The Legend of Sun Knight V7C4: “The Demon King’s Move”

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The Legend of Sun Knight Volume 7: Ending the Demon King, Part One

Original novel in Chinese by: 御 我 (Yu Wo)

The Fourth Chapter to Ending the Demon King: The Demon King’s Move – translated by raylight

After wasting an immeasurable amount of saliva, I finally managed to get Judgment to agree to send Earth to support the army going on the punitive expedition instead of following me to the Cathedral of the Shadow God; however, it was on the condition that I had to bring Moon along as well.

This wasn’t that big a deal to me. Since Earth had the ability to make a protective shield, sending him over to where the troops were would mean preventing the previous generation of the Twelve Holy Knights from getting injured or killed. However, if Moon went over, he would only be another addition to the military power. Therefore, it didn’t matter even if he didn’t go.

“Moon’s speed is also very good. When necessary, Storm, Metal, and Moon can take you to safety.”

At that moment, Judgment especially emphasized the words “take you,” and I was even stunned for a moment because of it. So Moon is also the speed type? I was under the impression that he was the “stand rooted to the spot and only move the whip” type. Seems like I really have underestimated him.

In short, the three of us headed for the Cathedral of the Shadow God on horseback the next day. Though we had deliberately chosen to leave early in the morning so as to not cause an uproar, we were still spotted by the people in twos and threes on the main street of Leaf Bud City. They all halted the work they were doing and stared blankly at us.

“Sun Knight, m-may I ask, where are you going?” an old lady asked me frantically.

I tugged on the reins to make the horse stop, and while still mounted, I lowered my head to look at her with a faint smile on my face. I explained to her, “Sun is going to the Cathedral of the Shadow God as an ambassador so as to discuss matters relating to the expansion of the lands of death.”

Looking at me, the old lady had on an expression that showed that she didn’t quite understand my words, but she only asked, “Following that, will things become better?”

In a gentle tone, I replied, “Yes, everything will be fine. I guarantee it.”

The old lady’s expression relaxed a lot and she seemed to look relieved. She even had a smile on her face as she answered, “May the God of Light bless you.”

“The benevolence of the God of Light will bless you along with the citizens of Leaf Bud City.”

After giving her a smile in reply, I nodded at each of the others, expressing that we could then set off.

“Your smile sure is useful.” Storm was rueful as he lamented, “I don’t know how many words we have used to reassure the citizens that everything would be fine, but they weren’t effective at all.”

Moon cut in, “Yeah, even my girlfriend didn’t believe my three words ‘It’ll be fine.’”

“You mean ex-girlfriend, right?”

He roared in rage, “Don’t remind me!”

“Sun, be careful!” Metal suddenly leaned over to pull my reins.

All of a sudden, a black shadow rushed in front of the horse. Thankfully, Metal had managed to pull the reins in in time. Moreover, in order not to give the citizens the impression that I was leaving the city in a hurry, our pace of riding was really slow, so we didn’t end up enacting the tragedy of a horse crash where the horse was injured and a person died… Of course, the person who died would definitely not be me, but the fellow who was foolish enough to use his body to stop a horse!

The person who had stopped the horse with his body shouted loudly, “Knight-Captain Sun, please take me along!”

Knight-Captain? Only holy knights would use this form of address. I was stupefied when I looked at the holy knight who had his two hands spread wide apart to block the horse. It was… Vice-Captain Hell!


“…It’s Tyler.” He put down his hands and replied a little helplessly.

Storm urged his horse to go forward, and he admonished him, “Vice-Captain Hell, what are you doing? Do you know whose path you are blocking?”

“Please take me with you,” Tyler solemnly beseeched. “I believe my captain still owes me an explanation.”

This was really a hard request to turn down. I was the one who had brought Roland into the Holy Temple and made Tyler, the substitute Hell, step back into the position of vice-captain. In the end, Tyler had not only accepted it, but he even became rather loyal toward Roland. However, in the end, things became like this…

I asked calmly, “Vice-Captain Hell, did you come here on horseback?”

Joy appeared on Tyler’s face, and he immediately replied, “Yes, the horse is tied up over there! I have also already brought my luggage!”

I nodded my head, commenting, “Then, Sun has no reason to turn down holy knight brothers who care enough about Knight-Captain Hell to go forth together. Please follow us.”

“Yes.” Tyler elatedly ran off to fetch his horse.

Like this, the five of us rode out of Leaf Bud City on horseback. Once we left the city, we vanished. However, of course we didn’t disintegrate. We only made use of the magic circle that the Pope had drawn to teleport us to the forest nearby to change into our costumes.

As long as I was clear-headed, the Cathedral of the Shadow God would want me to become the Demon King. This was something that Judgment had heard directly from Awaitsun. Roland and Pink would definitely try to stop it from happening. Thus, of these two factions, one of them wanted to kill me, and the other wanted me to become the Demon King. No one really wanted to see me go into the Cathedral of the Shadow God to conduct the ceremony, and thus, the best method was to secretly sneak into the Cathedral of the Shadow God myself and then complete the ceremony.

For the sake of avoiding pursuit by the Cathedral of the Shadow God and Roland, we made the decision to disguise ourselves as an ordinary adventurer team to journey there. Anyway, right now, every country was offering large rewards to hire adventurers to eradicate undead creatures from the lands of death. Thus, who knows, the number of adventurer teams running wildly around in the lands of death might even be more than the number of undead creatures there. It wouldn’t be hard to pass ourselves off as one of them.

After using my sensing ability to confirm that there were no other people around, I turned around to look at the other four people, saying, “Henceforth, we’re not allowed to use the titles Sun, Storm, Metal, and Moon. We’ll just directly call each other by our real names. Is that okay?”

“Only you would have a problem with that!” Metal… No, rather, Laica yelled, “If you dare to continue calling me Slime, you better watch out! I’m Laica!”

Everyone reported their names one-by-one.

“I’m Ceo!” Ceo smiled extremely radiantly, seeming to hint that if I were to call his name wrongly one more time, he was going to make me meet my “death”!

“I’m Vival.” Moon repeated it seriously, “Vi. Va. L. And definitely not ‘Voila’!”

If you read Vival a little faster, isn’t it “Voila”? I only read it a little too fast, that’s all!

“Tyler.” Tyler helplessly said, “Knight-Captain Sun, please don’t call me Tyre anymore.”

I only said, “Alright, I will try very hard to remember, but it will be fine even if I accidentally use the wrong names, right? In any case, it should be okay as long as we don’t use the titles Sun or Storm.”

All of them rolled their eyes at me.

“Hurry and change into your costume!”

Everyone changed into their costumes one after another, the attire of a holy knight, assassin, mage, cleric, and warrior, respectively. After changing my clothes, I even dispelled the holy light around my hair, and it reverted back to a head of white hair. This way, not only did it make the disguise more effective, it also made me heave a sigh of relief.

Right now, maintaining holy light for long periods of time was not easy. Especially since the Pope had put layer upon layer of seals onto the Divine Sun Sword so as to prevent holy light from leaking out, which would make our disguises fall one step short of success. Therefore, maintaining a head of golden hair was simply not as easy as it was in the past and was also very wasteful. I would rather save the holy light for casting heals in emergencies.

I sized everybody up. There really was the feel of a proper adventurer team, other than the fact that everyone here was male, which makes one feel very sad. The so-called cleric and mage should be cute and beautiful females!

I started to miss the adventurer team from before. There was the female priest Yuna, though her figure wasn’t very good, and the female assassin Sybil, who had a great figure. Right now, this adventurer team that was comprised of only males was simply too heart breaking.

“Sun, the cleric outfit really suits you well!” praised Ceo, who was dressed as a mage.

“Really, it’s very suitable,” Vival, who was wearing a warrior’s outfit, agreed via blinking.

“F***! I’m a holy knight,” I growled in rage.

“Elegance!” Storm patted my back, saying, “Don’t forget the Sun Knight’s elegance. See, Tyler has been frightened by you.”

I didn’t need to turn my head to see how wide Tyler’s eyes were becoming and quickly said, “It’s pretend. I’m only pretending!”

However, no one believed that.

Storm took out a few cards from the Adventurer’s Guild from his luggage, and as he gave them out to us, he said, “Alright. Though we are only intending to rush our way there, who knows, we might still meet someone. Right now, let’s collude first; our adventurer team is called…” He looked at the team name on the card and fell silent for a moment before he said, “Moneyless Squad.”

Laica asked in disbelief, “Who gave us this lousy name?”

“The Pope.”

I was alarmed. “Moneyless? Don’t tell me that he really didn’t give us even a little bit of funding?”

“Er… He did, but he said that he would deduct it from your future salary.”

“…Can I go and become the Demon King?”

We spurred our horses on, galloping, pausing occasionally to let the horses rest. Around the time when the afternoon was turning into the evening, I told everyone, “I’m a little tired. Let’s ride a little slower, and when there’s a town, let’s rest.”

“Why is your stamina even worse than what it used to be?” Laica complained unhappily.

Indifferently, I said, “That’s probably because the holy light within my body is far from what it used to be! Holy light more or less has a little bit of a recovery effect.”

Laica flinched and then started to look guilty. I quickly changed the topic, saying, “Roland’s physical fitness is the best, Charlotte’s dark element is the strongest, and I seem to be the strongest in a mishmash of abilities.”

Though it was only for the sake of diverting the topic, after I said that, even I myself was blank for a moment.

So when the three of us are combined together, we are the invincible Demon King. Also, my dark element seems to be higher than before because the one with the strongest dark element, Charlotte, is dead.

“You are really the strongest in a mishmash of abilities.” Vival nodded his head in agreement.

…Though that is the truth, hearing it really makes one feel kind of angry!

“Sun, there’s a town up ahead. Let’s rest there!” After Ceo finished speaking, he warned us, “Everyone, be careful. Don’t reveal your identity. If there isn’t a need, don’t talk to others.”

Everyone nodded their heads.

We entered the town, and at first, I was still a little worried. However, we didn’t attract too much attention on the way to the restaurant except for the restaurant’s waitresses frantically exchanging winks with Ceo and occasionally sneaking a peek at the other three… Why isn’t any woman looking at me?

In any case, I am also a handsome guy! Never mind losing to Awaitsun, but it can’t be that I can’t even compare with Vival, Laica, and Tyler?

I glared at Tyler, growling, “Tyler, answer me, am I not as handsome as you guys?”

Tyler froze for a moment before he answered in a hurry, “Maybe it’s because you have a head of white hair right now, giving you a mysterious and profound aura, so people are afraid to approach you!”

Vival instead said with suspicion, “Is that so? On the contrary, I think that Su-… Grisia right now has really long hair and is also very skinny. His skin is as white as a spirit, and the clothes that he is wearing are even cleric robes. At first glance, you simply look like a woman.”

“What do you mean at first glance? Even after you look closely, he still looks a lot like a woman!” Laica immediately continued. I keep feeling that, right now, his words seem to be a lot more poisonous than before!

I look a lot like a female right now? I looked at Tyler with an inquiring expression. As a vice-captain, he didn’t have the authority to refuse to answer, and of course, he couldn’t lie either. Thus, he was forced to give a reply. “Indeed, you do look a little like one.”

Ceo was very serious as he said, “No, he really looks like one. I keep having this impulse to wink at Grisia!”

“Because you are using sensing, you possibly might not have noticed…” Vival whispered into my ear, “From the time we stepped into the town till now, there have been a lot of guys winking at you!”

I’m really thankful I haven’t noticed that! If I were to notice a man winking at me, I might possibly not be able to stomach this meal. Who wants to be winked at by a man?!

When I turned around, Ceo was still winking at the waitresses. This couldn’t help but make me think that, even now, there were men winking at me… Goosebumps broke out all over my skin! I hurriedly reminded him, “Ceo, at the moment you don’t have to wink, you know?”

“…I really forgot.” Ceo retracted his gaze and then started to pour all his effort into eating. Even if there was a waitress with a super good figure walking past him, he didn’t even raise his head, and he seemed to even look very moved.

All of a sudden, Vival said, “Grisia, actually, if you were to dress up as a woman, wouldn’t the disguise be even more effective?”

After he said that, every one of them had an expression of sudden realization. In order to prevent them from making suggestions such as “Why don’t you wear a lace skirt and then tie a bow on top of your head” and the like, I immediately said, “Right now, don’t I already look a lot like a woman?”

All four of them stared at me, and in the end, they couldn’t help but agree. “You really do look a lot like a woman.”

…Though not having to wear a lace skirt makes me feel a lot more at ease, hearing that sentence really makes me angry!

Vival patted my shoulder, comforting me. “Don’t worry, at least you look like a beauty. Moreover, it’s not a common beauty but the extremely beautiful kind! If I didn’t know the truth, even I would want to woo you.”

F***! I’m even more worried now. What if later on in the night, someone tries to attack me?

Under the situation where I was very scared and on edge and didn’t dare use my sensing ability to see how many men around were winking at me, I finished my food rapidly. Following which, I let Ceo get rooms from the employee at the front desk. After a whole day on the road, I simply wanted to lie on a bed and sleep.

Ceo told the shop assistant, “Please give me two rooms.”

“Two rooms?” The shop assistant frowned as he said, “Our rooms aren’t very big; having four guys squeeze into one room might be pushing it a little!”

Ceo was stunned for a moment and answered back in confusion, “Why do we have to squeeze four people in one room? We can split into three people in a room and two people in a room, right?”

This time, it was the employee who was stunned. After sneaking a peek at me, he showed an expression as though he thought it unfathomable and replied, “Yes, of course you can.” Then, he gave two keys to Ceo.

Ceo turned around and handed one of the keys over to me, saying, “Grisia, you’ll share a room with Tyler!”

It didn’t make a difference who I shared the room with, but Ceo’s attitude made me feel that something was a little strange, for he seemed to especially not want to sleep in the same room as me. Deliberately, I said, “No, I’d like to sleep in the same room as you.”


I seem to have heard a sharp intake of breath coming from the side? I used my sensing ability to check and discovered that many men were looking at my back, their faces full of disappointment…

Ceo flatly rejected me, saying, “I don’t want to. Earlier, I had a very heavy workload, so I want to sleep tonight. I don’t want to take care of the men who attempt a night raid!”

Vival patted Tyler’s shoulder, saying, “We’ll hand Grisia’s chastity over to you. We’re going to sleep.”

Upon receiving the order, Tyler reflexively gave a “Yes.”

“…Yes, my ass!” I smacked his head.

Climbing onto the bed, I immediately felt a little drowsy. Though I knew that I should go take a bath first, so as to avoid the stench of sweat ruining the Sun Knight’s image… Wait a moment! Right now, I’m in disguise, so I shouldn’t need to behave like a Sun Knight, right?

Very well, let’s sleep!

I was just about to extend a hand to grab the blanket when Tyler opened his mouth to ask a little hesitantly, “Knight-Captain Sun, could I please consult you on an issue?”

Although I really wanted to say leave it for tomorrow, it was simply very difficult to tell someone who had a heart-broken expression on his face to obediently go to sleep… If I didn’t know the truth, I might possibly be under the impression that the person that Tyler had lost was actually his lover and not his captain.

Gathering his courage, Tyler asked, “Knight-Captain Sun, was it really Captain who killed you?”

I went stiff for a moment and said, “Yes, but don’t blame Roland! Tyler, he has his circumstances.”

Tyler fell silent for a moment then sighed as he said, “If the person that Captain had killed doesn’t blame him, then I don’t think I have the right to blame him. It’s just that… Am I left without a captain again?”

I looked at Tyler and asked back, “Is being captain yourself not good?”

Hesitation appeared on Tyler’s face, and he seemed at a loss of what to say. He replied back falteringly, “To every holy knight, it is likely a dream to be able to become one of the Twelve Holy Knights! Probably, it’s only Adair who thinks otherwise. He always says that he doesn’t have your ability and doesn’t dare become the Sun Knight. However, no one believes his words, and that’s because…”

He suddenly trailed off, as though he didn’t dare to speak.

“It won’t hurt to say it directly. No matter what you say, I won’t blame you.”

Tyler then lowered his voice to say, “That’s because he’s always extremely busy, as though he is already doing all the work that the Sun Knight does. However, he insists that he doesn’t have the ability to become the Sun Knight… I had asked him about it before, why he thinks that he is not qualified to be the Sun Knight.”

“What did he say?” I couldn’t help but ask in curiosity.

“Adair said that everything he does is just following orders, and what’s truly hard to do is actually giving orders.”

I smiled and felt satisfied as I commented, “As expected, I didn’t choose the wrong vice-captain.”

“I really wish that I could hear that line too.”

I was stunned, and Tyler explained, “Perhaps I also want to be the Hell Knight, but I still wish that Captain would come back.” After that, he gave a weak smile, asking, “Knight-Captain Sun, am I being too greedy?”

“Indeed, a little too greedy…” Though, I am also the same.

I opened my mouth to say, “Tyler, go run into the other room to notify the others.”

“Notify?” Tyler asked back in astonishment. “But, what should I notify them about?”

“There is a large group of creatures of darkness coming toward this town. They are to get ready for battle!”

Tyler opened his eyes wide, but he instantly stood up and went to carry out my orders without any hesitation. He didn’t even question me on how I knew that. He really did almost have the Adair’s demeanor and was a pretty good vice-captain.

I touched the Divine Sun Sword at my waist. Right now, even when I was sleeping, I would use it as a bolster, though it was so hard that it was difficult to use it as one. If my sleeping posture wasn’t good, I would often even discover an imprint of a sword handle on my face when I woke up the next morning!

However, I at the moment had to get used to this. That’s because carrying the Divine Sun Sword with me everywhere can help make up for the problem of my deficiency in holy light.

Now, the scabbard of the Divine Sun Sword had been replaced with the Pope’s specially made sealing scabbard, which could prevent holy light from leaking out and causing unnecessary trouble. However, this seal also made me unable to absorb holy light from the Divine Sun Sword smoothly. It wasn’t that I couldn’t absorb any at all, but still, if I had to cast an Advanced Heal, I would probably have to pull out the sword… It’s just that, after pulling out the sword, I have a feeling that a Death Monarch would be knocking at my door.

Moreover, sealing the Divine Sun Sword created another major problem…


Everyone knocked the door aside and rushed in. I rolled my eyes at them and said unhappily, “I’m Grisia. Don’t call me by the wrong name.”

Ceo immediately switched to ask, “Grisia, what happened?”

“Large numbers of creatures of darkness have entered from the southwest section of the town.”

“The southwest section of the town…” Moon retrieved a map from his possessions, and after spreading it out on the table, he looked at it, frowning for a moment. Then he said, “In that direction, there is indeed a land of darkness. However, the distance is about a hundred kilometers away, so it’s impossible that they came from there… Could it be that the land of darkness has already expanded to this place?”

Metal’s eyes turned wide as he said, “It can’t be! If every land of darkness has expanded a hundred kilometers, then is there any place left for humans to live?”

Seeing everyone’s face turning more and more unsightly, I explained quickly, “The land of darkness has not expanded up to here. It could be that the seal on that land of darkness has been broken, and that’s why some creatures of darkness came out.”

Ceo furrowed his brows as he commented, “Grisia, we shouldn’t get into contact with the creatures of darkness and especially should not fight with them. If we do, then the disguises that we wore specifically for this would become meaningless!”

Once he finished his words, Tyler immediately cried out in alarm, “Wait, if we ignore them, then are we to look on helplessly as the villagers in this town are all slaughtered by the creatures of darkness?”

Hearing that, Ceo’s face darkened too. No, it wasn’t just him. All four of their faces darkened, as though they were facing the end of the world.

“Listen to me.” I only said three words, but all of them turned around to stare at me, their expressions a spitting image of a creditor who met up with someone who owed them a debt.

Unhappily, I told them, “What are you so nervous for? There are so many holy knights and clerics in this world, and there are traces of holy light everywhere. As long as we don’t use the weapons that are exclusive to the Twelve Holy Knights, then even the Demon King wouldn’t know that members of the Twelve Holy Knights are here.”

Once I said my piece, everyone had on an expression of sudden realization.

“The ones attacking are only some common creatures of darkness, so there’s nothing to be nervous about. Now, let us go in the direction in which the creatures of darkness are nearing, and then along the way, we’ll tell the villagers that we have discovered creatures of darkness approaching, so as to let them escape beforehand. Also…”

“What’s wrong?” Vival asked, not understanding.

I turned around to look into the distance. Though I actually had no need to turn my head around, I would often do so by reflex. Also, by doing this, I can also let the others know what I am doing, so as to prevent them from randomly guessing.

“The number of those creatures of darkness is more than what I had sensed before. Also, among them, there seems to be a few higher-level creatures of darkness. The speed at which they are approaching is really fast… Oh no, there are some that can fly among them!”

I instantly turned back around to face the others and then commanded, “Tyler, go to the place where the most villagers are to battle with the creatures of darkness, and try to use exaggerated fighting styles as much as possible.”

Tyler froze, and I roared at him, “This is an order!”

After saying that, I cast the Wings of God spell onto Tyler, Laica, and Vival so as to increase their speed by a large margin. However, I skipped doing so on Ceo. That’s because his normal speed was already the fastest among the Twelve Holy Knights, and if he were to become even faster, I was afraid that others might suspect his identity.

“Ceo, go along with Tyler. He’s responsible for using exaggerated fighting to attract the villagers’ attention, and you shall take the opportunity to gather together the adventurer teams and strong men in the town. Tell them to exert themselves to protect their own town! Right, remember not to use your leg armor so as to prevent others from finding out your true identity.”

After saying “Yes,” Ceo grabbed Tyler and headed out the door.

I turned to give commands to Laica and Vival. “You guys patrol within the city and put rescuing the elderly, women, and children as your top priority. Also, once you save them, run away. The best result would be if you were not seen by others. I will use my sensing to check where the civilians in danger are and then pass on the location to you.”

Both of them replied back with a “Yes” and turned around to leave. However, upon reaching the door, Vival seemed to be a bit worried as he turned back to ask, “Are you staying here?”

I nodded my head. “Yes, I am going to stay here to sense the surroundings.”

Hearing that, Vival then turned back to leave with Laica.

I waited until they were some distance away, and then coated myself with a layer of dark element. This way the creatures of darkness would think that I was one of them and hence would not attack me.

Tyler rushed outside and shouted loudly. At first, his actions caused a lot of disgruntlement. However, that wasn’t strange. To shout like that in the middle of the night and not have someone throw wine bottles at him at his first yell would already be pretty good.

However, as Tyler talked on and on, quite a few people started to gather by his and Ceo’s side. Ceo roared to a few men. I’m not sure what he said, but the men’s faces started to show rage, and then one after another, they dashed back into their homes to take out various kinds of weapons: hoes, sickles, kitchen knives and even brooms!

Looks like there aren’t any problems on this side.

I turned my attention back to the creatures of darkness’ movements. They had already started to invade the town.

Laica, continue walking straight ahead. Vival, turn left.

The two of them followed my commands without hesitation. The creatures of darkness that Laica encountered were three werewolves of a slightly higher level. Vival’s opponents were a large bunch of skeletons, about twenty of them.

Seeing the situation, I couldn’t help but feel a little worried. Though, under normal circumstances, these creatures of darkness weren’t much of a threat to the Twelve Holy Knights, at the moment, both Vival and Laica didn’t have Light Shield to protect them, and they couldn’t use the exclusive weapons of the Twelve Holy Knights either.

Moreover, they were both members of the “cruel, cold-hearted” faction, so I wasn’t too sure of their actual capabilities. If it were the members of my own “good, warm-hearted” faction, I would definitely leave the job of rescuing to Earth and Cloud. The strongest protection and the strongest… attacker you can’t even see coming!

The more I thought about it, the more worried I grew. I quickly used my psychic magic to send them a message.

Laica, Vival, are these creatures of darkness too strong? Should I find Ceo to assist you both…

Laica was lightning fast. With a single jump, he leaped past the sides of the three werewolves. When he landed, the three werewolves behind him opened their eyes wide, and in the next second, large amounts of blood spurted from their throats. Then they collapsed onto the ground.

It was so cool that even I gave Laica a round of applause… Or perhaps giving him a few lashes would be more to his liking?

On the other side, facing twenty or so skeletons, Moon took out his whip that was the kind with spikes at the end. After he uncoiled his whip, numerous gouges appeared on the ground around him, almost like there was a tornado surrounding him. Once they hit this tornado, the skeletons had to resign themselves to the fate of turning into white ash on the ground.

As expected, I wasn’t wrong; Moon is the “stand rooted to the spot and only move the whip” type.

After the two of them killed the creatures of darkness within a matter of seconds, they even stared at the sky in a rather synchronized movement, which would mean at me, and rolled their eyes.

…Very well, I was obviously just worrying too much.

Following that, the two of them went around to help the civilians under my directions. When the number of creatures of darkness increased, they also had to kill a large bunch of them offhandedly while hurrying on their way to the next rescue. However, this “offhandedly” didn’t slow them down at all. Quite frequently, they just ran past the creatures’ sides, and then the creatures of darkness would either have their throats slit or their legs cut off.

After the creatures of darkness appeared, none of the villagers who were rescued seemed to notice the presence of Laica and Vival.

After being attacked by the creatures of darkness, the civilians were all in a state of extreme panic, and they didn’t even dare to glance back while running away. Added with Vival’s and Laica’s originally fast speed and the support of the Wings of God spell, the civilians would often run a certain distance before suddenly looking back and finding the undead creatures chasing them to be either missing or down on the ground. However, by then, the two of them would already be off in other places saving other people.

After the rescuing had been going on for some time, I finally could not find any lone civilians who had fallen behind. After instructing Laica and Vival to go around and hunt the creatures of darkness, I went back to look at the situation on Ceo’s side.

The situation on Ceo’s and Tyler’s side seemed to have developed pretty well too. Under their lead, the men held weapons of all sorts to hold back the creatures of darkness. Even if there was any danger, Ceo and Tyler would save them in time. As for the women with children and the elderly, they were hiding in a few houses that were heavily protected…

“Don’t come any closer! Help!”

I was stunned. This cry seems to have come from the lounge downstairs.

After shifting my attention to the ground floor, I then discovered that there were actually two children who had fallen behind! The boy was tightly hugging a girl who was smaller than him. Though the two of them were hiding behind the front desk, it didn’t stop two skeletons from finding them. One of the skeletons’ hands was already reaching toward the boy’s arm!

I dashed frantically out of the room and ran all the way to the lounge. When I passed by the tables and chairs, I even conveniently picked up a chair to throw at the two skeletons.

One of them had their left hand knocked away by the chair, and the other had a hole punctured in its skull. Regardless of which part of them got injured, I had successfully managed to attract their attention. The two skeletons gave up on the children and then ran toward me in a rage.

Though I really wanted to just directly turn them into dust with holy light, doing that might possibly attract even more creatures of darkness. At that moment, the amount of holy light that I had was simply not enough to make the creatures of darkness feel afraid and hence keep away. On the contrary, it might make them even angrier.

“Wind Blade!”

Several streams of wind flew out from my hands and cut the skeletons apart in a cross shape, and they instantly split into four parts. This was the fastest way to make them lose their combat power.

The boy surreptitiously poked his head out from behind the front desk, and I whispered to him, “Hide there, and don’t come out!”

I turned around, and ten or so more creatures of darkness appeared at the door. Not to mention that they were well-equipped… For an undead creature, holding a weapon and wearing a little bit of something on their body is already considered very well-equipped.

After thinking for a moment, I didn’t attack but instead stopped restraining my inherent ability to gather dark element and let the dark element naturally gather onto my body. After I gathered it to a certain degree, I had to use all my willpower to force myself to stop. That kind of feeling where you are filled with strength is simply t-too hard to resist…

I coldly told them, “Get lost!”

These creatures of darkness didn’t leave, but they did instantly kneel down before me with almost their entire upper body plastered onto the ground, not daring to even look at me.

Creatures of darkness are actually kneeling down before me… I turned my head around and roared, “Scram!”

This time, they really did run off, scrambling and crawling away.

To actually be able to command undead creatures to get lost… Not having enough holy light, the dark element would naturally be attracted to me. After the Divine Sun Sword was sealed, I had no way to stop the dark element from gathering, to the point where the moment my hand left the hilt of the Divine Sun Sword, my body would immediately be invaded by dark element. What kind of Sun Knight am I?

“Thank you…”

I froze for a moment, and then turned around to see the boy walk out from behind the front desk, leading the girl by the hand. The two of them looked to be in a state of panic, and they ran to my side in small steps. The little boy grabbed my hand, and the girl was even more straightforward as her whole body clung to me. The two of them were trembling all over.

“Don’t be afraid!” I comforted them in a hurry. “With me here, these things will definitely have no way to harm you!”

It seemed that the boy only started to feel scared at this moment, and his tears fell non-stop. As he wiped away his tears, he thanked me, “Thank you! Thank you, big sister, thank you for saving me and my little sister!”

…F***! I’m a man!

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