No Hero V4C1: Dragon Peace, the First Wind Blows Past

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No Hero Volume 4: The Ancient Vampire Castle

Original novel in Chinese by: 御我(Yu Wo)

The Lost Files of the Ancient Castle Chapter 1: Dragon Peace, the First Wind Blows Past—translated by Raylight (proofread by elisa & Trespasserby; C/E edited by lucathia)

An Xiang Ye really is Dark Sun!

Since I’m in the same class as him, it’s not as if I’ve never suspected him before. After all, silver hair is simply too rare.

However, both Leanna and Abner refused to consider the possibility. They said that they always see An Xiang Ye studying earnestly in class every day, unlike me, who sleeps in practically every class. If he was actually Dark Sun, he would have to go out to patrol every night. Since he’s so active at night, he wouldn’t be able to attend classes earnestly like that during the daytime.

I agreed with them. To go out patrolling every night was simply too tiring. If it weren’t for Leanna and Abner, who always drag me to school, I would probably skip classes nine out of ten days.

Therefore, An Xiang Ye, who always scores full marks on tests, hands in reports that are as thick as a book, and never sleeps in class, should not be Dark Sun.

In the end, he really did end up being Dark Sun.

According to Charles-gē, once An Xiang Ye returns home, the first thing that he does is complete his homework. Then, he gives his brother a call and talks. Some days, he modifies machines, which is his hobby. Then, he goes to sleep at ten, and wakes up at five to go running… What kind of life is this?

If something were to happen at night, he would still become Dark Sun and go out to resolve the issue… Doesn’t he need to sleep?

I believe that An Xiang Ye is not merely Dark Sun. In fact, he’s practically an alien!

During breakfast, the young master ecstatically announced to everyone that he was going over to my family’s house to play.

There was not much of a reaction from Dell or May. Instead, it was Mr. Bramble who reacted so violently that he tore the newspaper he was holding in two. He even jumped to his feet, roaring… Of course, his roar was not directed at the young master, but at me. “You’re bringing the young master into vampire territory?”

“That is not it. I am going back to the butler household of the Elysees Family.” In order to completely and thoroughly remove any doubts in Mr. Bramble’s mind, I revealed the name of my family.

“Elysees?” Mr. Bramble froze for a moment, and then asked in a disbelieving tone of voice, “You’re from the Elysees Family?”


This time, Dell was the one who reacted, spitting out a mouthful of cola. He then shouted, “Oh my god! Elysees!”

“What is with the Elysees Family? Why are you all so shocked?” The young master was bursting with curiosity.

May replied seriously, “Young Master, Elysees is a very famous family. Although they do not stand out and are not a famous economic organization, they are an influential family of butlers and have an ancient history. Almost all of the families that are even a little known will hire butlers from that family. There’s even the saying, ‘If you don’t have a butler from the Elysees family, you can’t be considered a truly influential household.’”

“That’s how the influence of the Elysees family spreads throughout the whole world!” Dell screamed, “Everyone knows that if you’re seeking death, go and aggravate the Sun Emperor, the Church, or the Elysees. You’re bound to die with one hundred percent certainty!”

The young master went “oh, oh” loudly, and he looked just as excited as Dell. He even mimicked Dell and looked at me with eyes of idolization.

However, I felt that regarding this, the young master had no need for excitement or idolization since he was the Sun Emperor’s younger brother. In terms of power, the Sun Emperor is definitely ahead of the Elysees Family, and is even leading by a large margin.

Mr. Bramble inquired seriously, “Are you from the main family or a branch family?”

I fell silent, feeling a little at a loss as to how I should answer that question. However, under the gazes of those present, I could only truthfully admit, “I am the head of the family in name. Madam Sadina, who is currently managing the affairs of the family, is actually the surrogate head. However, the number of people who know about this is less than ten. It is possible that not even the Sun Emperor is aware of this.”

The truth was that Sadina had already been managing the family for fifty years. Even those within the family who were aware of this would be unlikely to treat me as the head. Even I did not think of myself as the head.

Ever since I had let Sadina take over as the surrogate head, and I had left the Elysees Family, I had not once thought of myself as the head.

“Mr. Butler.”

Dell suddenly grabbed my hand and said in an extremely sincere voice, “Sir, I must let you know that the usual fooling around with you is for the sake of creating a bit more entertainment in life. Poking fun at you is for the sake of making the young master happy, and when I often knock over drinks and make you clean up the floor, it is because exercise is good for the body and soul… Actually, I truly respect and love you, sir!”

Pfffttt! The young master burst into laughter, and was laughing so hard that he fell sprawled onto the table. May, on the other hand, looked at Dell with eyes of disdain.

Mr. Bramble sat back down, picked up the torn newspaper, and continued reading. He even grumbled, “What the heck, we discover dangerous secrets every day. The Sun Emperor, Elysees… the Church better not be involved too! Otherwise, this apartment would basically be the most dangerous place in the world!”

“If that is the case, your status is not lower than that of the young master’s.” May looked at me, and he seemed uneasy. “Although the influence of the Elysees Family probably cannot compete with the Sun Emperor’s, you are the head while the young master is merely the Sun Emperor’s younger brother.”

I quickly explained, “I really am not considered the head anymore. It is highly unlikely that anyone would listen to me unless it was under Sadina’s orders to do so.” Pausing for a moment, I looked at Dell, finding it a little amusing as I said, “Rather than showing me respect, you should respect Curtis a little more. He is Sadina’s grandson and also the next surrogate head. He is the truly influential one here.”

Dell froze, and his expression changed greatly. He looked extremely alarmed, and May even patted his shoulder as if to comfort him. The young master once again broke into laughter. I felt perplexed at this.

The young master continued laughing for a while, and then he explained to me, while still laughing, “Last time, when Curtis was in charge of taking care of me, Dell kept fussing about how his breakfast didn’t have the least bit of variety, and said that Curtis’s expression was like that of a wooden puppet. He even said that his style of glasses was outdated, and a lot of other things… Hahaha!”

Looking at Dell, who appeared as though the sky had just fallen down, I broke into a smile as well. Curtis was indeed a little solemn. It was hard to imagine that Sadina would raise a child with such a reserved personality. It was likely that most of Curtis’s education was not personally conducted by her.

“When are we going over?” As always, Mr. Bramble was very good at going to the heart of the matter.

“In three days.”

“Three days? Then, there are a lot of things to do!” The young master happily listed, “I have to go and tell Luo Chu-gē that the advertisements have to be postponed, and I have to go adjust DSII. He’s recently spent too much time as a motorcycle and can’t control a human body as well as before. I have to re-adjust him before he can pretend to be Dark Sun. I also have to go report to my brother… Oh right, I have to inform Aren too.”

I advised, “Why not have Aren come along too? He needs a distraction.”

The young master hesitated for a moment, but still nodded his head in agreement.

Distracting him was part of the reason I wanted him to come along. Another was because I hoped that the young master and Aren would be able to interact more with each other. They were both heroes and were similar in age. Nothing would be better than if the two of them became friends.

“Then, I will stand guard here, in case any emergencies happen.” Mr. Bramble turned to tell May, “May, you stay here with me.”

May nodded his head.

I also felt that this arrangement was ideal. In terms of playmates, Dell was definitely a better choice than May.

The young master suddenly gave a cry, “That’s right, there’s still Briar! Bramble-shū, can I bring Briar along?”

“That’s fine. It saves me the trouble of having that child pester me all day to go out and play.”

After saying that, Mr. Bramble buried his head into the newspaper. However, I smiled at that. I simply did not believe that a sensible child like Briar would pester him all day to go out and play.

As soon as the details of the trip were settled, the young master started to eat hastily. Roughly ten minutes later, he put down his utensils and announced, “I’m full. Now it’s time to go look for everyone! First of all, the nearest one is… Aren.” He paused for a moment and turned to ask, “Charles, could you go with me?”

The young master looked a little nervous. I gave it some thought. Could it be that the young master still minds the fact that Aren said that he “hated him?”

This made me feel a little bewildered. That was because after that incident, Dragon Peace had gone to help the young master. Moreover, in the end, he had also come back to this apartment. He had also accepted the young master’s arrangements, and was willing to stay in the apartment next to us… Does the young master not understand that this is an “indication” of Aren’s apology as well as a show of his goodwill?

If that was the case, then I should indeed follow him. If there was an opportunity to, I would like to help the young master understand that Aren actually did not hate him.

“Very well.”

We walked over to the apartment next to us. The young master knocked on the door, a little nervous. It was not too long before the door opened. The young master immediately asked, “Aren, we’re going to travel. Do you want to come with us?”

Aren was only wearing a pair of boxers, and he looked drowsy, as though he had not gotten enough sleep. “Where to?”

“Charles’s house.”

Aren looked at me, and then nodded his head, saying, “Wait a moment.”

Roughly ten minutes later, Aren opened the door again and walked out of his apartment. He was carrying a backpack and said simply, “Let’s go.”

Has he misunderstood something? Just as I was puzzling over it, the young master actually gave an “oh” and then said, “Okay, let’s go!”

Then, the young master knocked on Melody’s door, shouting, “Melody, Melody, can you lend me your car? I want to take Charles and Aren to Luo Chu-gē’s studio.”

Melody opened the door. She was only wearing sheer purple pajamas, and her figure was clearly visible through it. Moreover, she was not wearing a bra. Thankfully, she was hugging a small lacy bolster, which just barely covered the critical areas.

Aren stared at her, unable to tear his eyes away.

Melody rubbed her eyes and complained, “Young Master, I’m so sleepy!”

“If you’re sleepy, then go to bed!” The young master answered as a matter of fact.

“Alright! Then accompany me to bed.” Melody gave a silly smile as she said, “You have to strip naked!”

Aren drew in a sharp breath, and the young master tilted his head to the side, saying, “But the metal cabin can’t fit two people, right? The width wouldn’t allow for two.”

Young Master, did you overlook it, or did you not mind the two words “strip naked?”

Melody giggled as she said, “It’s tall enough! If we lie on top of each other, we’d fit!”

Aren suddenly covered his nose and crouched on the floor.

As a young and healthy university student, Aren’s reaction was rather normal. I looked at the young master, who only had a perplexed expression on his face, as if he did not understand the situation. Despite being faced with an absolutely gorgeous, half-naked vampire, he was neither shy nor embarrassed. It looks like the young master is still a long way from being a normal boy.

I sighed and said, “Young Master, I believe that Melody might have gone to the nightclub yesterday and is therefore drunk. Please wait briefly. I will put her to bed and find the car keys.”

The young master gave a nod of his head, and I pulled Melody into her room. I inquired as to where she had placed her keys, and after I got the answer out of her with much difficulty, I spent tremendous amounts of strength and effort to get her into the metal cabin. She almost even pulled me in along with her. When I closed the door of the cabin, I really felt as though I had just fought a difficult battle.

I took the car keys and walked out of the room, reporting to the young master, “We may go now.”

Aren merely stared at me blankly. On the other hand, after taking a glance at me, the young master laughed so hard that he crouched on the floor, hugging his stomach.

I felt a little puzzled and looked down at my clothes. Although Melody had pulled at and messed up my clothes just now, I had already tidied up before I had come out. Could it be that there is still something strange?

“Young Master, may I ask if there is something improper about me?”

At this point, Aren started to snigger too.

The young master pointed at my face and said with a huge smile, “C-Charles, on your face, there are a ton of lipstick marks!”

The young master drove to the studio. Once we arrived, Aren raised his head and looked at the building for a while before he turned to me and said in a confused tone, “I thought all vampires lived in ancient castles in the mountains.”

As expected, he had misunderstood. I explained, “The trip will be happening in three days. Right now, we are merely looking for someone. The young master is filming commercials, and this is his workplace.”

Aren froze, and then he nodded his head a little awkwardly. He said in a small voice, “Sorry, I kind of blanked out.”

I smiled, and then asked a little jokingly, “Is it because you woke up too early? May I inquire as to what time you usually get out of bed?”

Aren said grudgingly, “The earliest is nine-thirty! I always sleep really late at night, and I’m really tired…”

I nodded my head to show understanding. Heroes had to go out and take care of incidents at night. Therefore, not only do they sleep late, they would have a high amount of activity. So, I could understand if they were unable to climb out of bed in the mornings. The only hero who could be so lively at eight o’clock in the morning was probably the young master.

The young master energetically jumped up the stairs and then knocked on the door of the studio with a lot of force. Ah Da, who came to answer the door, also looked like he wanted to go back to sleep. Today, it seems like everyone did not have enough sleep… Ah! That’s right. Today is Monday. The weekends have always been the period when law and order is the most chaotic, and is also the period when the heroes are up to their ears in work.

Ah Da said with an absent-minded expression, “Ji Luo Chu is most likely still sleeping in his bed. But since he lives upstairs, we can just call him down.”

Following that, another absent-minded person was added to the party, in the form of Ji Luo Chu.

I could only ask if anyone needed coffee. Other than the young master, everyone raised both their hands, indicating that they needed at least two cups.

As I brewed the coffee, the young master told Ji Luo Chu and Ah Da about the plans to go traveling.

“You are going to travel?”

The young master nodded his head, saying, “I don’t know how long I’ll be gone for, but I’ll definitely be back before school starts.”

“Oh, is that so? Traveling seems really nice…” Ji Luo Chu answered in a daze. Following that, he was startled by Ah Da’s scream of “You’re going traveling? Do you know how many commercials there are to shoot? Even if we don’t waste any time to re-charge, we still won’t be able to finish!”

Ah Da continued his shrieks by himself for a period of time. It was only after I passed the coffee to Ji Luo Chu and he had drunk several mouthfuls of it that he then woke up from his slumber and started yelling together with Ah Da, “You’re going traveling?”

The young master seemed to be a little shocked by their reactions. He stared at the two of them blankly. I then quickly tried to explain, “Recently, we have been doing a lot of commercials, so it is high time that we should be taking a break.”

“The commercials aren’t the problem! It’s fine even if we make those people requesting for commercials wait! But, if you were to go traveling, then how are we going to deal with the east district?”

Ji Luo Chu said agitatedly, “Moreover, Dragon Peace doesn’t appear in the daytime. You can’t possibly expect me to oversee the eastern, western, and southern districts during the day, do you? Recently, Ah Da has been busy turning the photos taken last time into print commercials, and doesn’t have any spare time to help me monitor the surveillance cameras. How am I supposed to take care of three-quarters of Sunset City by myself? Even half would be pushing it!”

“What did you say?” Aren suddenly shouted.

At this point, everyone’s attention fell on Aren, and the young master gave an “ah.”

Ji Luo Chu seemed on guard as he questioned, “Who are you?” Following that, he turned back to look at the young master and asked, “Ah Ye? Is this someone that you brought?”

The young master was evidently at a loss as to what to do, with both Ji Luo Chu and Aren staring at him. He merely faced me helplessly, and then all of their gazes turned to me.

I smiled. With my left hand gesturing to Aren, I introduced him to the other two, “This is Aren, the young master’s university classmate. At the same time, he is also whom you know as the ‘The Beast, Dragon Peace.’”

Ji Luo Chu’s and Ah Da’s mouths fell open.

I extended my right hand and gestured to Ji Luo Chu, explaining to Aren, “This person here is Ji Luo Chu, the young master’s photographer. He is also whom you know as ‘The Aristocrat, First Wind.’”

This time, it was Aren’s turn to widen his eyes.

I looked at both parties that were struck dumb and smiled as I said, “As of this moment, we are just lacking Solitary Butterfly to gather the Four Great Heroes in this studio.”

As I recalled the time when the Four Great Heroes had combined forces to stop the battle between the non-humans and the Church, I truly felt that the day when they would all gather together was perhaps not too far off.

“Sorry, I forgot that you two didn’t know each other’s identities.”

The young master looked very upset. Ji Luo Chu quickly comforted him, “It’s fine, it’s fine. Anyway, I’ve been wanting to know Dragon Peace’s identity for quite some time. We’ve been working together for a while now, but I couldn’t figure out his identity, and it piqued my interest. Therefore, Ah Ye, you have answered a very big question of mine!”

After hearing Ji Luo Chu say this, the young master was not worried about him anymore. However, following that, he quickly looked toward Aren nervously. Originally, he had already been somewhat at a loss as to how to deal with Aren, and now he could barely lift his head to look at him. He mostly kept his head down, taking cautious peeks at him out of the corner of his eye.

Aren, however, did not notice the young master. He looked at First Wind and confirmed once again, “Are you really First Wind?”

“Yes.” Ji Luo Chu admitted straightforwardly. He also sized up Aren curiously and then praised, “I didn’t think that Dragon Peace would actually be so young. I originally thought that you should be about the same age as me, since you tend to handle situations rationally and not recklessly like young people tend to do.”

The corners of Aren’s lips curved up slightly. I could tell that he was very happy to hear that.

“Thank you.” He thanked Ji Luo Chu.

Ji Luo Chu was stunned for a moment, and then said with a smile, “I wasn’t praising you, just merely stating the truth.”

“No, I am really thankful to you.”

“You’re really too polite, haha…” Ji Luo Chu gave a dry laugh, and he seemed to be at a loss as to how to communicate with Aren, just like the young master.

Aren once again thanked him with all his sincerity, “Thank you for saving me.”

Ji Luo Chu froze. At this moment, Aren’s expression looked a little uneasy. As he spoke, his voice became softer. “In a bank robbery case five years ago, I was held hostage by the robbers. The moment they left the area sealed off by the police, they pushed me off the cliff at the side of a highway. You climbed down to save me and sent me to the hospital. You even got swamped by the media because of that, and nearly couldn’t escape…”

Ji Luo Chu blurted, “You were the high-schooler who was roaring in front of the media to seek revenge for your mother?”

“You remember me?” Aren looked a little shocked at that, but he also seemed to be a little happy.

Ji Luo Chu nodded his head, and he said with some awkwardness, “Yeah. When I read the news, it said that your father had had an early demise, and your mother had died under the gun of the robbers at that time. I was only a little, tiny bit worried. So I asked around a bit about your life, and know that you received compensation money from the insurance company and were able to get by with it. That’s all.”

“That’s all?” Ah Da muttered, “If you hadn’t found out about the compensation money, you would have wanted to go and adopt a high school son at the mere age of twenty-three.”

Ji Luo Chu gave Ah Da a heavy blow with his knee, causing the latter to be in so much pain that his face contorted.

Aren lowered his head, and he seemed to somewhat choke with emotion as he said, “Thank you…”

Ji Luo Chu was so flustered that he started rambling, “It’s no problem! I-I didn’t do much, just merely saved you. H-Heroes are supposed to save people anyways! As for the matter of adoption, I only thought about it, but didn’t really go and do so in the end. So don’t listen to Ah Da’s nonsense! I-I’m not that good-hearted! I already have a little brother, Luo Lun. If I added you, then I’d just have another little brother. Even though having another one wouldn’t be much difference, b-but there’s still a diff—Ahhhh! What am I saying!”

Ah Da started roaring in laughter. The young master tried his best to refrain from laughing, but his smile grew larger and larger. In the end, even Aren who still had his head lowered started sniggering.

“I already knew Leanna and Abner back in high-school. We were in different classes, so I wasn’t very familiar with them. However, they were famous for being research maniacs. The entire school knew about them. At that time, my mother, s-she was killed by a robber firing a gun at her. The only one I had left, my mother… For the sake of revenge, I begged Leanna and Abner to use their medicine that was still in testing on me.”

Aren paused for a moment, and then he truthfully admitted, “But they refused. I was the one who stole the medicine while they weren’t paying attention, and then I used it on myself.”

Hearing that, the young master was stunned.

“So that is how it is.” Ji Luo Chu nodded his head, saying, “I still remember, Dragon Peace’s first appearance was to catch those kidnappers that had escaped and throw them to the police station.”

“You didn’t kill them?” The young master suddenly asked.

Hearing this, Aren raised his head to look at the young master. His expression twisted, and he growled, “I wanted to… I really wanted to kill them! I beat them up thoroughly and was completely unable to stop. I wanted to beat them to death! B-But Leanna and Abner stopped me, or else I definitely would have killed them!”

“You have done very well.” Ji Luo Chu patted Aren’s shoulder and comforted, “Let the law punish them!”

Evidently, Aren was consoled by his words. He nodded his head with his eyes red.

However, the young master said in a quiet voice, “Is that so? But if someone killed my brother, I would definitely kill them. No one would be able to stop me.”

“Ah Ye!” Ji Luo Chu stood up.

The young master raised his head to look at Ji Luo Chu, but he had no intentions to change his words. Although the latter had an expression as if to condemn him, he looked at the young master for a while and silently sat back down. His expression was very grave, yet he still did not say a single word to criticize the young master.

This instead made me feel that it was a pity. There was practically no one by the young master’s side who could criticize him. Even if his personality was mature, the young master was still a young man in his early twenties. Moreover, he was not very familiar with the ways of the world. Therefore, he was very much in need of someone older to reprimand him. The problem was, however, that although everyone at home was older than the young master, they were all the young master’s employees. As for the actual elder, the master pampered the young master. Therefore, there was no one who would reprimand him.

At this point, Aren suddenly asked, “Ah Ye, are you also only left with your brother?”

The young master turned to look at him and nodded.

“But are you not scared of taking a life?” After Aren finished his question, he then answered it himself, “That’s right, you have already killed someone before… How did it feel the first time you killed someone?”

The young master fell silent for a long time. Then, he said indifferently, “The first person that I killed was my father.”

All those present in the room widened their eyes at that, with the exception of me. That was because I had already heard the young master talk about this matter.

“As for how it felt…” The young master’s gaze seemed to be far away, as though he was lost in the memory. He continued, “At first, it was extremely painful. Afterwards, there was a long period of time when my only thought was that I had ’no regrets.’ In the end, I was very upset, very very upset…”

“Then…” Aren seemed to hesitate, but he still could not resist asking, “Do you regret it now?”

“No!” The young master’s face suddenly darkened, and his tone went cold, just like the voice of “Dark Sun.” He growled, “I had to kill my father. For the sake of protecting my brother, I had to kill him! I will never regret, and cannot regret… I definitely don’t regret doing so!”

“Young Master,” I called out and put my hand on the young master’s shoulder.

The young master trembled a little, and then finally relaxed his expression. He looked at Aren and Ji Luo Chu, who were both stunned and dazed.

The young master lowered his head, not looking at them anymore. He said softly, “Although I was very upset, I don’t regret it. Even if my father were to come back to life once more, I would kill him again. Because if my father were to hurt my brother, I would be very, very upset. In the absence of a happy choice, I can only choose the option that would make me less sad… Was it right to do so?”

At that point, he suddenly lifted his head, and seemed to be a little distraught as he asked, “Luo Chu-gē, was that right?”

The moment he was asked that, Ji Luo Chu immediately started to panic. He seemed to be extremely troubled by it, and neither nodded nor shook his head.

“Young Master.”

The young master turned and stared at me blankly.

“Your milk.” With a smile, I served him a cup of warm milk.

He gave an “oh” and started drinking once he took the cup. With a smile, I said, “Young Master, I have a suggestion that I would like you to hear. After visiting my family, should we go and visit the master as well?”

The young master froze for a moment, and then said a little guiltily, “That’s right! I nearly forgot to go and see my brother. No wonder the last time I called, he kept asking me what I was going to do next. Good thing that you reminded me, or my brother is going to sulk again. Hmm, it’s best to bring a present back. Every time he receives a present, my brother looks so happy!”

I immediately suggested, “How about you give the X-Killer catalogue from last time to the master?”

Upon hearing that suggestion, the young master immediately nodded his head happily.

I turned around and picked up the coffeepot. As I filled up Ji Luo Chu’s cup of coffee, I requested, “Then, when the young master and Aren are not around, we will have to trouble you to please look after Sunset City.”

Ji Luo Chu said in gratitude, “No problem… Ah!” At the last part, he instead let out a cry.

I was stunned. Ji Luo Chu stammered, “Y-You’re saying that both Ah Ye and Aren are going traveling? T-Then, doesn’t it mean that both ’Dark Sun’ and ’Dragon Peace’ are going on vacation? So during the night, Dragon Peace won’t even be around to help me look after the southern district? So I have to look after the east, west, and south for the entire day?”

At this point, he clutched his head and yelled, “Before you all go for vacation, you might as well kill me first!”

“Oh? Really?” As the young master spoke, he raised his right hand. Long silver nails suddenly extended from his fingers.

Ji Luo Chu stared at the metal nails and stuttered, “A-Ah Ye, I was joking…”

The young master laughed.

“Me too.”

After promising Ji Luo Chu that Dark Sun would not vanish and would be taken over by DSII, he finally agreed unwillingly that he would help out a little more during that time period. However, his condition was that before we leave, the young master must film commercials all day and night. The other was that when they were shooting, Dragon Peace, Melody, and DSII had to help look after the western, eastern, and southern parts of Sunset City.

When I went to pick up the young master three days later, he was still jumping about in a lively manner. Rather, it was Ji Luo Chu and Ah Da who looked just like… just like Mr. An Te Qi.

Seeing the two’s weary appearances, I was a little worried as I asked, “Young Master, after filming without rest for three days straight, you ought to be tired, right? Would you like to rest for a bit before we leave?”

The young master, however, shook his head. He replied, “I still slept for an hour every day, though I didn’t sleep on the first day because I had to adjust DSII. But I’m not tired! This is only a light exercise. I can even go for five days without sleep, and my bodily functions wouldn’t be affected.”

When the young master waved goodbye to them, Ah Da only had his eyes half-open, and Ji Luo Chu had already fallen asleep while leaning on the doorframe.

When we arrived home, Curtis had already arranged a minibus for us. The vehicle did not look luxurious and was a very common car model. The moment Melody saw it, she started shouting that she wanted to go back and drive her own car, but I managed to convince her from doing so. That was because her car was simply too attention grabbing. If any non-humans or humans were to follow us, it would cause us a lot of trouble.

Curtis walked up to me and reported, “Master Endelis, we will take the car out of the city first. Afterwards, we will transfer to a small aircraft back to our family estate.”

I gave a nod at that, and then Curtis went to personally open the door. I turned around and said respectfully, “Young Master, please step inside the car.”

The young master hugged Briar and carried her in, the both of them laughing. Following that was Melody, Aren, Dell, and finally, it was Curtis’s and my turn.

Before getting in the car, I turned around to look at the building. Although this was not the ancient castle that I had always yearned for, I now felt that this building was also a rather good place.


I turned around and inquired with a smile, “Yes, Young Master. What might you need of me?”

The young master revealed a brilliant smile as he urged, “Hurry up and come on! Dell says we’re tossing dice and betting on whether it’s big or small, and you’re going to be the dealer!”

“Very well.”

“What are we going to bet with?” The young master asked, seeming very excited.

Briar suggested while giggling, “Hehe, how about the person who loses goes and kisses Curtis-shūshu on the face?”

Curtis evidently did not think this was a good idea. Although he had been keeping an expressionless face all along, his face suddenly twitched. However, he still did not raise his voice to protest.

“Then, the winner can go and kiss Melody-jiě on the cheek!” The young master turned to ask Melody, “Is that okay?”

Melody puckered her lips, saying, “Even on the lips is fine!”

“Then, I’m definitely going to win!” Dell jumped to his feet, yelling.

I got on the car, and the entire car was filled with the laughter of the young master, Briar, and Dell. Aren looked at them, seeming a little exasperated. To the side, Melody had her feet up on the hand rest of the seat and was painting her toenails a vivid shade of blue.

I did not turn back to look at the building anymore. After all, what was left there was merely an empty shell. The most important contents were already in the car.

After the young master kissed Melody over thirty times, Briar kissed her over ten times, and even Aren kissed her thrice with his face red, but Dell kissed Curtis with a crying face fifty-something times, the bus finally reached its destination. It was a privately owned airport in the outskirts.

After the bus stopped, I gazed out of the window. There were no aircrafts on the runway, and it looked like the plane had yet to arrive. However, that was something that should not happen. The moment we arrived, the aircraft should have been on the runway waiting for us.

I looked at Curtis. He still remained expressionless, but he bowed as he apologized, “My sincere apologies, Master Endelis. Something appears to have happened to the aircraft. Please allow me to contact the control tower.”

I nodded my head. Curtis then took out his cell phone and made a call. However, it seemed like he did not receive a response. This time, he actually frowned, and after informing me, he got off the bus to head toward the tower.

The young master spoke. “Curtis’s mouth pursed together one millimeter, and the space between his brows decreased by two millimeters. He seems to be a little unhappy! What’s wrong?”

“It is because the aircraft is late. Being a butler, Curtis ought to have arranged for the transport to arrive before the master. The master’s time is absolutely not to be wasted. Therefore, no matter what the reason is for the aircraft being delayed, it is still his mistake.”

I bowed to the young master as I said, “But since I was the one who handed over the arrangements to Curtis to deal with, this is also considered my mistake. I am truly sorry for wasting the young master’s time.”

“That’s fine!” The young master didn’t seem to be bothered as he said, “We’re not in a rush, so it’s fine even if we have to wait a bit.”

“The plane is coming, the plane is coming!” Briar excitedly patted the young master’s shoulder, yelling, “Look over there, the plane is flying so low to the ground!”

The young master immediately turned around, and I too did the same. As expected, there was indeed a plane flying in our direction. This relieved me, for thankfully we had not made the young master wait a long time.

“There’s something not quite right with the plane!” the young master suddenly shouted and dashed off the bus.

Not quite right? I could not think about it much and quickly followed the young master off the bus. Right at this moment, the aircraft happened to fly over our heads and was so close that it was barely a few stories above us. On the belly of the plane, I saw a giant red bowtie painted there. That was the emblem of the Elysees. Sure enough, this aircraft was the one we were to take.


I turned to the young master, who was shouting to me. Although I tried to decipher his words, the aircraft was simply too loud for me to hear him clearly.

“The plane didn’t put out its wheels! It won’t be able to land like this…”

I finally managed to hear what the young master was saying. However, at the same time, I noticed something that was worse than the plane not extending its wheels. The plane did not land onto the runway, but rather it headed directly toward the control tower. Before it crashed into the tower, the plane seemed to attempt to swerve away, but just when the plane body tilted a little, the left side crashed onto the tower. The tower instantly collapsed, and the wings of the aircraft also broke into two…


The young master gave a cry, and then started running in a flash. At this point, I then noticed that there was a shadowed figure under the tower, trying his best to run away. However, the tower above was crumbling faster than he was running… Curtis!

I mustn’t let Sadina’s grandson die! That was the only thought running through my brain.

Slide steps, slide steps… I appeared in front of Curtis. He was stunned but did not have the time to stop, and therefore collided into me. I took the opportunity to carry him, and then immediately used my slide steps to escape upon turning back.

I did not know how many times I had used my slide steps. My legs suddenly went soft, and I tripped so hard that Curtis flew out of my hands.

I used my hands to prop myself up and was greeted with the sight of the young master upon lifting my head. His eyes were wide as he spoke in disbelief, “Charles, y-you’re really fast!”

As he spoke, the young master reached out to pull both Curtis and me to our feet. In the midst of it though, I fell to the ground once again. Although I really wanted to stand up, I could not feel any strength in my knees. In the end, I could only remain half-kneeling on the floor. Just as I was puzzling over why I was not able to stand, sudden sounds of explosions continuously rang out.

I looked toward the source of the sound. Within the sea of smoke and flames, we could see the huge remains of the tower close by, and a little further off was the aircraft that had broken into three…

The young master’s voice was serious as he said, “Charles, call an ambulance.” After that, he shouted behind him, “Dragon Peace!”

A tremendous roar was the reply from the latter.

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