Update: September 2010

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Hi everyone, I’m back!~ Here’s yet another update from the hardworking PR! staff, and happily there’s LSK this time! Wheeee! (Thankusforit*shot*) And as promised, you’ll be seeing more of me. (Check the update post, people!~)

Well, have fun and enjoy the chapters, guys!~ *waves* I’ll pass the mic over to Brie, who’ll talk about more important matters.


Hi everyone, Bridget here this time! …Or Brie, I guess! (Never thought I’d be getting used to that nickname! XD) I’ve come to bring you news and updates, which I’m sure you enjoy! Anyway, on to the important matters Ray mentioned! We have some more new members; three new probationary translators: Amgine, SilverLyre, and Enma. We also have one new probationary C/E editor, Rena. Welcome to the PR! family, guys! Be sure to give them a warm welcome~

Enjoy the chapters and be sure to squeal over the awesomeness of it all! …I know I do…*cough* Anyway…thank you all again for your patience and enthusiasm for all we do! Happy reading! ^^


We’ve had a number of readers commenting that they would like to see Half Prince translated into another language (Spanish, for instance) and even offering to help translate it. The staff of PR! are fans of Half Prince themselves, so of course we would be happy to see Half Prince translated into another language too. However, we already have our hands full translating Half Prince from Chinese into English ^^;. Hence, we decided to recruit another group of people for translations into Spanish, and possibly other languages.

This new group will be an affiliate group, where we won’t mess with the running of the group, but we can let you use our translation as the “original version” and we can offer to host the translation here on PR! site as well. We will help you to ask permission from Yu Wo too. To make sure that this group isn’t formed out of a whim and disbanded in a few months time, we will only commit if there is at least 2 to 3 translators, and at least 2 proof-readers who are fluent in both English and the language to be translated into who volunteer to do the “dirty work”.

Unfortunately, there isn’t really a way for us to controlling the quality of these translations. That’s part of the reason why we’re requiring a number of translators and proof-readers to sign up before we agree to form a new translating group. A lot of people also don’t understand how much work the translation process is until they start it.

To apply as a translator we require that you translate the first chapter 1/2 Prince into the language of  your choice. Since we can’t test quality, we’ll just go with testing you on quantity XD Proof-readers we can’t really test, so for now you need only apply to be accepted. Submit your applications to our email: princerevolution@rocketmail.com. (Note: Translator applications should be sent in a word document.)

–Eilinel and Shadow Rebirth

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  1. Thank you very much for the update!!
    Amgine, SilverLyre, Enma and Rena: WELCOME!!

  2. wow yeah!
    i’ve already began translating so here it goes XD


  3. I would be glad to become a member of halfprince.wordpress.com

    I don’t know any chinese but I am spanish and know how to speak and write properly english (though don’t expect a book in English from me XD)
    hence, I am a voluntary for the spanish traduction

  4. if there are others italians i can help translating english-> italian
    ps , where do i find LSK ch 5?

    • It isn’t up yet. Give us one or two days.

    • darkgloomie

      i’m italian, i can help (though it’s just as likely as i’ll forget xP)

  5. ok sorry didn’t want to rush you^^

  6. just take your time and thanks for the translations^^

  7. ehy darkgloomie, how about us giving a try to the translating of LSK??
    or maybe you prefer prince? ^^
    ke ne dici di provare a tradurre qualcosa?^^

  8. wah….my best friend lived in Italy for 9 years, and she’s fluent in both english and italian (and pretty darn good in French and Spanish too, actually…) but i don’t think she’d be able to help. She’s super busy, and this isn’t exactly her cup of tea….tho maybe she’d do it if she had time just for practice.

    i really, REALLY want to help somehow, some way, but unfortunately all i’d be able to help you with atm is proofreading in English, because i haven’t had enough teaching in or even exposure to any of the languages i’d like to learn.

    but i’ll try to get some of my multilingual friends hooked on the series, then maybe they’ll want to help out.

  9. I’m Italian, and I’d love to help, but right now I’m just too busy.. Maybe later..

  10. saintvalentine

    translating LSK would be a very good thing too! i just wanna reccomment since LSK is sush a good novel

  11. Do you guys need any help with the Chinese to English translation? I can offer my help, as either translator or proof reader. My Chinese is sub-par while English is my main language (tho I’m actually Chinese. I’m a disgrace to the Chinese due to my lack of Chinese skills. XD)

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