No Hero V4Prologue: Prologue

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No Hero Volume 4: The Ancient Vampire Castle

Original novel in Chinese by: 御我(Yu Wo)

Prologue— translated by Raylight (proofread by elisa, Rose, C/E edited by Doza, lucathia)

I drew open the curtains on the French windows in the living room. It was only five in the morning, so there was not much daylight coming in. The sun had just risen, and it was now the beginning of a new day, a new dawn.

As a vampire, I ought to have loathed dawn—sunlight was always what vampires hated the most. For those vampires with higher generation numbers, dawn was not merely the start of a new day. It was practically a symbol of destruction.

Even so, for me, dawn was like a type of redemption.

I had lost count of how many times I could see hope in the morning sun—be it my honorable father’s calm but resolute expression, or Sadina’s radiant smile…

“Charles, would you fall in love with me?”

“Charles, Charles?”


Illusions, Lies, Truth V1C4: Lu Yang Part 1 – The Appearance of a Death God

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Illusions, Lies, Truth Volume 1: Human Doll Contract Part One

Original novel in Chinese by: 御 我 (Yu Wo)

Chapter 4: Lu Yang Part 1—The Appearance of a Death God—translated by Raylight (proofread by Trespasserby, EvlNabiki, C/E edited by lucathia)

“Who’s there?”

We have to face the person sooner or later. Rather than being ambushed, we might as well face it head-on! Lu Yang placed Slay in front of his chest, getting ready for battle, though he hoped that it would not come to that.

Jiang Ziya was at a loss as to what he could do, but he continued to stand beside Lu Yang. It seemed that Lu Yang preferred that he stand behind him, but although Lu Yang expressed that with his eyes several times, it was of no use. Therefore, Lu Yang could only just let Ziya be.

Under their scrutiny, a bark of laughter came from the window. “Really, to think that I would actually still get discovered. It seems like I underestimated the truth-seeing eye after all.”

Jiang Ziya felt blank for a moment. He didn’t think that he would hear this phrase coming from the other person’s mouth. Yu Shu truly had not deceived him; his left eye really was this “truth-seeing eye” thing, even though he didn’t think that his own left eye was worthy of that name. Why would an eye that would always see various strange things be called the “truth-seeing eye?”


No Hero V3C10: Non-Humans and Humans Together, Raise Their Heads, and Believe

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No Hero Volume 3: Non-Human Killer

Original novel in Chinese by: 御我(Yu Wo)

Human, Non-Human Killer Chapter 10: Non-Humans and Humans Together, Raise Their Heads and Believe—translated by Raylight (proofread by Trespasserby, Rose, C/E edited by Doza, lucathia)

June 3, 2110, Drizzling

I was fired.

I thought that the little young master… Once again, I had showered someone with unwanted affection.

“Melody-jiě” was just a way of addressing me.

Hateful, it’s just so hateful! What’s the meaning of firing me with tears in your eyes? You’re undoubtedly the one who wanted to fire me—don’t make it look like I’m the one leaving you!

Little Young Master… What are you doing now? Are you still crying? No, right?


Illusions, Lies, Truth V1C3: Jiang Ziya Part 3 – Inferno

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Illusions, Lies, Truth Volume 1: Human Doll Contract Part One

Original novel in Chinese by: 御 我 (Yu Wo)

Chapter 3: Jiang Ziya Part 3—Inferno—translated by Raylight

Lu Yang was squatting on the balcony when a vibration suddenly came from his chest. He first glanced at his cell phone, and then looked inside the apartment. Inside the apartment, it was still pitch black. He then calmly picked up the call.

“Fu Jun, why are you looking for me? Could it be that Ziya got into trouble?”

“… What kind of trouble could I get into?”

Lu Yang replied in shock, “Ziya? You’re still at Jiu Ge at this time? Why are you calling from Xiao Jun’s cell phone? Did your cell phone run out of battery?”

“I’m at the twenty-four hour supermarket on Zhongxiang Road. I’m not sure why, but only Xiao Jun’s cell phone could make a call…”


Illusions, Lies, Truth V1C3: Jiang Ziya Part 2 – Sparks

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Illusions, Lies, Truth Volume 1: Human Doll Contract Part One

Original novel in Chinese by: 御 我 (Yu Wo)

Chapter 3: Jiang Ziya Part 2—Sparks—translated by Raylight

Drrrr, Drrr, Drrrr….

Jiang Ziya was stunned for a moment before taking the phone out from his pocket, a little unused to it. Once again, it was a message from the boss to Fu Jun. Although he wanted to turn the phone off and ignore him, he was worried that the boss might actually have urgent business and need to contact his son. If that was the case, at the very least, he could call the landline or go directly to his doorstep to tell Fu Jun.

Taiyi says: “Sob, I want to go back and eat seafood noodles already!”

Too bad the boss didn’t have any proper business.

Should I send a message to the boss to tell him that the phone is currently in my hands? Jiang Ziya felt a little indecisive, especially since he wasn’t very good at using a smartphone…

Jiang Ziya scratched his head at that. Suddenly, a child bumped into his leg. Since he was thinking about other matters, he wasn’t able to tell who had bumped into the other. So, he casually said, “Sorry.”


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