read and updated. However, LSK is a newer series, and we have less translators working on it, so the release schedule is a bit haphazard. We are working on the final polishing of LSK V1C6 right now, you will probably see it by next weekend at the latest.

  2. darkgloomie

    mhm… Well, you made my day with this new chapter. Been a while since I read any, and I really can’t wait :3

    Anywho, i’m not sure what was happening in the rest of the post but it was kinda fun.

    Keep up the goood work!

  3. FranTRf

    it surprised me the surveys results. there are another 2 persons from argentina reading it!
    yay! poder argentino! XD
    (sorry for the crappy english grammar XD)

  4. d1r31

    Ach du lieber! & La cucaracha, ja, no puedo caminar! – That’s the extent of my foreign language abilities. Congrats on expanding into other language translations.

    Regarding your fear of computers back when you were a child. Thanks for making me feel decrepit since home computers just did not exist when I was a child. But reading 1/2 Prince and Sun Knight makes me laugh, so that makes me feel somewhat less over-the-hill.

    The verbose love notes are too funny!

  5. Wolfcub

    ahahaha, I can see why Ray is in love with Amgine :D
    Thank you for the update!! <3

  6. Kittychan H

    Oi, Oi… O.O
    Such drama…

    One wonders if love notes reflect upon a person’s chosen profession…

    Musicians would write songs,
    Poets obviously write prose,
    Do Pharmacists and/or Doctors write Prescriptions?
    Hmmm… Kisses QID or PRN, Love qhs, Flowers occ,
    What would a Plumber do?

    ***Mind wanders…***

    • eilinel

      Kitty are you a pharmacist/doctor as well??? That sure has given me a few ideas on how to write love notes in relation to profession hahaha.

  7. ChicaAlterego

    yay, the spanish project is going to be born! now i can give back a little to the world, im joining 100% in the traslation department.

    BTW: what an interesting poll, i’m surprised by the fact that there was just one person, beside me, in my country (venezuela) reading this page. I thought that they were going to be more for some reason….

    • Amgine

      Hey Aida,

      Make sure you join our staff forum. Mooninlove and Lok-y-Yo are already there working on the Spanish site.

  8. E

    Thank you for the update. <3
    And yay for lots of people visited the site. I'm pretty sure there are a lot more than that; they were just too lazy to fill out the survey. D<

    • Amgine

      Yeah, you’re right. Based on the stats given by WordPress (3000-4000 unique visitors per day), it looks like we got about a 10-20% response rate on the survey. We can’t quote you an exact number because we can’t tell how many people are counted twice because they use different computers to view the page, and how often they check the page (we can’t assume that 4000 is the number of readers because some people might not visit on every given day), and whether anyone completed the survey multiple times to troll us.

      But if we assume that the people who completed the survey is a random distribution of the entire population, then at least the % in the surveys should be accurate within a few % points, so the results should still be a fairly accurate representation of the population of our readers =]

    • E

      3000-4000 unique visitors per day? o-o There are definitely A LOT more than 500 people stalking this page. As according to my calculation, even if someone visits this page 3-4 times a day and do that in 10 days out of 30 days (which is crazy in my opinion), there should be approximately 2500 people visiting the site every month. Don’t forget, though, there are people who check the site only once every two months or so. oxo

      Maybe you should announce something like… “judging from the survey and the number of entries for our contest, we understand that no one cares about our site. Therefore, we might as well stop and close it”. I bet you’ll receive thousands of replies to your surveys then. xD

      Honestly, though, I think a survey is unnecessary and easily taken advantage as a tool to troll you guys. Maybe a questionnaire would have been better, since only those who were serious about giving constructive criticisms would post, which definitely makes things easier to judge.

  9. Li

    I see changes have been made to the site since I was last here. Looks good.

    I’ll be supporting the to lovebirds as well. -_^

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