Update: July 2014

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July Chapters
  1. No Hero V1C9: Meeting the Young Master All Over Again
  2. The Legend of Sun Knight V7C5: “The Demon King's Followers”
  3. No Hero V1C10: No Hero
  4. The Legend of Sun Knight V7C6: “Meeting Between Demon Kings”
  5. No Hero V1Epilogue: Character Introductions

ETA: The proofreader application period has now ended! We will try to email everyone who has applied within the week. Thanks so much!

Here’s the July update! We will be wrapping up No Hero v1 this month. :) We will also be bringing you two chapters of LSK!

Last month, we accidentally posted the first scene of LSKV7C5 in our translation of LSKV7C4, so we will be moving the last section to the first part of V7C5 when we release the chapter. (I guess you can think of it as an early sneak peek!) The chapter division wasn’t quite the same in the printed version, which is the version we are trying to follow.

Dominion’s End, Yu Wo’s latest work, was released at the end of June! We have already begun translations and would love more people working on it. We are always on the lookout for more translators to join us, especially for translating No Hero as well as our new projects, Illusions-Lies-Truth and Dominion’s End.

As mentioned last month, proofreader applications are now open! We will leave it open for roughly one week, until July 25th! We are looking for proofreaders who would like to work on LSK, NH, ILT, and DE. We seek proofreaders who are both skilled and dedicated. You will have a lot of work to do, but your workload depends on how much you can handle. Take a look at your schedule to see if you will have time for this! We will be putting you right to work!

To apply to be a proofreader, head over to our recruitment page and download the proofreader application. We have changed one question in the application. If you have already done the application before, do still complete the entire thing again. Don’t rush — we want your best. As long as you send in your application before the deadline, we will take a look at it and consider it. We will likely not answer right away, as we will be making our final decision at the end of the application period. We’ll keep you updated via twitter!

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  1. Meeting the Young Master All Over Again… so I’m guessing Dark Sun’s identity is finally out (hyphothetically speaking, if he’s really the Young Master, that is).

  2. Am I the first? :3
    Soooo looking forward to the releases!!!! It’s a peaty that i couldn’t have a sneak peak at the LSK c5 thou…..
    I hope you will find really good proofreaders and translations too)

  3. I’m excited about the updates this chapter. Thank you so much PR. I love you guys. Each new chapters is so exciting, and 2 Sun Knight chapters + 3 No Hero, I’m really excited to read them. I’ve used the word excited so many times… but it’s still true.

  4. angelmicx

    I guess Roland and Grisia will face off again… I do hope for Grisia’s sake that he haas somehow learned more about using the Dark Element especially since his Holy Element seem to be on the low side.

  5. Miau Miau Yeen

    Wheeee~~ Can’t wait for ILT and DE. Hope they will come out soon! ^^
    Thanks again for the translations <3

  6. Since PR always stocks up on translations before churning them up steadily (I assume), the translations for ILT and DE probably will be available after LSK’s finished, am I right?

    • @snuffie
      We will possibly start releasing one of them, ILT or DE, whenever we feel we have a good enough stockpile of translations. It will likely happen before we have finished LSK.

  7. Jasae Bushae

    Im really enjoying No Hero so far. ^^
    Im quite looking forward to this :3

  8. Lucki13ear

    OMG!! 5 Amazing chapters!!!! Thank you PR!!

  9. You guys are fantastic :) Loving No Hero
    Shame there aren’t translators working on Eclipse Hunter on Oddsquad anymore, since these stories link in so much together

    • @charbz
      Don’t worry! They haven’t dropped Eclipse Hunter at all! They’re just stuck on a roadblock for V4C7… *currently rereading Eclipse Hunter for the bajillionth time to suppress the urge to just stick the entire raw chapter into Google Translate* Hope it’s temporary! They’ll get going once they’re past that, I think.

    • @charbz
      Odd Squad still seems to be working on EH. They haven’t said they’ve dropped it or anything. Their last update of EH was just last month in June. Hasn’t been that long.

  10. *sees recruitment post* =D
    *realizes day before deadline* =0

  11. ooooh please please please plizzzz

    update LSK tonight!!!!!!!!! I´m going on a exhausting 2 weeks marathon at work starting tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!
    give me something preciouss to survive it!
    pd. love you guys!

  12. Jasae Bushae

    Curses, it appears that we may not get any chapters this month.
    Ah well, at least we are not at a cliffhanger.

  13. Waiting again? Ugh…its already 21st

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