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March Chapters
  1. The Legend of Sun Knight V6C10: "Demon King"
  2. No Hero V1C3: Practicing Conversation with the Master
  3. The Legend of Sun Knight V6Extra: "We Can Never Lose the Sun Knight"
  4. Female Warrior Prologue V2C11: Number, 11, Judgment
  5. The Legend of Sun Knight V6Epilogue: Character Introductions
  6. Female Warrior Prologue V2C12: Number, 12, Twelve (END)
  7. Female Warrior Prologue V2Extra: Artbook

This month, we will be finishing Volume 6 of The Legend of Sun Knight. These two chapters have perhaps the worst cliffhangers of the series (yes, the volume itself ends on a cliffhanger), so we advise that some of you might want to wait until the start of volume 7 to read these chapters. Then again, these are two amazing chapters, so you should really read them anyway. ;) We look forward to your thoughts on these chapters!

We will also be finishing up Female Warrior. Yes, this is the last of the series. For now! Yu Wo has not written the main story yet but has mentioned that she hopes to start on it next year. Maybe. Hopefully. First, she’s going to be releasing Gong Hua v4, No Hero v9, and then 39 LSK v2. In that order, supposedly! After that, she might consider starting Female Warrior. She has started writing another series though (it is quite amazing), so Female Warrior seems unlikely to get much of a focus in the near future.

As for No Hero, we’re still in the introductory phase, but rest assured that the action is soon to come. :D (How many of you adore Charles’ politeness? I do! He has such manners!)

Many of you have been wondering what PR! would pick up as our next project now that Female Warrior has ended. FW ending doesn’t exactly free us up much, but we have been itching to translate more of Yu Wo’s works. We will be working on Human Doll Contract (name of actual series to be determined, Human Doll Contract is actually only the name of the first case in the series) as well as the Kill no More x 1/2 Prince crossover. HDC is currently 2 volumes long, and the KNM x HP crossover is really short. We won’t be taking on anything too long at the moment, but these will satisfy our thirst for now. ;)

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  1. I’ve already shed tears for 1/2prince. Its sad to see another series completed when I want more ;'( And another tear for LSK and Female Warrior. Boo hoo hoo.

    Anyhow, thank you PR for bringing awesome stories to us readers. I am seriously thankful because I can’t read chinese and I really love yu wo stories right now.

    • [PR]raylight

      Don’t shed tears for LSK yet, there’s still another 2 volumes to go!~ (Though you are free to shed tears all you want for the upcoming chapters. I’m trying not to spoil, so all I can say is it is an intense journey of feels ahead!)

      What do you all think of NH right now? I haven’t seen a lot of feedback so I can’t really tell. XP

    • I / / / V


      I’d already read what Oddsquad.org have translated (stares dejectedly at that site…), so I get (I assume) all of the irony X3 Result: I’m basically giggling hysterically through all of the No Hero chapters (; It’s brilliant! Totally counting down till the next NH chapter- along with every other chapter you guys release ^^”

    • @I / / / V
      Me, too! I also read everything from oddsquad. And there is also the translation of NH from asmodea up to the beginning of V1Ch6. I just love Charles and the interaction between him and his young master.

    • Jasae Bushae

      I had briefly read some chapters that had been translated somewhere else some years ago so im sadly alreeady a tad spoiled, hence my lack of a reaction. I am really enjoying the reread (the translation is much better too) and I am looking forward to chapters four and five, when things really pick up.

    • snuffie

      I have read Eclipse Hunter on Oddsquad (joins the swarm of dejectedly staring people) so I’m very excited to read NH. But I’ve also read Asmodea’s translations, so there isn’t much to comment on until you guys catch up to her/his translation.

    • @snuffie
      You do know that another Yu Wo book (Gong Hua) is being translated, right? And unlike on Oddsquad, it’s actually getting updates.

    • Krescent

      where’s gong hua being translated? i was looking a little bit around and i saw one with the prologue and 2 chapters…or is there another site?

    • [PR]raylight

      Gong Hua is being translated at Giraffecorps!

    • snuffie

      OF COURSE I KNOW, huh.
      I’ve been stalking that site since forever and posted some comments too!

    • Jasae Bushae

      Also, Japtem is translating kill no more

    • snuffie

      @Jasae Bushae
      I know. I know. I know.

  2. raimeowmeow

    I think i might decided to wait for volume 7 to get translated until hmm i don’t know probably 3 chapters.. it’s a pain to wait, but the cliff hangers might just kill me.. (oohh, the blood pressure!) XD

    No hero is really interesting… very very curious what is really the young master’s identity. He is not normal, that’s for sure.. and charles , i already love charles. He’s a cute character. A hint of gentleness. Hopefully he still develops into a mysterious character too..
    More power to PR staff! Thanks for all your hard work!!

  3. Jasae Bushae

    Yay human doll~ I heard that this series is all sugar and lolipops so I am really looking forward to it! ^^

    • [PR]raylight

      @Jasae Bushae
      All sugar and lollipops? *raises an eyebrow* I highly doubt so seeing that it was originally supposed to be a horror story, you know. Though Yu Wo eventually strayed from that very badly and it became a supernatural adventure thingy www (Which is why the first few chapters are kinda creepy)

      That being said, I do still enjoy the series ^^;

    • Jasae Bushae

      I was told that if I like Pink then I would find Human Doll Contract enjoyable ^^ So I presume it involves candy and sweets :3

    • [PR]raylight

      @Jasae Bushae

      Should I spoil your fantasies and tell you it’s not about candies and sweets? … Oops, I just did XP

      I think it’s more because of the uncanny valley thingy that Pink has, and looking like a cute doll. (The series has a lot of ball-jointed dolls :D)

    • Jasae Bushae

      Yay~ *claps hands* I love dolls! 8D

  4. you guys are going to translate human doll contract??? yesssss pleasssee, this is vandervul newzz

  5. Xeraphina

    Wow, lots of chapters this month!

  6. 7 chapters?!?! You guys are totally spoiling us this month!
    LSK is so close to being done! I don’t know if I’m more excited or sad about this news…but I’ll go with excited. The ending is going to be epic!
    I can’t wait for all the action to start up for no hero!
    Hopefully Yu Wo will start writing more female warrior, the who first generation thing is so intriguing.
    And although I’m not too sure what human doll contract is about, I’m sure it’s good. I basically love all her works!
    And the cross over sounds amazing! (Yeah more 1/2 prince!)
    I’m such a Yu Wo fanatic and I’m so glad that her works are being translated. Thank you guys so much!

    • [PR]raylight

      :D We decided that it would be evil to not give the rest of the LSK chapters of this volume www (so you have extra sun knight chapters this time) (also epilogue and extras are short so it’s easier that way) The last chapter of FW is actually the artbook, so I assume it’s pictures instead!~ XD

      It’s a bit too early to celebrate for LSK! 2 more volumes to go, you know XP You can celebrate once we start hitting the last volume www Even then, there’s still a sequel :D (Though the main character is not Grisia)

      I can’t wait for the action to start for No Hero too~ It’s like the heroes haven’t even appeared yet OTL

      Human Doll Contract… I personally like it but I can’t say for sure everyone will! Hopefully we would be able to put up stuff about it soon XD

      Thanks for the comments :D

  7. The Book Girl

    I’m excited (HDC), but also kind of scared (Cliffhangers and no more FW after this month).

  8. I acsedentually bumped into spoiler art before so i already shed my tears over the upcoming chapters T.T
    Yet again i send my gratitude to all translators!!! Thnq thnq thnq ‘3’

  9. Waaa, what to do… I don’t want to suffer through the cliffhangers for too long (aka anything more than 5 mins), but I don’t know if I can suffer NOT reading the LSK chapters before next month, that’d be a long absense of LSK for an addict like me, maybe if I manage to get myself into a treatment facility for a month… what to do what to do! *puts hands on cheeks and shakes head*
    About NH, I enjoy it, but it feels like it’s just the beginning, so can’t say much, also there’s LSK… xD

    • We hope to be able to release NH a bit faster in the upcoming months so we can get past the introductory phase. After all, we haven’t even seen the heroes yet, and that’s when things start picking up. XD;

  10. I really want to read the Human Doll Contract! It sounds sooo interesting~ I feel kind of sad that LSK is near the end though. No Hero is really interesting too! I’m such a fan of YuWo!

  11. SniffingYou

    Oh Yes, the controversial cliffhanger. Good thing I already finished this book 2 years ago using our friend google translate(which gave me a month of migraine but it was all worth it). All I want is to read it in a readable way XD

  12. O gracious PrinceRevolution!, please extend a ray of the kindness of the glorious God of Light and publish the Legend of the Sun Knight chapters last, as to save the wretched readers from a few precious days of torment caused by their heartfelt anguish for the characters of this series. How wondrous is it that peoples from around this blessed world may join together in the common ground of appreciation for Legend of the Sun Knight! Yet, how piteous it is to see these brothers and sisters with their heads bowed over their glowing screens in painful anticipation for a chapter of words to pull them from despair. This humble fan implores much of you, and also thanks you for the soothing balm of past chapters and works that will ease our agony during this time of darkness.

    • Ah, I’m just about to post the LSK chapter! Perhaps you are right… But our FW chapters aren’t ready just yet, so we can’t really shuffle things around much.

    • SniffingYou

      Looks like they are under Judgements command to torment us D:

  13. DoeJohnson


    Darn it. Thanks to you I searched around for Gong Hua. I read all of the translated chapters, and couldn’t stop crying. It’s just such a gripping read – and completely different from her other novels. If any of you want to try out a tragedy, read it. As a warning, it isn’t finished, but I doubt that will stop anyone here.

    • @DoeJohnson
      Well I’m sorry, I just thought people might want to know about other books by Yu Wo that are being translated. I even found a translation of Kill No More because of it.
      I agree, it’s really good and I highly recommend it.

  14. thank you so much for translating~ ♥
    I’m trying to stop myself from reading the latest chapter of LSK because I’m sure its a cliffhanger and it might kill me. I’ll read it perhaps next month. I’ll have to prepare my heart first for the feels~~

  15. ” She has started writing another series though (it is quite amazing), ”
    Are you talking about the one that she posted on her blog starting in December?
    I love that one! (though I can only read it through google translate, and I know I’m missing out on at least 1/2 of whats happening). If you know which one I’m talking about, could you please tell me what the title would be in English? I’d like to have some sort of name to attach to it
    google translate just tells me ‘final xinjiang’ but I don’t know what that means

    • Yup, that one. She has plans to publish it. Raylight translates the name as The End of Dominion. Raylight can probably explain it better. :)

    • [PR]raylight

      W-What? I did not expect my name to come up in passing like this. Also what I translated it to isn’t the most accurate of names. Anyways, I had written an entire rant about this somewhere else before, so I’m just going to copy and paste it.

      The name was originally in Chinese, 終疆 Zhong Jiang. Yu Wo stated that the Zhong was as in End, and Jiang as in Territory. This is used by the author to substitute the word World. So basically what Yu Wo was going for was a more complex version of saying “End of the World” XD

      As you can see, a literal direct translation would be awful (The End of Territory?), so I went through a few options, (such as “The End of the Land”), before settling on “The End of Dominion” cause firstly it somewhat holds the meaning the author wants. (No more dividing of areas cause people are dead *cough*, end of the land) And also, it has the added meaning of the end of people’s rulership, so no laws and stuff XP

      As I said, I’m not the best namer, so… *blushes* (Luka I’m surprised you even remembered-)

    • Jasae Bushae

      A post apocolyptic story? O.o

    • Yup, a post apocalyptic story with a dimension traveling twist. Main character is a girl who ends up waking up in a guy’s body in a different dimension, one that is just about to experience what her world has already experienced.

    • [PR]raylight

      @Jasae Bushae
      It’s a pretty crazy story XD But definitely interesting to read. 8D

      Just a bit odd that a lot of authors/mangaka seem to be on post-apocolyptic high now… (especially with zombies www)

    • Well, I kind of glossed over the meaning of the title before you explained it. The explanation stuck. XD

    • [PR]raylight

      ahahahaha thanks? I read the explanation from one of the extracts on her facebook page, and then I was struggling to think how to translate it…

    • micaella

      Thank you lucathia and raylight! <3
      Now I finally have a name for it, which makes me very happy

  16. so many this month *_*
    thanK you PR!!

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