No Hero V4C3: Sadina, the Love between an Immortal and Mortal

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No Hero Volume 4: The Ancient Vampire Castle

Original novel in Chinese by: 御我(Yu Wo)

The Lost Files of the Ancient Castle Chapter 3: Sadina, the Love between an Immortal and Mortal—translated by Raylight (proofread by elisa & Arcedemius; C/E edited by Amgine & lucathia)

“Aren, Aren, look! It’s Dragon Peace!”

I glanced at it. As it turned out, it was one of the hero series figurines that the convenience store gives out after collecting enough points. “I have this one too. I finished collecting all four of them, since the fifth generation is relatively easy to collect.”

“Fifth generation?”

An Xiang Ye looked at me with wide eyes, as though I was speaking an alien language… That’s not right! I’m speaking a language from Earth. You’re the one who is an alien!

Charles-gē explained with a smile, “Young Master, because giving out hero figures as an event was very popular, convenience stores kept releasing new series. They are all centered on The Four Great Heroes, with the heroes in different poses. Currently, they are on the fifth generation.”

“Aren, so you have been collecting them too? Do you have the complete set from one to five?”

I nodded my head, even though I was a bit reluctant to admit to it. To be still collecting figures even though I’m already this age is a little embarrassing.

“But, I don’t have the secret edition version of Dark Sun from the fourth generation. That one was too difficult to get.”

After saying so, Charles-gē told me with a smile that he had two of the secret edition version of Dark Sun from the fourth generation, and just happened to be able to give me one of them.

“What is a secret edition?” An Xiang Ye asked once again with his eyes wide.

Actually, you’re the one who is a vampire, and Charles-gē is the human, right?

“Yes, we will not be leaving for the time being. The young master will be responsible for patrolling the east, and Dragon Peace will also go patrol the south… Very well, I will inform the young master of the time of the photoshoot… Ah! Please wait a moment.”

I put down the phone temporarily and turned to ask, “Young Master, Luo Chu asks whether you want your salary transferred into your account or do you want payment in cash?”

At this moment, the young master was currently tugging on the sleepy-eyed Aren, picking up the hero figures one by one to play with. He curiously asked Aren various questions, such as why the second generation of Solitary Butterfly held a black flower in her hand.

Thankfully, Aren seemed to have a good understanding of The Four Great Heroes’s activities and answered the young master without pausing. That was because at that time, there was a rich suitor wooing Solitary Butterfly, and he had spent a large sum of money to buy many black roses. Then, he arranged them in Sunset Plaza, forming the words “Solitary Butterfly.”

Hearing my question, the young master raised his head. He asked in confusion, “Salary?”

“Yes. This should be the first time you have received a salary, right?” I gave a small reminder, “Buying a gift for the master would be an excellent use for it.”

Once the young master heard that, his expression immediately turned into one of realization. He said happily, “Okay! Then, please tell Luo Chu-gē that I will go and collect it from him.”

The doorbell rang while I was talking to Ji Luo Chu on the phone. Briar immediately jumped to her feet, saying, “I’ll go open the door.”

I gave a smile and continued to talk on the phone with Ji Luo Chu. However, I heard Briar make a shocked sound.

“Who are you looking for…”

From the sound of her voice, Briar seemed a little frightened. I turned to look at the door. At the door, there stood a tall and muscular man with a head of orange hair. There was a dragon tattoo on his left cheek. He was wearing a tattered tank top and ragged jeans and carried a luggage case in his hands. He looked completely travel-worn and absolutely did not look anything like a friendly person, so it was no wonder that Briar was frightened by him.

The young master jumped to his feet, yelling, “Ezart!” Following that, he ran to the door hurriedly.

“Why are there more and more people in your house?” Ezart threw the luggage case to the young master off-handedly and glanced to his side. “There’s even a little girl? Where did you pick her up from?”

The young master clutched the luggage case with one hand and held onto Briar with the other. He followed behind Ezart and walked back into the living room, and while doing so, replied, “This is Briar! She is the fiancée I told you about last time.”

“Tch! She looks only ten! You’re such a pervert.” Ezart looked at me and casually asked, “Butler, how about we fight a round?”

I shook my head with a forced smile.

“Ezart, don’t bully Charles! Also, you’ve come back, but I still haven’t received any souvenirs from you!” The young master angrily said, “Could it be that you forgot again?”

“I didn’t forget!” Ezart lay spread out on the sofa, saying, “It was too big, so the post office wouldn’t let me mail it. Oh well!”

The young master tossed the luggage back to Ezart as he questioned, “Then, did you bring it with you?”


The young master was so angry that even his cheeks started to puff out. Ezart immediately said, “It’s too big. Even the taxi refused to take it.”

“Just how big is it?” Hearing that, the young master was no longer angry and instead turned curious.

Ezart shrugged his shoulders and stated, “About the same size as you?”

“That big of a bug?” The young master seemed to be greatly surprised.

“That’s right! You said you wanted a souvenir that was a little bigger, so I picked the biggest one. The bug has been frozen in ice, so it’s even bigger! In the end, no car was willing to pick it up, so you have to go drive over and pick it up yourself.”

“Okay! I’ll go borrow a car from Melody right now,” the young master responded instantly. “Briar, Aren, come with me!”

“Big bug…” Briar showed a rare face full of reluctance.

Aren made a sour face as he declared, “I want to sleep!”

“You can sleep in the car!” The young master pulled both of them along, one in each hand. He walked to the front door, and then turned to tell me, “Charles, there’s no need to prepare lunch anymore. We’ll be eating out.”

“Very well.”

Ezart then lazily crawled up from the sofa. After he yawned, he told me, “You might as well wash the clothes in the bag for me. There’s a ton of blood on them that I have no clue how to wash off.”

“Very well, I will handle it.”

“Then while we wait, fight a round with me?”

I gave a slight smile and replied, “The young master is calling for you.”

After I had tidied up the living room and washed the clothes, I did not go to sleep immediately. That is because today was the day that the blood bags would be delivered. The postman would always come at about nine o’clock in the morning, so I had to wait for the package.

As expected, at five minutes past nine, the postman pressed the doorbell. As always, he had me sign the package before he passed the styrofoam box in his hands to me.

“Thank you.”

“Ah! Please sign again. There’s another package.”

Another package? Could it be for the young master? There should not be anyone who would send me anything… Unless it is X. He had once sent me a malfunctioning cell phone and asked me to keep it in good condition. Yet when he came over last time, he did not ask about the phone, and it just happened that it had also slipped my mind. To this day, the phone was still here with me.

After I signed again, the postman gave me a brown paper bag. On the bag, it stated that the recipient was not the young master, but was me instead.

Could it be that it really was sent by X? After I closed the front door, I walked back to the living room. The moment I put down the styrofoam box, I started tearing open the brown paper bag. There was only a memory card and a small piece of paper inside it. On top of the scrap of paper, there were only a few words written: Play the video.

Not even the name of the sender was written on it. It did feel like something X would do. I gave a sigh, and then inserted the memory card into the TV. Then, I sat on the sofa and started watching to find out exactly what kind of video he had sent me.

The video started with a dark scene. Following that, the sun started to rise from the east, and the image started becoming clear. On the screen, there was a large cross. However, there was nothing on the cross. If anything, there was really only the indistinct sound of breathing. The breathing was somewhat heavy sounding.

This was not sent to me by X. He would never send me something like this… I don’t want to watch it anymore! This kind of thing is not worth watching…

In the video, the sunlight became brighter and brighter. The time seemed to be getting closer to noon. At this point, a faint wisp of smoke started to come from the cross. The smoke outlined a human shape.

Mother! Mother! Please don’t treat me this way. I do not hope for much. I merely ask that you don’t treat me like this… Why do you do this to me? I am your son!

In the video, a voice rang out, crying for his mother. However, I instead remembered my father. When I had asked about my mother, he had shown a rare expression of agitation and worry. Also, those warnings…

“Don’t look for your mother, Charles. Don’t ever go looking for her. She is a vampire, and in her heart, there is no such thing as kinship.”

“Father, I am also a vampire! If she truly did not want me, then why did she give birth to me? She could have not done so!”

“… I bought you.”


“I spent five hundred million yuan to buy you! That woman called me over and made me touch her stomach to feel the baby move. However, what she whispered in my ears was, ‘This is your child! I’m about to get an abortion. Do you want a sample of this child’s fetus?’

“Thankfully…” My father caressed my face, and said with gratification, “At first, I was so angry that I was about to leave. However, at that moment, you suddenly gave me a kick, as if to tell me, you wanted to continue living… She doesn’t love you, Charles. Don’t look for her! You will not get anything from her except for pain.”

Father, you were always right. However, I kept not believing your words and always had to go and verify them myself. I would always have to get hurt to the point where I would rather die than to suffer before I could understand your painstaking efforts.

Father, I did not listen to your words and still held some kind of expectation for my mother, stepping into a place where I should not have gone. I had actually thought that I could stand alongside my mother and find my own place among the vampires.

Forgive me, Father…

Sounds of murmuring came from the television, a familiar voice of repentance. On the cross, the human-shaped figure became clearer and more visible. The drifting smoke was no longer faint, but a blotchy light brown.

At first, it was still hard to discern a human shape, as it appeared to be merely patches of brown. But as time passed, the light brown color became more distinct, and it gradually formed the outline of a human. Moreover, the color also became deeper and deeper, from a light shade to a darker one, just like cheese slowly getting charred.

How many days had it been? Was it the third… or the fourth day? Even as a fifth generation vampire, I could not endure being exposed to the scorching sun for long periods of time. Though four days was not enough to kill me, it was already no different from living in hell. My lips had chapped due to dryness long ago, and my skin was in constant pain. Every mouthful of air I drew in burned my lungs.

However, the person who had made me live in this hell was my own birth mother. The mother who had personally said, “Welcome home, my son” had then tied her biological son to the cross, letting the scorching sun slowly burn his skin.

The sunlight in the day was so hot, so scalding, and every inch of my skin had been charred. There could not be anything that could be more painful than that. I had thought myself to be in hell, but when nightfall arrived, my mother’s laughter sent me spiraling into an even deeper hell… How could she laugh at this?

While seeing her own son burned all over, and hearing his tearful pleads, she actually laughed?

Charles, Charles… Charles?

Who is calling me? Father? Or Sadina? Is it you? Have you come to save me again? The sunlight is so strong, so strong that it hurts my eyes. I can’t see…

“Charles? Charles? Look at me. Can you see me?”

The other asked me repeatedly, and even grabbed hold of my face, just like how my father had done before.

When I had fallen from grace, my father had grabbed hold of my face with both hands, forcing me to look at him. He had growled, “If you don’t want to come home with me, then bite me to death! Bite me right now!”

“How could I possibly bite you? Father…”

“Charles, don’t scare me. I’m not your papa. I’m Ah Ye! Your young master!”

Y…Young Master? Who?

“Charles, what’s wrong with you?” His voice sounded like he was about to cry. However, this was not my father’s voice.

“My apologies. The sunlight is too strong, so I cannot see you.”

“Sunlight?” He said in a panic, “There isn’t any sunlight at all! It’s night right now. Charles, look outside the window. It’s nighttime. That’s the moonlight!”

Window? I could not see, but it should be very bright, as it always had been.

When I had fallen from grace and run away from home, I had loitered in bars for entire nights, often only returning to the residence in the morning. When I had returned on a certain day, the moment I opened the door, I saw my father who had been searching for me, standing at the window. The morning sun shone onto him, making his entire body glow brightly, as he told me, “Come home, Charles.”

He had only given me two choices: Either I go back with him, or I just bite him to death.

When I had been tied onto the cross and was on the verge of death, Sadina had come wielding two guns. Under the scorching sun, she shone even brighter than sunlight. She shot down all of the non-humans in her path, and then walked up to me. With tears in her eyes, she lifted her head and looked at me, saying, “My cousin Charles, I have come to take you home.”

She had not even given me a second option. She had only permitted for me to continue living. I was not allowed to die.

Really, why is it that the humans I know are all even more overbearing than vampires?

“Charles, what are you smiling at? Can you see me… Charles? Charles?”

Charles, Charles. There was always someone calling my name non-stop. Even if I had fallen, even in death, they would not let me leave. Father was like that; Sadina was like that, even…

The young master is also like that.

Beep beep—

I abruptly opened my eyes. I was dazed for more than ten whole seconds before realizing that it was the sound of the alarm. This was simply too strange. The beeping of the alarm would always occur at four o’clock in the afternoon, reminding me that it is time to go and buy groceries. I should be extremely used to it, so why do I feel so dazed today?

I stepped out of the metal cabin and walked to the living room. The young master was currently watching television. “Young Master, you have returned.”

The young master visibly received a shock, and following that, he picked up the television remote and threw it at the television screen. The entire screen shattered as a result.

I was stunned and could not understand why the young master would suddenly smash the television. I did not know how to react, so I merely said, “Young Master, the television is broken. Should I find someone to fix it?”

“Let it stay broken!” The young master shouted instead.

“We are not fixing it?” I was a little shocked as I said, “But we cannot watch the news like this.”

The young master said without any reluctance, “Then don’t watch it. I would rather not watch the news, than to let you see that kind of thing ever again!”

That kind of thing?

The young master lowered his head, and his tone sounded extremely guilty as he apologized, “Charles, I am sorry. I was wrong before. There are mothers in the world that cannot be forgiven! Wait, no she is not your mother. She is a stranger!”

Mother… That was right. The postman had delivered a package. I had watched the video in the memory card, and the video showed that past incident… But what happened afterwards?

I rubbed my forehead. I actually did not dare believe it, that I could have actually forgotten how I had gotten back to the metal cabin. I felt a little puzzled, and could only ask, “Young Master, I am dreadfully sorry. I do not remember what I have done. I only remember watching the video. But what happened after that?”

“You don’t remember?” The young master asked, stunned.

Seeing the young master’s expression, could it be that something serious had happened? What have I done? Do not tell me that I raised my hand against the young master and attacked him? I quickly said, “Indeed, I only remember myself watching the video. As for what happened afterwards, I have absolutely no recollections of the matter. Young Master, please, you must tell me what happened.”

Hearing that, the young master frowned. He said, “I arrived home at roughly ten o’clock. Once I reached home, I saw you standing in front of the television. Moreover, you gave no indication of noticing my return. I called to you for a long time before you responded. However, you didn’t even recognize me, saying that you couldn’t see. You even mistook me for your papa!”

I had mistaken the young master for my honorable father? Be it appearance or personality, the two of them do not share any similarities at all. How did I mistake the two of them?

“In the end, you fainted. However, I couldn’t possibly take you to the hospital, so I could only put you in the metal cabin. Charles, how are you feeling right now? Charles?”

Seeing the young master’s worried expression, I said in a hurry, “Young Master, I am well. I have merely forgotten the events that transpired after watching the video, that’s all… Young Master, have you seen the video?” So that was why he had smashed the television. It turned out that it was because he did not want me to watch that video clip.

The young master nodded his head and said with a guilty conscience, “I wanted to find out what happened to you, and at that time, you were watching the television. So… Sorry, I didn’t mean to see your stuff.”

“It is fine,” was all that I could say.

The young master said indignantly, “But your mo—… Madam Avexila, why would she treat you like that? She was completely overboard!” Then, he looked at me, waiting for my answer.

As for that part of my past, if it were possible, I would never want to recall it for all of eternity, nor would I wish for anyone to find out about it… However, since the young master had already seen the video, there was not much meaning in refusing to tell him.

I gave it some thought, and then said, “If you promise me that in the future, you will cry when you feel like crying, rather than first looking for an excuse to cry like you had done before, then I will tell you what happened.”

The young master hesitated for a moment, and then agreed quietly, “Okay. But I’ll only do so in front of you. I don’t like to cry in front of others.”

I was aware of that, so that is why I gave such a condition. I could only hope that the young master would stop keeping things to himself all the time. I pondered for a moment, and then decided where to begin. “When I was about ninety years old, my father passed away, and I inherited the role of the family head. Afterwards, I stayed with the Elysees family for roughly ten years. However, due to the fact that I am a vampire, I could not appear at public events. Therefore, it was almost always Sadina who had dealt with those matters.”

The young master appeared to have trouble wrapping his head around the idea as he asked, “Why can’t you appear in public events just because you are a vampire?”

I froze, and then explained, “Young Master, there are still many people who can tell that I am a vampire. Take for example, the Church. Therefore, I cannot appear in public, so as to prevent people from finding out that the head of the Elysees family is a vampire.”

The young master was still puzzled as he asked, “So what if they do find out? Everyone around me knows that you are a vampire! But no one ever said that you can’t be my butler because you are a vampire.”

Hearing that, I laughed involuntarily. I replied, “Young Master, though you do not mind that your butler is a vampire, to the average person, a vampire is a symbol of evil. How could a human family be led by one of an evil race?”

“Why not?” The young master responded instead. I was stunned, but he then continued in a matter of fact way, “Everyone has already let my brother become the Sun Emperor, so why can’t you be the family head? My brother is at least a hundred times more evil than you are!”

Young Master, though I too agree that the master is not a kind person, but it does not seem quite right for you to say that about your own brother?

The young master continued naturally, “My brother is kind only to me. As for others, be it vampires, werewolves, angels, or humans, they are all the same to him. Anyways, they all have to yield to him.”

… Perhaps the master is even more dangerous than I had thought.

“Anyway, do continue! I know that I can be a little different from others sometimes. To sum it up, people refused to let a vampire be the family head, so they must not discover the fact that you are a vampire.”

Young Master, you are “entirely” different from others. I continued, “Indeed. Actually, my position as the family head is just an empty title. Therefore, I later on decided to pass over my position to Sadina. However, she was unwilling to take over the position of family head. In the end, I could only agree to continue being the family head, and let her take over as the surrogate head, before she was willing to let me leave.”

“Why did you want to leave? Wasn’t being the family head a good thing?” The young master asked, slightly bewildered.

Smiling, I replied with a question of my own, “Young Master, why did you want to leave the Sun Emperor’s side?”

The young master froze for a moment, and then nodded his head.

I gave a smile, and then continued, “When I left the Elysees family, Madam Avexila appeared. She welcomed me to go back to the Endelis clan. I did not think too hard about it. At that time, my father had already been dead for ten years. My mother, whom I had never met before, appeared. She is a vampire, and she said she would welcome me home. Therefore, I did not think too much about it and followed her to the ancient castle of the Endelis clan.”

At this point, I looked at the young master. He nodded his head vigorously, saying, “If it were me, I wouldn’t think too much about it, either. It is my mother, after all!”

Did not think too much about it? Father had warned you, warned you for all his lifetime. But you followed Avexila anyways. You deserved it!

I drew in a deep breath, and then continued, “I led the lifestyle of a true vampire for a period of time. However, I was completely unable to adapt to it. Therefore, I told her that I did not wish to live like that, and I was going to leave. However, she became extremely angry. When I turned around to leave, she rushed to me and gave me a beating. Then, she asked me if I still dared to leave.”

Gave you a beating. Was that all? She whipped you, branded you with red-hot torture tools, drove nails into your fingernails…

“Charles?” The young master shouted in confusion.

I shook my head and went on, “I told her: ‘Yes, I am leaving.’ In response, she told me, ‘Turning your back on me, the only place you can go is hell.’”

At this point, I fell silent. As for what followed next, I believe the young master would have already learned about it through the video. Though cameras are unable to take footage of vampires… It was the first time that I found out, if a vampire’s skin were to be scorched, then they would be visible on film.

Of course there was not a single trace of Madam Avexila in the video either. However, it had audio, so it had recorded her words and laughter at that time.

Even when I was beaten up badly, I was still not willing to stay. Therefore, she tied me to the cross, practically naked. Then, she let the sun destroy me bit by bit… until Sadina found me.

Sadina had led the Elysees family to attack and charge into the castle of the Endelis clan. Even Avexila had not dared to face her in battle directly, and instead led her clan of vampires to escape from a secret tunnel. Ever since then, I had not heard any news of her whereabouts.

It has already been forty years since then, I think? But now, Feng Gong Xiang had appeared in front of me and claimed that Avexila missed me dearly… How could I possibly believe those words?

The young master patted my shoulder, saying, “It’s okay, Charles. You still have your father who loves you lots and lots. Just like me, who has a brother who loves me lots and lots.”

“My father has passed away.” I said calmly, “It has been sixty years since then.”

The young master froze, and he seemed to be somewhat at a loss as he said, “T-Then there is still Madam Sadina! She also loves you a ton, right?”

“In the future, she too will die! Moreover, to me, that future is not far off at all…”

What am I saying? I do not need to tell this to the young master. I merely needed to explain the matters regarding Avexila. That’s all. As for the others, I did not have to mention them at all… Now look! The young master is already starting to become nervous.

“T-There will always be people who will love you a lot!” The young master said a little nervously, “Y-Yeah! Right now, I also like Charles a lot! Though it’s not as much as I love my brother and papa, but in the future, definitely—”

I interrupted his words, “We are merely master and servant.”

The young master looked at me with wide eyes. He seemed to look a little shocked. Following that, he lowered his head and said in a small voice, “Oh. Is that so. I had thought…”

Seeing the young master show an upset expression, I could not help but explain, “I do not mean it in that way, Young Master.”

The young master raised his head. He looked at me, and the sadness from his face faded away. He smiled as he said, “I almost forgot that every time you talk about masters and butlers, it always has to be done like this and that. And you even refuse to call me directly by name! That is true. We are originally master and servant, and Charles is the butler that I like very much. Charles is also very nice to me as his master…”

“Do not say that…”

He was stunned, and asked in puzzlement, “What?”

The young master truly likes me a lot and has treated me like a true butler. There are many people around me who I can call friends. They are all humans instead of non-humans, but none of them mind my identity as a vampire… My life right now is actually this perfect!

So perfect that it makes me afraid.

In the vampire’s Hollow Roar, I screamed, “Don’t say you love me! Don’t say you like me! Don’t let me get used to your existence! A human’s lifespan is so short. How much longer could you live? A hundred years? A hundred and fifty years?”

The young master looked at me, his shocked face looking so young. With the current medical technology, humans can easily live up to a hundred and twenty years to a hundred and fifty years. On top of that, the young master has said before that he may perhaps be able to break the record of the longest human lifespan. As such, he really does have a long time to live, but this “long time” was only relative to humans.

For a vampire, a hundred and fifty years was not even enough to allow me to become a fully-fledged adult vampire. My father was not even able to see me grow past my adolescence!

I could not hold back and raised an arm to touch the young master’s face. Through his face, however, I saw many people… My father had me at the young age of eighteen. Because he was extremely young, people who met him for the first time would never believe that he was my father, and thought that I was his little brother. That kind of situation continued until he was in his forties and fifties.

But afterwards, no one made such a mistake anymore. In the end, people who first met him always thought that he was my grandfather, or even my great-grandfather.

Sadina had once been even younger than the young master. I had known her since she was ten, and at that time, she was about the same size as Briar.

I had watched her go to middle school. Her fifteen-year-old self had happily told me that she had made her first boyfriend. I had watched as she had a huge quarrel with her mother due to wanting to study in a normal high school instead of becoming a butler. I had watched her study for two years in high school, but then dropped out to come back to the family, crying to her mother to tell her that she was sorry and still wanted to be a butler. I had watched as she obtained the title of the “Fiery Female Butler” due to beating up two perverted masters in a row and sending them to the hospital.

They had all once been so young. Then, time had passed so quickly, and they had all become so old. Then one of them had passed on, and the other was to pass away soon… But I still have yet to truly become an adult!

“Charles, I can still live for a very long time…” The young master looked at me, as if wishing to speak more, but he stopped.

“Very long?” I gave an agonized smile. “To me, that is all too brief! You all use your short lifespan to love me, and then pass away willfully, torturing me with this endless sorrow … Please forgive me, but I am truly unable to invest too much emotion into any human again. I do not wish to once again experience the pain I felt when I lost my father.”

Sixty years had already passed. My honorable father, when exactly will I be able to forget the sorrow of losing you? The love that you had given to me in the past, and all of your selfless actions… have now all become a form of torture.

I already do not have any kinship left, and I also kept far away from romance. As for friendship, for a vampire like me who lives in the human world, such a thing was also unattainable.

I had thought that this was fine. However, I forgot that my father had once told me, that as years go by, the bond between master and servant would develop into a deep affection… Before meeting the young master, I had had little hope for finding an employer who would treat me as an actual butler. How could I remember?

First was my father. Sadina is also in her eighties now, and I still do not know if I could handle the pain of losing her. If I even have to add the young master to that in the future… I can’t! Why is just imagining it so painful?

Perhaps I should leave after the two year contract ends?

“Charles, don’t say that. I’m scared…”

“Scared?” I looked at the young master, a little confused. What is he scared of? Is he scared of me leaving?

The young master, however, did not state what he was afraid of. He merely gave me an abrupt hug, and then leaned on my chest and kept crying and crying. I could only numbly watch him cry… until Melody walked in and stared at the young master and me, dumbfounded.

Her voice went up an octave, her shout nearly becoming a piercing shriek, “Butler, don’t say that I didn’t warn you! Even if you and the young master love each other, once the master knows that you’re gay with the young master, he will definitely smash you into fine dust!”


The young master’s tears turned into laughter, and he chided, “Melody, what are you saying! I’m not gay. Briar is a girl!”

“Then, Young Master, come over and hug me!”

Though the young master looked very confused, he still did so. He went over to hug Melody, and Melody hugged him back. She asked in a seductive manner, “How is it? Young Master, is hugging me better, or is hugging Charles better?”

The young master replied earnestly, “I think that hugging Briar is the best, especially right after she takes a bath. She’s small and soft and even fragrant.”

“… Young Master, you should go back to being gay with the butler! At the very least, being homosexual is not a crime, but messing around with a twelve-year-old girl is a serious offense!”

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