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Hi, Ray here. I haven’t updated in a long time, so I thought I would share some plurks from Yu Wo. Some of them are newer and some are from way further back ^^; Well, just enjoy the short reads!


A hurricane is here. The first thing you want to prepare is?

Charles: Large amounts of meat. The young master cannot go on without meat.

Grisia: Ice.


Today is Father’s Day. May I ask what did everyone do together with their father?

Briar: “I hand-made a tea cake and brewed tea for my father.”

Charles: “I will go to the place of my honorable father’s eternal slumber, and present fresh flowers.”

Ah Ye: “… E-eat bullets?”


When I was rushing work, I suddenly had a BL inspiration.

Hello, God of Inspiration, do you have a problem? Did you send the wrong goods again?


If today we were to open a figure drawing class, who would everyone wish to invite to be a model?

Yu Wo’s demo:

Charles? Um… He doesn’t really have muscle, and his body isn’t really my cup of tea.

Gong Hua… Sorry, traps are even more not my cup of tea (hides face)

Jiang Ziya…. I can’t think of any reason for me to look for you (*getting beaten up by Ziya*)

That’s right! I must definitely find that man with three goods, good personality, good body and good ability – Lesus Judgment!


The wet and cold weather is here again!!! What does everyone think?

Grisia: “I live only inside the Holy Temple, so there’s not much difference. If it’s too cold I’ll just go look for Blaze. Also, if it’s too hot I would go look for Ice instead.”

Gong Hua: “I hate the cold, but I like rainy days. (stuck between a rock and a hard place)”

Ri Xiang Ye: “I don’t really feel much temperature difference. But if my wings were to get soaked by the rain, I would have to make Charles wipe them down when I get home. It’s a little troublesome.”

Charles: “…………… (Last time when he wiped the wings he cut his hand)”


Recently I have been asked a lot: “I’m really curious how the 36th generation Sun Knight who taught Neo was like (and then conveniently ask how the other 11 knights of the 36th generation were like)”

OH MY GOD! Writing all three generations of 37, 38, 39, and 12 holy knights is 36 names already. With another 36 generation, my head is really going to become fried. Everyone, please let me off the hook~~


If you have a big business and you are the head, who would you want to employ as your secretary?

1. Adair (Can fight, cooks well in the kitchen and is presentable, the Sun Knight personally endorses him)

2. Karl (With a computer in his hand, everything is attainable. The Sun Emperor refuses to be interviewed and hung up the phone so we cannot obtain his verification)

3. Charles (Talented with all housework. After Ri Xiang Ye’s strong recommendation, he asks for everyone not to snatch away Charles from him.)

4. Bai Saya (Only specializes with taking care of children. He’s actually here to increase the options. Compared to the three above, he probably only win in looks. )(That is enough)


If YuWo’s coffeeshop were to open, who would you like to order to… “service” you?

1. Grisia~ (A service staff who has a bright smile is indeed not bad, just don’t peek into his inner thoughts)

2. Lesus~ (It feels as though the service staff’s expression is just as bitter as the coffee)

3. Charles~ (There probably isn’t anyone more suitable than him…)

4. Ri Xiang Ye~ (Everytime I mention this option, I will be killed by his brother)

5. Gong Hua~ (With just him as a waiter, just by using vines, he could lift up the entire store, I say)

6. Melody~ (It feels like all the money on you will all become her tip)

7. Briar (Will be killed by Ah Ye)


I saw a message on Facebook, and it started with, “Big Sis YuWo, for the portion that Metal was hit…”

The message was cut off here because I didn’t open it. I was shocked in my heart, thinking whether she was asking me not to write too detailed for the scene that Metal was being hit. After all, there were also a lot of young readers for The Legend of Sun Knight, and to write a scene that was being beaten was indeed a little… However, being beaten is the main highlight of Metal! How am I to delete those?

Just as I was thinking of how to reply, I nervously opened the message. It wrote, “Big Sis YuWo, for the portion that Metal was hit, could you add a little more?”

…. I could only reply with, “Metal will cry for you!”


Say, one has to eat Tang Yuan (balls of glutinous rice) on Winter Solstice Festival, so what kind of Tang Yuan do you want to eat the most?

Ah Ye: “Meat Tang Yuan!”

Charles: “Yes, young master.”

Grisia: “Blueberry Tang Yuan!”

Ecilan: …. *distressed*


(T/N: Everyone, think of something instantaneously to represent each alphabet, from A to Z. The first thing you think of. (Example: Apple, Banana, Citrus, etc) …. Done that yet? Good. Now compare your answer to Yu Wo’s. )

The words that I thought of instantly from A to Z:

A-film (Adult video) ~ Body ~ C cup ~ Dog ~ Endless ~ FF13 ~ GOD (T/N:One of her novels is named that) ~ H (Hentai) ~ Ice ~ Jolin ~ Kim (T/N:Her facebook link on top is Kim. Yu Wo) ~ Love ~ Men ~ No ~ Oops ~ Ps. ~ Qoo ~ RIP ~ Superman ~ T-shirt ~ Until ~ Victory ~ WWWW ~ X-Men ~ Yeah hand sign(T/N: At least that’s what I think it is…) ~ ZzzzZZZzzzz

I think that my words associated from A to Z definitely has something wrong somewhere.

(T/N: Yu Wo, don’t you think that your word associations to English is a little… Some of them are not even proper phrases XD)


Say. When I was reading a thread “How did you know about the Legend of the Sun Knight” on the forums, there was a lot of people talking about how they started reading my novel. I had always read this thread and enjoyed it very much doing so.

Today, I suddenly saw a reason that was actually, “Because my father is reading, that’s why I too followed to read it”!!!!! OOOHHHHHH!!! Please introduce your father to me (Wrong), I really want to know what the father felt after reading it!

Is there any father who after seeing it, set a decision to want to give birth to twelve children with their wife~~ (Definitely there wouldn’t be any)


Being curious: Which character’s name do you dislike the most in Yu Wo’s works?

The top answer was Fat pig of a king XD (Yu Wo: That’s not his real name!)

(T/N: My favorite answer:

Lesus… I guess. That’s cause Judgement Laser Beam made me laugh for a week. When I read the book, and when I see Judge appear, my brain keeps thinking about Judgement Laser Beam, this is really very tortuous. *hides face*)

(T/N:On an unrelated note, on Facebook, everyone seems to have misinterpreted the question as “Which character do you dislike the most”. And I see a lot of female names…)

Similarly, she asked this:

In Yu Wo’s books, which character’s name do you like the most?

One of the top answers was Grisia *hides face*

(T/N: My favorite answer:

If just judging from the name, it should be Lesus Judgement? … Feels like when you read it out, it’ll sound like “Laser Judgement” from some kind of limited edition collecting card or the like?



Say… Just now I typed, “Sun Knight looked innocently at the raging Captain Ludge”…. ….

Wait a minute, did I type something wrong somewhere? (Tilts head to look at the sentence) (Looks like there isn’t anything wrong though)

Note: Yu Wo typed 雷判長 here, and in Chinese, Lesus Judgement is 雷瑟.審判… All the comments were saying that it’s the short form www

(Some of the more amusing comments:

Sun called him Captain Ludge, that’s why he’s angry

And then it would become “Captain Udge”, and lastly it would become “Captain” (Totally Wrong)

Captain Ludge… Sun! Are you trying to get hounded by all the Judgement Knights!

Whatever Sun says from his mouth must be right (Wrong)

“At the moment, you are witnessing a news that happened just now. Within Leaf Bud City, the devotees that represent the God of Light – The occupational name of Judgment Knight of the Twelve Holy Knights, has already changed to… ” (Doubt?!)


Say… Yesterday was Captain Ludge, and today is…

“Hearing this call, the Sun Knight revealed a dazzling, life-ending smile”

(Who was killed by you? Is this a ‘end of life’ smile?)

Note: She meant to put 奪目, which means eye-catching, attention-grabbing, but she put 奪命 instead, which means to take away one’s life XDDD

(Some funny comments:

Sun’s smile can dazzle people to death XDD

The benevolent God of Light will forgive your mistakes…

If you glance at Medusa you’ll get turned into stone, but if you glance at the Sun Knight you’ll go to heaven… The conclusion is that Sun is a weapon walking around the Earth, and is even more talented than the Death Lord

A life-claiming smile… Sun is completely a weapon against humanity

-So actually the Sun Knight’s smile can let others voluntarily give up their own life- (Wrong direction)

<s>Sun will become the most successful assassin in history</s> (What a useful ability)

<s>So all those who had imparted the technique had been killed?</s> *shot*

Sun’s new ability – Life-ending smile! Smiling once will topple a city, and twice will topple the country (wait something’s wrong)

Benevolent technique of killing

Those who see the smile will go and see the God of Light


Say… What is wrong with me for typing “(because I’m) too busy” into “Have you Sun-ed?” (Sun as a verb XD)

“Have you Sun-ed”, what really is the meaning of this~~ Don’t tell me that, “Have you Sun-ed” today refers to “Have you been sparkly” today or “Have you been despicable and shameless today” kind of meaning?

Everyone, have you Sun-ed today?

(Best Comments:

Damn, I have undead creature-ed today.

Mid-term exams, I have Storm-ed.

I Cloud-ed today, nobody could find me

I have Silent Eagle-ed (become handsome)

If I don’t Sun during an exam, how can I Sun? (translate: If I’m not ‘despicable’ (cheating) during an exam, how could I get ‘sparkling’ results?)

I have blueberry-ed…(got eaten by Sun?!)

I have Metal-ed today (you got hit?!)

Tonight I will be Sun-ing, then I can Sun…(translate: Tonight I will apply a facial mask, then I can have shining skin)

I have Aldrizzt-ed today (helping Neo to cook and wash clothes now)

I have Lesus-ed today

I have Neo-ed (where did my things go…)

I am Pink-ing every day

Alright, alright, I have Twelve Knights-ed today! (simply put…schizophrenia!)

I don’t want to Leaf again

I have Ice-d today~~ (Making desserts~)

Accidentally Storm-ed

I have Yu Wo-ed today

Just directly type “Legend” is fine… This would assemble everything~ I have Legend-ed today~ (The Chinese version is even funnier, cause the title is “My life is a Knight” in olden chinese…. So it’s pretty much I have “My life”d today)


So, what did you all think? I hope it entertained you. It certainly did for me. Well, see you all another day :D

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  1. HAHAHAHA! Definitely a very entertaining read! Thks Raylight!

    Didn’t actually realise how much Lesus sounded like Laser. Somehow my mind just disconnects from English when reading the Chinese version… (Or else I might end up making other weird connections 格里西亚 (Girly see ya?) and yea all the other suggestions Dahlys made in the other blog post) Still, interesting to see such comments from Taiwanese (probably?) readers!

    And LOL, wth is a “yeah hand sign”?! A fist punch in the air? A peace sign? (definitely NOT a proper phrase)

  2. oh my god, I’ll get stomachache this whole day because of this!!

  3. Grisia’s preparation against hurricane (typhoon): (Ecilan) Ice Σ (੭ु ຶਊ ຶ)੭ु⁾⁾

    Ideal model: good looks, good personality, good ability: Lesus Judgement (ღ˘⌣˘ღ)

    its because Yu Wo’s characters for the 12 Holy Knights of all three generations are all so …unique, that’s why we are asking for more! ☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆

  4. I love Yu Wo plurks. Thank you for translating them.

  5. This made my day, thanks

  6. Oh, that was entertaining! Thank you!

  7. I was wondering, how exactly is Lesus pronounced to sound like Laser? Unless its like with the dialect and the tones and such but I don’t know XD
    I thought its like how it looks I guess either like Less-us or Loose-us
    thats so weird, I have no idea XD

    • [PR]raylight

      The thing is, originally in Chinese, Lesus’s name is 雷瑟 (Léi sè) which sounds a lot like 镭射 (Léi shè), which means Laser! I guess in English it would be somewhat like Laser and Lasen (or something like that?)

    • @[PR]raylight
      Ohhhhh okay! Thank you so much for the clarification! I do take Chinese in school, but I’m like alright at it, so I do see how its related, cool XD

  8. Q.Q Oh, raylight. What a fitting name. Redirecting rays of light from Yu Wo’s blog to this dark corner of PR! *blows dust off the staff blog* Mm… I never did get around to trying out that blueberry biscuit recipe…

    *extremely puzzled* Dar went to eat bullets with his Papa? I could understand if they were experimenting a bit on Dar’s body, but for Papa Avery to eat bullets seems a little too dangerous.

    *a little worried* Why is Ice next to all these words like “hentai” and “A-film”? It’s not Ecilan Ice from Legend of the Sun Knight, is it?

    *waves arms wildly* I-If an Yu Wo coffee shop really were to open, I’d hope Dar goes to part time there! Or Ice, so I could eat his sweets, no matter how expensive they are! It’d be very refreshing to be served by Charles (Service doesn’t get much better than that.) but in a room full of shiny tables, shiny glasses, shiny floors, and shiny tableware, it seems like it would be too easy to figure out he’s a vampire! But if he had to leave the floor a little dirtier to hide his lack of a reflection, that would break his heart. Even if people did figure out he’s a vampire, no one would mind. Even ghouls run coffee shops now!

    *heart heart* I think the Metal-fangirl plurk was the one that made my day though.

    Thank you for translating! *rolly-chairs off again*

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