The Legend of Sun Knight V7C5: “The Demon King’s Followers”

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The Legend of Sun Knight Volume 7: Ending the Demon King, Part One

Original novel in Chinese by: 御 我 (Yu Wo)

The Fifth Chapter to Ending the Demon King: The Demon King’s Followers – translated by Doza

I hugged the little girl with my right hand and held the little boy’s hand in my left hand. Then I walked to where the populace had gathered. They were all waiting at the public square, exhausted and in a state of panic. Though the creatures of darkness were already routed, no one dared to go back to their houses.

Vival and Laica were moving back and forth on the periphery of the public square, on the alert for any approaching creatures of darkness.

Ceo and Tyler were surrounded by the villagers, and they were explaining what method was the most effective against creatures of darkness.

After learning how to destroy the creatures of darkness, the civilians looked much more at ease. It was especially so with those young males, whose expressions looked like they hoped for more creatures of darkness to come so that they could test out those techniques.

When Ceo lifted his head, he noticed me and immediately shouted, “Grisia, you’re back!”

At this moment, everyone turned their heads and gazed at me steadily. However, this scene was already so familiar for me that I could handle it with my hands tied behind my back. As the Sun Knight, one had to learn how to face the populace from a young age. I automatically revealed a smile and then said, “Yes, under the God of Li- God, just returning back here safely was a big problem!” The words God of Light nearly slipped out of my mouth. Thankfully, I noticed it in time and forcefully changed it to something else.

I walked toward Ceo, and along the way, I asked, “May I ask if the parents of these two children are here? Does anyone recognize them?”

The civilians stared blankly at me, not having any reaction at all. That was really strange. Generally speaking, when children disappear in a situation where creatures of darkness were wreaking havoc, their parents would be desperately looking for them everywhere. However, it seemed like no one had been looking for this pair of kids.

At that moment, an old lady said, “They are orphans. They usually help out a lot in the village in exchange for some food.”

So they are orphans. No wonder nobody was looking for them. I nodded my head, saying, “I see. They are badly frightened, but other than that, they are unharmed. Is there anyone who is willing to help take care of them for the moment?”

Although these two children were not related to them, when they heard that the children were unharmed, the citizens still showed expressions of relief.

A few women came up to try and pry the two children away from me, but they seemed not to want to leave my side yet. The girl hugged me tightly, and no matter how much the women advised her, it was of no use. Fortunately, her brother was a little older—I guess he’s about eight years old?—and was extremely understanding and took his sister off me by carrying her. Only then was the girl willing to leave my chest.

I stroked the two children’s heads and told the boy, “You have to be strong and take care of your sister, got that? Wait till you grow older, and if you wish to become a holy knight or your sister wishes to become a cleric, then come to the Church of the God of Light, got it?”

The boy nodded his head earnestly and promised, “Okay!”

At this moment, I abruptly remembered that I wouldn’t know how many years later this boy would come to find me, and children also grow fast, so I had to know a name so as to differentiate him easily. I asked him in a hurry, “What is your name?”

The boy lifted his head to look at me, and I suddenly found out that he had a head of golden hair and a pair of blue eyes. Though the blue hue of his eyes was a little closer to green, looking more like the color of a lake than the sea, if I were to forcefully claim that it was blue, it would still be acceptable.

The boy said, “My name is Elaro, and my sister is called Ludia.”

“Elaro and Ludia, is it? Very well, I will remember your names,” I gently whispered to him, “I am Grisia. When you come to the Church of the God of Light, say that you want to find the Sun Knight, got that?”

Elaro’s eyes turned wide. I quickly added on, “Hush! You can’t tell anyone yet!”

“Okay!” Elaro nodded his head earnestly, saying, “I definitely won’t tell what big sister said to anyone else!”

“…I’m a big brother!” I put both of my hands on his shoulders, and then I smiled and said through gritted teeth, “Big. Brother!”

Elaro’s eyes widened much more. Ludia, who was in his embrace, turned around, and reached out her tiny hands, saying, “Sister, hug.”

“It’s brother!”

Ludia looked at me, seeming to not quite understand what I was talking about. I tried hard to repeat to her many times “brother,” but from the beginning to the end, she used a pair of big, watery eyes to look at me. She seemed to think that my repetition was very funny, and hence started giggling. Her smile was simply really cute, but she still didn’t call me brother. It was really so frustrating!

I-I… could only ruffle her hair with all my effort for revenge! However, ruffling her hair halfway, I saw Elaro looking at me with eyes shining with longing, and every now and then, he looked enviously at his sister whose hair I was ruffling. Seeing that, I could only use my other hand to pat his head. As expected, he revealed a happy smile.

The world has really changed. In the past, when I was still a child, I hated others ruffling my hair the most… However, that’s probably because the Sun Knight must always maintain a tidy appearance, so when people ruffled my hair, I had to comb my hair. It was simply so tiring!

The two children smiled joyously, and the surrounding villagers too started smiling. The few women in front of me even had sincere looks on their faces as they gave heart-felt praise, “You are truly a benevolent holy woman.”

It should be holy knight!

What is going on? I have already opened my mouth to speak, so how is it possible that I would still be mistaken for a woman?

Ceo patted me on my shoulder and whispered to me, “Disguise, don’t forget that right now you are disguised as a woman. Don’t expose yourself.”

I too replied back softly, “But my voice completely doesn’t sound like a female’s!”

Ceo gave a smile, and then he said into my ear, “You are the tenor who can sing the Hymn of the God of Light! Even if we say that you’re a female with a low voice, it wouldn’t be strange at all… Let’s stop talking; many guys are glaring at me as though I have stolen their girlfriend. Your charm is really boundless!”

Hearing that, I fiercely glared at him. I didn’t expect that I would instead hear these sentences from the villagers: “Even her glare is maddeningly charming,” “Really, a goddess has descended,” “I wouldn’t marry in this lifetime unless it was with her…”

You mean it’s charmingly mad!

“It can’t be helped; you really are extremely beautiful right now!” Ceo patted my shoulders, saying, “I also couldn’t help but wink at you a few times already. Just now, when you appeared hugging the two children, even Vival blurted, ‘A hundred and eighty centimeters superb beauty! I’m going to woo her’ and then found out that it was actually you.”

“Am I really that pretty?” No matter how skinny I looked right now, a big man like me couldn’t possible turn into a beauty, right?

Ceo sized me up and down and said, “A tender and slender figure, skin as white as snow, rosy lips with white teeth, along with a pair of big, dreamy eyes the color of the azure sky. What do you think?”

Dreamy, my ass! This is called being blind, okay, and your thorough and detailed adjectives make me feel like you’re completely treating me as a female!

All of a sudden, something flew out from within the crowd, and it even headed straight towards Ceo’s head. At first, I wanted to give a warning, but I realized that it was but a broken pail, so I might as well not say anything. It was a pity that Ceo’s reflexes were the real deal, and he dodged that pail just by moving a single step. What a pity.

Ceo turned around, yelling angrily, “Who threw that?”

However, when he turned around, he saw many men staring at him with dangerous expressions, as though they were husbands who had just seen their wife cheat on them. Even the great Storm Knight was so frightened that he took a step backward.

Seeing the situation, I stepped forward and then extended a hand to brush Ceo’s disheveled hair back into place. While doing so, I even had on a gentle smile as I looked at him tender-heartedly.

Ceo turned around and opened his eyes wide as he looked at me. Shocked, he asked, “What are you doing?”

I gave a grin, and following that, what headed toward Ceo’s head were brooms, chair legs, rotten tomatoes, an entire bag of garbage, moldy bread…

Everyone waited in the plaza together until morning, and only then did we bid the people farewell, even though they looked like they were thinking of tying us up and keeping us in the town for eternity. This was obviously an impossible feat.

Although the people appeared reluctant to part, I, on the other hand, couldn’t wait to say goodbye to them because last night… It’s better if I don’t say it.

After riding for a short while, Vival spoke with regret, “If we had stayed for one more day, perhaps the number of guys who had confessed to Sun would have exceeded seventy! That’s even more than the amount of women who have been to Earth’s room.”

“Shut up!” I roared back indignantly.

Ceo patted my shoulder, saying, “Image! Pay attention to your image! You see, you’ve terrified Tyler again.”

I turned my head back and fiercely told Tyler, “Since we left the Church of the God of Light, my actions have all been part of a disguise, understand?”

Tyler stared wide-eyed at me, and sure enough there was a terrified expression on his face, but he deserved to be called a vice-captain, immediately nodding and replying, “Yes.”

“You see, now there won’t be any problems!”

Upon hearing this, Ceo, Laica, and Vival simultaneously rolled their eyes.

“Alright, no more talking, we should start to move faster now to avoid the continuous expansion of the lands of death.”

Everyone nodded, and we spurred our horses to hurry on our journey. After speeding along the road for about half a day, I suddenly sensed a thick concentration of dark element ahead and hurriedly stopped the horse to fully extend my sensing ability.

“It’s a land of death… It has actually already reached this far?” This place isn’t very far from the previous town! I turned around and asked everyone, “Should we head back to warn the people in that town?”

“No need,” Ceo said expressionlessly. “Right now, lands of death are everywhere. Even if we go and warn the people in that town, there’s nowhere else they can go.”

Laica also replied, “Make haste to the Cathedral of the Shadow God and finish our business. That’s the most important matter right now!”

That was true. I hadn’t imagined that the lands of death would actually expand so quickly… I remember Awaitsun had previously said that “Within less than half a year of the lands of death expanding, the Cathedral of the Shadow God would be completely submerged.” If that is the case, don’t tell me the Cathedral of the Shadow God is already…

I turned my head and asked, “What is the current situation at the Cathedral of the Shadow God?”

Ceo replied, “The entire cathedral is in a land of darkness, but because Roland is there, creatures of darkness have not attacked it.”

Because of Roland… I continued to ask, “Then, what about the condition of other places? Are the casualties among the people very severe?”

Ceo froze and gave an irrelevant answer, “The Church of the God of Light has practically been overturned and dispatched, going to various places to hold back the creatures of darkness.”

Upon hearing this sort of answer, I instantly understood that the situation must be very serious, since Ceo answered in such an evasive way, only mentioning the trivial parts. It was true, when I thought about it, that if the previous town hadn’t had us, I was afraid the casualties last night would have been disastrous. However, not every town can have the Twelve Holy Knights conveniently passing through!

“Even if there are even more clerics and holy knights, it is still impossible to look after every city and town. There must have been a lot people who have died in this half year, right?”

If I hadn’t been resurrected, Roland would be the demon king, and in that case, the lands of death wouldn’t have expanded, and those people wouldn’t have died either…

“Sun!” Vival suddenly asked sternly, “What are you thinking about?”

“Nothing,” I quickly answered, but the other four weren’t so easily brushed off. The intensity of their glares was exactly as if they were torturing a criminal for answers. I could only admit truthfully, “I was merely thinking that if I had died at that time, the lands of death wouldn’t have expanded, and perhaps a lot less people would have died…”

Ceo was stunned and furiously roared, “What are you saying!”

Vival even growled, “We resurrected you without hesitation. It’s not for you to regret that you didn’t die!”

“I-I was only…” I couldn’t think of anything to say in my defense and resentfully said, “I was so honest and didn’t brush you guys off, so there’s no need to be so angry, right?”

“It’s because you said things that would anger others!” Ceo said unhappily.

“Captains…” Tyler opened his mouth to say something, perhaps he was even thinking of breaking up the argument, but no one paid him any attention.

“I said things that would anger others?” I growled, unsatisfied. “I was only speaking honestly!”

“Your honest words are enough to anger people!” Laica retorted.

“Captains…” Tyler said, flustered.

“Then, how about from now on I’ll just tell lies!” I said rather spitefully.

“Of course you can’t do that. You can’t return to that former state where you never say anything, either…” Vival declared, alarmed.

“All four captains!” Tyler suddenly roared.

We were all startled and turned around to growl at the same time, “What?”

Tyler didn’t say anything and simply gestured right behind us. Again, we simultaneously turned our heads to look in that direction.

In the distance there was a large cloud of dust, and we could faintly discern horses among the dust. Since there was an entire expanse of a land of darkness in that direction, this gave us a particularly ominous feeling.

“Sun, how can your sensing ability be worse than Tyler’s pair of eyes!” Laica muttered. Recently, his tongue had become more and more poisonous, so much that I yearned for his malicious phrases like “so sparkly and pretty!” that could even make the listener feel a little happy.

“I don’t usually sense at such a great distance because it’s very tiring!” While explaining angrily, I extended out my sensing ability to examine things and exclaimed in alarm, “That’s an army of darkness.”

I was very astonished, but the other four people seemed like they were used to it. Probably because of my puzzled expression, Ceo hurriedly explained to me, “This occurrence isn’t strange among lands of death. In many places, we have heard of situations where creatures of darkness gathered to form armies in the lands of death. However, they were all just a motley crew and would usually scatter the moment the battlefield turned unfavorable.”

I was stunned and hastily said, “The army I’m looking at is very strong. It doesn’t look as if it will scatter.”

“Creatures of darkness have always had an imposing manner.”

“The troops are even lined up in rows and are holding a military flag,” I said rather uncertainly. “However, it might simply be for appearances’ sake?”

“…Rows? Military flag?”

Shocked, the four of them stared at me and cried out in alarm, “How can that be?”

I grumpily said, “Why can’t it be? If not, you can see for yourself! You should be able to more or less see their military flag… Wait!”

Halfway through speaking, I suddenly realized that those creatures of darkness were currently advancing in our direction, and there was no one in front, behind, left, or right of us, either. Unless they were interested in the frogs by the roadside, their goal was definitely us!

Should we run or fight?

I turned my head and quickly recited to everyone, “There are ten death knights, twenty werewolves, fifty undead creatures whose race is unclear but shouldn’t be as strong as the death knights or werewolves, and about five to seven hundred skeletons. Leave the group of skeletons to me. Can you guys deal with the rest of the creatures of darkness?”

Ceo nodded his head first, saying, “No problem.”

Laica asked doubtfully, “Sun, are you sure you can really handle the group of skeletons? Perhaps you should move to the side and rest. It’s fine to leave everything to us!”

It was so poisonous I almost vomited out blood. I growled, “Right now, we are in disguise. I’m already being inelegant, so you also don’t have to use such a poisonous tongue, right?”

Laica was startled and said, “I didn’t deliberately use a poisonous tongue. I haven’t been since departing from the church.”

So that means, all the words you’ve spoken after leaving the church have been sincere? I could hardly believe it and said, “Y-Your sincere words are actually so malicious!”

“Eh?” Laica actually went wild with joy as he said, “Really? I’ve truly spoken malicious words? If my teacher heard that, he would definitely say that he could die with no regrets!”

I-It can’t be that serious… But right now isn’t the time to be thinking about ridiculous ideas. That army of darkness has been advancing closer this entire time, and they’re even charging quite quickly!

I commanded the rest of them, “Prepare for battle!”

Vival asked, “Can we use the specialized weapons of the Twelve Holy Knights?”

I frowned as I asked back, “If you don’t use them, can you defeat these creatures of darkness?”

“We can.” Vival shrugged, saying, “Those death knights should be mass produced types, not as strong as genuine death knights. It’s just that it would take longer to clean up this army.”

“Then don’t use them,” I nodded. Briefly sensing that the army was already fairly close, I hastily commanded, “Laica, you’re in charge of taking advantage of the confusion to kill those ten death knights. Vival’s most important targets are the twenty werewolves. Ceo, you’re responsible for those fifty unknown undead creatures. Tyler, you’re in charge of supporting the three captains and going to help whichever side of the battlefield you see in a disadvantaged situation.”

While giving orders, I helped cast support magic on them. This time, I cast Light Shield and Wings of God on all four of them. Luckily, I had enough holy light for this, and I even had leftover strength to use on healing spells. However, if I wanted to help twelve people with support magic, even if it was only casting Wings of God, I probably wouldn’t be able to do it … No! The Divine Sun Sword is currently sealed, so if I had the help of the divine sword, I should be able to do it!

I shook my head, flinging away all those various negative thoughts, and said to the four of them, “Go now!”


The four of them dashed out as if they were flying, while I considered the army of darkness. The five hundred skeletons right at the front had already reached a place about a hundred meters away. It was time to begin to think about what method to use to kill them once more.

Of course, I must avoid using dark elemental magic, as all these just happen to be creatures of darkness. Using dark elemental magic to attack them is not exactly a sensible move.

Aldrizzt had once used hell’s fire to set skeletons ablaze. That was truly a brilliant method of destroying skeletons, especially when facing five hundred skeletons. Unfortunately, I can’t use dark elemental magic… Hold on, even though I can’t use hell’s fire, I can use fire related magic!

Although I rarely used fire related magic, I knew I should be able to produce at least a basic fireball. I gathered fire element on both my hands, intending to have a field of super blazing skeletons, and if it went smoothly, maybe several unknown creatures of darkness would be burned to death…

“Hot hot hot!”

I flung out the fireballs and then gathered water element onto my hands to reduce the burns on them.

“Sun! You almost threw them onto my ass!” Laica’s shriek came from the front. “Your swordsmanship was never very good, but now you’re not even capable of magic?”

Upon hearing this, I hastily searched for an excuse. “I only assumed that you would like it!”

“… It wasn’t too bad. Captain Judgment isn’t capable of using magic to beat me up,” Laica had to admit and then shouted, “However, I need to dispose of the enemy right now, so don’t distract me!”

I agreed loudly and waited until the four people charged straight past the large army of skeletons, until they engaged the higher leveled creatures of darkness at the back, and then when there was only the large army of skeletons left in front of me, I flew straight up.

Although it would be easy to become a target for archers when flying in front of a large army, luckily, creatures like skeletons generally lacked a lot of parts, so they wouldn’t be able to execute a highly difficult action like shooting an arrow, unless they were advanced skeletons… However, few people would think of advancing the level of cannon fodder like skeletons.

With the recent painful experience of being burned, I gathered fire element about a meter away on both sides of me, creating ten fireballs, each and every one of them as large as an adult. Then, I randomly tossed them below. In any case, there were only skeletons beneath me, so there was no need to aim at all!

Sure enough, skeletons are good fuel. Ten fireballs ignited approximately ten areas, then started spreading between the skeletons… but I hadn’t thought that the result of the flames in this sort of spacious and void region would not be as good as inside a cave. The flames only roasted about ten skeletons before extinguishing.

I was stunned. I hadn’t imagined that the results would actually be that bad. My capability at gathering the fire element was simply not that great. It might even be a little worse than the water element. It was really impossible to gather enough to annihilate five hundred skeletons with fireballs.

With no other alternatives, I could only settle for using wind blades to eliminate the skeletons. However, the results with the wind blades were barely satisfactory. Shooting out a specially enlarged wind blade could obliterate around six to eight skeletons, even fewer than the fireballs, but at least I had the confidence to shoot out a large amount of wind blades.

While shooting out wind blades, I expanded out my sensing ability. Even though I was already certain that the four of them were very formidable, the number of opponents was truly exceptional, so I was still a bit worried, particularly as they couldn’t use their specialized weapons and because my current healing spells weren’t as strong as they had been before…

They each faced countless enemies, but the difference in speed was so great the opponents had no way of hitting them at all. Although Laica and Vival weren’t as aggressive as they had been in the small town, so long as they charged forward, they could easily dispose of the creatures of darkness and still make it look effortless!

It looks like there really are no problems. I just worried too much. Even if they don’t use their specialized weapons, they are still very strong!

I surveyed the skeletons below, which had already been whittled down until probably only about two hundred remained. However, being so thinly spread out made it even harder to hit them. I could only go by the book and use small wind blades, chopping up two to three each time, so as to avoid wasting too much wind element. It would be disastrous if I couldn’t produce anymore later on.

Taking out two or three each time, this speed was truly so slow that I started to get impatient. It would be easier if I could use dark element. I would definitely be able to strike down everything in a single moment. These low leveled skeletons are actually wasting so much of my time… If I use dark element to instantly dispose of the large army of skeletons, it wouldn’t lead to us being discovered, right?

I started gathering dark element on my hands. It was as easy as gathering holy element in the past… No! This is even easier than that. If I release a blade made of the dark element, I would only require three blades to chop up all the skeletons into pieces, right?

Maybe just one blade would be enough? I suddenly had this sort of feeling.

I quickened my speed at gathering the dark element, determined to dispose of them with one blade!

The dark element I had gathered turned into a humongous dark blade like no other. From afar it would look like a flowing black river. After that, the black river swept horizontally across the place where all the skeletons were standing, and those skeletons were chopped in half at the waist… No, I should say everything from their chests to their thighs was blasted into smithereens.

In a flash, two hundred skeletons had been broken into white bits and pieces covering the ground. It was truly a magnificent sight!

“This is really too easy.”

I slowly flew back to the ground, and standing in the middle of the sea of fragments, I really had an indescribable sense of satisfaction!

After using my sensing ability to confirm that the others were still fine, I calmly waited at the starting point for them to finish their battles.

Before long, Ceo and the rest dashed over, looking flustered, and growled, “Sun! Just now you used dark element, didn’t you?”

I hastily said, “It was only for a short while, and this is a land of darkness. There is dark element everywhere, so it won’t be noticed!”

“It had better not be noticed …”

Suddenly, my expression changed, and I turned my head towards a distant place.

“What is-?” Ceo didn’t complete his question but exclaimed, “Don’t tell me, we’ve already been discovered?”

I shook my head, saying, “Unless Roland and Pink can teleport a large army here the moment that they discovered me, we certainly haven’t been discovered by them yet.”

“A large army?” Vival cried out, “Ah… Could it be that the army we just annihilated was this army’s forward troops?”

Don’t joke around! However strong Ceo and the rest may be, against an entire army, even if they don’t meet enemies that are too strong, they would die from exhaustion by the act of killing them all! I made my decision. “Let’s flee!”

“How many are there exactly?” Laica asked doubtfully. “You’re always underestimating our true strength. A few random werewolves come, and you’re afraid that we can’t deal with them!”

“I’m only being careful.” I expanded my sensing ability, roughly counted, and replied, “At least more than five thousand, and among them there are about five hundred higher leveled creatures of darkness.”

“There’s so many?” Ceo frowned, saying, “Then we’ll just have to avoid them.”

I nodded my head, but halfway through nodding, I noticed a familiar person in the middle of that army… I should say a familiar creature of darkness. He was riding on a horse, had a large amount of dark element gathered around his eyes, and even had fangs at the sides of his mouth. This fellow seems to be the creature of darkness that I saw in my dream who wouldn’t give up on chasing after Roland.

Hold on! Could this army be the one that was adamantly chasing after Roland? I frowned and said, “Ceo, you guys can escape first. I will disguise myself as a creature of darkness and enter this army to observe it for a bit.”

The moment the words popped out of my mouth, four faces immediately fell, and I hastily explained, “Don’t worry about my safety. When it gets dangerous, I can quickly fly away. Not many creatures of darkness can fly, so you don’t have to stay with me, and I won’t have to worry about your safety.”

The majority of creatures of darkness don’t depend on their eyes to explore things. Instead, they sense dark element. Hence, I, who would be completely wrapped in dark element, would seem to them to be the same sort of creature. Unless I meet creatures of darkness that can recognize me, I shouldn’t be exposed.

Puzzled, Ceo asked, “Why do you have to enter this army?”

I hesitated for a moment, then said truthfully, “I suspect this army is the one that was closely following Roland. There is also a very highly leveled creature of darkness among them. In my previous dream, he seemed to be different from other creatures of darkness. Perhaps he would know about the recent developments concerning Roland.”

Ceo’s expression immediately changed, and he asked, “So what if you know about his recent developments? You’re going to the Cathedral of the Shadow God to perform the ceremony, and after performing the ceremony, Roland will become the demon king! You haven’t forgotten this, right?”

Of course I know that… I explained, “We’re going to perform the ceremony for me to give up becoming the demon king. However, the Cathedral of the Shadow God wants me to become the demon king, so how could it be that they wouldn’t send men to guard the place for holding the ceremony?”

The instant I finished speaking, everyone else looked stunned. I immediately said loudly, “Other than the Cathedral of the Shadow God, Roland’s and Pink’s motives are also unclear. If the time ever comes, would the three sides fight or not? If after the battle, one of the two of us still dies, there wouldn’t be any meaning to the delay of these past few months!”

The four of them fell silent, only frowning. After a while, Ceo opened his mouth and asked, “What in the world do you want to say to him when you meet that creature of darkness?”

I coldly said, “I want to know whether Roland plans to kill me or if he is willing to allow me to perform the ceremony, peacefully handing him the title of the demon king.”

Vival asked suspiciously, “But are you sure this creature of darkness will answer your questions?”

“Of course he wouldn’t answer obediently, but we have many methods of making him answer!” I looked at Vival’s whip and Metal’s daggers.

In a disbelieving tone, Laica said, “But you can’t just bypass the army to reach the place where that creature of darkness is!”

“Relax! I can use dark element to surround myself, which will guarantee that the army will believe I’m also a creature of darkness.”

“Since you can use dark element to surround yourself, then you can surround all of us, right?” Ceo said evenly. “Having us watch from the sidelines is something that is definitely impossible. If you truly wish to go and see that creature of darkness, then let us go together!”

How can I… Just as I was about to say this, I saw the rest of them standing by Ceo’s side. Not only did they stand resolutely, they also glared at me, like if I dared to say anything about wanting to go by myself, they w-would…

“If I insist on going alone, what will you guys do?”

The three of them showed malevolent faces like no other and growled, “Beat you unconscious and take you away!”

“…You’ve scared Tyler.”

The three of them roared in unison, “We’re in disguise right now!”

Forget about Tyler, even I was terrified.

“Hurry up and make your decision,” Vival urged. “Are we going or not? We can all see the dust cloud from the army already. If we aren’t going, we have to flee quickly!”

I clenched my teeth. “Alright, let’s go together!”

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