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January 2011 Chapters
  1. ½ Prince V4C10: XiMen Feng, Someone in the Same Situation as me?
  2. The Legend of Sun Knight V1C9: “If You Want to Know a Secret, Ask a Woman”
  3. ½ Prince V4C11: The Great Patch
  4. The Legend of Sun Knight V1C10: “Carrying out Justice is the Reason for the Sun Knight’s Existence”

First of all, a Happy New Year to all! The arrival of a new year brings forth much changes, and one such change has occurred in PR!. We’re celebrating the new year in a special way this year, by moving sites!~

From this month on, our new site, http://www.princerevolution.org, will be open to the public, and we’ll be moving house to there. Thanks to all our reader’s support, and I hope that you’ll continue to support us by following our translations on the new site, and also telling everyone you know about our transfer! Do come and visit us, okay? (Though we will not be distributing red packets. >.<)

Of course, with the arrival of a new year, the upcoming year ahead would bring… lots of chapters! I’m not sure if everyone has noticed it, but those who has checked our site regularly the past few days would have realized that PR! is releasing a chapter every week during the December break. Did you guys like your Christmas gift? ^^

This shall continue to go on for January, so everyone, enjoy your New Year’s presents!! (That being said, I’m sorry to everyone for lying in the last update. I said that there’ll be no Legend of the Sun Knight, but I was lying. I hope I didn’t cause any serious damage to anyone’s heart/mind. Gomenasai!)

I’m sorry for the lack of eloquence and elegance in my speech, but I’m just too excited XD I shall now pass the mic over to the other members of PR! (Oops, sorry guys for hogging the mic)


Since Ray has covered all the basics, I’ll go into a bit more detail. First off, here’s a list of reasons why we wound up moving sites (by amgine). We realize it’s a bit of a surprise, although we were careful to mention the possibility of it in the last update, so you had at least some warning =] I’d also like to take a moment to thank amgine, who has been a massive help in getting the site up and looking just like we want it to!

Reasons for moving the site:

• Allows us to improve the user interface (people were complaining about the text being too small, that it was hurting their eyes, etc.) and wp.com doesn’t let us change this.
• Allows us to add custom code, e.g. for the online pdf viewer and functionality to link footnotes back to the text (see below for more information)
• We have our own domain name and we can have all our sister sites under the same umbrella.
• Gives us complete control over our content; we’re not tied down to wp.com, who accidentally blocked us from posting once before.
• It looks more professional.

And next up is the list things that have been changed or/added with the creation of this new site. Please take a moment to at least glance over these changes, so that we don’t receive a bunch of questions that might already be answered here.

Site Changes/Improvements:

Posts: Only site updates will appear on the front page. However, we will include links to that month’s chapters at the top of the site updates. You can also find the new chapters by clicking Most Recent Chapter from the drop down menus at the top of the site, or by selecting a chapter from the List of ½ Prince Chapters or the List of Sun Knight Chapters.

Footnotes: The footnotes at the bottom of the chapters now also link up to where they are in the text, for easier reference.

Online PDF Viewer: Not only do we now have the ½ Prince Volume 1 PDF up, but also have two versions of it: The downloadable PDF and an online PDF viewer that will allow you to read the full volumes in a book-format on our site. Both of these formats come in a white version (like an average book) and a dark version (like our site). You can find them all here. If you ever catch any errors in our PDFs (typos or formatting), please let us know!

FAQ: Our FAQ can be found on the About PR! page, along with other general information. If you have any general questions, please ask them there.

Recruitment: We have streamlined our recruitment process so that it’s a bit easier to apply. Head over to our Recruitment page to see the changes. All of the application documents are also now hosted on our site, which means no more of the waiting that 4shared forces on you =]

Staff Blog: We now have a staff blog that the members of PR! will occasionally post in. It can be found on the menu under About PR!, or here. At the moment we have two posts: An intro by amgine, which includes a helpful chart of all the PR! staff members and a series of our msn conversations, compiled by Raylight. If you’re interested, please check them out and leave a comment!

Easy Subscription: We’d like to make it as easy as possible for our readers to subscribe to our updates. As such, on the right menu we have our RSS feed link as well as an email subscription option.

If you have any questions or concerns, please leave a comment or, for private correspondence, email us at admin@princerevolution.org.

Happy New Year everyone!


Hi everyone! I bet that if readers are given the chance to ask the staff of PR! questions, apart from the classic question of “When is the next update???”, one of the most popular questions would be “When will the novel catch up with the manga?”. The latest manga chapter released by OSS is chapter 48, and the chapter story is approximately around Chapter 3 of Volume 6 of the Half Prince novel. PR! will release the last chapter of Volume 4 in February 2011, so that means we will start releasing Volume 5 of the novel in March. Therefore, you can see we are pretty close to catching up with the manga. I can’t guarantee anything here because accidents can and do happen, but we will try our best to catch up, and possibly even surpass, the manga by the year end of 2011. So stay tune for more updates!

Next, there are a few revisions in Legend of Sun Knight translation, which I will detail here. Readers can skip over this boring part if they want XD.

  1. Church of Light TO Sanctuary of Light
  2. Holy Church TO Holy Temple
  3. Captain XX Knight TO Knight-Captain XX
  4. “Good, warm people” faction TO “Good, warm” faction
  5. “Cruel, cold-hearted people” faction TO “Cruel, cold-hearted” faction
  6. All instances of Judge will be changed to Judgment for consistency.

That’s all! I hope everyone will continue to enjoy our translations. Happy New Year!


48 Responses

  1. nukie

    It’s great that you guys have your own website now, but could you mobilize the site using either wptouch or wordpress mobile edition? Since I more often using my handset than in front of pc/laptop :)

  2. Nedrika

    Thank you for the presents, and congratulations on the new site! It looks beautiful, though it did take me a little while out how to leave comments. I blame myself.

    Happy new year xx

  3. darkgloomie

    imagine my surprise at clicking the old site and seeing it moved. What, you’regonna change domain once a year now? (or at least layout)

    Anywho, looks neat. And to break in the new site, EVERYBODY! GET SOMETHING AND LET’S PARTY!

    Tonight we dine in Hell.

    • eilinel

      Nope, we are keeping this domain as long as PR! is still here. I hope =p. Definitely no sudden changes again in the next 2 years.

  4. Daywalker

    Looking good here :)
    i sorta like the button to scroll down and up in an instant :D and i also have to add, that i was a tad bit surprised at this sudden change, it took years of my life ;)
    mh, is it only me, or can you not use your mousebutton in the comment to click to a specific location in your text and write there? well, who cares :D i just sorta stumbled over that for a second till i remembered the arrow keys ;)

    But all together it seems a lot neater. And thanks for the rush of new chapters, i couldn’t realy believe my eyes, when i was bored and just looked on the site the last few weeks :)

  5. PNG_pyro

    Longtime lurker says: Congratulations on the new site, It looks great! Although the mouse button thing is not fixed for me… Anyways, Thanks for your hard work; I’ve been greatly enjoying your translations, and I hope you all have an exciting new year!

  6. d1r31

    Congrats on the new site & Happy New Year! I really enjoy reading the translations of the novels. Thank you for all the hard work that you put into it. The author is brilliant!

  7. E

    Happy New Year~ x3 And congrats for having a new house! *brings out wine*

    I was quite surprised (and worried) when I saw the announcement on the old site.
    Anyways, as long as you guys don’t suddenly go poof, then I’m fine wherever you go.

    The mouse thingy isn’t fixed for me, either. And it seems I also can’t right click.

    And we sure did love our Christmas gift. ;D I knew you would give us another for New Year, so I checked. Hehe~

  8. torchide

    The new site looks amazing, what a wonderful change for the new year! I have but one complaint; I often view this site through my netbook, which has a smaller screen resolution than the normal computer. As a result, to avoid the rather annoying scroll bar on the bottom, I zoom out when viewing this site, which causes a whole slew of layout problems. Would it be possible to implement something that would have the sidebar or main body shrink to fit to page, like WordPress did?

    • amgine

      What kind of “layout problems” are you seeing? I tried setting my screen resolution to 1024 x 768 and then zoomed out, but didn’t notice at first glance anything obvious.

      The theme is catered towards monitors with resolutions greater than 1280 in width, so I might not be able to do too much for you. There are ways to forcibly hide the scrollbar as long as you’re not using Internet Explorer. Let me know what browser you’re using and I might be able to help you a little more.

    • torchide

      The navigation bar at the top overlaps itself making it very annoying to use, as I’d have to zoom in, click, then zoom back out in order for it to function properly. The scroll.. thing… on the left also overlaps the text slightly. I use Firefox.

    • amgine

      For me, it looks like the word “uploaded” is overlapping with “About PR!” but otherwise the menu links are still working as they should. I can’t do too much about the scroller on the left though.

      What you probably need to do is zoom out to your desired size and then refresh the page. That should fix the problems you described. Also, Firefox should remember the zoom preference you set the next time you visit the site. Hope that helps?

    • Shadow Rebirth

      Also, we should rarely have a long enough tagline to make it overlap with the menu =] This month is just unusual.

    • amgine

      @Shadow Rebirth
      Right. And it shows up fine as long as they don’t mess with the zoom. So it’s not really that bad of a problem I guess.

  9. LP

    First of all; THANK YOU FOR THE PRESENTS! We certainly enjoyed them VERY MUCH SO, and are thankful for them! But I have a problem with a change…

    Wait what; “TEMPLE”?! Temples and Churches are 2 completely different buildings with polar opposites architecture designs! Why the sudden change in, uh, a lot of things? Even a church and a cathedral are 2 completely different buildings altogether…

    • eilinel

      We are not thinking about the architectural designs when we decide on the change XD. We decided to change Holy Church to Holy Temple for easier differentiation and since Holy Church is meant to be a more militaristic organization, we feel that Temple is the better word choice (aka Knight Templars etc).

    • amgine

      Also, the original phrase is fairly generic and open to interpretation. Thus, we do not feel that this change is that far out of line from the original. It might take some time to get used to, but overall we think it’ll be an improvement over the confusing previous terms (Church of God of Light / Church of Light / Holy Church). I know I have always been mixing those up…

    • LP


      After reading further………

      Points taken. Yeah, they do make sense that way, considering how the setting is medieval-ish. Sorry for jumping to conclusions, and thanks for all of your hard work once again!

      Even if you’ve mixed those up, They all lead to the same meaning so does it matter all that much? Aside from less typing needed.

    • amgine

      Well, they’re actually a bit different.
      The Church of God of Light is made up of two branches, the clerical arm and the military arm.
      The clerical arm (with the clerics) used to be called the Church of Light and is now called the Sanctuary of Light. We feel that the word “Sanctuary” gives the right connotation for clerics as it invokes images of ‘healing’ and ‘peace’.
      The military arm (with the knights) used to be called the Holy Church and is now called the Holy Temple. The word ‘temple’ was chosen because it kind of gives the connotation of fighting and martial arts, e.g. “Shaolin Temple”.

      Church of the God of Light
         /                \
      Sanctuary          Holy
      of Light         Temple
        |                   |
      (Clerics)       (Holy Knights)

      Hope that clarifies things a bit for you. And no worries about asking questions. I’m glad when people are considering the reasons for these changes rather than just accepting them without thought.

    • LP


      Aah, I see the difference now! Thanks for the clarification; it cleared up a lot of misunderstandings on my part.

    • amgine

      Yeah, I misunderstood it as well until the distinction was explained to me. Which is why I suggested the new naming in the first place.

  10. darkgloomie

    i’m currently on mobile- the mobile pack it’s working, although i kind of miss the “normal” skin.

    Oh well, it’s still cool. (although for some reason the commennts show up three times as big as the posts font)

  11. Wolfcub

    Yay! I adore the Christmas and New years presents! Domo Arigato!
    It’s great to see the site go independent! So congratulations, and once again thank you!

  12. Mochiko

    squeeeee~~~!!!!!! new 1/2P!!!!!!!! (sorry, i can’t use HP, cuz that will always mean Harry Potter for me XD)

    anyhoo, definitely loving the new site. my one and only bone to pick is that i can’t right-click on links to open them in a new tab. >.< is there any way to fix that?

    in any case, i know you guys must have been working really hard these past few months to prepare for all of this—-the extra chapters AND a new site, all at once. thank you!!! 谢谢!!!! 감사합니다!!!!! ありがとう!!!!!! Gracias!!!! Merci!!! Grazie!!!! (lol i hope those first 3 show up right xD)

    • eilinel

      Try ctrl+left click on the new link that you want to open. It should open the link in a new tab. Or shift+click if you want to open a new page.

  13. Aki-chii

    Voila! It works! I wanted to comment earlier but the site wasn’t letting me click on anything… >o<||
    And then I had to go, so I was like, "whattheheck?"
    Anyway, congrats on your new site! Did you celebrate with champagne?
    Probably not, since smashing the bottle against the site would probably only result in broken computers.
    So… yeah, bye. :D

  14. Abby

    Congrats! This new site looks pretty good :) Imagine my surprise when I read the notice on your old site.

  15. Alyssa

    Xin nian kuai le!
    I love the new site, It looks great. And thanks for all presents. I can’t wait to read them all. :) Wish I could give you something in return, but I’m having trouble attaching the cookies to an email. Ill just have to send you my support instead. You guys rock!

  16. Bridget

    Hahaha! And so the new site is finally launched~ …Though I think we may have given our readers a bit of a heart attack with the switch! Don’t die on us guys! XD

  17. Alison

    Awesome site!! Congratulations and happy holiday season! (CNY coming up soon… will the gifting extend to that period too? :P)

    • eilinel

      Well, most translators are Malaysian/Singaporean, and we want to celebrate CNY by having a holiday too =p.

  18. darkgloomie

    (just seen the new template not from my mobile)

    wow this site’s HOT.

    Anywho… the header needs to be refreshed, I believe. It still says “Sun Knight V1C9-10 to be uploaded”, but the 9th chapter has been uploaded already

  19. Dan

    Only one day left this week, can’t wait for next capt of SK. Really glad ya’ll rushed to get a bunch done this month, gonna be deployed next month so it helps alot, gonna be lookin forward to everything i missed when i get back

    • eilinel

      Eri! *flying hugs!* How are you nowadays? Are you still busy?

    • erialis

      Worse than last semester, I’m afraid. My roommate tells me that she likes our single room a lot (because I live in the library). Sorry I didn’t get to drop by the forum again… You guys seem to be doing great, and the doujin idea rocks. Typesetting is funfunfun. Which reminds me of that SK comic of V4 I tsled, you guys should totally contact that artist. :D

      BTW my friend did do up sketches for V2, but she’s busy right now, so it may be a while before she can do touch-ups for them.

    • eilinel

      That sure sounds……very busy. I mean, you’ve reached the point of no return(?), living in the library itself x_x. Hmm I don’t really remember who is the artist again, but we’ve contacted FruiT and Icicle as well. Unfortunately both of them rejected our proposal as there are many aspects of the idea that they weren’t sure about…which is kind of true. About the doing great part, I missed your editing lol! I keep feeling that the translation lacks a certain charm after you left >_< Thank your friend for us please! It's should be alright, we plan to release a plain text PDF first and do the PDF designs slowly later @@.

    • erialis

      Well, living in the library isn’t too unusual for an English major…I think. Yeah, I can see why FruiT and Icicle would reject it, but you can try again if things work out with Yukisora. And I find that my translations feel pretty stilted; maybe it’s because I’m too academic. I’m putting in some practice for creative writing these days though. As for my friend, I wonder if she’s reading this? Probably not, but we never know.

    • eilinel

      Yup, but I have to say, things aren’t looking good right now. But maybe I’m just impatient. Hmm I like your academic style of writing, partly because my writing have a informal style to it. I guess this is a matter of preferences? XD She might be.

    • erialis

      Anyway, good luck, you guys! I definitely made the right decision to hand things over to you all. I’m now going back to writing poetry/prose, otherwise my creative powers will be done for soon.

    • eilinel

      LOL!!! Awww you can come back and translate some Sun’s speech too. He almost speak in pure poetry anyway XD. And meh about the decision, I still wish that you will come back so I can go back to translating peacefully, but I guess it isn’t going to happen eh? @@.

    • erialis

      It’s not likely. But I can still help you guys source for artists, designs, etc.

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