Update: October 2010 (and Fanart Contest details!)

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We had a few people volunteering their assistance in translating Half Prince into another language, and I would like to thank them here. However, I would also like to remind the translator volunteers to send in a FULLY TRANSLATED chapter to our email. We haven’t receive any chapters yet, so we will not start any groups for now. We will only start a group if we get 3 completed chapters at least—the more the better.

Next, Anglestagium has cooked up a survey =) Please answer it and thanks!



Hello! This is Anglestagium here, a Chinese/English editor. I’d like ask all the readers of PR to complete a short survey here, to find out more about you guys There’s just some general questions about demographics, and  it would help me a lot if you could answer it. Do remember to press submit after you fill it out, and thank you in advance! We’ll post the results in the November Update.

Link: http://www.my3q.com/survey/341/anglestagium/70253.phtml



As suggested in the PR! forums, we are starting a monthly contest of user generated content. Here are the details:

  • At the start of the month when we release our new chapters we will announce the details of the contest for that month. The deadline for entry will be the last day of the month. (Note from Eilinel: We won’t have a contest for every month yet =) It depends on the response of this contest.)
  • All submissions must be original and be made specifically for the contest. This means that you must have made the work yourself, cannot use previous work, and cannot post the work to other sites until after the content for that month ends.
  • A special board has been created in our forums especially for submissions. Please register at http://s4.zetaboards.com/halfprince/ if you haven’t done so already to submit your entry.
  • PR! reserves the right to use any submissions for publishing or promotion. Credit will be given as appropriate.
  • Once the contest ends for that month, both the public and the PR! staff will vote on the winning submissions. We will have 2 winners for this month. One winner will be chosen by the public and one winner will be chosen by the staff. The winners will be announced when we release the chapters for the next month and they will be given a special preview of an upcoming chapter. They may not share this preview with anyone else. (Note from SR: If winners start to leak the previews before the chapters are posted, we will remove this reward.)

For this month, we will be holding a fanart contest. The theme is “Halloween!” and can include anything up until the most recently released chapter. Your entry can be a character, scene, or comicany art is welcome!

Good luck!

–Amgine and Eilinel

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  1. RavenWolfx

    Maybe it is just me, but the link for the survey appears to be broken.

    • Bridget

      It works fine for me…anyone else having this problem?

    • iskeirka

      That’s odd, it’s fine for me too.

    • It’s possible that it’s because of your region. Unfortunately, if that’s the case, there isn’t anything that we can do about it.

  2. i dont have any troubles with it… works fine for me ^^

  3. RavenWolfx

    yeah, mine still isn’t working. my comp attempts to load the page for about 1-2 minutes then i get a server time out. my other surfing websites are fine and my server connection speed (according to speedtest.net) is 11.5 mb.

  4. Hi, I can not find the post where you can download the chapter for translate to spanish… Could someone help me… Please… I love this story and I think it could be wonderful if more people can read it without the problems of language… Thank you…

    • eilinel

      Hi, you should be translating directly from the English translation that we’ve posted in the past into Spanish. After you completed the chapter, please send it to princerevolution@rocketmail.com. Unfortunately, we cannot read Spanish so we cannot evaluate the quality of your translation, but we trust in your ability. We just want to make sure there is actually people who are willing to spend their time doing the work instead of just volunteering on a whim and then regret the decision in a week >_<.

  5. Thank you so much I am going to put myself in that the weekend… and do not worry I am a native spanish speaking, thats the reason my english is so lousy…
    Thanks a lot again…

  6. Mooninlove

    ehh then u need english to spanish translators? cuz i can do it…

    • Mooninlove

      done first chapter in spanish! “sending” gosh i spent 2 days

    • Thanks Mooninlove!

      Two days is pretty fast. I’m actually quite impressed by your efficiency. It’s been taking me about half a month to get a first draft Chinese->English translation done.

    • raylight

      OMG, two days?? You’re insane. XD (I meant that in a good way though) The shortest time I ever did was like… 5 days, I think. o.0

      Thanks a lot for being the first contributor into translating Half Prince into other languages, we really appreciate it. XP Hope that others will feel motivated by your efforts ^^

      (And sorry, I can’t read Spanish, so I can’t proof-read for you >.< )

    • Mooninlove

      your welcome ^3^, when i start something i get a little obsessed into finishing it. Me too i hope other people will feel motivated and help >w< now I'm going to start with second chap after finishing homework.

    • Ooooooh, Spanish. *W* And I have to agree with Amgine and Ray, so efficient! I would love to help in someway, but I don’t think I know enough Spanish for the task. XDD I’d still love to (try to) read the chapters when they come out~ ¡Buena suerte con su traducciones! ^^

    • LoK-y-Yo

      hey, send it to me and I will profread it. I’m from Spain, so, yeah, I can do the task. I’m glad you started it, I send my “aplicattion” for Spanish prof-reader: saguloquillosis @ gmail .com

  7. Mooninlove

    second chapter done in 12 hours!yayy well enough, i have to study so i think i won’t be sending more chapters this week

    • raylight

      o.0 Now that’s just scarily efficient. Did you work continuously for 12 hours? You have to take breaks sometimes, you know. Don’t want our readers to spoil their eyesight *shot*

      Thank you so much for your second contribution though. And LOL, it’s already enough from you this week! It’s okay for you to take a break, we all do that when real life intrudes. XP

      I’m kinda excited now… If we have at least 3 completed chapters we can start a group (I think). Though I think it might be a good idea to recruit other English to Spanish translators, we can’t have you do all the work!! XP

      Of course, we need some proof-readers as well. Those who know Spanish well, please kindly step forward and volunteer! XD

    • Mooninlove

      a group would be really good. doing it all alone sounds difficult, i could do it, but now that i started college i got less time and updates would take longer

    • Hey Moon.

      We got at least one other Spanish translator candidate. I think you should be getting the invitation details pretty soon.

      Stay tuned!

  8. Mooninlove

    okey chapter 3 done >w< omg. BTW did the other candidate agree on helping?

  9. darkgloomie

    I thought there was someone who volunteered to do italian? Because I can help, I just don’t want to be the only one -.- Since I don’t have all this time on my hands, I’d rather know there’s someone I could fall back to, ‘specially for correction and such. (I’m a native italian speaker, but that doesn’t mean i’m any better than other people who learned italian the “hard way”, so to speak. I actually am more confident in my english xD)

    • hey gloomie,

      there was someone called damien from the forums who said she is going to try doing an italian translation. you’re welcome to submit some of your own translations too. Once the two (or however many) of you submit three chapters, then we’ll help you guys start your subgroup.
      you might want to contact her to make sure she’s still working on it and to make sure you guys don’t do the same chapters.

      best of luck,

    • Here I am!
      You’re not the only one!
      I have almost finished to translate the first chapter.. Now I need to read through it carefully, and to clear some doubts about how to translate some words..
      You should try to translate something too! It’s not so easy as it sounds, but it’s not difficoult either :]

      (Se ci fossero altri due o tre volontari saremmo a cavallo XD)

  10. are you interested in an italian translation of sk?

    • Hi Mokona,

      We have two people who are interested in helping translate our stuff into Italian. I’m sure they would love some company.

      Please start sending in your translations to princerevolution@rocketmail.com . Once we receive three chapters of a particular language, then we’ll help you guys set up your sub-group.

  11. here i can translate to spanish. and i already translate the first volume, but without the footnotes, i’ll still send it though.

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