Female Warrior Prologue V2C12: Number, 12, Twelve (END)

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Female Warrior Prologue Volume 2: The Number is Twelve

Original novel in Chinese by: 御 我 (Yu Wo)

Chapter 12: Number, 12, Twelve (End) – translated by Doza

Thinking back now, it seemed that ever since that point in time, she had made a blunder… No! From the moment she met Silvie, it was already a grave mistake!

While dragging a deer, Carol returned from her recollections and regained her senses. Only then did she realize that she had unconsciously walked back to the camp. Her speed was much faster than before. It looked like the past few years of adventures had indeed made a difference; her survival skills in the wilderness had improved substantially.


Carol lifted her head. It turned out to be Silvie who was calling her. His smile remained brilliant to the point that she really wanted to beat him to death.

However, other than him, there were also another ten people by his side, each of them using a different expression to welcome her back… Truly, the moment she picked up this thing called trouble, the amount of it would constantly increase by itself.

Dragging a deer, Carol slowly walked toward the group of people.

In the past, they couldn’t finish eating a deer and had to turn it into bacon which they could eat for several weeks. Now, a deer wasn’t even sufficient for a single meal!

Luckily, Halfleaf and his brother were in charge of gathering mushrooms and vegetables. There was also someone who could catch fish, someone who could brew wine, someone who could make bread and noodles, someone who could make jam, someone who could make pickles, and even someone who could make various kinds of desserts!

The table of food prepared was always as rich as a banquet. They didn’t seem like a group of travelers at all.

When Carol reached the camp, someone immediately took the deer from her hands. Being extremely bored, she wanted to make things difficult for Silvie, so she said in a commanding tone, “Today I want to eat deer in three different ways: roasted, fried, and boiled.”

Yet Silvie showed an even more glowing expression and loudly replied, “Yes.”

Carol sat down and watched the eleven people in front of her rushing and bustling around. The aroma of various foods assailed her nostrils, and the corner of her mouth faintly lifted up into a smile.

This… doesn’t seem so bad either.



I believe that while everyone was reading this series, they would have clearly realized that Female Warrior is in fact related to The Legend of Sun Knight. Female Warrior actually details the story behind the establishment of the first generation Twelve Holy Knights, even though up until the current volume it still has not yet started to be established. The writing of that will be left for the main series.

I’ve wanted to write about the first generation Twelve Holy Knights for a very long time. After the eighth volume of The Legend of Sun Knight is finished, I plan to follow up with the Female Warrior series (It would be handed directly to the publishers for publishing1). However, my hands were itching too badly, so I wrote a short volume to satisfy myself first and, then in passing, began to press the artist Wu Ling2 into action.

Even though only four people have actually appeared in the current volumes, the artist drew twelve people! (Didn’t you ask for that?)

Cough! This is so that when writing the main series, I can display the art book by the side!

It would feel really wonderful to flip through the art book as I write the manuscript!

Other than the twelve character designs, there are also twelve weapon designs and even twelve badge designs! These are all the results of my hard work in pressuring the artist! (I mustn’t feel proud over this ahhhhhh!)

For everything introduced, twelve had to be designed. I am really grateful that up till today, Wu Ling has not yet killed me.

(Bows down gratefully)

Other than the designs of twelve various things, I even squeezed out a “large poster of everyone walking together” from Wu Ling. Doesn’t it have a very united feeling!

Even though it was so long that it had to be folded, I requested the artist to allocate the characters’ positions well when drawing, so the characters probably wouldn’t be folded.

Wu Ling took a super long time to draw this large poster. I’m really thankful to you for completing my dream picture!

As for the other pictures, I didn’t press her for them. She was the one who bled herself dry… It’s true!

In fact, after reading the first finished chapter, she even drew an extra picture of Silvie begging for food with wide, sparkling eyes! If it wasn’t for the lack of time, maybe after reading twelve chapters, twelve extra pictures would have appeared? (This completely did not happen.)

Apart from the official profile pictures and the large poster, my favorite poster is the one of Silvie running into a sunflower. It’s simply too cute! Carol, you did really well!

I’ll just mention it in passing, the little chick on Earth’s head is really very cute too! There’s a lantern on the little chick’s head because it is a creature from another world, so it should still be okay to say that it is an (otherworldly) chick.

Speaking of the little chick on Earth’s head, actually after everyone has finished looking through the art book, they should be able to guess who Halfleaf’s younger brother is. So in fact, five people have appeared in this volume!

(I seem to hear Wu Ling shouting by the side that she drew twelve people, twelve people, twelve people ah~~~~)

This is also the first time I’m using plastic wrapping on these documents. I felt that it would seem to be very good to use, so I tried it out to see how it would turn out. I hope everyone will like it; there’s also a handsome guy printed on top of it!

(Carol: Hold on, aren’t I the printed character?)

That’s right! Handsome guy!

By Yu Wo
July, 2010


1 “…handed directly to the publishers for publishing”: The current two prologue volumes of Female Warrior were self-published by Yu Wo and sold at conventions. The main series will be published by an actual publisher and sold in bookstores.

2 “Wu Ling”: Wu Ling has the same pronunciation as five zero, or 50, in Chinese.

34 Responses

  1. Gohankuten

    Well Silvie, Carol, and Halfleaf are easy enough to place(Sun, Judgement, and Leaf respectively) but I still haven’t been able to figure out who Cale is and I don’t know who Halfleaf’s brother is meant to be. Maybe the artbook would reveal all.

    • Minibu


      Halfleaf’s brother is Earth is it not? I mean he is the only child in the picture (or at least seemingly child). Cale is a mystery to me too, but many people said he is Storm, or so I’ve read somewhere. What I really really want to know is how in the world will Silvie actually use a sword! and from where in the world will he take it from! (perhaps it was stored inside ohmygod?) I mean, he is a bard. All way around. He seems really uncapable of using a sword in stamina and technique. I believe he lacks both. Hahaha perhaps the actual Sun really is the most similar to the first Sun knight xD. Or maybe he gets possessed by the God of Light when he uses his sword and becomes a great swordsman. Though it can also be a possiblity that he was actually a great swordsman it is just certain conditions had to be made: undead creatures or his friends getting harmed (since everyone knows the Sun Knight goes berserk when in presence of undead creatures or the almost dying/harming of his holy brothers). I really want to know that /(*v*)\

    • Monica

      Judging from the picture, I think Cale is Metal (look at the right and left side, it’s clearly divided the twelve people to 2 side)

  2. Ashia

    Uwaaaa! Please give me an enlarged picture of that poster! Magnify by 200x~~!!!

  3. Genny

    Ahhhh! I need more :'(
    I’m in suspense, I really want to conferm who is who. I still feel that Halfleaf’s brother is Earth and that Cale is Metal though. I’m gonna stick with my gut feeling :)
    Nice translation as always PR~ XD

  4. taninha9

    Thanks for bringing the last chapter!
    After reading this one only 2 thoughts left:
    1º – is this all, nothing more ?!!!!!!!!!!!
    2º – who the hell is Halfleaf’s brother?

    After looking carefully at the group foto and this page http://www.princerevolution.org/female-warrior-gender-crisis/
    i still don’t know who he is. Is he a half too or just a human? if he is a human he should look at least the same age as his older brother. Considering what we already read, he looks smart and with no problems at defending himself. Before looking at the artbook, my best and wildest guess would be the red haired one, totally the opposite of Halfleaf don’t you think! ;)

  5. Slap-Face

    I would say that the small one with the huge shield is Halfleaf’s brother, except that it looks like the person is wearing a miniskirt… I know that Asia has different clothing styles than I am familiar with, but I don’t think that even a guy would wear that. And no, i don’t think that it could be called a tunic either, because it flairs. So I believe that Earth is a girl!!! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

  6. Andi

    Hrmm… I agree with taninha9 that it is little to go on.. but do you think “no problems at defending himself” is a hint? Because then Earth would be the most fitting. In fact I can’t imagine any of the other “traits that every one knows” from the holy knights to be more fitting than Earth’s. He really took care of his brother, was very thoughtful, and was definitely protective. I guess cloud is another possibility but I feel like he didn’t seem as carefree as the cloud knight should be, especially if he is always worrying over his brother. I think the same for the storm knight.. he doesn’t seem “free” enough? Although I guess you could say the storm knight loves freedom.. and maybe that sentiment was inspired by learning about his own family enslaving Cale and attempting to do the same to HalfLeaf… UGH, it really could be any of them.. But I am going to say Earth seems the most likely because of how caring and protective HalfLeaf’s brother is.

    And who in the world is Cale? @.@ I am between Storm and metal. Being a former slave and leading a slave rebellion seems totally storm knight-esque. He also was fairly okay with it when he thought about a woman seeing him naked. Plus he refused to allow himself to be thrown away by a woman, almost as a point of pride! The storm knight is also kinda known for being lax with formalities and occasionally saying wild things/whatever he wants. Cale could totally be the storm knight… (I guess we will have to see how he acts around women when he isn’t hellbent on revenge) But if there is anyone who qualifies for the unforgiving, harsh side of things, he also would fit well. He believes in punishment for crimes and he was even ready to kill his own family as retribution for what they did. He IS stubborn, but Carol was still able to change his mind, so probably not as stubborn as stone… he seems more animated than Ice, not vain/haughty enough to be moon.. And I don’t feel like we know all that much about Hell >.<;; He definitely has the wit and tongue to be metal. It really could be either of them.. but I think I lean towards metal because of his ideology and painfully blunt statements. (I could easily see either working for him though) Thanks PR! Ahh, I am going to miss this series~

  7. James

    Base do the pictures, I concluded that Cale is the stone knight… stubborn bastard

  8. me

    Cant wiat for the character book! this pic has me in love woth the series even more than before :)

  9. chay

    who’s Cale???
    i cant believe Yu Wo really left him out…she gave us a clue on who is Halfleaf’s brother but she forgot to mention Cale…maybe she left him out for the fans to think of who he is…maybe he is Blaze? that arrogant attitude of his..or maybe Stone?
    wahh… im excited about the next volume… when will she be able to write it? huh

  10. Adrimiz7

    Hmmm, I think Half Leaf’s brother is Cloud. The entire novel, we heard about his brother, but never got to meet him, just like a drifting cloud. I’m still going to go and say cale is metal. But this does resolve one mystery. There was a Hell knight back in the day. This Hell knight also wore a face mask. You know, these original knights sound a lot like the current knights.

  11. Noir

    People keep saying Half-Leaf’s little brother is earth because of how short earth is but, come on. Doesn’t anyone realize after looking at the picture how Cloud and Half-Leaf almost look the same? Face, hair, and body type? Earth looks nothing like Half-Leaf… Earth only looks short plus he seems to be bending over a bit in the picture. I believe, based upon what we know from Half-Leaf and the resemblance of him and Cloud, that Cloud has to be Half-Leaf brother.

  12. MPToki

    Thank You PR =D
    How awesome!
    I have my guesses on Halfleaf’s brother, but I am not sure…
    Same for Cale…
    Can’t wait for the main series >.<

  13. tsubasa

    Cale is most probably the Stone Knight. And halfleaf’s brother is probably either Ice or Storm. And Earth seems to be a girl.

    …awesome. <3!!!!

    Either way, they're all very good looking…of course, Silvie is the most adorable and Carol is the funniest (in terms of predicament). I hope to know the Otherworldly Chick soon!

  14. Toru

    Anyone want to mention that you cant turn Deer into Bacon? anyone? Venison (Deer meat) can’t be bacon because bacon is from a pig….

  15. snuffie

    I find it astounding that no one has yet commented on Yu Wo’s… um, extortion of the artist, haha.
    Everyone’s already used to this kind of… ahem, harassing from both the author and the characters, huh?

  16. karencita

    Wait, so if earth is apparently a girl and the relationship of sun and earth is to be best friends, then silvie and earth-girl are lovers? and that is why the relationship of Sun and Judgment is that they hate each other but it’s that Carol is angry about the relationship between Silvie and Earth-girl?? :O Drama! hahahha.

    Thanks PR! :)

    • taninha9

      you are reading too much into it. Even if Earth is a girl and they are a couple, the hate between Sun and Judgment (carol) is simply because they have different personalities that clash, Silvester is a good natured idiot and Carol a person without pacience especially with naive idiots.

    • Daniel Wytte

      According to LL, she even has worse of a temper for clever people, so Silvie was purposely chosen to call her because he is kinda dumb.

      Honestly though, I think Sun is actually smart (figuring out she’s Warrior Queen, discerning she’s a reliable person to latch on till death, tricking her to agree in being companions, understanding quickly her scheme to use him as bait for slave traders, etc). It is just not obvious because his way of expressing and carrying his self makes people think he is stupid.

  17. Nali

    Isn’t Cloud supposed to have pink hair…? That looks light blue to me XD Oh well… it’s still so awesome!!

    • [PR]raylight

      There’s no rule for Cloud to have pink hair. (For a moment I almost typed Pink’s hair…)

      The only ones with rules on their hair color is Sun, Judge and Storm, I believe.

  18. Aliyatur Rofiah

    judging from the picture, Halfleaf younger brother should be ICE KNIGHT since the younger brother is VERY CAPABLE to handling things by himself AND the closely similar

  19. bites

    I knew it when I saw the drawings, I think … Chinese movies xD Before I even saw the character designs I’ve already pictured them as mmorpg characters. Ha. Ha. My image was crushed. Anyways, now I get to enjoy the official, physical character designs. ;)

  20. LostLamby

    Hahaha…. So each and every holy knight gathered can contribute food to the table? …Except Cale, too bad.

  21. schion

    I believe that even if Silvie is not a master of the sword he is also legendary for another ability mentioned in The Legend of the Sun Knight novel where Grisia mentioned hymn’s and their abilities so Silvie could still be a powerful support type just like Grisia is and I believe that using hymn’s to support everyone is what Silvie did since he is a bard in the begining (A so-called hymn is just injecting the power of Holy Light into the song to achieve various goals. Inspiring songs can stir up the crowd, battle odes can multiply the strength of soldiers, lullabies can make people relax, and lively tunes can make people happy. Rumors goes that a true master of hymns can even make criminals look back and repent on their sins just by singing.)

  22. AkaiiRia

    I was reading Female Warrior all over again and then remembered this picture in the last chapter … I’m wondering … Is it me or Earth (whether it’s a girl or a guy) appears to be wearing a crown ?

  23. bladerain

    I feel as though this generation of knigths are the previous lives of the current holy knights with Lesus Judgement. Carol is the previous life of Sun.

    • White Leaf

      Oh? I’d thought Carol was the previous life of Judgement, and Sun’s past life was Silvie XD

  24. White Leaf

    I have been reading all comments, and sometimes I feel like the commenters forget that the 38th generation is similar to the first one, not the other way around xD The 38th generation are similar to the first one, yet they are still a walking contradiction! The first gen however, might prove to be true in their respective personalities, albeit slightly exaggerated as years pass by.
    It’s still a nightmare to know that Silvie had caused other 37 (now 38) men to suffer putting on facial masks everyday and to not love women for 20 years each xD

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