Female Warrior Prologue V2C8: Number, 8, Stalemate

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Female Warrior Prologue Volume 2: The Number is Twelve

Original novel in Chinese by: 御 我 (Yu Wo)

Chapter 8: Number, 8, Stalemate – translated by Doza

Four people and a pet walked back along the path they had just taken. The first thing one would see would definitely be a translucent, giant yellow entity – Ohmygod had swelled to five times its regular size as herbs had been fully packed into its body, and the person now carrying Ohmygod was not Silvie, but Halfleaf.

As they still had to save Halfleaf’s younger brother, Silvie and the three of them had to return to that small town. Under Silvie’s insistence, Cale finally agreed to go back with them, though he walked on the outermost edge of the group, the furthest from Carol. If Silvie had not continuously pulled on his sleeve, he would probably have disappeared while they were walking.

However, because Silvie was busy holding onto Cale, the task of carrying Ohmygod had been passed to Halfleaf.

Faced with the responsibility for the giant golden slime, perhaps to repay the kindness of having been saved, Halfleaf didn’t say a single word and took the strange creature that would normally cause people to strategically retreat.

Naturally after accepting Ohmygod, who was five times its normal size, he could not continue to leap around in the treetops and had to come down and obediently walk with the others.

When it was nearly evening, Carol stopped and asked the others, “Hurry on through the night or rest?”

“I wish to bathe.”

Everyone stared at Halfleaf. Mystified, the latter asked, “May I ask, what the matter is?”

In disbelief, Cale asked, “Aren’t you in a hurry to save your younger brother? Yet you still wish to bathe?”

“Even if in a hurry, one must still bathe. Bathing is something that must be done every day. How can you skip it?” Halfleaf couldn’t understand. “And my younger brother is waiting for me to save him; he wouldn’t run off.”

Is that so? The corner of Cale’s mouth twitched slightly. Isn’t he afraid that his younger brother will be ruthlessly killed or lose a leg?

Carol laughed lightly. “The elves’ definition of ‘hurry’ is different from humans’. About five times slower.”

Upon hearing Carol’s voice, Cale’s expression immediately fell. At that moment, Silvie hastily said, “Alright alright! Bathing is also good. Then, let’s all bathe together!”

The hurrying people, bewildered, stopped to set up camp for the sake of bathing. To travelers who readily wouldn’t bathe for several days, it was truly a very strange reason to stop.

However, as this reason was given by Halfleaf, who was in the most hurry to get back, no one seemed to feel the need to refuse.

After lighting the campfire, Carol sat by it to watch the soup and salted meat, then randomly pinched Ohmygod who was in her hand. The other three walked to the side of the lake and removed their clothes, preparing to bathe. In actuality, Cale had to be pulled over by Silvie, as he had just bathed two days ago!

Afterward when he saw Carol sitting by the campfire, he decided to simply follow Silvie and Halfleaf.

In a few moments, the three of them were naked, jumping into the lake, and scrubbing and washing themselves. Silvie and Halfleaf scrubbed themselves very seriously, but Cale was extremely lazy. He casually splashed himself with water and considered the task done. It was only due to Carol sitting by the campfire that he didn’t want to head back right away, so he simply soaked in the lake.

“Why is Carol sitting by the campfire?” Halfleaf frowned. “Isn’t Carol bathing with us? It’s too grimy to not bathe. And after hurrying and sweating so much, not bathing would make you stink!”

Silvie laughed. “How can Carol bathe together with us?!”

Cale snorted coldly, “That’s right! How can a person like that be willing to stand stark naked in front of others? Even while sleeping, someone like that probably doesn’t even take off the falchion behind his back!”

Silvie was stunned and hurried to defend her. “Carol actually does remove all weapons while sleeping! In fact, until now, I’ve never seen Carol use the falchion to hack at anyone. It’s only used to cut meat! Since we’ve met, Carol has always used fists to hit people and has never even touched a weapon yet, even though I actually really want to see the falchion in action!”

Cale was suddenly a bit curious and asked, “…How long have you been traveling together?”

Silvie counted. “A month, more or less.”

“How did the two of you end up traveling together?” Cale simply didn’t think that Carol needed Silvie as a companion.

“Carol was my teacher’s past companion and wasn’t easy for me to find. We visited Teacher, and subsequently we adventured together.”

So that’s how it is, he is helping to look after his past companion’s student? It certainly looks like that sort of relationship between Carol and Silvie. Cale’s puzzlement was finally solved.

At that moment, Halfleaf asked suspiciously, “Why is Carol staring at us?”

“Maybe lost in thought?”

As Silvie spoke, he sank down into the water, with only his head exposed above the water’s surface. He had abruptly remembered that Carol was female.

And she’s a-also the Warrior Queen! Being naked like this before her, doesn’t it seem a little inappropriate?

Strictly speaking, isn’t the Warrior Queen also considered an empress?!

To be naked in front of an empress… doesn’t it seem like the sort of action that one would immediately be hanged for?

But it’s too late to think about that now…

Silvie felt very sinful as he looked towards Carol. He saw Carol smiling faintly as she glanced at him, and then she continued to enjoy the other two exhibiting their unconcealed nakedness.

Thank goodness, she doesn’t appear to be angry. And it even looks like she is in a good mood! As long as Carol was not angry, Silvie’s heart was partially relaxed.


“Um…” Silvie was a bit hesitant about whether to warn the other two. But after pondering, if Carol became addicted to looking at Cale, perhaps she would be willing to help him?

If we can help him take vengeance, then even if he was peeped at, it wouldn’t matter, right? Silvie looked at Cale. The latter had already stopped scrubbing a while ago. With most of his body soaking in the water, at best only his chest could be seen… Well, earlier on Carol had already seen him naked, so it shouldn’t make too much of a difference.

On the other hand, Halfleaf was still scrubbing and washing himself, with most of his body exposed and out of the water.


Halfleaf noticed his gaze and asked in puzzlement, “What’s the matter?”

Silvie didn’t have the heart to tell him that his naked body was currently being enjoyed by someone.

“Nothing… hurry up with your washing! The soup should almost be done!”

Halfleaf nodded, splashed water on himself one last time, then openly walked ashore. Along the way, when he met Carol’s eyes, he even smiled at her.

Are all elves so open about being naked in front of the opposite gender? Silvie admired him.

Cale also followed him ashore.

Taking advantage of Carol’s gaze being focused on the other two’s bodies, Silvie rapidly climbed up the bank. He used his clothes to cover up the lower half of his body, and then while covering himself, he pulled on his clothes.

Cale looked at him oddly and scolded loudly, “What are you being so shy for? Are you a man or not? Why are you acting like a girl and covering yourself? You think we would want to look at your naked body?”

“I don’t think that…” But it seems like Carol is very happy to look.

Silvie once more admired Cale’s and Halfleaf’s boldness. They didn’t cover themselves up at all. They were even putting on their clothes at normal speed and were clearly and completely seen by Carol… However, despite his admiration, he could never be so relaxed while naked in front of the female gender. Even if Carol didn’t seem like a woman in any way, he still couldn’t do it!

So he continued to put his clothes on shyly.

When they walked back to the camp, Silvie didn’t dare look at Carol.

In comparison, the latter seemed very relaxed and even commented, “The flexibility of the muscles on Cale’s whole body is very flattering. He’ll be good as an investigative soldier. Halfleaf’s bicep muscles are not bad. He’ll be an expert in archery. Silvie, your entire body is too thin; you are indeed wandering bard material.”

Silvie happily said, “Really? Thank you for your compliment!”

“… I’m not praising you.”

“Eh? You’re not?” Silvie asked blankly.


Halfleaf and Cale both couldn’t resist. They started laughing loudly.

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  1. lulumoon

    I’m pretty sure that besides Silvie (and possibly ohmygod) no one even suspects Carol of being female. It will be funny when they find out and remember being naked in front of her. I wonder if she will have to “take responsibility” and keep them with her, and that’s where the 12 come from? Men fooled into stripping and being kept as eye candy?

    • taninha9

      Between being Silvie’s pets or Carol’s eye candy, i don’t know what’s the most pitiful/ funny method of chosing the 12 Knights!!!!!!!!!
      Sometimes it is very convenient to be mistaken for a guy, how else could Carol have a relaxed and long peek into the guys ?!

      Many thanks for the chapter and wishes for the best in 2014!

    • OrdinaryOpAssassin

      It’s not! WAHHH!!! Sniff sniff. I know being mistaken for a guy is good for peeking but what if BL happens to you!?
      I can never get over that trama!

    • MissMad

      I died from convulsing of laughter over your comment. Being tricked into stripping and being kept as eye candy…what a concept! XD

  2. Karen

    Hahaha!!!! Until Carol commented on their muscles, I really thought she was ogling at Halfleaf and Cale! Poor things. They didn’t realize she was a girl. :D Good for her, I guess. She seemed to enjoy it.

  3. jynx3d

    I absolutely LOVE Female Warrior! I can’t wait until Yu Wo comes out with more content!

  4. KuranNita

    Chinese’s language is truly a sin. The three of them refer Carol for what they think her gender is, but since it’s the same word, two of the unsuspecting men ended up giving free show,, *Sigh*

    And SO! Coming from her comment, it is safe to think of Cale as a would-be first Hell Knight, right??

    Thanks for the wonderful chapters last years (and these 5) and happy new year, PR!

    • Adrimiz7

      No, I think Hell Knight would be someone more loyal to Silve. However, we can say Cale’s been taken in as one of the ruthless cold blooded faction.

    • Mizuuma

      Carol getting a free strip show made me squeee into my laptop- I’m just gonna think that she’s a closet pervert from now on WWWWW

  5. Rei

    This was a great chapter. I don’t know what is more entertaining the story or trying to figure out which of the knights the characters are.

    I loved how CArol just sat and watched the guys more than the food and SIlvie couldn’t even have the guts to tell them that they were being watched by a woman. But as much as she was appreciating their manly attributes, she was also assessing them for usefulness to her. Both certainly are much better than Silvie on all counts, the only thing in Silvie’s court is OhmyGod.

    @KuranNita I agree this comment certainly gives him points towards being a Hell Knight. He is for vengeance and beating people up; also he seems to take to Silvie (S.U.N.) because he saved him. But we still don’t know what he looks like and the artist rendition has him winking with either black hair or dark blue hair.

    • MNeilG

      rather than cale taking to silvie, it looks more like sylvie latching himself onto cale. “ahem” remember how sylvie clings to his sleeve and wont let go?

  6. :D

    Ummm, I’m just curious and confused… this is still just the prologue? :/

  7. tsuki

    didn’t cale know that carol is the warrior queen? you know volume one where she saves the slave?

    • [PR]doza

      Nope, Carol never said that she was the Warrior Queen and Silvie didn’t say it out loud either. That part when she “revealed” her identity was merely Silvie daydreaming xD

  8. chicaalterego

    I wonder if they will ever find out that Carol is a woman… btw, Isn’t Carol supposed to be a woman’s name, or is it one of those unisex names?

  9. SniffingYou

    I can’t guess what would Grisia’s reaction be if he ever find out that the person he looks up to also can’t wield sword

    I don’t think he would be pissed……. nor happy

  10. Eric

    We still have an important question : Which knight is the successor of Ohmygod ?

  11. Noomico

    Why they loughed on him !! What did they mean by saying bard material?? By the way I started to love this novel !!i hope I will love no hero too

  12. Krncita

    Happy new year PR!!, thanks for all of your hard work the whole 2013 :)

  13. Soth

    looking at the character descriptions Cale is most certainly Hell Knight: hair color unknown, eye color unknown, occupation, weapon, and nickname unknown

    • Anath

      he has a pic on the character introductions. He definitely isnt the Hell knight. Plus, to be an assassin, one must have the skill set, obedience and patience, if its Cale; loud, brash, attacked people without thinking of a thorough plan and has a rather foul temper with a mouth to match. My bets on the Metal Knight

  14. MPToki

    Thank You PR!
    And Happy New Year =D
    Man, this made me laugh XD
    Can’t wait for more~

  15. isa-chan

    awesome chapter , I hope you can update a new chapter soon : )

    really , carol !?
    you are a closet pervert too !?
    I don’t know if choosing the 12 holy knights by eye-candy-potential and silvie’s-pet-potential really is a good method.
    I wonder if they will ever find out that she is female or if she will hide it forever so that she can peek at them forever .
    and that will be the reason why she will be remembered as a male .
    I have a question : is even one of them a knight ?

  16. Halfleaf

    Awesom chapter and good translating the chapters.
    The message is for management , this is just a suggestion if it is fessable free to use it or just ignore it.
    Every month you release 4-5 chapters just at the end of the month and almost all chapters all at once.
    instead of that when you have 4-5 chapters in you hand at the end of this month just release once chapter and from next month onwards for every week release a chapter so you can maintain a schedule which will be good for readers.

  17. Blueberry

    This idea just popped into my head…If I assume Halfleaf is Leaf knight, can’t Halfleaf still be alive during the “The Legendary Sun Knight” novel because he’s a half elf and despite being a half one, he should still live very long?
    +30 years (HalfLeaf’s current age?) + 20 years (years of service per a generation) x 38 th generation (current generation in Sun Knight) = +30 + 760
    I wonder if half-elves can leave up to 800 years old? 0.o
    Hehehe, would be interesting to see Halfleaf tell the tales of the first generation to the 38th. =3

  18. Iris

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  20. AngelZWolf

    Oof, I hope they find out later, which would mean they would stay together, also I feel like Selviester should start learning the other’s tricks of the trade and gaining muscles for some reason, does that mean Cale is the Metal knight, one of the few I know some basic needed skills information about.

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