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Female Warrior Prologue Volume 2: The Number is Twelve

Original novel in Chinese by: 御 我 (Yu Wo)

Artbook – translated by lucathia and Raylight

(Below is a translation of the artbooks included with these two volumes of Female Warrior. Yu Wo has already named all of the first generation of the Twelve Holy Knights even though not all have appeared in the Prologue. As they have not appeared in the storyline yet, PR! has not settled on a translated name for many characters. We reserve the right to change our mind about the names but will strive to keep close to names and spellings given by Yu Wo, unless they don’t make sense in English, or we might just prefer some other more common spelling. Not every single picture from the artbooks has been included here, as not all require translation, and we don’t want to take away from people who bought the novels and artbook. We hope this is enough for you to get a feel for all of the characters.)

Artbook 1 Cover

Artbook 2 Cover

Ah, Carol, what do you feel is the best number?

One? But one is so lonely. It definitely has to be an even number! It has to be even in order not to be lonely!

But even numbers are also numerous…

Oh right, how about twelve?

It feels so numerous and lively!

Twelve, twelve… It sounds so nice!

“Good, Warm-Hearted Faction”


Artbook 1 Profile

Silvester Uriah Nate
Characteristics: Blond hair, blue eyes
Profession: Bard
Weapon: Harp
Names: Silvie, Sun
Famous quotes:
– “Why…”
– “Sorry, I didn’t do it on purpose!”
– “Carol, don’t hit me…”

Artbook 2 Profile


Name Given by Yu Wo: Silvester Uriah Nate
Translated Name by PR!: Silvester Uriah Nate
Names: Silvie, S.U.N.
Weapon: Divine Sun Sword
– Singing
– Dancing
– Smiling
– Making Carol mad
– Playing with Ohmygod
– Getting teased by his companions
Famous quotes:
– “I didn’t do it on purpose…”
– “Carol, don’t get mad!”
– “Ohmygod, save me!”
– “Let’s celebrate! How about it? Can we?”
– “I love gatherings!”

Life Motto: As long as you are willing to repent, the benevolent God of Light will definitely forgive you!



Name Given by Yu Wo: Shahot Elate
Translated Name by PR!(tentative): Shahot Elante
Names: Shahaha
Weapon: Storm Leg Armor
– Admiring beautiful things
– Flirting with beautiful girls
– One night stands
– Protecting women
Famous quotes:
– “Are you joking with me? A place without women is unsuitable for men!”
– “It’s a babe!”
– “Sun, have you ever considered finding a woman to lose your virginity?”

Life motto: Life is just a game. There’s not much you need to be serious for!



Name Given by Yu Wo: Half of Leaf
Translated Name by PR!: Halfleaf
Names: Leaf, Little Leaf, Elf
Weapon: Divine Leaf Bow
– Singing and dancing
– Going into a daze, so much so that he forgets to eat and sleep
– Asking Silvie to sing for him
– Shooting his arrows
Famous quotes:
– “I’m a guy. Really, I am! Sorry that I caused your misunderstanding.”
– “That’s not it, I only inherited half of the bloodline of elves.”
– “Erm, I apologize, I went into a daze again.”
– “Silvie, shall we sing together?”

Life Motto: Why not sing a song and forget about life’s troubles?



Name Given by Yu Wo: Car Ben
Names: Loudmouth, Stuben
Weapon: Blaze (the second half of the name has not been provided)
– Laughing heartily
– Battling
– Laughing at Silvie and Halfleaf for their girliness
– Being absent-minded
– Indulging in wine and meat
Famous quotes:
– “Man, you sure you have anything in your pants?”
– “Sun! Not that I want to say this, but can’t you be more like a man?”
– “Really? I said that? I forgot.”

Life Motto: Cut the crap and let our weapons speak for themselves!



Name Given by Yu Wo: Cash Elante
Translated Name by PR! (tentative): Cash Elante
Names: The chick’s mom, Baby-face, the little fellow
Weapon: The Shield of Earth
– Taking care of his older brother
– Raising little animals, mostly little chicks
– Saying sorry
– Discussing the beauty of mankind with Silvie
– Getting teased together with Silvie by everyone else
Famous quotes:
– “Sorry, sorry, sorry…”
– “Little chicks are cute…”
– “Don’t eat my chicken!”
– “I’m only baby-faced.”
– “Brother, you must stay close to me!”

Life Motto: People should take care of each other!



Name Given by Yu Wo: Idane Qwun
Translated Name by PR!: Idane (Undecided last name)
Names: Disappeared
Weapon: Cloud Rapier
– Reading
– Sleeping in the shade of a tree
– Drinking wine
– Collecting various odd trinkets
– Disappearing
Famous quotes:
– “…”
– “There’s no such matter.”
– “I don’t want to waste time.”
– “Give me a reason.”

Life Motto: To live in this world, you must learn to take care of everything by yourself.

“Cruel, Cold-Blooded” Faction


Artbook 1 Profile

Characteristics: Black hair, black eyes
Profession: Warrior
Weapon: Dual blades
Names: Dancingblade, Warriorblade, Warrior Queen, Dragon
Famous quotes:
– “Why don’t you go die?” (used specifically with Silvie)
– “I’m going to kill you!” (used specifically with Silvie)
– “Shut up and let me slice you up!”

Artbook 2 Profile


Name Given by Yu Wo: Carol
Translated Name by PR!: Carol
Names: Warrior Queen, Bloodblade
Weapon: Dual Blades
– Battling
– Leading troops
– Training her comrades
– Getting super angry at her comrades
– Dealing out punishment to enemies who sin or comrades who are simply asking for it
Famous quotes:
– “Silvie!!!”
– “Go on and resist if you don’t want to live anymore!”
– “My blade or talking, you choose!”
– “It’s useless even if you strip this time!”
– “Silvester!!!”

Life Motto: Every world is the same. Without power, there is no justice!



Name Given by Yu Wo: Cale
Translated Name by PR!: Cale
Names: Thief, Miser
Weapon: Twin daggers
– Teasing his companions
– Causing mischief
– Making money
– Taking advantage of a crisis for personal gain
– Exhibitionist
Famous quotes:
– “If merely showing my butt can save my life, that’s super easy!”
– “As long as you have money, things are easy!”
– “Silvie, lend me some money!”
– “Boss, your call.”

Life Motto: Money can’t buy everything, but without money, you can’t do anything!



Name Given by Yu Wo: Sasha
Translated Name by PR!: Sasha
Names: Prince, Your Highness
Weapon: Whip
– Dressing himself and his companions up
– Fixing clothes
– Admiring jewelry and accessories
– Designing clothes
– Gracefully going about his days
Famous quotes:
– “Appearances make a person!”
– “Only beggars are allowed to look like that!”
– “Even companions are a type of accessory. You’re not allowed to wear something that ugly!”
– “Taste determines everything.”
– “Hmph, what do you think you are?”

Life Motto: Only when you dress beautifully will your feelings be beautiful as well.



Name Given by Yu Wo: Shu Noah
Translated Name by PR! (tentative): Shu Noah
Names: So Cold, Killer
Weapon: Divine Ice Sword
– Settling things with one strike
– Not beating around the bush
– Not speaking
– Following Carol’s orders
Famous quotes:
– “…”
– “……”
– “………”
– “Yes.”

Life Motto: Silence is golden.



Name Given by Yu Wo: Felaxe Anderite
Translated Name by PR! (tentative): Felix Anderite
Names: Commander
Weapon: Stone Broadsword
– Giving commands
– Stubbornly following Carol’s orders
– Obeying rules
– Always being on time and never going back on his word
– Protecting his comrades
Famous quotes:
– “Yes!”
– “Duck behind me!”
– “I rather die than go back on my word!”
– “Don’t be late!”

Life Motto: One must be responsible for one’s words and actions. If you err, you must take responsibility!



Name Given by Yu Wo: Yu (Yu sounds like the second half of “Hell” in Chinese)
Translated Name by PR! (tentative): Ell
Names: That Fellow
Weapon: Long shortswords
– Coming and going without a trace
– Not talking
– Listening to Silvie’s orders
Famous quotes:
– “…”
– “No, I don’t understand.”
– “?”
– “Tell Silvie.”

Life Motto: What is a human? Is a human different from other creatures?

The Holy King

Artbook 1 Profile

Name Given by Yu Wo: Lancero Ornister
Translated Name by PR!: Lancel Ornister
Characteristics: Blond hair, golden eyes
Profession: Knight
Names: Holy King
Famous quotes:
– “I was born for the world.”

Lorenzo Louis

Artbook 1 Profile

Name Given by Yu Wo: Lorenzo Louis
Translated Name by PR!: Lorenzo Louis
Characteristics: Frivolous
Profession: Bard
Names: LL
Famous quotes:
– “Life is but a game.”
– “Sing a song to pass the days.”


Artbook 1 Profile

Name Given by Yu Wo: God, Little What
Translated Name by PR!: Ohmygod
Characteristics: Golden jelly
Profession: Pet…no! God!
Weapon: Entire body
– “God” (used by Silvie)
– “Ohmygod” (used by Silvie)
– “Come over, you lump.” (used by Carol)

Message from Wu Ling

Hello! I’m Wu Ling.
My blog is located at http://blog.yam.com/user/ku5050.html.
In order to draw Female Warrior, my blog is now full of weeds…
Once this is published, I should have finished weeding my blog and uploading some miscellaneous Female Warrior drawings that weren’t included here.

And then! It’s once again time to write my award thanks here (wrong).
First, I have to thank Yu Wan.
While being super busy, she helped me design the font for “Female Warrior.”
I’m very sorry that it wasn’t used, but your designs were still national level~

Next, I have to thank Dr. Black.
Thanks again for helping me draw so many 4 panel comics and Q versions in this book.
Even though I thought of all the ideas, but because of time, I had to summon you to draw it. XD

Finally, I have to thank Yu Wo.
When I was stuck with the drawing and teaching at Lian Cheng (I’m teaching a Painter drawing course at Lian Cheng. Best regards if you see me!) and wanted to discard the poster more than once, Classmate Yu extended the deadline. What a good person~

Dr. Black’s blog: http://blog.yam.com/DrBlack
Yu Wan’s blog: http://blog.yam.com/user/tangyuann3.html

4 panel comics

81 Responses

    • NeoWarrior

      Not exactly dudette… The surname allude to Earth being Storm’s younger brother, not Leaf’s older brother…

    • Gohankuten

      Can’t be the likes given don’t fit for Storm to be the type that would even engender the need for a little brother to take care of him. I think it’s more that Storm and Earth have a similar family name since it fits much better for Earth to be Leaf’s younger brother.

    • @Gohankuten
      From the story, it sounds like Halfleaf took his mother’s surname (maybe because he’s an illegitimate child?) and Earth took his father’s.

  1. pang

    So, Earth is not Leaf’s brother like everyone’s guess but Storm’s. ^^ I always think Leaf’s brother would be cloud or hell or Ice.

  2. me

    that comic where it said that the artist makes guys girly and girls manly makes a lot of sense. Still wondering if moon is a girl. Although it said that he’s a man…I mean he likes clothes, jewelry and to top it off he looks like a girl.

  3. chay

    ww… so cale was actually metal…he’s not as sharp-tounged as i thought he would be…
    BUT! gotta love Ice..he’s totally different from what i expected, ithought he would be caring mother on the inside like ecilan..

  4. KuranNita

    Hmmm, so we really have to wait for the main story to know whether the first generation of Storm Knight’s hair is really blue or just dyed…

  5. Xeraphina

    Everyone of them is so pretty! * sighs *
    I can’t wait for her to start this tale properly :)

  6. tsubasa

    …definite nosebleed. Honestly, Cale’s quote…I wish more handsome guys would think the same as him!!!

    …and Ell is definitely an assassin. Dying to know the story behind that one!

    How about Karl Ben? Or Karl Von. Or just Carl, Ben or Von.

    • @tsubasa
      I’m curious about Hell’s background too! How did a guy who looks like an assassin end up wanting to take orders from Silvie?

    • Leo Bernard

      Remember, it is believed that the original hell knight was Sun in disguise. It could be that it was Judgement, instead.

  7. Solhora

    Hw about of simply adding l at the end of Blare name making it into Carl Ben?

  8. Karen

    Maybe Kar instead of Car? XD That is a very unique first name. I love the illustrations for LSK!! At least now, I know which knight Cale is. Hahaha. I’m surprised. I thought Ohmygod would look more like the jelly from maple story but he doesn’t! Well, not that much. He’s adorable!

    • bites

      That’s a good choice, just please don’t make it Kahr. I would think of the the handgun kahr instead lol what does his name even mean anyways?

  9. Citarra

    There are real people with similar names, like Ben Carson for example. It’s not that odd

    • [PR]lucathia

      We’re just poking fun at his name. =P Since we’re not sure about the reasons behind most names yet, we’ll just have to wait and see. (Like Hell’s name, we’re just making a guess that it’s because his name sounds similar to Hell that he ended up being called the Hell Knight).

  10. The Book Girl

    …Regarding Car, maybe you could have his first name alone be Char, but his full name be Car Ben? That’s just a suggestion, though.

  11. jam cha

    so cale is metal hehehe —- “If merely showing my butt can save my life, that’s super easy!”
    >____< OhMayGawd!!!!

  12. taninha9

    Well, HalfLeaf’s brother was the obvious one, the short child!

    Anyway, know we know who is who, and the artbook was so gorgeous!!! Now i want even more of this novel *sniff*
    Carol looks so handsome for a girl, totaly the bishounen type!
    Cale’s profile surprised me, never thought he would be like the “anything is fine for money” host type o.O

    Did anyone read in Carol’s profile “It’s useless even if you strip this time!””
    Guess Silvie’s strategy will work only for a short time! So funny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Noir

      If you look again, you will see that Earth is NOT Halfleaf’s brother. Earth has the same last name as Storm. Besides, Earth looks nothing like him. I still think that Cloud is probable Halfleaf’s brother based upon looks and if Halfleaf’s brother is part elf just like him, then I would think that Cloud would fit the elf description better than most of the other knights. Regardless, it is obvious by the names that Earth is Storm’s little brother.

    • taninha9

      You never know if only they names are similar or if they are from the same family. Yes Cloud’s body is similar with HalfLeaf, but that is all. There are brothers that don’t like nothing like each other. And if HalfLeaf’s brother is human, he could even be Stone, i find their eyes a little similar. But i still think that Stone is someone from Carol’s past.

  13. snuffie

    Carol and Silvie are sitting back to back! I finally get it!
    Previously I don’t understand why Carol has black and light brown hair BUT NOW I GET IT

    *kicks self*

    So Cale… becomes an exhibitionist because of Carol….?
    And – “It’s useless even if you strip this time!”

  14. snuffie

    And – “It’s useless even if you strip this time!”???? It works the previous time(s)??

    One thing I can say to all this : Shahahahahahahaha

  15. Ozzien

    I’ll have you know Car is a great name. One of the kids in my class is named Van. XD

  16. Gohankuten

    Earth has to be Leaf’s little brother it’s the only one that makes sense. It’s possible of course that Storm is another relative of theirs thus the similar family name but is the family name of Storm and Earth truly the exact same or are they slightly different?

    Also does the personality given for Storm sound like someone that needs his little brother to take care of him? While on the other hand we know that Leaf’s personality needs someone taking care of him and Earth’s personality says specifically that he takes care of his older brother. I think it is just a case that Storm and Earth have a similar family name while Earth and Leaf are the brothers.

    • [PR]lucathia

      The Chinese characters used for Earth and Storm’s surnames are the same, so yes, their family names are exactly the same. Though I am of the opinion that Earth is Leaf’s younger brother, while Storm is another relative of theirs. Possibly he is of the main family? (I am very amused that it seems that many of the 1st generation are related). It’s like a family business.

    • LilyTTse

      I’m new to this comment post but didn’t in the story it say halfleaf mention his last name if the last name is the same in chinese wouldn’t it give you the answer. This is just a suggestion.

    • @[PR]lucathia
      So for Storm, where it says “Name Given by Yu Wo: Shahot Elate,” should it actually be Elante?

    • [PR]lucathia

      It’s given in English by Yu Wo as Shahot Elate, but I assume it’s a typo in the English (because the Chinese characters used for Elate and Elante are the same). Elante sounds closer to the pronunciation, so we’re probably going with that.

  17. MPToki

    Thank You PR =D
    The pictures are so pretty!
    Carol… Her quotes… XD
    I expected Earth to be Halfleaf’s brother and I was really surprised that Cale is Metal.
    So I am guessing that Halfleaf, Cale, Earth, and Storm are relatives? Wow, that a big family.
    The comics are so cute >.<
    Can't wait for the main series =D

  18. SniffeingYou

    Hmm.. Dat Comics
    Sun nosebleed thinking of naked Carol
    The Kiss
    I smell OTP

    Likes: Exhibitionist
    —HA! Thank You Carol! ^_~

    • Egao


      If this is OTP, Neo would be their descendant for sure, since he has SUN’s colors along with ‘a part-time elegance’, and Carol’s fighting, drinking, and direction-finding abilities… lol…=D

  19. karencita

    “Translated Name by PR!: UNDECIDED (WHAT KIND OF NAME IS CAR)” Oh god! Im dying of laughter xD

  20. 15B

    I near about died upon that sparkly-eyed OhMyGod-Silvester combination. Can we keep them? Pretty pretty please?

    The first generation Earth Knight is also so cute.~ DX WHY CAN’T GEORGO HAVE A CUTE CHICK TOO?! The only chicks I can find near him are of the female variety. Hm… Prussia has a cute chick too (GILBIRD FTW) but Earth’s personality is nearly completely the opposite! And since Cale likes money so much… Is he very fond of Cash Earth?

    About that picture with the short tunics… Was that their strategy to recruit followers? Run around wearing (or not wearing) clothing that leaves too little to the imagination until everyone feels responsible for taking care of all these people they peeked at? Twelve really is a good number! Hopefully a person for each type of a fangirl’s dream boy.

    But Ell as a name… It’s not really too bad, but for me, it reminds me too much of these characters named Elian and Eli from another series I’ve read.

    As for Storm’s name… Why is it Shahot/Shahaha wouldn’t “Hothothot” be a more appropriate nickname for this footloose charmer? (P.S. Moon looks like Gakupo. He really really does. *tosses Moon an eggplant*)

  21. bec

    Isn’t Car Ben like carbon, so you should name him something like Ash? Or corben… corby? 5th element guy

  22. Luneth

    I agree with Noir, I think Cloud is Halfleaf’s little brother because he’s independent, good at disappearing and doesn’t want to waste time. All of that fits with his escape from the castle.

  23. Alt

    Why do so many of their shoes have heals? Leaf, Cloud, Moon and a few others. Also it’s true, Carol is more manly than many of the bishonen. I would kill for Blaze’s shoes though.

  24. Aurelia

    OH MY GOD OF LIGHT I LOVE YOU GUYS FOR TRANSLATING THIS /sobs I was so angry at myself for not winning this the last time she came to Singapore and now I can actually see it THANK YOU.
    This is nothing, but I hope you appreciate these virtual cookies! I would give y’all real cookies if I could, really. THANK YOU ONCE AGAIN ♡

    • [PR]raylight

      ?! You were at the Singapore book event? ^^ I went there too!~ The second artbook only has the pics of the Twelve Holy Knights, so this is the first time I’m seeing everything too *sweatdrops*

      I sure hope she comes to Singapore again ^^ (Hopefully this time I wouldn’t have to make her sign so many copies of books…)

  25. nga130

    Regarding Halfleaf, Storm and Earth:
    Halfleaf’s brother is only his half-brother on the mother side, and his half-brother has to be full human, else he would be consider valuable item to be sold (like Halfleaf himself). Halfleaf is consider an illegitimate child (Cale’s thought), because he was resulted from his mother dallying with elves, thus when was asked, he took his mother’s last name which was Adiniz (hope I spell it right). His half-brother might not be, and he might took the last name of his father. Storm and Earth could be brothers, or they could just simply relative, like Halfleaf and Cale. On the other hand, if Halfleaf’s brother was a child born in wedlock, he and the mother should not be staying at the mother’s house but at the mother’s legal husband’s house.
    So, the possibility of Earth being Halfleaf’s half-brother is still up for debate. Hopefully, Yu Wo would finished other series soon and start this one already :|

    • @nga130
      The Ardiniz family appears to be pretty well off, so it might not be so strange if the husband moved in with his wife’s family.

  26. Iris

    I just thought of strange names…
    Ice: Shin Merck. Hell: Elric.
    Storm: Shane Elante (so you get to keep Shahaha in his other name/s :D ). Cloud: Idane Myers (I don’t know how I came up with that).
    Blaze: Fenrir Chase. (I dont know about the last name…)
    Blaze’s weapon looks like a… Somewhat like a cross between a war mallet and war axe… Or something like that…
    The drawings are so epic *^* Yu-Wo has a good artist with her…

  27. crosszeria

    ty for this stuff,,,,well yu wo said she’ll make a real story after sun knight series, so have to wait patiently XD

    but what I wanna ask are is prince revolution gonna make another translation too for the next female warrior project? I really hope so cuz I’m freaking excited with the story,,and the only way to know that is via this site (my country doesn’t have the book :( )
    anyway keep up the good work PR XDD

  28. Adrimiz7

    Thinking about Car Ben’s name, couldn’t that be some sort of play on the word carbon??

  29. I liked the .hack reference on the first 4koma! But I didn’t get Little Red Riding Hood (Not). Who’s the person at the end with the chainsaw?

    The GPS sunflower and Silvie and Ohmygod begging for food were really cute!

    And I’m curious as to how old Earth is. He doesn’t look that old, but he’s the son of Cale’s great aunt. I initially thought he would look a lot older than Halfleaf since Halfleaf is half elf.

    • [PR]raylight

      Little Red Riding Hood is known for her red hood, so Silvie makes a reference to that. However, when it starts raining, we see that her red cloak is actually not red at all, just dyed red with blood.

      The person with a chainsaw is probably just a emoticon to express something. (I’m guessing it’s implying how violent Carol is, to overkill all her enemies until blood splatters everywhere…)

    • @[PR]raylight
      Ah, that makes more sense than what I was thinking. I thought the chainsaw lady somehow attacked Carol ^^;;. And at first I thought chainsaw lady was sitting on a toilet, which confused me even more. XP

  30. Thanks PR! for translating Female Warrior and even the artbook! You guys continue to amaze me with how well you stick to your monthly schedule. Very impressive! And very appreciated ;). I’m looking forward to Yu Wo someday writing the main story for this series!

  31. lostlamby

    Ah in both the First and the Thirty-Fifth Generation, Judgement and Metal have had SUCH a relationship. First, it was exhibitionism and now it is…uh…yeah, SM. How times have changed….

  32. Blazeclaw

    At first glance it seems that we think Silvie and Grisia are so much alike, right? However, I think we can all say Grisia hates talking and acting elegantly ( like falling down stairs for months on end), and that fact that Silvie must of been an albino. Lol, but the answer to the question “what man can’t handle his liquor?” I think Grisia would murdered the 1st Sun Knight out of pure hatred!
    I can’t wait for all the next volumes because the prolonged are so good.

  33. Shauna

    I feel as though the Holy King looks like how I would imagine the pope to look like, it would be so funny if he actually becomes the pope, even though I know he probably woun’t.

  34. Star Knight

    I can’t wait to read the whole story, and these pictures are so good. I love Cloud’s design so much.

  35. nefe

    So is 2015 now, Is there some sign of Yu Wo writing the next book??

  36. Agent Carr

    Anyone wonder what happened to Blaze’s original weapon? In the original series, Chikus uses a two-handed broadsword, but in this artbook, Carr is shown using an axe. Interesting how the Blaze Knight isn’t reknowned for his weapon as a majority of the others are.

  37. Daniel Wytte

    Is it just me who thinks Yu (Ell) is not a human but may turn out to be like Grisia’s talking suit? His life motto seems to imply that he is not human because he is asking about the difference of humans from other creatures. If that’s the case, the rumor that the twelfth knight and sun knight are one may be based on the reason that the Hell knight is not even human but a talking armor. It also explains his submission to Silvie because he is the chosen master and why he looks a lot like Arch Dragon (Grisia’s assassin form).

    But I feel like the 38th generation of the Sun Knight and Judgement Knight echoes the original so I can’t look past the fact that one of Carol’s most used name is Dancing Blade “Dragon” and Grisia’s talking suit activates by saying he’s a dragon’s successor. Grisia feels like the combination of Sun (looks and shamelessness) and Carol (principles and thinking). While the LSK is an echo of FW, I think the roles are slightly reverse: the 38th Gen Judgement is the one who feeds and spoil the 38th Sun who does helpful schemes in return and protects his brothers, meanwhile, the 1st Gen Sun is the one who feeds/cooks for 1st Judgement while she protects and solve the problems of everyone he “picked up”.

    This makes me think that Yu may be Carol’s different persona. Maybe she got into an accident, forgot her self and turned into her self during or prior her Warrior Queen days. Fighting with demons and dealing with sinful humans made her brood over what makes a human different. She turned into a broody and silent type, then comes Silvie who is always bright, cheerful, and attached to her for some reason. This made her curious, interested, and attached to Sylvie in return. That’s why she likes to listening to Sun compared to the current Carol, he’s like a light to her dark hellish days. Can’t think of why Yu would be associated as Sylvie though but we can infer that they’re not the same because one of his famous quotes is “ask Sylvie” (unless that’s a red herring) and Sylvie is portrayed to be bad at lying and secrets (as well as shutting up).

    The only problem with this theory is that S.U.N clearly wanted the twelve number (odd numbers are lonely) so eleven knights doesn’t sound right. If it’s just about companions, I am not sure if he is counting “Ohmygod” among them, but including Ohmygod would turn them in to twelve in total (38th Hell knight wanting to break away from the title and Sun resorting to introducing his other persona “Arch/Elder dragon” as “Hell” knight may be an echo from the original Knights being really just 11 people). But this seemed to be moot because last chapter of volume two said there are other ten people behind Sun when Carol turned to look, making them really twelve people.

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