Female Warrior Prologue V2C9: Number, 9, Younger Brother

Female Warrior Volume 2: The Number is Twelve

Original novel in Chinese by: 御 我 (Yu Wo)

Chapter 9: Number, 9, Younger Brother – translated by Doza

The four of them hurried back to the small town, but after entering the town, there was conflict over where everyone should go.

“Isn’t Halfleaf’s younger brother your relative too?” Silvie said insistently, “How can you not help him when your relative’s life is in danger? You should come with us to save his brother!”

Cale was dumbstruck. Even though he was a relative, he had never seen the other party before. Also, Halfleaf hadn’t asked for his help. Instead, it was Silvie who had spoken. Just whose brother is he?

He shot a glance at Carol and said, “In any case, Carol is going with you to save him. You don’t need me!”

“That’s wrong!” Silvie whispered in Cale’s ear. “You must help me hold onto Carol and not let her kill people!”

…So that’s what you mean. But Silvie, with how loud your words were, there probably isn’t anyone who didn’t hear you, right? Cale deeply felt that right now, Silvie shouldn’t be worrying about Carol killing others but about getting murdered himself.

As expected, Halfleaf, looking terrified, exclaimed, “Kill people? Why do you want to kill people? Who are you going to kill?”

“Your enemy,” Cale replied.

“M-My enemy?” Upon hearing the word “enemy,” Halfleaf actually swayed and looked like he was about to faint. Silvie was so scared that he hurriedly came forward to support him.

Confused, Halfleaf asked, “Why do I have an enemy? Who is it?”

“…The guys who want to capture you and sell you and are using your brother as a hostage right now!”

Facing Cale’s incredulous roar, Halfleaf was so frightened that he clutched Silvie tightly and said while trembling, “T-They are my relatives, not my enemies.”


Cale suddenly felt that he was just like a chicken talking to a duck.

Carol said lightly, “He’s an elf. Don’t try to understand them through a human’s way of thinking. Also, he’s not suited to living in the world of humans and should have returned to the Elven Woods long ago.”

“Then, after saving his brother, you guys can take him back to the forest! I’m going to take care of my own affairs!”

When he finished speaking, Cale turned around and left.

“Ah! Wait a minute!” Silvie promptly ran up and caught hold of Cale’s sleeve. However, this time Cale didn’t let him hold it and forcefully shook his sleeve, throwing him off instantly. After all, Silvie was a wandering bard who could only manage to hold a harp. He was totally unable to prevent Cale from leaving.

Silvie hastily chased after him, but after taking two steps, he realized that neither Carol nor Halfleaf had followed him. He turned back and yelled hesitantly, “Carol…”

But Carol didn’t intend to move at all, merely glancing at him and saying calmly, “Remind him that the best time to kill people is at night.”

Upon hearing the two words “kill people,” Halfleaf had another spell of dizziness. Cale, who was five, six steps away, paused. Obviously, he didn’t need Carol’s message to be passed on to hear it.

A little upset, Silvie also said, “Carol! How could you encourage Cale to kill people! I’m not going to speak to you anymore! I’m going to follow Cale!”

Carol glanced at him and said indifferently, “Go on then.”

Silvie was stunned, but when he turned and saw that Cale had already walked away, he didn’t have time to utter even a single word before he quickly ran after him.

Carol merely watched them as they departed, not saying anything to detain them.

Halfleaf said anxiously, “Are they really going to kill people?”

“It has nothing to do with you, right?”

Halfleaf blinked, and then nodded as he said, “Yes, what you said is correct.”

Carol looked at Halfleaf. Although he was only a half-elf, his character wasn’t any different from an elf’s. Both couldn’t accept negative emotions and wouldn’t stop others from doing what they wanted, no matter how much they did not approve of it.

“Come, let’s find your brother.”

Halfleaf said in bewilderment “You don’t have to pay me any attention. Even though you are a friend of the elves, you don’t have to help me.”

Carol snorted coldly, “Stop talking nonsense and don’t waste time! Let’s go!”

Halfleaf jumped in shock and almost wanted to walk in Silvie and Cale’s direction, but he was unable to and could only quietly comfort himself. Dancingblade is a friend of the elves and definitely would not do anything to harm an elf.

The two of them arrived in front of a huge house somewhere in the middle of the city. Just when Carol was examining the wall to find where they should climb to enter, Halfleaf led her through a secret tunnel instead, so they didn’t climb the wall.

“Did you make this secret tunnel?” Carol raised her eyebrows. Clearly, she didn’t believe that elves would do something like making a secret path.

Halfleaf shook his head and explained, “No, my mother made it. She requested for me to enter through the secret tunnel every time I come home, then head straight to her or my brother’s room without disturbing others.”

No wonder this incident about others wanting to capture and sell him only occurred after his mother had passed away. Even knowing that the deceased were to be respected, and the one in front of them was the deceased’s son, it was still too hard to resist the allure of elves! Nowadays, the high price for elves was not just any old price.

After exiting the secret path, a simple and large room appeared. Although it was clearly a wealthy person’s room, the decorations were very sparse and there were a lot of plain wooden carvings that didn’t look high-grade at all.

“Eh?” Halfleaf said, puzzled. “Brother isn’t in his room! This is terrible! He told me that when I come home, I am not allowed to leave his room!”

Can a captured person still remain in his room? This room doesn’t look like a place that can confine someone. Carol didn’t know if this house had a prison. If there was, he would most likely be locked away in there. If there wasn’t, then she would have to spend time finding him.

“I’ll go out to search. You return to the secret tunnel and wait inside.”

Hearing this, Halfleaf wavered but still nodded his head in agreement.

Just as Carol turned around and was about to leave the room, a servant opened the door and walked in. She lunged forward, grabbed him, and covered his mouth tightly.

The servant widened his eyes, and only now recovered from the shock. He struggled frantically but was obviously unable to escape from Carol’s clutches.

When he heard the scuffle, Halfleaf, who was about to enter the secret tunnel, turned back to look. “Oh, it’s Little Chi. Where is my brother?” he asked.

Carol glanced at the servant’s expression. The moment the servant noticed Halfleaf, he immediately stopped struggling and didn’t look antagonistic. She let go of his mouth.

Little Chi quickly whispered, “Eldest young master, the young master has already escaped.”

…Who the heck said that his brother would wait for him to rescue him and wouldn’t just run off? Carol grudgingly released the servant.

“Eldest young master, do not worry. When the young master left, he took a large sum of money with him! He even had me come and clean his room every day, but actually it was to wait for you. If I were to see you return to ‘rescue him,’ I was to request for you to return to the Elven Woods.”

At that point, Little Chi said in a helpless tone, “However, the young master also said that you probably would not be willing to go back. Therefore, I have to ask you to remember to wear a cloak when traveling and to travel via the forest. You absolutely must not come into any contact with humans. Then, go to ‘the northeastern city of Jageria’ and leave a message for him at the Adventurers Guild there. He’ll show himself when he sees the message.”

Halfleaf nodded, saying, “I understand. I will go and find him. Many thanks to you for passing on the message.”

“… Actually, the young master wishes more for you to return to the Elven Woods,” Little Chi said, embarrassed. After speaking, he took out a map and a small bag from his bosom, and then crawled under the bed to fish out a cloth-wrapped bundle. As he passed everything to Halfleaf, he said, “The young master has even prepared a map, travel fare, and provisions for you.”

Halfleaf accepted the items, nodded his head, and said, “Thank you. I will search for my brother now.” Saying this, he promptly turned around and walked towards the entrance of the secret tunnel.

“Eldest young master, be careful.” Little Chi’s face was full of worries.

“Stop!” Carol said coldly.

Halfleaf halted, turned around, and asked in bewilderment, “May I ask what is the matter?”

“Do you really think you can reach that city?” Carol said frigidly. “Go back to the forest!”

“I can’t,” Halfleaf said as he shook his head. “No matter what, I have to find my brother, verify his safety, and then watch him get married.”

“Get married?” Carol frowned. Why has marriage suddenly popped up?

Halfleaf nodded his head as he said, “Yes, in a letter that my mother left for me, she instructed for me to attend my brother’s wedding. Also, I must have my brother attend my wedding… If he is still alive at that time.”

Carol looked furious as she said, “That means she wants you to remember to attend your brother’s wedding, not that you have to watch over him until he gets married!”

“That’s right!” Little Chi hurriedly interrupted. “That was what madam must have meant.”

“Huh?” Halfleaf froze and said with realization, “So that’s what she meant? But I’ve already promised my mother in my heart that I would take care of my brother until he gets married. I cannot go back on my word.”

You mean being taken care of by your brother, right? From the present situation, it was evident that the younger brother had always looked after Halfleaf.

Carol felt her head aching, but she was quite clear about the stubbornness of elves. Even though it was a promise to himself, compared to humans writing black words on white paper, for him it was even more impossible to back out of such a promise.

Halfleaf hesitated, but still said, “I can search for my brother myself. Carol, you should go find Silvie and Cale! I’m a bit worried for them.”

Worried for them? Carol did not quite smile. These words from Halfleaf were rather unlike an elf’s words. Even though elves are kind-hearted, they are also very indifferent and hardly take any notice of another’s affairs. Don’t even mention about getting worried! It seems that half-elves still have some areas that are different from elves.

“Don’t tell me you want to help them kill people?”

Kill people? The moment Halfleaf thought of these two words, he felt dazed. He hurriedly shook his head.

Suddenly, Carol said, “It’s about time. We should begin preparations.”


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  1. 3:35 pm, January 25, 2014Snuffie  / Reply

    … wondering if Halfleaf’s brother would be a 12 holy knight candidate as well… If so, then (at least! there could be a second cousin or whatever) a quarter of the 12 holy knights would be relatives

    • 5:18 am, March 18, 2014tsubasa  / Reply

      That would make sense. Them being related would explain why they haven’t started killing each other off! Their personalities are so different and most of them…well, ‘absurd’ is the nicest way to put it!!! ;)))))))

      Still, you have to love Ohmygod’s absurdness.

      And it’s so obvious that not even Silvie himself realizes his powers. ‘Medicine that should only be applied by his hands’ indeed!

  2. 4:14 pm, January 25, 2014Jasae Bushae  / Reply

    Are we sure that half-leaf isn’t stone? XD

    • 5:57 pm, January 25, 2014Odinn  / Reply

      @Jasae Bushae
      Half-Leaf is clearly leaf knight- you know the kind generous knight who is good with the bow. Cale on the other hand fits a few knights like hell or stone. Half-Leaf’s brother is prob cloud knight, Carol is Judgement and Silvie is Sun and OMG is the Sun God.

      • 5:00 am, January 26, 2014PhantasyPen  / Reply

        Not likely, the “drifter” personality of the Cloud Knight isn’t something that would be suited for looking after a ditzy elder brother, though I would not be surprised if he was the Moon Knight, due to being wealthy, though that’s a pretty flimsy connection and requires him to be a “haughty” rich person, which again is not likely to be protective of a sibling.

        • 9:37 pm, January 26, 2014Aerebes  / Reply

          Remember, the brother is part-elf. I can easily see people mistaking total indifference for haughtiness.

        • 5:54 am, February 21, 2014Rion  / Reply


          Or maybe he’s Earth Knight? Down to earth and sensible, but terrible with girls. It’d make sense he’d be the more responsible of the two brothers….and if he’s so used to takign care of Half leafe it woudln’t be so much of a stretch to like Silvie as well and become the “mother” or the group XD.

      • 1:31 pm, January 28, 2014Blado  / Reply

        my personal guess is Cale is Metal, actually. I know he’s not exactly insulting (yet), but then again, how much of a knight is Silvie at this point? He’s a ruffian nonetheless, and from his looks he fits the Metal role best, I think- or at least the others fit the other roles better, ahaha. All 12 faces were posted here at some point- and there’s one wearing a scaley silver mask that looks a suspicious lot like Roland in the Saint Dragon’s Brigandine, so I’d say that one is Hell.

    • 6:02 pm, January 25, 2014Andylinx  / Reply

      @Jasae Bushae
      Just because of his personality and cause he’s a half-elf he has to be the Leaf Knight. As the character intro said Leaf is just like the 1st Leaf Knight ‘A Good Guy’.

      • 9:06 am, January 26, 2014Jasae Bushae  / Reply

        Im just having a hard time imagining someone more stubborn than Half-leaf at this point XD even if he is totally leaf and is a warm hearted factioneer.

  3. 6:38 pm, January 25, 2014crazybloo3  / Reply

    Half leaf is definitely a *good person*.

  4. 9:03 pm, January 25, 2014mneilg  / Reply

    Whenever I see Sylvie I always think about Gui! They are very very similar! Thanks for the translation!

    • 9:39 pm, January 26, 2014Aerebes  / Reply

      Maybe outwardly….
      Gui is super smart though and I’m pretty sure Silvie’s just an idiot. He actually reminds me more of Prince with his tendency to get in trouble (and stupidity, don’t tell prince i said that).

      • 6:07 am, January 27, 2014MNeilG  / Reply

        but sylivie has his merits too. after all, he found the warrior queen. And he wont be the sun knight if he is just a plain ol’ idiot

      • 3:07 pm, January 27, 2014taninha9  / Reply

        Now that you mention, i guess Yu Wo split Prince’s personality in two: the stupidity part to Silvester and the directional retarded part to Carol. Yes, silvester remind me of Gui too, and Carol is a mix of Wicked (because she can´t stop herself from helping others, even if she is somewhat indifferent and cold) and Cold Fox (because she has great fighting skills and an aura of an assassin)

      • 10:20 pm, February 5, 2014Boop  / Reply

        @Aerebes I just want to drop here the fact that Silvie is a wandering bard with the tendency of getting beat up often and an obsession with our strong and violent leading lady. Ohohoho.

        • 11:34 pm, May 5, 2014  / Reply

          If being directionally challenged is the prereq for superhuman strength and fighting prowess, then clinginess and a penchant for getting beat up must be the prereq for wandering bards, haha.

  5. 9:31 pm, January 25, 2014fuyuki  / Reply

    hurm… a good person indeed..

  6. 9:40 pm, January 25, 2014MPToki  / Reply

    Thank You PR =D
    In a way this chapter was sweet, in my opinion…
    But I wonder what they have to prepare for, and if the little brother will be one of the knights >.<
    Can't wait for the next update!

  7. 12:11 am, January 26, 2014Toffee  / Reply

    He hasn’t even appeared yet and already I am a fan of Halfleaf’s brother.

  8. 6:43 am, January 26, 2014AnnieTi  / Reply

    “T-They are my relatives, not my enemies.” – Yes, Leaf’s a good guy indeed!)))
    I guess Cale’s from Cold-Hearted Faction, according to his behavior and high tolerance to killing.
    XDDD I already love this “young master”!!! To be so foreseeing! I wonder who he’ll be from the 12 Holy Knights.
    By the way, it seems the first generation of the Holy Knights was a bunch of fellows who hardly wanted to cooperate. So it had been quite a burden to get them together. If it’s Silvie who settled this matter then he really deserves to be the leader of the 12 Holy Knights!

    Thanks for the chapter PR! :)))

    • 9:41 pm, January 26, 2014Aerebes  / Reply

      Remember, the holy knights are servants of the God of Light
      Pfft such a funny image i just got in my head.

      • 2:25 pm, January 30, 2014AnnieTi  / Reply

        You’re right I somewhat forgot about that. Do you mean they’re Ohmygod’s pets? ^_^

    • 11:47 pm, May 5, 2014  / Reply

      I think I’m starting to associate the “good, warm-hearted” faction with innocent naivete/stupidity and the “cruel, cold-hearted” faction with common sense and being worldly-wise.

  9. 10:46 am, January 26, 2014taninha9  / Reply

    Thanks for the new chapter!
    I guess the preparations means get information about Cale’s close family, after all, that servent must know something about his master’s relatives.

  10. 5:39 pm, January 26, 2014Erenu  / Reply

    anybody else thinks that maybe the Young Master here could be Storm Knight? quite a good worker ….so thoughtfully prepared

    • 10:00 pm, January 26, 2014MneilG  / Reply

      but the original storm knight is a footloose charmer and master playboy. Its rather difficult to imagine him as an overprotective brother though. Perhaps the earth knight since he specializes on protection (overprotective personality = high defense in combat?)

  11. 9:28 pm, January 26, 2014NanoLaughing  / Reply

    Geez!! Are you kidding me? Half-Leaf is definetly a Leaf Knight! And if I was Carol, I would have stomped and kicked him like Stone!! ARGH SOMEONE BEING SO NICE AND IGNORANT MAKES MY BLOOD BOIL!! Rant over.

  12. 1:03 am, January 30, 2014kayue  / Reply

    Half Leaf should be named Half Wit. He’s as ditzy as Sylvie
    Are we sure Carol isn’t Hell Knight?

  13. 8:48 am, February 2, 2014Anonymous  / Reply

    Some puzzlement about the difference between the description of elves here and their hostile behaviour when dark elves are involved as depicted elsewhere (such as in the story of Neo encountering one).

    • 4:46 pm, February 3, 2014Ookami  / Reply

      I think Elves are nice unless it has to do with Dark Elves, racism or something…

  14. 8:53 pm, February 2, 2014bitez  / Reply

    Every one is either related or a pet.. So far so good

  15. 7:38 pm, February 22, 2014Etruria  / Reply

    I have a feeling that Cale is the Storm Knight… .-.

  16. 7:51 pm, February 22, 2014Etruria  / Reply

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