The Legend of Sun Knight V7Prologue: Insanity (April Fools version)

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The Legend of Sun Knight Volume 7: Ending the Demon King, Part One

Original novel in Chinese by: 御 我 (Yu Wo)

Prologue: Insanity – translated by lucathia

The holy light from Resurrection nearly blinded them, but no one was willing to blink at all, afraid that they would miss the slightest twitch from the man lying on top of the conference table.

The Pope’s face grew ashen as he continued to release more holy light, but no one was paying him any attention. Not even the Pope was attending to his own condition.

Everyone had their eyes trained on the fallen leader of the Twelve Holy Knights — Grisia Sun.

His white hair was spread across the table, his blood-stained clothes contrasting sharply with its lack of color. His faded blue eyes were wide open, like he had been staring in the face of betrayal right before his death, even though he could not have seen it with his eyes. Or perhaps he had been so shocked that he could not comprehend the revelation he had been forced to accept.

No one would be able to claim that his death had been a kind one.

Finally, his eyes slowly closed, but the Pope didn’t relax. He continued releasing more holy light. Everyone waited with bated breath, nearly afraid to breathe.

They were all waiting for those eyes to open once more.

In one bright flash, the Pope released all of the holy light he had left. He gasped, nearly collapsing by the table. The light was so bright that even though all of them still refused to blink, they couldn’t prevent themselves from wincing.

As Elmairy rubbed his eyes to get rid of the black spots in his vision, he thought he saw Grisia’s fingers twitch. Then, Grisia gasped, like one might do after resurfacing from water.

All of a sudden, his eyes shot open. Bone Prisons sprang up around him.

“Roland…” was the first thing Grisia said.

“Sun, you’re safe!” Lesus shouted. You were…betrayed, but you’re safe now.

Grisia turned his head, tilting his ear towards Lesus. “I’m safe?” He weakly reached a hand to his neck and then twisted the bloody fabric in front of his chest where he had been stabbed. “I’m… alive?”

He dispelled the Bone Prison.

“The Pope resurrected you,” Lesus said, but even as he spoke, he saw a strange expression come over Grisia’s face.

Then, Lesus saw Grisia grab the front of his shirt, his hands roving about.

“Sun?” Elmairy called out in concern.

Without answering, Grisia cupped the front of his chest. “Tell me I’m hallucinating.”

Lesus stared, suddenly all too aware of the price Grisia had paid.

Georgo whistled. “That’s some rack you’ve got!”

“What? That’s no way to speak to-” In the middle of his retort, Chikus finally got a good look at Grisia. His jaw promptly dropped open.

“Is there something wrong with your eyes?” Laica asked Ceo.

Ceo stopped winking. “Ah… no. I just suddenly had this urge to wink…”

Grisia’s breathing was now very labored, like he couldn’t get enough air. “Could you all… just… What the **** happened! Someone explain it to me.”

He propped himself up, his long white hair falling behind his back. Now that his hair was no longer in the way, it was easy to see that Grisia possessed something extra he didn’t have earlier.

He cupped his “breasts,” yes, breasts, and demanded an explanation. These breasts were large enough that Feng Lan would surely envy him for them.

“Hey, don’t look at me,” the Pope said, hastily diverting the blame from himself. “I told them all that it was possible that you would come back with something that would make you want to die instead.”

“Sun would never choose to abandon us!” Chikus bellowed.

“But how can he stay the Sun Knight with…” Aivis gestured towards Grisia’s chest.

Grisia hugged himself to stop them from staring at his chest. He screeched, “I would rather die!”

“Grisia,” Lesus finally said. “Don’t be like that. It’s only… some extra… lumps…”

“Only some extra lumps!? You try to have these!” But after he shouted, Grisia looked up with a calculating expression. Then, his mouth wavered and water leaked out of his eyes. “Oh Lesus! You’ll take care of me, won’t you?”

Lesus immediately took a step back. He knew Grisia well enough to know that he had nothing good up his sleeve.

“Lesus~!” Grisia said and swung his legs over the table. He leapt towards Lesus, his breasts bouncing.

Lesus immediately tripped him and stepped out of the way.

“Ow!” Grisia exclaimed, falling to the floor. He sat up and whined, his voice climbing high. “That was mean of you.”

“Captain Judgment, no fair!” Laica complained. “You should trip me!”

Lesus rubbed his temples. At least it seemed like Grisia had no other side effects. He could hear. He could speak. He could gather elements. His personality was obviously still intact too.

“Sun, is it just me, or is your voice even higher than my girlfriend’s now?” asked Vival.

Grisia froze. He quickly patted himself between his legs.

He shrieked.

Everyone winced.

Ecilan patted Grisia on the shoulder. “I’ll make you blueberry pie.”

That’s not going to solve anything, is it? Everyone else thought to themselves.

Demos appeared to say, “But we still need a Sun Knight.” Then, he disappeared again.

Everyone turned to stare at Grisia’s… chest.

“The problem is those two melons.”


“But isn’t he a girl now?”

“So? He looked like one before anyway! He still looks the same now except for his chest!”

“Stop talking like I’m not here!”

Now it was everyone else’s turn to adopt a calculating face.

“What if he binds them?”

“It’s going to get in the way of his swordplay if he doesn’t anyway.”

“He sucks at swordsmanship, so that’s not a factor!

“Bind them and problem solved!”

“Who has bandages?”

Laica immediately left to get his bandages.

Just then, Adair burst into the room. “Captain, you were rescued?”

How did you get here so quickly? Everyone wondered. Adair had evacuated with the citizens after all and should have been nowhere near Leaf Bud City.

Adair stared at his captain. “I think I’m dreaming.”

“You’re not.”

“I must never have woken back up after fainting.”

“No, you’re awake.”

With a determined expression, Adair dropped to his knees and loudly exclaimed, “Captain, please marry me!”

Alarmed, Chikus shook his head and shouted, “No, if anyone, it should be me! I’m his number one supporter!”

To the side, Elmairy worriedly said, “Storm, I’m afraid for your eyes.”

Ceo shouted, “I can’t stop winking!”

While all this was happening, Lesus watched without a word, expression solemn as one would expect of the Judgment Knight, but he was secretly thinking, Grisia’s mine!

Grisia flipped the table and yelled, “Awaitsun!!!!! I changed my mind! I want to become the Demon King! Take me away from this nightmare!” Sadly, Awaitsun was too far away to hear him. He wasn’t around in the Holy Temple, let alone the current room.

Adair was hurt. Did his captain prefer Awaitsun over him? “I’m just kidding, Captain. Don’t worry. It’s April 1st.”

“April Fools!” The Twelve Holy Knights shouted.

Vival glanced over Grisia appreciatively. “I know your real fate is probably different, but maybe you’ll find that you prefer this one instead.”

“No thank you!” Grisia shouted. He spoke in a higher volume, addressing an audience that wasn’t there. “You better go click the real link and forget any of this ever happened! But don’t forget the blueberrypie!”

Meanwhile, Laica had returned with the bandages. He brandished them in front of them. “I’ve got them!”

In unison, the Twelve Holy Knights surrounded Grisia.

Grisia backed up with his hands held up. “Wait, I’m your leader!”

“Exactly! We cannot be without a Sun Knight, even if he has turned into a girl!”

“Without the Sun Knight, we would have no path to follow!”

“Grab him!”


This was the 2014 April Fools version of LSK V7Prologue. The link to the real prologue was included in the chapter. The password to the chapter was blueberrypie.

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    • [PR]raylight

      OMG I watched that one! My heart was breaking while watching it.

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    • @Monica
      *raises hand* The story is inspired from Yu Wo’s V6 author notes, hahaha. It just so happened to work out that I also translated the real chapter. =P

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