Female Warrior Prologue V2C10: Number, 10, Revenge

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Female Warrior Prologue Volume 2: The Number is Twelve

Original novel in Chinese by: 御 我 (Yu Wo)

Chapter 10: Number, 10, Revenge – translated by Doza

“Cale, wait for meee!”

Silvie yelled as he chased after him. “Wait for me! Don’t walk so fast!”

When he started to see numerous bystanders glancing curiously at them, Cale stopped, turned around, and sternly reprimanded him. “Are you crazy? Why the heck are you following me?”

Silvie ran several steps to Cale’s side and said between gasps for breath, “Let me go with you!”

“You want to go with me to kill people?” Cale raised an eyebrow, not believing this turn of events at all.

Upon hearing the two words “kill people,” Silvie’s face twitched, but he didn’t refute Cale’s words. Instead, after much consideration, he said, “Carol said it’s better to act at night… So we don’t have to be in such a hurry, right?”

Cale was also fully aware that it was best to take action at night. He didn’t have the kind of strength Carol had, to be able to openly kill people in broad daylight, so right now he was only going over there to hide first.

“If you want to follow me, then from this moment on you are not allowed to talk!”

Silvie had only just begun to say “okay” when he hastily shut his mouth. He even crossed his two forefingers over his lips. Then, he followed quietly behind Cale.

Seeing this, Cale stopped walking as briskly as before and started using a normal pace to walk back to his house.

“Whoa, your house is really huge! There’s even a garden!” Silvie exclaimed.

Cale glared at him fiercely and scolded, “Shut up.”

Silvie was so frightened he quickly made another cross over his mouth.

Compared to Carol and Halfleaf who could take a secret tunnel, the two of them were not as lucky. Only when the opportunity arose and no one was around could they climb over the wall.

This was, after all, his home. As an illegitimate son, Cale often hid in secret places. Nothing was easier than finding a hiding place.

While hiding in their temporary spot, Cale was initially anxious that Silvie would start talking randomly. However, he didn’t utter a single word and, after looking left and right with wide eyes for a while, fell asleep.

He really doesn’t feel the least bit of vigilance nor nervousness. Cale was at a loss for words. He even mocked himself while thinking that compared to Silvie, he was a lot more useless!

He looked down at his right hand, which was tightly clutching a dagger. The dagger’s blade was bright and dazzling. After looking closely, he realized why it wouldn’t stop shining; the dagger was trembling incessantly.

After much difficulty, he waited until evening. By then, Silvie was already awake. Silvie took out salted meat from breast pocket to eat and pushed some towards Cale, silently asking if he wanted to eat.

Cale really admired this fellow for not being alarmed no matter how much his surroundings changed… Or was it purely that he was too stupid?

He waited until Silvie had finished eating his meat. Cale estimated that is was nearly midnight. There were already no lights on in the house.

“Silvie, you wait here.”

Silvie immediately shook his head firmly, saying, “You leave me here, and I will immediately scream that there is an assassin!”

“…” Cale said in a low, helpless voice, “Alright then, you can follow me. But don’t make any noise!”

Once Silvie nodded his head in agreement, the two of them moved away from their hiding place, heading towards their destination: the master bedroom.

Even though Silvie looked so weak that a gust of wind might knock him over (in fact… he was so weak that a gust of wind could knock him over), he had excellent footwork. He was silent, quite light, and graceful.

Cale glanced curiously at Silvie and abruptly thought that his skip-like way of walking felt a bit familiar. Thinking carefully, he realized that it was akin to a dancer’s footsteps.

He is indeed a wandering bard. Cale was again speechless.

The two of them moved stealthily towards the master bedroom. Not a single person appeared in the corridors, allowing them to arrive outside the master bedroom without any trouble.

Cale inhaled deeply. When he was about to push open the door, someone grabbed onto him. He jumped in shock, but then realized it was only Silvie. He was so angry that he almost wanted to yell at him.

“Cale, this feels very strange. Why isn’t anyone here?” Silvie felt that the situation was far from good. According to his various life experiences, the more smoothly things went, the more likely one would suffer a mega-huge fall at the end… This was not an analogy. It was an incident that had actually occurred before. That fall had even caused him a lot of pain!

“What’s strange?” Cale said quietly. “They’ve all gone out to hunt for me already. How can there still be people around!”

“But…” Silvie still felt something was amiss. Would someone who had just had a previous assassination attempt on them not leave a guard behind?

However, Cale didn’t pay any more attention to Silvie. He was already so close to his goal. He couldn’t calm down at all.

Gently nudging the door (the door wasn’t locked), he cautiously pushed it open a crack and peeped inside. All he saw was a bulge in the quilt on the bed. It was obvious someone was sleeping there.

He fully pushed open the door and walked in. As he stood beside the bed, his feelings were rather complicated. Even though he knew that the other side had poisoned his father, and that he had to avenge him, he had never killed a person before, and his first target was actually someone whom he had associated with from morning to night for twenty years. This burdened feeling could not be considered light… But as a result, he detested those three people even more!

Even he, who didn’t have much in the way of feelings for them, felt himself unable to do the deed. How could anyone set about murdering their husband, father, and older brother whom they had been with every day?

Cale raised the dagger in his hand. Just as he was about to bring it down, Silvie suddenly hugged him tightly.

Cale struggled for several moments but couldn’t break free. He could only grit his teeth and whisper. “Let go!”

“I won’t!”

Using one hand as a crutch, Cale used his elbow to jab Silvie in the stomach. The latter groaned but was still unwilling to release him. Cale struck backwards again. Only then was Silvie knocked aside and fell to the ground.

Cale didn’t even look back. Raising his dagger…

“Cale, be careful!” Silvie yelled.

Be careful? Cale’s dagger paused. He turned back to look and saw Silvie caught by two people.

More than ten people stood at the doorway. Human shadows even flickered outside the only window. All of them held various weapons. They were none other than the servants of the house, as well as the three he had wanted to kill: the woman, her son, and her adulterous partner, who was also his father’s younger brother! The person he had to call Uncle!

This is a trap… Cale gripped his dagger, growling, “Release him! This matter has nothing to do with him! Just come straight at me!”

The woman shrieked loudly. “I originally intended to let you off. After all, that man only had you for a son. Who could have imagined that you wouldn’t know what was good for you. You actually dared to come here to kill me!”

“You killed my father! And then sold me off as a slave!” Cale bellowed, “You thought that I would let all of you off just like that? You murdered my father!”

The woman roared furiously. “I hadn’t originally planned to kill him. I thought it would be fine waiting for him to die of illness. Who knew that despite being sick for so many years, he wouldn’t die! If I hadn’t poisoned him, I don’t know how long I would have had to wait before inheriting his assets!”

All because of that bit of money?! Cale felt a burning rage in his chest, but the only manifestation of it was a feverish heat behind his eyes. He felt like crying. Maybe he couldn’t avenge him. Sorry, Father…

“To avoid any more long, sleepless nights, the both of you should just die together!”

Upon hearing this, Cale clutched his dagger even tighter. Even if he died, he would make sure to take at least a few people with him!

When he heard he was going to die, Silvie immediately screamed, “Carol, help!”

Hearing Silvie’s scream, Cale felt helpless to the extreme. He couldn’t believe that this fellow would still yell for Carol at this sort of time. Could it be that he really thought Carol would come and save him?

Despite this, Cale’s feelings leaned more towards guilt. He was afraid that Silvie would actually be dragged down with him and die. He still wanted to be on the lookout for a way of letting Silvie escape!

But just when this idea arose, he saw his “younger brother” stabbing towards Silvie’s stomach with a blade. As Silvie was held down by others, he had no way of dodging at all, and merely watched with widened eyes as the knife got closer to his stomach…

“Stop!” Cale rushed forward, but no matter how fast he was he couldn’t beat the speed of the knife, and several people also rushed forward to block him.


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  1. ~RenTheWith~

    SILVIEEEEEEEEE D:! I bet he wont be down bleeding for long! he has GOD on his side!! x.x

  2. chicaalterego

    Loved it! It’s a shame that Yu Wo has only done two volumes of this so far :(

  3. 15B

    o.o I’m guessing OhMyGod’s going to save the day somehow. Maybe he just “eats” all of the weapons and refuses to spit them out… Or everyone’s so shocked by a golden slime they just stop and stare at it? Or maybe the more you chop a slime, they more they multiply…

  4. Ayra

    Noooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!! Silvieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee……
    Tehehehe…..great chapter! :D

  5. MPToki

    Thank You PR =D
    Wow, this was awesome. But that is quite the cliffhanger!
    So that’s why he is gracefully… He is a bard so it makes sense.
    So how is Carol and HalfLeaf going to help them, or did Silvie know the whole plan?
    Too bad there are only 2 volumes…

  6. The Da

    Silvie.. dea…..??! Oh my gosh!!! Silvie, no! You can’t die yet!! If you die, what will happened to your 2nd till 38th’s successor?
    I agree with angelmicx, February really is the month of cliffhanger!!!
    Thank you PR!~

    • rion

      @The Da
      They would not have to be graceful every waking moment, use skin care products daily, or speak in dialect so convoluted it takes three years to understand.

  7. Xeraphina

    Noo! Not another cliffhanger! Well, that was a short chapter :) But nonetheless action-packed. Cannot wait until the next chapter!

  8. Noomico

    This first sun knight look so much like our sun knight !! So I consider him have the same sneaky personality so maybe we will see superum dragon !!?? Sorry forgot the name what ever this is not a spoiler coz I never read it before

  9. Jynx3d

    I think there might be a mistake but not sure…
    How could anyone set about murdering their husband, father, and older brother whom they had been with every day?
    But then afterwards it’s says
    the woman, her son, and her adulterous partner, who was also his father’s younger brother! The person he had to call Uncle!
    Is the husband supposed to be the women or is Cale a girl…kind of confused

    • snowrabbit

      cale was referring to the 3 murderers with the person they murder:
      the woman murder her husband, the son murder his father and the younger brother murder the older brother..

  10. Michael Chandra

    For the woman, the man was her husband. For her son, the man was his father. For the adulterous partner, the man was his older brother. For Cale, the man was his father.

  11. bites

    I’m suffering from a “yu wo cliffhanger fever”. Please do something you guys!! Give me a good ending or I can be satisfied with a bad end.

  12. tsubasa

    …not a single one of the thirty eight Sun Knights died during their term.

    That’s some resilience.

    Cockroach, anybody?

    Oh! Hahaha, I just remembered. That disgusting, shoujo-eyed buff man from HalfPrince…he was also very resilient!

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    I think that Cale is a blaze knight? what do you think?
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