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June Chapters
  1. The Legend of Sun Knight V7C3: “The Demon King Gets Ready to Depart”
  2. No Hero V1C8: The Music that has Changed Tempo
  3. The Legend of Sun Knight V7C4: “The Demon King's Move”

Hey everyone! Here’s the chapter list for June! This time, we’ll have at least two LSK chapters and one NH chapter to switch things up a bit. ;) We’re hoping to get a second NH chapter out, but we’ll see… (No promises except what’s on the list, as usual)

We will likely open up proofreader applications next month to help our current projects and our future projects along. We have a new translator who will be picking up translations for 終疆, Yu Wo’s latest work. Volume 1 is being published in Taiwan at the end of this month! It is a story about the end of the world and how a family of three siblings deal with it. Luckily for them, their middle brother is a time traveling girl who has already lived through the end of the world once before. (Yu Wo’s post on the release of Volume 1, promotion video) The art is drawn by Wu Ling, the artist behind the illustrations for Female Warrior.

As usual, translator applications are ALWAYS open. If you would like to help out with translations for Legend of Sun Knight, No Hero, Illusions-Lies-Truth, and/or 終疆(translated name to be determined), shoot us an application email! :) Translations for LSK are nearly complete, so we are more in need of translators wishing to work on other series, but there are always LSK side stories to look forward to too (here’s hoping Yu Wo will write lots more of those!).

Happy June!

ETA: We have turned on comments for character pages for LSK, FW, and NH. Feel free to comment. :D Dethsteal is hard at work keeping them up to date! Any characters you feel still need adding? Feel free to let us know~. (But remember that the character pages reflect characters as we meet them in the translations. There are also several characters who do not have official art, so sadly they will be depicted as ? marks.)

ETA2: Looks like we accidentally included part of LSKV7C5 in LSKV7C4. We will be moving the last section of LSKV7C4 to the V7C5 post when the chapter is published. (For now, you all have an early sneak peak!)

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  1. ~RenTheWitch~

    Looks interesting just by the cover! i love all her works so i bet i wont disappoint

  2. At laaast! And with 2 LSK!!!!! Love you !!!!

  3. yes! two LSK chapters! thank you PR!!! :DDDDDDDD

  4. yay!! thank you very much PR!

  5. Sakura-Hyuga

    Oh, a slot for proofreaders!!! XD Hmm, are the tests always the same (like can I download it now and do it?) or do they change each time?

    That being said, I can’t wait for the new chapters!!!

  6. Miau Miau Yeen

    Oh gosh! 終疆~~ 終疆~~!! Shu Yu~~ .>

    • Miau Miau Yeen

      @Miau Miau Yeen
      *Edit, for some reason my comments got shortened. Did something go wrong?
      The original comment was:
      Oh gosh! 終疆~~ 終疆~~!! Shu Yu~~ <3
      I wonder how much the real book differ from the little snippets that she posted at fb, and how much further it went.
      Although I can't read, I'm so tempted to buy it. I want the poster and magnets… TAT
      Thanks so much for picking this up!! <3333

    • @Miau Miau Yeen
      Your emoticon was too exciting that the comment got eaten. XD; (Yum, hearts!)

      I wonder too! I already have the book pre-ordered. :D

    • Miau Miau Yeen

      Pre-order books would be in Traditional Chinese right? @@
      *thinks thinks, considers considers* Should I buy? >.>

    • Yeah, it’s in traditional Chinese. =x

      Do you read simplified Chinese, is that it? I guess… preorder… if you want the extras? If not, perhaps if you wait, one day there will be a simplified version! Google translate also works fairly well on phones/tablets now, so while it might be tough trying to read a physical book, there’s that to help. :3;;

    • Miau Miau Yeen

      Not really, I’m still at the starting-to-learn-how-to-read stage. I was thinking that it would be better if I start from simplified Chinese?
      I dearly wish I could read. Then I would most definitely buy all of the books and keep them in my mini library and love them with all my heart and read them over and over again. >////.>

    • @Miau Miau Yeen
      My friend told me that Yu Wo writes in a fairly simplistic, no unnecessary descriptions, type of style. That seems pretty true! I barely know any Chinese, but if I plug in the phrases I don’t know into Google translate and fit them in the blanks of what I do know, the sentence usually makes sense!
      x.x But I’d rather wait for actual translations because stringing the sentences together takes so long for me that the text loses a lot of meaning. Like, “I hate you more than bitter melon soup!” turns into “I hate you… compared to… bitter melon… soup… more…”

      Actually, if you want to eventually read both simplified and traditional, people have said it’s easier to start learning traditional and then switching to simplified later. But the thing is, Taiwan seems to be one of the few places that still likes using traditional anymore… Mainland China is a simplified fan.

      By the way, does Google translate work well between simplified and traditional? It seems like it should since it’s a straight conversion from one character to another…

    • @15B
      I’m not a fan of simplified Chinese (…well, I can barely read it. A lot is guesswork). It helps for me to dump simplified text into Google translate, which will convert all of the simplified Chinese characters into traditional characters for me. :D

      Traditional really isn’t used much anymore, but I will ding onto it to death, hahaha. I just find it prettier. ;)

    • Miau Miau Yeen

      I do understand chinese, just I couldn’t read them. Have been speaking Hakka(a chinese dialect) since I was young and later it was rather easy to pick up mandarin and cantonese through dramas or by talking with friends.
      As long as I have the soft copy where I can copy and paste it on google translate for it to read it out for me. I’m good to go. And TBH, I still couldn’t differentiate traditional and simplified chinese. Lmao.

  7. “Luckily for them, their middle brother is a time traveling girl who has already lived through the end of the world once before.”

    I am both very confused and very intrigued by this line. Is this a typo? And if not, what is he? A time traveling girl brother? Is this another tranny? Or reincarnation? Body swap?

    • @X
      She wakes up as a guy! Not only does it seem like she has traveled back in time, the world also seems to be a parallel world. We will translate the summary soon… It tells the premise fairly well.

    • Shroomish

      Thank you for the heads up! I got confused by it too.

    • @X
      Yea I was confused too. I was like how can a brother be a girl? But then this is Yu WO so she might come up with something crazy like in 1/2 prince. Looking forward to this..

  8. Yay! I’m looking forward to June updates! Thank you for the hard work, and the ability to read Yu Wo’s works!!!

  9. so the name of the new series is end of dominion?looking forward to it!

  10. This is happiness!

  11. *Sobs* it’s already 1/7/14 but still no LSK chappie. :'( please update soon PR!

  12. Nonasol

    Since I noticed that you guys didn’t have the chapter 8 volume titles up yet, I tried my hand at translating them. Any good?

    • Hey thanks for wanting to help! We do actually already have the titles translated. We just don’t put the chapters up until we get closer to publishing any particular volume. It has to do with how the chapter lists are formed. It is an automatic process that reads the titles from our chapter drafts. (We basically have to create a draft of the chapter, and the chapter list will automatically update with the names.) We already have a lot of drafts in the system, so we won’t be adding more until we get closer to publishing any particular volume.

      (The chapter titles are also very spoilerish, so we will definitely not be displaying them until we are very close to publishing the volume!)

  13. It’s the time of the month were I log on this page more often a day, then on facebook

  14. Anything

    why u haven’t release update july notification? only post that LSKV7C5-6, NHV1C9-10 & EPILOGUE gonna be released July

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