Update: December 2010

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Happy Holidays everyone!

HP V4C8 is already up, so go check it out! In terms of news, our German and Spanish sister sites are in the process of getting set up and should have chapters up by next month. We’ll be sure to make an announcement as soon as they’re ready! There has also been some interest expressed in Italian and French translations, so if anyone is interested in translating and/or proof-reading for those languages, please send you application in now! (Translate a chapter and send it in to princerevolution@rocketmail.com) We are also considering getting our own domain. If we do so the site will be moved and will look slightly different–but hopefully all for the better =]

And finally, we have a couple of new members, so please welcome jonathan (translator) and zoNa (C/E editor)!



Hi everyone! It’s yet another monthly update from the PR! staff. It’s December now, so…. Merry Christmas, everyone! (Even though it’s a bit early.) ^^ Unfortunately there wouldn’t be any Legend of the Sun Knight chapters this month, but we’ll be having them next month for sure!

Also, we might be having a blog known as the PR! lounge area, where the PR! staff will put any interesting tibits and such. (You can get to know the staff better!)

Enjoy your holidays, everyone! (And the Half Prince chapter, of course. I know some of you were looking forward to it. What better Christmas chapter can it be than a romantic date *cough cough*)


10 Responses

  1. Ariel

    New chapter!! Viva!!!
    Thank you so much for the present and MERRY CHRISTMAS!!

  2. darkgloomie

    well well, nice to know that. If I weren’t busy- or didn’t plain suck at time management- I’d be working on an italian translation… As it is, I’m not, and it’s a shame because both halfprince and Sun knight are a-w-e-s-o-m-e

  3. E

    Thank you for the chapter. You don’t know how much this will save me from blowing up due to pressure from schoolwork. Dx
    Again, thank you and love you guys. <3

  4. erialis

    Merry Christmas everyone, especially the crew! It’s the break at last…now I can finally read SK vol 7…

    • raylight159

      Eri-sama!! *glomps* Merry Christmas to you!~~~~ And yay for breaks! When will you be visiting us? XP And haha I loved SK vol 7.

    • eilinel

      LOL! Enjoy V7. I love it. Can’t wait for V8 (the final volume now). I wonder how will it all end. Please come to the forum! All of us missed you.

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