Update: May 2014

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May Chapters
  1. No Hero V1C6: The One Who Stood Back Up – The Hero!
  2. The Legend of Sun Knight V7C2: “The Demon King's Eyes Open”
  3. No Hero V1C7: The Most Dangerous Free-For-All Combat

Hey everyone! Here’s the May update. Thanks for your patience~. We hope you enjoyed our April Fool’s prank last month. :’D May is advancing at a startling rate (we are really not sure where the time has gone), so to be safe, these are all the chapters we will promise to release.

We have added a PDF version of Female Warrior V2 thanks to Listening Daisy. You can grab it over here!

Our fanfiction archive is now up-to-date with tons of new fics. (Why not give them a try to get your LSK fix for now?) The fanfiction submission form has also been updated for easier management on our part. (Give it a try!) We hope to see more submissions!

We haven’t received any word from the developer of the PrinceReader Android App, but we gave the app another try, and it seems to be functioning! So if any of you would like to read our translations on the go, the app might work for you! (Unfortunately, we will not be able to provide any troubleshooting).

Last of all, the series, Illusions, Lies, Truth has been added to our menu! Get hyped! \o\ Like how we’ve handled No Hero, we will be stockpiling on translations and then slowly proofreading them so that we can have steady, high quality releases. That means you won’t see any releases of the series just yet. But if you would like to see the series released earlier, do consider joining us. We are always open to having more translators join us! Especially to work on No Hero and Illusions, Lies, Truth, as these two series still have a long way to go.

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  1. Awwwww, just one LSK chapter this month! I am saddened. But yeah, it’s kinda late in the month by now, I’ve been wondering when this announcement would finally pop up |D
    (I should probably use to time to read some of the other series, haha)

  2. *jumping with happines*
    yay! Finaly this month chapter is release, but…
    *sitdown again n bite my blueberry cookies*
    be patient my little girl, u must waiting again for LSK chapter to be release.

  3. Recent Fan

    Wow!!! Thank you very much for the updates! I really appreciate all the work that you guys do; it’s a pleasure reading these fun novels in English, without you guys, I’d never be able to read any of this!! Thank you!

  4. I’m so happy that I can read new chapters of No Hero now!!! Looking forword to them… LSK cliffhangers kill me slowly and painfully T_T

  5. Nice to see you back guys!. and thanks for the hard work, as always. I was kind of worried when it was already mid-may and no news from you. But I guess each of has their own RL responsibilities. Regardless, thank you for still finding time! Looking forward to the new series. Is that the Human Doll Contract by any chance? ‘Cause I have seen some snippets floating around the net

    • @MneilG
      May has been crazy. Craaaazy. And it will continue to be so. Anyway. Yes. Human Doll Contract is the first two books to the Illusions, Lies, Truth series! Human Doll Contract wraps up in two books. The next case will be named something different (we don’t know what it will be named yet).

    • bites

      This is normal for PR staff. We just got used to Feb, Mar, and April early releases because PR staffs were feeling like nice (or like prankster on April fools heehee). Now we just have to wait at the end of the month like normal. And lets not forget to send PR staffs some thanks and kisses and some goodies.

      Thank you PR staffs for giving us a page full of yu wo’s words and a page full of wonderful stories that makes us die with hard laughter! ‘=]

  6. Yay! May is famously the time of doom for students, so thanks so much for still providing us with the chapters we so love. =)

  7. updateeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! yay!

    …candy to my eyes….
    – LSK! need youuu
    -More No Hero!
    – New series announcement!

    the fact is………… I need more nails till LSK is released! I´ve alread bite them all! stay calm! be water! nyaaaaaaaaaaaa

  8. Tenebris

    And thus, may was from this day on called the starving month. The month, without LMS. The month, without Ark. But the greatest misfortune was neither of these, it was the reduced amount of LSK. But thanks to the grace of the God of Light, were ̶t̶̶h̶̶e̶̶ ̶̶a̶̶d̶̶d̶̶i̶̶c̶̶t̶̶s̶ the believers able to survive.

    • @Tenebris
      Agreed. May is just CRAAZZZY :( Hence the term “mayday mayday mayday!”

      But it’s (hopefully) the very very last time I have a crazy May day.

    • @[PR]dahlys
      Trust me, you say that now, there is no end to crazy Mays. You swear you’ll never return to college again, but somehow it always seems like a good idea at the time….

  9. i’m obssessing over the LSK chapter right now!

  10. Little Writer

    Yay! Celebrating over the LSK chapter so much right now (also No Hero because this is where Asmodea left off)
    Good luck, PR! and PR! readers! Let us all hold a prayer circle for finals.

  11. Shizuka

    Thank you for the update and the new serie you picked. In these last weeks I’ve read Female Warrior. I really liked it even if I’ve liked it a whole bit more if the stories behind all the Holy Knights “archetyps” were told, not just Sun’s, Judgement’s, Leaf’s, Earth’s and Metal’s (Cale=Metal???). It seemed to me that these two volumes were meant to be just and introduction of a longer serie, expecially the first one. But maybe it’s just my impression…

  12. Thank you guys as always, for being one of my bright spots at the end of the month :)! Good luck with your crazy crazy busyness ;)!

  13. o.o! Whoa!~ Chapter up already? I wasn’t expecting one until later today. I guess the craziness of May is also making the time of day things are being posted a little more irregular. Usually I see a new chapter’s up around 7 to 8 PM my time, same with the new list. This time the chapter list was posted a couple hours later than that and now I wake up and find a new chapter’s out. Thanks! XD It’s pretty nice to have surprises.

  14. so…no hero ch 7 ?? D:

    • It’s up now. =P

    • @[PR]lucathia
      Woo…~ Looks like May was really, REALLY busy, huh? The last time an end of the month chapter came that late, it was the February chapter after that January without updates. XD Half of us went crazy during those two months. Ah… Legend of the Sun Knight has gone so far since then… That was about the start of Volume Three, I think.

      Looking forward to June! Thanks for posting the chapter up!

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