Update: April 2014

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April Chapters
  1. The Legend of Sun Knight V7Prologue: Insanity (April Fools version)
  2. The Legend of Sun Knight V7Prologue: Insanity
  3. No Hero V1C4: The Master's Safety at Risk
  4. The Legend of Sun Knight V7C1: “Revealing the Truth Behind the Demon King”
  5. No Hero V1C5: Protect the Young Master Even to Death

We know that LSK has been killing you with cliffhangers, so we are releasing extra early this month! Enjoy! The first chapter will be up in a few minutes! Except it’s probably not going to do much to release the tension, sorry. :’D I think the general consensus is that things aren’t calming down until V7C2.

Now that FW is over for now, we will hopefully be able to speed up our NH releases a bit. This month, we will have two NH chapters. We can’t wait until you meet all the heroes. Even though the series is named “No” Hero, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t meet the heroes!

Thanks to ListeningDaisy and Aoinezumi, we have new ebooks! ListeningDaisy put together a PDF for LSK V6. Aoinezumi put together epubs for LSK V5-6 and FW V1-2. Grab them over at our ebook pages!

Female Warrior ebooks
Legend of Sun Knight ebooks

Last of all, we have decided to translate the name of the new series we’re picking up as “Illusions, Lies, Truth.” Human Doll Contract is the first case in the series, spanning two books.

ETA: LSK V7Prologue has now been released to the public. =P It is no longer password protected! Hope you enjoyed the April Fools fake chapter!

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  1. I can’t read it right now because I’m “working” on my thesis, but I’m SO excited for the PR april fools! What will it be this year? Will we be rick-rolled again? Who knows! (I guess every one that’s actually read it!) THANKS PR you keep me sane with translations every month! <3 You all are THE BEST!

  2. Seraphim

    It’s the first day of the month and not only is there the list of chapters to be release but there is also a chapter out.
    I normally only expect this sort of thing around the 14th of each month, not that I’m complaining or anything.

    Although it is 1st April so I kinda expect that it will turn out to all be a joke.

  3. Miau Miau Yeen

    Whoa! Already finished 1 chapter of LSK!?! All hail PR~~~!!!
    Oh Yay! And also 2 chapters of No Hero this month~~~!! Thank you so much!! <3 w<

  4. Tenebris

    Thank you guys for the fast release! :D

  5. MonomonO

    It’ll be quite interesting to see what we have for this year’s april fools.

  6. Karencita

    Oh come on, you always do something on april 1st, i dont trust you!

  7. wow that was fast! THANKS!!!

  8. I hope u guys are not going to bring our hopes up and then…………… April fools! U fools! xD because that would make me feel worse than a mountain of cliffhangers.

  9. Woah, that was fast! Thanks a lot!

  10. If possible, a pdf of Female Warrior prologue 2 will be really appreciated.

  11. Wooo I just read the chapter list of LSk vol 7 and it has quite a lot of spoilers! I’m frigging impatiant to read it now and to know “The Truthh Behind the Demon King…”. Oh and the epilogue seems quite promising with this failing out! I want to read it!!
    Thanks again PR for translating LSK. *give a whole box of cookies homemade*

  12. Thank you very much for the eboooks!!!

  13. Random leacher

    Hi guys. I really started liking korean/chinese novels. Having read Sun Knight I am now hooked up on LMS, but unfortunately current translations are too slow even to keep up with the author. And it’s really hard to understand machine translated text. That’s why if you have korean translator can you PLEASE translate at least some volumes of LMS, mainly volumes 20-30. I am sure there are a lot of fans of LMS that are waiting for new chapters. Sorry if I posted in the wrong place, I couldn’t find suggestions section. Thanks.

    • Unfortunately, none of us know Korean!

    • Tenebris

      Too bad, that would really have been great.
      But either way, thank you guys for LSK. We really appreciate your work!

  14. waiting for the next chapter LSK, so exited… :D

    • Diacus

      Same here. I check here at least once every 2, 3 hours…… They said before that the feels don’t stop until LSK V7C2! I can finally be put out of my misery!
      So please~ I present to you many blueberry treats of sugary goodness~ bring us LSK V7C2~

  15. I’m extremely excited for the next chapter. :)

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