End of LSK – PR! Staff Interview

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To commemorate the release of the final chapter of The Legend of Sun Knight, we at PR! decided to do a staff interview to gather the thoughts of the staff regarding the project, together with the Question and Answer section in which readers sent in their questions and we answered them. These will be spilt into two posts so that it doesn’t get too long.

This interview is fairly long, but I hope that you guys had fun reading them!

Illusions, Lies, Truth V1C2: Jiang Jiang Part 2 – Those Things that Cannot be Seen

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Illusions, Lies, Truth Volume 1: Human Doll Contract Part One

Original novel in Chinese by: 御我(Yu Wo)

Chapter 2: Jiang Jiang Part 2—Those Things that Cannot be Seen— translated by Raylight

“Jiang Jiang?” Jiang Ziya was shocked and jumped out of his seat. He looked around in all directions, but there was no trace of Jiang Jiang in his surroundings. There were only a few students currently staring at him with mystified looks, shocked by his actions.

“Ziya, what are you doing?” Lu Yang stood up too, a little worried about him.

Jiang Ziya returned to his senses, and he forced a smile as he said, “It’s nothing. I just thought that someone was calling me. It seems like it’s almost time for class. Let’s go! If I skip class again, the professor will probably flunk me for real.”

Lu Yang slowly got ready and said, “The professor wouldn’t bear to flunk you. He praised the English paper you submitted last time for an entire half a lesson!”

Jiang Ziya didn’t agree and said, “Nothing of the sort. Why would I not know about it?”

“That day, you skipped class to work part-time, so I was the one who helped you hand in your homework. So, after he spent half of the lesson praising you, he spent the other half scolding you.”



No Hero V3C5: The Madness of Non-Humans and the Calmness of Humans

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No Hero Volume 3: Non-Human Killer

Original novel in Chinese by: 御我(Yu Wo)

Human, Non-Human Killer Chapter 5: The Madness of Non-Humans and the Calmness of Humans – translated by Raylight

March 10, 2110, Drizzling

The little young master and the Sun Emperor continued their cold war… Or, rather, I should say that the little young master was in the middle of a cold war toward the Sun Emperor. He was implementing the strategy of not looking at him, not listening to him, and not talking to him. This was really effective. In just three days, the Sun Emperor surrendered.

However, the next day, the assassin dropped by again, either by coincidence or something else. The little young master took action again, and this time he even had a bullet scrape past his cheek. He ought to have been able to dodge the bullet, but perhaps, he had not completely dodged it on purpose.

The Sun Emperor immediately ordered all of the bodyguards around him to go ”rescue” the little young master… At that moment though, I felt that the only person that needed rescuing was actually that assassin.

This time, the little young master didn’t throw a tantrum. However, the expression he had while looking at the Sun Emperor, really… made me want to hug him and comfort him thoroughly!

The Sun Emperor was indeed very steady and mature. However, when matters pertain to the little young master, it seems like he could easily become even more childish than the little young master.


Illusions, Lies, Truth V1C2: Jiang Jiang Part 1 – Those Things that Cannot be Remembered

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Illusions, Lies, Truth Volume 1: Human Doll Contract Part One

Original novel in Chinese by: 御 我 (Yu Wo)

Chapter 2: Jiang Jiang Part 1—Those Things that Cannot be Remembered—translated by Raylight

“Oh no! I’m late again!”

A tragic cry came from the second floor, and it was so loud that it could practically shake the heavens. Thankfully, by this time, it was already past nine in the morning. Among the neighbors, those who were employed had already gone to work, and those who were studying had already left for class. Not many people were at home.

Jiang Yu had originally been a little worried about waking up Yu Shu, who was next door, because she seemed to be a night owl. However, she had asked her about it once when she was taking out the trash. Yu Shu’s reply was that during the morning, she would always sleep very well. Even if there was a temple parade outside, with gongs and drums, along with firecrackers being set off, she would still be oblivious.

“Ziya, breakfast.”

Jiang Yu had already become very accustomed to this, and she had already packed up her little brother’s breakfast. Once she heard Jiang Ziya running down the stairs with loud thuds, she stood right at the end of the stairwell and held up the Kraft paper bag with his breakfast in it. When her brother passed by like a gust of wind, he conveniently whisked away his breakfast.

Jiang Ziya put on his shoes while shouting, “Morning, Sis. Bye!” and then dashed out of the door.

Jiang Yu shook her head, and then returned to caring for her two daughters, who were in the midst of eating breakfast.


Ask PR!

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Hi everyone! To celebrate the completion of The Legend of Sun Knight project, PR! has decided to do a Q&A that will be released at the end of the month! Please send in all your questions! The deadline for the questions will be on September 9th in all parts of the world. Send in your questions through the link below:

Ask us anything here!

We will be looking forward to all your questions!


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