The Legend of Sun Knight V6Extra: “We Can Never Lose the Sun Knight”

The Legend of Sun Knight Volume 6: The Undying Lich, Part Two

Original novel in Chinese by: 御 我 (Yu Wo)

Sixth Shared Rule of the Twelve Holy Knights: “We Can Never Lose the Sun Knight” – translated by Evangeline

“The task on hand now is to report to the king.” Lesus Judgment turned to Aivis and said, “Stone, when Sun returns, go with him to the palace.”

“Understood,” Aivis immediately nodded.

Even though Vival’s chin was raised in a prideful manner, he wore a worried expression on his face and said, “We also have to quickly inform the personnel from the Church of the God of Light who have retreated. I am truly worried for Sun’s vice-captain. Not only has Adair been overworked, now he has to worry excessively for his captain. He looks like he’s going to drop dead at any moment! If we inform them too late, then Sun probably won’t even have a vice-captain anymore.”

“No, no, no,” Ceo wailed. “Adair can’t drop dead! If he dies, then I can’t live either!”

“More like you will flee the Holy Temple in the dead of night…”

Elmairy suddenly exclaimed, “Everyone, look out the window!”

Everyone instantly fell silent and turned to look out the window one after another. Storm clouds suddenly gathered outside and the whole sky darkened. The dark clouds gradually formed a huge whirlpool, as if it would suck the entire sky into its midst.

Lesus stood up, frowning. A spot of anxiety appeared in his heart but he ignored it, because no one would feel happy if they saw the sky changing to that kind of weather. “Anxiety” was probably still considered a calm way to react to the situation.

Everyone started to talk. “Is the Demon King being born?”

Feeling uneasy, Elmairy asked, “It should be the other candidate, shouldn’t it? Sun couldn’t have become the Demon King right?”

“He wouldn’t dare! Unless he wants to be skewered by Judgment with the Divine Sun Sword!” Earth laughed loudly. “Even if Sun became the Demon King, he would still be terrified of Captain Judgment!”

Everyone either laughed or chuckled.

Looking at the laughing group, Lesus Judgment knew they were joking, but he still gave a serious thought to whether or not his actions were too out of line. The Judgment Knight should obey the commands of the Sun Knight, not scare the Sun Knight to death.

But if Sun were not scared of him, then there really would be no way of knowing what measures Sun would take to solve things. There had to be someone there to occasionally “remind” him not to go way over the top. As the Sun Knight’s subordinate and yet also a source of fear, being the Judgment Knight was certainly proving to be quite challenging. Lesus sighed helplessly.

“Captain Judgment, what do you think?” Elmairy asked worriedly.

Lesus surveyed his comrades and only then did he discover that even though everyone was still making teasing remarks with their mouths, the expressions on their faces were all those of worry; even Earth’s grin looked a little forced.

I have to calm everyone’s nerves first. He said lightly, “It seems about time, so Knight-Captain Sun is probably handing the position of the Demon King over to the other candidate now. We have to hurry up and get on with our meeting. We must let the citizens of Leaf Bud City return and settle back down peacefully at the earliest possible time.”

Seeing Knight-Captain Judgment’s calm attitude, everyone nodded and relaxed significantly.

At that moment, the whirlpool outside gradually weakened and then disappeared. Everyone’s mind calmed down even more. They thought, This case is finally over.

Just when the meeting was about to continue, an unexpected guest suddenly appeared above the conference table. His strong dark element made everyone draw their weapons before they saw who it was, and they were almost about to attack…

“Wait! It’s Knight-Captain Hell,” Lesus called out. He recognized the person who had arrived. Even though he noticed Roland looked a little different, it would not do to attack a comrade, so he quickly yelled out to stop everyone.

Ashen white body, vein tattoos of black fire, claw-tipped dragon wings… but now there were three pairs of wings and they seemed even larger than before!

The three pairs of wings were presently tucked behind Roland’s back, but the dragon claws at the top of the wings almost struck the ceiling. If they opened, the meeting room probably wouldn’t even be able to contain those three pairs of wings.

Lesus frowned, but in the next second he saw that Roland was carrying someone in his arms, someone with snow white hair… Unless he was unconscious, that person would never allow his hair to stay white. He quickly asked, “What happened to Knight-Captain Sun?”

At that moment, Roland actually loosened his hold and let the person in his arms drop. The person fell onto the table, his white hair spilling across the surface.

Judgment was stupefied. Elmairy was the first to exclaim, “Hell, why did you drop him? Sun will get hurt!”

Roland lowered his head slightly, but no one knew what his pair of flaming eyes were looking at. He answered quietly, “That would be impossible.”

Lesus felt something was wrong. He was dropped like that, but Grisia didn’t have the slightest reaction? Could he really be unconscious? Setting aside his questions for Roland, he directly reached out to brush away Grisia’s hair, and called out at the same time, “Sun, wake up…”

The hair was brushed away to reveal that the Sun Knight’s pair of blue eyes were actually open. They were wide open and looking straight at Lesus.

Lesus could only stare back, dumbfounded.

Elmairy’s scream echoed around the room, and everyone started to panic… Suddenly, a huge force pressed everyone down into their chairs, immobilizing them.

Lesus was also forced down into his chair, unable to move, but this force cleared his mind. He inspected Grisia closely, and the longer he looked, the lower his heart sank.

The Sun Knight uniform was almost completely dyed red, making it obvious there had been a massive loss of blood. But most importantly, the pupils in those blue eyes were dilated. If this were someone else, Lesus could tell at first glance that this person was dead. But this was not someone else. It was Grisia Sun, so he could not bring himself to come to this conclusion.

Lesus looked up. The aura that Roland was emitting now was unfathomably stronger than before. Before, Lesus could say that if he were to lose to Roland, he wouldn’t lose too badly, but now Lesus was sure that he was not a challenge for Roland at all!

“You are the Demon King?” But after Lesus asked, he cared little for the answer and immediately followed up with another question, “You killed Sun?”

“Yes.” The Demon King laughed, and even described the course of events without pausing. “I slashed him twice with my sword. He fell on the ground, his blood flowing ceaselessly, and he even begged me to kill him, but I didn’t do it immediately; I only watched him… He looked really scared. He was so scared of dying that he even cried! It was unsightly! Hahaha!”

Chikus roared, “Shut up! You traitor! He, he trusted you so much, yet you actually killed him!”

No one else shouted in anger, but all of their eyes seemed to be blazing, and their glares were directed at the Demon King floating in mid-air.

Lesus Judgment stood up slowly. Even though his entire body was trembling under the strain of resisting, he still managed to stand up in the end, and announced to the Demon King in mid-air, “The Twelve Holy Knights will never let you off!”

Following that, the Twelve Holy Knights stood up one by one. They did not speak, but the determination in their eyes spoke for them.

The Demon King smiled. He laughed as he said, “Then come! I will be waiting for all of you at the Cathedral of the Shadow God.”

After he said that, the Demon King left.

The Twelve Holy Knights all fell back into their seats. With the enemy, the Demon King gone, their vigor for revenge also vanished. All they had in front of them now was a corpse, but everyone’s expressions were bleaker than when they faced down the Demon King.

The dead body lay still on the table, the opened blue eyes clouded over. Anyone could tell that he was dead. There was no denying it even if they wanted to lie to themselves.

In the silence, Lesus abruptly called out, “Metal.”

Metal started in surprise and nearly jumped up to answer, “Yes.”

“Bring the Pope here right away.”

The Pope followed the Metal Knight into the meeting room and asked in puzzlement, “What is up with all the mysterious…“

Then, he froze with his eyes and mouth wide open.

The corpse that the Demon King had thrown carelessly onto the table had already been rearranged neatly with a black robe underneath him. But the clouded blue eyes were still opened wide; no one had reached out to close his eyes.

The Pope walked to the table. Even though the truth was evident, he still couldn’t resist reaching out to check for himself.

Lesus asked lightly, “Pope, I heard from Sun that you know Resurrection?”

The Pope hesitated, and then understood everyone’s intention. He said, “But my success rate of a complete revival is too low, and his injuries are so severe. This will make Resurrection much harder… Even if I am willing to pay a price to resurrect him, I can’t do it! Grisia could do it because he is the Sun Knight, the one closest to the God of Light.”

“You say that his injuries are severe?” Lesus asked a different question.

The Pope’s face fell and he nodded, saying, “Mm, there are sword cuts to his shoulder, neck and chest. The injury on the shoulder directly snapped his collarbone. The injury to his neck is shallow in comparison, but resulted in massive blood loss. The wound on his chest pulped his heart directly. That would be the ultimate cause of his death, but even without this chest wound, Sun wouldn’t have survived because he had lost almost all the blood in his body.”

“Resurrect him,” Lesus said without hesitation.


He interrupted the Pope and asked, “With these injuries, how long would it take for him to lose all of his blood?”

The Pope hesitated and then said, “About seven or eight minutes.”

“So Sun got slashed, they let him bleed for eight minutes, and then killed him in the end with a single strike!” Lesus was practically raging by the end. “And you plan to let him die this way and not resurrect him?”

“I didn’t mean it like that!” The Pope quickly backpedaled. He looked around at all who were present and asked once more, “But are you sure you want to do this? I have to warn you in advance, the side effects of Resurrection may be so ghastly that Sun would rather die to escape it.”

Elmairy growled, “Sun wouldn’t choose death. He would not abandon us!”

“It doesn’t matter if he loses or gains anything. That’s all unimportant!” Chikus shouted, “He is already a demon king candidate. What else is there to be afraid of?!”

“I don’t know about the others, but my teacher taught me this,” Ceo Storm said gravely. “He taught me that it’s possible to cover up the loss of one of the Twelve Holy Knights. Even if we lose the Judgment Knight, we will only end up at most with a corrupt society. But if we lose the Sun Knight, who is responsible for leading us all, then we will have no road to tread! So…”

Everyone cried as one, “We can never lose the Sun knight!”

Hearing that, the Pope sighed and said, “I understand, then let’s prepare the resurrection!”

The magic circle of the Resurrection spell emitted a pure white glow. The white haired body lying in the center closed his eyes. Under the worried gaze of those present…

The white haired man slowly opened his eyes.

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  1. ~RenTheWitch~

    HOLY OHMYGOD! what side effects will he suffer!? DAMN U ROLAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAND!!!! at least he didnt let him with Pink to become a zombie :(

    • beta

      I kinda suspect this is Roland’s solution to the Roland Problem.

      There are bits across the series that seem to support this, the most obvious being that there’s no way he would think the others would do anything but immediately attempt to cast resurrection. He’s also already an undead with immense powers of darkness so he shouldn’t go berserk from the power rush like Sun did… Not going to sort out and list others because it would ruin the magic if I’m right, I’d rather the next chapter feel new when I read it, but it’s a possibility.

      Or maybe it is supposed to be taken at face value and he is the Evil Demon King. Multiple possibilities here.

    • crux

      The biggest thing to consider is how much does being undead alter Roland. According to the previous chapter, Roland can no longer feel feelings, but he also seems to still think logically and act in difference to Pink on some occasions. In this case I wonder if Pink or Roland is a greater evil. Under whose direction was sun brought back and what greater plans do they have?

      Keep in mind, Pink already said that an undead Demon king was unacceptable to the church, so maybe there is something more darker and convoluted in play for sun and the knights.

    • Reika

      Looks like Roland brought back Grisia because he knew that he would get resurrected. Even though he killed Grisia as Pink ordered, it looks like he does have *some* free will. I say this because Pink meant to revive Grisia as an undead (and therefore under her control) which means that Roland most likely brought his corpse back against Pink’s wishes. Possibly Roland was able to give orders to Pink after Grisia died and he became the Demon King.

  2. Nali

    You were right. This book did leave off at an absolutely horrible cliffhanger. Please, please, bring the next book out soon…. /cries

    I’ll give you all imaginary candy :'(

  3. Andi

    Pleeeaaase don’t let Sun be insane or grow horns or… well, he probably wouldn’t mind a tail if he can hide it and it has utility.. ANYWAY, please let him be healthy and whole! Though he is still probably going to be in a state of severe blood loss… I also REALLY wonder now if the God of Light will take the Pope’s youth.. or maybe his eye sight since he also has sensing ability. Is there anything ohmygod could take that would make the pope a better pope? >.<;; (Sun strongly believed that, as long as the God of Light wants him, he would never take anything that would leave him unable to be the Sun Knight.. lets hope that stays true for both the Pope and Sun!)
    I really wonder if Roland wants to be killed. He laughed at Sun, but I thought joy was pretty much dead to him..? I wonder if that too was an act.. I mean, even back in the first volume he told Sun to kill him when everything is over (I think he meant the stuff with the king, but still, he didn't really want to live as an undead creature). I mean, he HAD to have known that if he dropped Sun off in the temple that the 10 holy knights would do every thing in their power to revive Sun! ..In other words, Roland, you broke my heart. I am going to keep coming up with explanations until you are beyond hope, so please redeem yourself! D; Thanks again, PR!

    • Minibu

      So true! Roland can’t be that evil!!! TT^TT don’t kill Roland!!! Roland…don’t go and ask to be killed!!
      Also, I have some theories towards resurrection:
      1. I think the God of light took things in a not so random way from Sun, I mean, what makes a sun knight? In the first book he said a Sun knight (as everyone knows) has beautiful blue eyes, sun-like blond hair, snow white skin and is the most powerful in the church of light (by being the leader and such); and then in later books, with each resurrection the God of Light took his vision (a.k.a his eyes) and next made his hair blond… so my first theory is that perhaps the God of Light is not so pleased with Sun (since he let his brothers die), so perhaps he is punishing him by making him little by little technically uncapable of being the Sun Kinght. And now perhaps instead of the pope or the holy knight It is going to take something from Sun again (since the twelve holy knights “can’t” die and well, he is also a holy knight). So it is either, his skin color = making him black (which could actually be pretty radical and kind of funny), or his holy magic (quite tragic in my opinion since he is kind of proud of this one trait of his).
      2. Perhaps it is not punishment, though the God of Light is indeed taking important things from him, It is not doing it out of anger, but perhaps because those things are actually very important and believes Sun won’t care as long as his twelve holy knights are safe. Making him worthy of being the Sun Knight, but without technically being it.

    • Andi

      Remember that Leaf GAINED super human eyesight when Grisia resurrected him, so Sun might not lose anything. The Pope comments in this chapter that, for both Leaf and Lesus, Sun was terrified that the resurrection wouldn’t go well so he opted to pay a price instead of leaving it to chance. The Pope seems to think Sun can do that specifically because he is the Sun Knight and closest to the God of Light (hence he can bargain instead of just hoping for the best). The Pope doesn’t seem sure the God of Light would allow him to do the same, but I guess we will see if it works? At least the resurrection seems to have revived Sun, but we will see if Sun gains or loses something… who knows, in a minute, maybe the God of Light will give him back his hair color! ..or he could grow a pair of breasts, in which case I think Sun would seriously break down and cry.. ._.;;

    • Charbz

      I think you are so right, but to continue the theory, with the god of light and the shadow god and all them being connected, that the god of light actually wants Grisia to become the demon king to bring balance to the world, so he is actually slowly turning him into it with each resurrection!

    • Minibu


      W-Wha…?! I actually hadn’t thought about it! It sounds quite possible, a good theory indeed (and it actually makes sense). But then this line of thinking leads to only a few possible scenarios and the most probable is: Sun will gain an stronger affinity towards the dark element = bye bye holy element = hello demon king.

      Though for him to actually be the Demon King…it would be kind of hard, not impossible in Sun terms, but very very hard, since he would have to somehow take back the Demon king powers from Roland (the actual Demong King); and before that he will need to trick the other holy knights into accepting it (only possible way = lying); AND also by some way or another making sure all the population (holy knights, knights and normal people) suffer the least of casualties = none or almost none (in Sun terms).

      I really hope the God of Light wants to keep Sun, since I believe he loves being the Sun Knight, so it will be very tragic and sad for him to become the Demon King, because even if he gets powers, if he loses his brothers then he wouldn’t want/need those powers since he wouldn’t have anyone to protect.

      Sun….come back unaffected!!

    • kaiser_fangirl

      Not at all, I believe that If Sun turn into the Demon King, his brother will just trying their best to cover for him and hide the truth for all enternally..haha

    • mir

      Black skin, white hair…. Ohmygod! He’d be a Dark Elf!
      What if the (possible) ‘defect’ turns out to be beneficial, like Sun regaining his sight?

    • kaiser_fangirl

      I really really furious when Roland harmed Sun last time and when he said that Sun dried because he scares of death, but after I read his word I feel the same at you, Roland has never laugh before and there are just no reason why he had to go all the way back to give back Sun’ body. And… does anyone fell that his word also sounded too forged…like he tried his best to be evil or something…or does it because of the translator?… I too will back Roland of too, even though I kinda knew this day would come after I reread the story and saw Pink letter saying that Roland want to become the sun knight…aww…Roland~~..
      You don’t want Sun to change? I really want it though, horns? That looked cool, why not? Roland has wing and that’s so cool, isn’t it? I would die being crused by happiness if Sun grow horn (wing looked fine too).+100P if he loses his memories and gone berserk. haha. Other heart would be shatter but that sounded so interested. Sun would then acted indifferance with their feeling but in the end came for them by some weird feeling deep insight his frozen heart that keep on stimulate him to save those stranger… Isn’t it would romantic? A beautiful male demon with blue sky eyes, long silky white hair (with cool horn, wing, tail… or whataver) and super attractive and dangerous smile fighting in a flashy bloodiness, savagess, and ill-tember way while both enjoy the fight but at the same time making a painfully face with tears sometime dropped as he hurt his ex-buddy every now and then, it is so romantic, isn”t it?
      Owwn, I’m just realize I’m a super evil sadistist! After emagining such tragic ending while writing it down in speed of light, I finally read it through again and …OMG, I’m a real sadist!

  4. sunny

    damn it Roland…after this you are about to be in a world of pain..coz grisia is not the one to be angered and u have angered him…

    • kaiser_fangirl

      You… uhm… Anyone can messed with him and get crusted but not Roland, Sun is the type who will let Roland killed him anytime since he always feel guity for the fact that he got chosen to be the SN instead of Roland despite the fact that he is not good enough… Poor Sun~(Poor Roland too, you are just so unlucky)
      Ahh, seeing Sun feel so hurt that he dried by dying in his great childhood friend make me feel the worse, dawn it! Sun~Everything will be alright, just wake up and go beat him up till it is revived that it is just misunderstand , please!

  5. Gen

    I knew I should have waited for you to start book 7 before reading this!!!! Why Roland why!?
    I would die of laughter is Sun turned into a woman! but I won’t put anything past Yu Wo after all the random and crazy stuff she’s put us through before XD
    Oh wow, I have so many questions flying though my head right now. Like, why did he take Sun back to the Holy Temple? Roland and Pink must have known that the Pope would revive him…. I wonder what they have planned next? THEY SHOULD JUST LEAVE POOR GRISIA ALONE NOW GOD (of light) DAMMIT!!!
    (And thanks for another great translation PR!!!)

  6. J

    What is going to happen to Sun now? Hasn’t he gone through enough already? These cliffhangers are not good for my health.

  7. Fana

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    • kaiser_fangirl

      Owaaa… That’s right! I hate Pink so much now. I can’t understand why do I even go as far as to match-making them, I mean Pink and Grissia, why, why Pink? You betray my feeling for you. Sun is too good for you. Dawn it! ( I used to think this is a evil dark-two face perfect couple!) DAWNNN ITTTT!

  8. Crystal

    I just started reading LSK, but it is wonderful! Thank you so much to all the translators, proofreaders, scanners, etc at PR who made this possible! But please update soon! I’m dying from the suspense! :'(

  9. Kamui

    All I can say is……YEEEEEES! I know cliff hangers are terrible, and it is true that I am going to go crazy waiting for the next chapters, but, mm, how to say….So many books are so stagnant and predictable, and while the overall course of these books are fairly predictable, Yu Wo does an exceptional job creating situations that go beyond expectations. Reading them at the pace they are released is, in some ways, more enjoyable than chewing through the whole of the series in a day. You get to savor the tension. Looking back at what I wrote, I did a horrible job explaining. What I really mean is; Yu Wo creates situations where, for me at least, you almost feel like you are in the story. She connects you well enough to the characters that you truly care what happens…..something like that, maybe?
    Eh, on a side note to PR people; I am currently living in China and will be staying here until July. Does Yu Wo have any events coming up in Taiwan or anything? And can I only buy her books in Taiwan?
    Thanks for all your work.

    • [PR]lucathia

      If you want to buy the novels, there is a simplified version released in China. Yu Wo periodically has book signing events in Taiwan, but you would need to fly over to Taiwan to attend, of course. Online Taiwanese bookstores might ship to China. I haven’t checked though.

      I have to say, we all have to rejoice that we don’t have to wait between book releases like readers who were waiting for the physical books. XD; That must have been torture!

  10. chay

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  11. tsukiyo

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  12. jess

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    Thank you…
    SO MUCH… kiss.. kiss

    We finally know what happened to SUN,
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  14. jam cha

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    i think that if the resurrection is almost perfect then the one casting it will lose something in return, in which what always happens to sun eevery time he casts a ressureection … while if the caster does not have the talent to perform a complete ressureection then probably the one that will loose something is the one being ressurected (which is sun)…

    so in theory i think that this time , sun will loose something in return because of a not perfect ressurection, this time his only prominent feature is i think is his holy light ??? um since i cant think of anything that is the most prominent feature of a sun knight … … …

    • bloodbound

      It’s possiable he might lose his holy light but he might lose his youth. Since the pope likes to lie about his age. Poor Sun!!

  15. Setsuyume


    1- Honestly, I think Roland is putting up an act: after turning against Pink’s control, he got Grisia back to be ressurected. He obviously has issues with being undead, and wants to be killed soon. Anyway, that reason for that cursed sword has been finally confirmed.

    2- As for ressurection:

    2.1. Luckly, against all odds, Sun gets a complete revival!

    2.2. Who said Sun would pay the price? He is dead! No, no, we all know someone who would clearly do it: Lesus Judgement! I am 100% sure he’ll pay some sort of price for Grisia’s revival!

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    • bites

      Yea I still think pink is too kind. This way she can keep Roland when his duties as demon king is over. And it seems she hate dealing with troublesome matters because like she said, dealing with the living g is a hassle so killing sun is faster to transfer demon king duties over to Roland. And she probably knows that sun can be ressurected regardless as a living person or the dead. He will be around. But I just don’t know what purpose does Mr unicorn has? Anyway, just re-read the part where sun dies, it makes sense.. Maybe ha ha

    • bites

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    But that my theory!
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  28. Maddy

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    A. Ronan could not let him suffer anymore and showed mercy
    B. Make the corpse less desirable to Pink
    2. Ronan took Sun to the temple to save him
    3. Sun will wake with a side effect; my guesses are:
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