Female Warrior Prologue V2C11: Number, 11, Judgment

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Female Warrior Prologue Volume 2: The Number is Twelve

Original novel in Chinese by: 御 我 (Yu Wo)

Chapter 11: Number 11, Judgement – translated by Doza

Silvie stared at the blade that was being thrust towards him, with eyes still as wide as before. It wasn’t that he was unafraid, just that his life was threatened nearly every day. For example, he had fallen down a cliff, been chased by a large swarm of bees, nearly been bitten by a viper, and so on. He had long since formed a habit of not shutting his eyes no matter how dangerous it was, so that he could react in time… and give Ohmygod time to save him.

The only difference right now was that Ohmygod wasn’t on his person.

Why hasn’t Carol arrived yet?

He was really going to die…

The blade reached his chest, and Silvie’s last thought was of whether he would be able to meet Teacher L.L.

He finally closed his eyes.


…Why doesn’t it hurt? The sound also seems odd, and my chest feels a bit heavier?

Silvie opened his eyes and saw a golden colored, transparent object stuck on his chest. Its tail was tightly wrapped around the blade, not letting it move another half-inch closer.


Ohmygod has arrived, that means… Carol has also arrived! Silvie immediately turned his head and glanced around as he yelled, “Carol, Carol!”

“I’ve heard you, and I’m going deaf from all your shouting!”

Silvie’s shouts instantly stopped, while Cale was startled. At that moment, the wall with a window suddenly made a cracking noise, and cracks started appearing. They ran from the upper right corner down to the bottom left corner, and ran from the upper left corner to the bottom right corner. A giant X had actually formed on the face of the wall…


The entire wall flew apart from the center, creating a giant hole. Through the thick cloud of dust and smoke, he faintly saw a person’s shadow…

But when the smoke and dust cleared, there were many more people outside the hole. The foremost person was Carol, and behind her was Halfleaf looking stunned. There were also some people by the side that Silvie and Cale did not recognize at all, and their expressions were even more dumbfounded than Halfleaf’s.

Carol was wielding two gigantic blades. She usually only held a blade in her right hand, but this time even her left hand was holding a blade, and it was even bigger than the one in her right hand. The contrast was even more obvious seeing them held in her slim hands. It was simply unbelievable that she could actually wield those weapons!

“Wh-Who are you?” The woman finally returned to her senses and shrieked.

“Who I am is not important.” Carol said coldly, “But the ones behind me are the city lord’s subordinates. They’ve already heard what you guys just said.”

What we just said… When the woman recalled what she had previously said, her entire face instantly turned pale.

“It was her, it was all her doing!” The man by her side suddenly shouted, “She murdered my brother with poison!”

The woman turned back and stared at the man beside her incredulously. She stuttered, “You, you… I didn’t do it! He put the poison in the soup. I merely passed it on to my husband to drink!”

The two of them pushed the blame back and forth. One moment he said she had bought the poison, the next moment she said he had come up with the scheme. Unknowingly, the two of them had given a full account of what had happened.

Cale was furious when he heard it and couldn’t restrain himself from charging forward. However, Carol was faster and with a single leap, she dashed between Cale and the other three people. Even though her back was facing Cale, which was a disadvantageous position not suitable for offense, Cale knew that he definitely could not break through this wall.

He halted his steps, not knowing how to release the rage in his heart.

“Compared to killing them,” Carol shot a glance back at Cale as she spoke, “It should be even more agonizing for them to let everyone know about their terrible act and let them be locked up in the city lord’s dungeons to await judgment. This way of payback is also more right and proper, isn’t it?”

“Did, Didn’t you not want to help me?” Confused, Cale asked, “At the start, when Silvie wanted you to help Halfleaf and me, you briefly looked at Halfleaf, but you frowned at me…”

“Did I? I frowned?” Carol said flatly, “I only felt that your problem was harder to handle. Halfleaf wanted to save his brother. Saving people isn’t difficult. However, without any proof or evidence for your case, it wouldn’t be easy to convict somebody of a crime.”

Oh I see… Cale raised his head and looked at Carol. He suddenly felt his eyes warm and hastily bowed his head. “I’m sorry, I misunderstood you.”

Carol didn’t answer him. Instead, she turned her head, yelling, “Silvie!”

Silvie jumped in shock from having his name called suddenly, and promptly asked, “What’s the matter?”

“We should go.”

Carol sheathed her blades, turned around, and left. When she passed the city lord’s subordinates, she coldly snapped out a command, “Don’t let me hear of any unreasonable sentence, got it?”

Instantly, those subordinates replied nervously, “Yes!”

Seeing that Carol was leaving, Silvie quickly grabbed Cale with his left hand, gripped Halfleaf with his right hand, and then chased after her.

“Carol, wait for us!”

They walked straight out of the city. Even though the city gates were closed in the middle of the night, the moment Carol took out an insignia and flashed it, the guardsmen at the city gates obediently opened the gates. It was just like previously when the city lord had seen this insignia and obediently dispatched his subordinates to follow Carol and eavesdrop.

But in fact, this insignia didn’t belong to Carol. It was the white rose insignia that Silvie had inherited from his teacher, the insignia that the Holy King had personally issued to L.L., to bestow upon him the title as the king’s wandering bard.

After walking a short distance outside the city, Carol found a clean and open space to sit down. In a commanding tone, she said, “Silvie, cook some food! Don’t do it slowly; cook a bit faster. I’m starving.”

Although there were provisions in Halfleaf’s cloth-wrapped bundle, after getting used to eating Silvie’s hand-cooked food, she naturally wouldn’t eat those dry provisions if she could avoid it.

“Oh, okay!”

Silvie started to get busy. He chopped up food in preparation for boiling soup, requested Halfleaf to gather dry twigs for a fire, and then handed the job of roasting meat to Cale. As people were helping him, his speed naturally increased a lot, and before long, they could begin eating.

Carol was rarely satisfied with Silvie’s speed of cooking, although credit should also be given to Halfleaf and Cale for helping. She accepted the soup and started eating immediately.

While everyone was eating, Cale could not resist asking Carol, “How did you know where my house was?”

Carol had not even opened her mouth when Silvie cut in, “It’s because I left Ohmygod with Carol. If not, Carol wouldn’t have been able to find us! Every time we enter a city, Ohmygod would stay with Carol to aid in finding me.”

“Then how were you able to call on the city lord’s subordinates? And you actually had a way to exit through the city gates during the night?” Cale inquired while strongly suppressing his astonishment. “Those guards actually agreed to open up the gates? What the heck did you do?”

“Because Carol is the Warrior Queen. No one would dare to obstruct her!”

Cale and Halfleaf stared blankly at Silvie.

On the other hand, Carol glared fiercely at Silvie for a moment. She hadn’t mentioned that she was the Warrior Queen at all. She had merely showed L.L.’s white rose insignia.

Silvie flinched, but he didn’t feel like he had said anything of concern. In any case, Cale and Halfleaf were already their companions!

“Wh-Which Warrior Queen are you talking about?” An extremely baffled expression appeared on Cale’s face. Even though he knew who the Warrior Queen that Silvie had mentioned was… As a matter of fact, it was impossible for anyone in the Kingdom of Holy Light not to know about the Warrior Queen, but as Silvie’s words were simply too astonishing, he subconsciously felt that it was impossible.

Silvie matter-of-factly said, “Of course it’s the Warrior Queen who led armies to defend the Crimson Blades Pass!”

“…” Cale and Halfleaf were dumbstruck as they stared at Silvie, then they turned their heads to gaze dazedly at Carol. The latter ignored them as she ate her own food.

“Hold on a moment!” Cale shrieked, “How can Carol be the Warrior Queen? The Warrior Queen is female!”

“Eh?” Not understanding the situation, Silvie asked back, “Isn’t Carol also female? It matches up, right?”

“…Carol is female?” This time, it was Halfleaf who shrieked.

Cale and Halfleaf stared at Carol, recalling that previous… bath!

Unexpectedly, Cale shrugged and was fine with it. However, Halfleaf practically transformed into a stone statue. At that moment, they heard Silvie’s words drift over, “That’s right! Of course Carol is female. Otherwise, did you think she was male?”

…We were precisely under the impression that she was male!

“I’ve never admitted who I am!” Carol said grumpily, “Silvie, you’re not allowed to broadcast it everywhere! If I hear you say that I am the Warrior Queen one more time, I will smash that mouth of yours thoroughly!”

Upon hearing this, Silvie nervously covered his mouth. However he immediately uncovered it and said, “It doesn’t matter, right? They’re our companions!”

“Who said they’re our companions?” Carol said coldly, “One should be getting lost now, and when we find his brother, the other one must also get lost!”

When he heard this, Silvie started getting anxious and yelled, “How can you do this? Are you going to forsake them after having dallied with them?”

Da-Da… Dallied what? Carol blinked, and then roared, “Who is abandoning them after dallying with them? Stop talking nonsense!”

However, Silvie shouted in an even louder voice, “You’ve already seen Halfleaf and Cale’s buttocks completely naked, yet you still want to chase them away. If this isn’t abandoning them after using them, then what is it?”


Silvie turned his head to look and gasped “ah.” As he gestured at Halfleaf who had fainted on the ground, he blamed Carol, “You see, Halfleaf knew that he was going to be forsaken, so he was so worried that he fainted!”

He was obviously so agitated by your words that he fainted!

Carol didn’t know how to release her rage as she faced this man who was criticizing her for using them. Especially after having admired their buttocks, not only was it hard to retort back, she even felt a bit guilty…

All right then! If I can’t abandon Halfleaf then I won’t abandon him. In any case, he is quite useful. He is good at gathering and can also be in charge of listening to Silvie talk.

Out of the corner of her eye, Carol looked at the other guy, which was Cale. She glanced over.

Silvie promptly murmured close to Cale’s ear, making Carol feel that something was extremely not right.

“What are you looking at?” Cale placed his hands on his hips and spoke boldly, “Don’t tell me you haven’t seen my buttocks already? Previously when you lifted up the blanket to look at me, I was lying there naked and was even facing upwards! You should have seen even my little XX very clearly right? Yet you still want to throw me away?”

After hearing this, and taking another look at Cale’s smug face, Carol was livid and growled, “In the days when I led the armies, if I hadn’t seen a hundred thousand men’s buttocks, then I saw at least eighty thousand! Don’t tell me that I have to bear responsibility for each and every one of them?”

When she finished speaking, she was so furious that she stood up and walked off. Even if she wouldn’t be criminally charged with forsaking men after having dallied with them… Then it should at least be considered cruelly abandoning pets?

Carol angrily denied this criminal charge of dallying then abandoning them.

Silvie hastily shook Halfleaf awake and pulled at Cale. The three of them hurriedly chased after her.

“Following her like this, she won’t simply turn around and singlehandedly get rid of all of us with one strike, right?” Cale was a bit worried about this. After all, she was the Warrior Queen who treated even the demon race as radishes and chopped them up!

“She wouldn’t, she wouldn’t!” Silvie said immediately, but after he said that, he was still a little bit uncertain. After thinking for a while and feeling that he had come up with a good plan, he happily suggested, “Or how about this, when we catch up to her later on, we will immediately strip off our clothes, expose our buttocks and bathe… Ahhh! Halfleaf, don’t faint!”

“If exposing buttocks could let us live, that would actually be very easy!” Cale thought for a moment. It is a lot simpler compared to when I was by myself and had easily nearly died multiple times. Then he promptly ran after her. He definitely wouldn’t allow himself to be forsaken after being dallied with.

“Cale, come and help me carry Halfleaf!”

Silvie wanted to cry but no tears were shed. Luckily at that moment, Ohmygod jumped out from his bosom, wrapped its tail around Halfleaf, and then the two people and a slime hurriedly tried to catch up.

“Carol, wait for me… Wait for us!”

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