The Legend of Sun Knight V8C7: “The Demon King VS The Church of the God of Light—Battle Between Subordinates” (April Fools’ Version)

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The Legend of Sun Knight Volume 8: Ending the Demon King, Part Two

Original novel in Chinese by: 御 我 (Yu Wo)

The Seventh Chapter of the Final Battle: “The Demon King VS The Church of the God of Light—Battle Between Subordinates” – translated by Kiyutsuna

I really might miss it… a bit.

I drank with everyone deep into the night. I gleefully watched Michel’s heart break over his wine. When I drank the last bottle, he nearly fainted.

Finally, it was under the holy knights’ helpful reminder, in order not to disturb others, that everyone went back to their tents to sleep.

Truthfully speaking, passing the days like this was quite fun. I thought it would even be no problem to play like this for a year! However, I didn’t have a year to play around with. It was all because of Lesus’s persistence that the Church of the God of Light sent troops, so this hero game must come to an early end.


I teleported to the top of the mountain overlooking the army from the Church of the God of Light. Five hundred holy knights and clerics. If I killed them all, could they still force me to return and be the Sun Knight? They can’t right? Even the mighty Lesus Judgment can’t.

“There’s nothing to linger over. This kind of game, I can play however many times I want.” I muttered, “Come! Adair, let’s end this game.”

I crushed the glass skull in my grasp. Dark element leaked out. As the undead army approached, I watched the battle below me play out and laughed.

I laughed and laughed, tearing the mask off my face, revealing my black eyes to the world. Holy knights fell one after another. No, there’s no turning back after this. All I can do now is sing!

Eroding darkness took over the light
The church bells ceased to ring
A lifetime of isolation,
It can’t be helped, I’m the king.

And I am laughing through the pain I feel inside
Couldn’t let tears fall, behind smiles I hide

Don’t let them in, don’t let them see
Be the reckless bad guy you have to be
Conceal, don’t feel, don’t let them know
They cannot know!

Let it go, let it go
This is the only path to take
Let it go, let it go
The whole world is what’s at stake!

I don’t care
What price I must pay
Let the un-dead rise.
The dark never bothered me anyway!

It’s truly quite ironic
How I finally have it all
Yet the luxuries that surround me
Don’t appeal to me at all!

It’s time to act like nothing’s wrong
To push my limits and stay strong
No right, no wrong, no rules for me
I’m free!

Let it go, let it go
It is too late to turn back
Let it go, let it go
Everything just fades to black

Here I stand
And here I’ll stay
Locked in a dark prison!

My power surges through my blood and in my veins
My soul is tainted by the suffocating dark that reigns
And one thought crystallizes with a chilling blast
I can’t ever make it back,
the past is in the past!

Let it go, let it go
It’s time for me to press on
Let it go, let it go
That perfect knight is gone!

Here I stand
An actor in a play
Let the un-dead rise,
The dark never bothered me anyway!

(Skip to the 10 second mark if it does not autoplay. We are happy to announce that we now have an official singer for any chapters that include songs. We hope you enjoy this extra touch to our chapters!)

A special treat. Are your eyes playing tricks, or your ears?

Happy April Fools’, the password was one letter long and all about your sense of self! It is a capital letter!

Just so you know, the link doesn’t lead to the actual chapter, so you’re not missing out. It is, like stated, a special treat. It’ll lead you to a scanlation of Facing the Darkness, the comic version of the side story. This comic version is drawn by Ya Sha, the artist for the novel covers.

And no, we aren’t going to be having an official singer. That was just a joke~~.

We’ll be leaving the post locked because we aren’t officially releasing any scanlations. The password, if you haven’t figured it out yet, is “I”.

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  1. Happy April Fool’s Day! :D

  2. So Beautiful! So Emotional!

  3. This is awesome! Great singing!

  4. Gohankuten

    Was waiting for this. Always great seeing PRs April Fools chapters. Though I do have to say this one wasn’t as good as some in the past that could actually fool some people til the very end. But the singing was a nice touch and having it be to the tune of Frozen was cool(pun intended)

  5. Ha! I know this would be happen :D

  6. Misa-chan

    Hahaha. And to think I was very happy when I saw the new chapter release.
    Happy April Fools Everyone!

    Hands up for those who remember PR’s April Fools Special for last year. That was some chapter. hahaha!

  7. XD I was really surprised when the song started playing on this open tab! I was still commenting on the update page!

    *trying to remember what male members exist on PR!*
    *blanks out* I just remember amgine and Takoyaki-kun. (Wait. “Kun” can be used on girls too, right…? *confusioned*)

    *cough cough* Now I would just like to request a cover of the Hymn of the God of Light… Encore! Encore!

    • [PR]raylight

      You did not just. XD

    • @15B
      oh yeah! i want to hear the hymn of the god of light too…

    • @15B
      You can call him Mr. Official Singer. (not, we don’t actually have an official singer)

      I would love to hear the Hymn of the God of Light~~~. We would need some kind of tune to go with it though! And full lyrics.

    • [PR]raylight

      I would actually like to hear it too but I don’t have the talent to compose songs. ;_; (nor sing high pitches, even though I love them.)

      As for lyrics, I could compile a list of everything in the chapter and eventually crap out something if I wanted to, but I don’t have a tune. XD

  8. wytwing28

    oh my!! i’ve waited for this but i did not expected it.. frozen.. haha.. it is hilarious but still sad Grisia feels this way, he sacrifies everything for the sake of protecting everyone.. i hope he wont kill those holy knights for when he returnn to be sun knight it will truly break his hearth

  9. This song works really well with Demon Lord Grisia.

  10. immasweetslovinggirl

    I would love to see someone animate this scene for scene XD

    Happy April fools day princerevolution

  11. Popcornette

    Blueberry pie, you’ve done it again! (Who else remembers that chapter?) *cough* you being PR, not the blueberry pie
    Unless the pie was the mastermind and PR the main accomplice coughcough
    I always forget that it’s April Fool’s Day though :p

  12. Hahaha…hopefully they’ll release the actual chapter tomorrom like they always ddo…

  13. Last year the original post was password protected. But i never be able to find a place to put the password in…hmmm…

  14. YoungMind

    Hahahahaha !! I was so glad when I saw there was a release I didn’t event thought about April fool’s day, but it’s not bad ! Really funny XD.
    But I do hope that the real one will be released soon though.

  15. OH MY GOSH!! HAHAHAha…… Thank you PR! I opened this in a new tab and then blanked out as the song started and I didn’t know where it was coming from. Excellent choice, and nice singing~ I look forward to for of your work, Mr. Official PR! Singer. :) Also, whoever wrote the song: nice work! It fits sooooo very very well! Sun really is having an Elsa moment, isn’t he? Erm, actually, I think Elsa is having a Sun moment.

    • EliSan

      that’s obviously Kiyutsunas work :) Only Kiyutsuna can actually think of such an interesting and new way to suprise us all!!! I wonder if the so called “official singer” is also Kiyutsuna?
      To bad i cant get the password. This time its not as obvious as the last one

  16. dollyfishe

    wahahhahah … you did a good job. i actually blank out while hearing unfamiliar song overlaps with the song from my media player. “where did it come from ? did i infected by virus again ? ” although i was expected some jokes, but i never expect them to be the song ^^

    still, blueberry pie was the best ^o^

  17. Actually i am forbidden to online for some time, but because its april fools, so i came to check prince revolution… ( i event made calendar alerts), because i already have a mountain of resenment from missing the april fool last year, and the year before, and so on…

  18. Ah, April the 1st… You can only fool news reader now. We are all waiting for you prank, with big grin and blueberry pies ready to be offer to you… right in your face! Like in old gag comedy…
    Happy April Fool PR!

  19. The pass is hidden in the song right? *-*

  20. Let it be pie!
    You guys are amazing!!! You made my day!

    Love you!

    I have to admit I expected a lot but not this aaaahhhh. Yes thank you, now I’ll have this song stuck in my head for days again (like I didn’t already)

    • @Fhays
      Also for the record I still know my German version of this by heart arrrrgh

  22. I found some lyric mistake at 00:57, 01:48, 02:46, 03:22..
    But, I can’t heard he says in 00:33 ._. My listening skill is unable to detect that word o_o
    Is this related to the password? I’m sooooo curious already!!

    • @monica
      He says isolation and then skips “it” and says “can’t be helped…”
      I don’t know if the changes are the answer, since they don’t go together very well. I feel like since I play Do Not Believe His Lies I should be able to solve this x.x

    • Monica

      Hey, there is a correct answer in my comment above.
      Try searching for it dude, I already got the correct password XD!!

    • dulcia

      erruughhrrr! i’ve racked my brain and resorted to counting the words in the song that didn’t match, i am so desperate! i can’t figure it out TT^TT i’ve been grasping at straws and making weird theories about it too -_-|||

    • @dulcia
      Don’t overthink it. :3;;

    • Adrimiz7

      i know, i’ve even tried stringing all the miswords together for a sentence and nada. This one’s hard…

    • crumps

      Guys I have literally listened to the song like 10 times I DONT KNOW WHAT TO DO

    • @dulcia
      They should just create 1 link that says i give up and makes fun of us before it brings us to the chapter.

      Is the password really on top? I can’t find anything.

    • Monica

      the answer is truly there in my given time frame ^^
      hint: just believe what did you “hear”, it’s obvious, don’t overthink it just like what Lucathia said XD

    • @dulcia
      Okay, I finally got it. @[email protected] For those still having trouble: “A special treat” is a red herring, ignore it. The answer is indeed in one of those time frames, and I bet you have even tried it! All I can say is be careful with punctuation. >.<;;

    • dollyfishe

      too bad i have to give up searching ~><~
      *puppy eyes* hoping PR will show mercy upon us who tried but failed

    • [PR]raylight

      Gonna agree with Luka and tell you all, don’t over think it. The answer is one of the above. Maybe you should think about which is the most deliberately changed?

    • @Monica
      hahahhaa ha ha…..ha.(defeated laugh). Just tell us, is it one word.

    • @lion
      just like what the others said, dobt overthink it too much. its actually simple. Mr . Official Singer kinda emphasized on the password, at least thats what I felt while listening. Take hint from monica’s comment.

  23. OMG! So cute <3 hahhahaha, love it.

  24. mandacait

    Guys I love you so much xD
    This is almost better than the genderbend one xD
    -Gosh it’s already been a whole year since it happened, hasn’t it? ;w;

  25. Jasae Bushae

    At first I thought that you were starting to include musical accompaniment to chapters until I scrolled down and realized it was an april fools joke. XD

  26. Jennifer

    I’m really happy, this is my first April Fool’s Day on PR! Ah, but I saw the prank coming as soon as I saw there were two new chapters.
    As for the song, somehow, it really fits the story right now. A round of applause to whoever wrote the lyrics! There are some truely beautiful lines in there, although I couldn’t fully appreciate them due to the fact that I was laughing too hard. All this time and Frozen jokes still crack me up. I can picture Grisia singing this with Elsa’s hair and dress. I can also picture a very angry Demon King chasing me down because I thought of that. (I’m sorry, I repent! It was just too tempting!)
    Anyway, I figured out the No Hero password on my first try, but I can’t figure out this one, can someone please give me a hint? Does it have anything to do with blueberry pie?

  27. I love the added touch of singing. PR I love your work and you make Yu Wo’s work that much more enjoyable! Thank you!

    P.S. It would be nice if someone could sing Grisia’s Hymn of the God of Light from Book 2 Chapter 1. I always wondered what that would sound like. :)

  28. I \ \ \ V

    “That perfect knight is gone….” Wahh! PR, you actually managed to hit me right in the feels on April Fools’ day. With Let It Go of all things. This. Just. I love you guys. Best April Fools’ ever ;_;

  29. Mizuhino

    I was hesitant to open this. I mean, it’s so close to the end, did I really want that to be affected by whatever you may post today? But it was so worth it. This song works really well for Grisia. Thank you~

  30. Wow. You know, the first time I heard Let It Go, Sun was exactly who came to mind. Looks like PR has read my mind ;) However, I was hoping the line “let the storm rage on” would be applied to the Twelve Holy Knights… “Let Storm rage on, those holy knights never bothered me anyway” XD

  31. karencita

    Buahahahahahahahaha!!! I seriously thought you were going to leave everything in chinesse again XD buahahahahahah this is like the time you said you werent going to keep leaving the text and began to read TLSK instead and make it into an audio book, i so fell for that one.
    Still laughing though. XD

  32. This just made my day! Thanks!!!

  33. LunaGem4

    does this mean u’ll eventually do a cover of the hammer song when the time comes :) :) :) :)

  34. Adrimiz7

    i’m curious as to how Yu-Wo would like thvs song… Thanks PR

  35. Lol. I knew it was probably an April Fool’s chapter but I didn’t think it have music. When the sing suddenly started I thought the phone was glitching or something like on another tab YouTube was on and it had started. I actually got of this page to check before I saw the little play thing and figured it out lol

  36. EclipseK

    I can’t guess it. Guess I won’t know the pass. I tend to over think things… Someone tell me tomorrow? I just wanna see how the answer connects with the April Fools chapter.

  37. snowrabbit

    I know i’ll see the april fool post, but somehow i got kinda fond of ur tricks, and listen to it anyway. Nice job, PR!

  38. dollyfishe

    not to worry … i said i have to give up, but that’s coz i need to work :p im still trying to steal time though :D i originally thought that i wont have more time, but just remember april mop just started in some places ^^ still have time to crack it later *laugh*

  39. Actually disappointed this isn’t how the series ends…

  40. Yeah no ~ I’m skipping this one and going for the no hero one. Sorry of all the songs the one that can make ears bleed and people go crazy. Well to let things just blow?

  41. SelfishLeecher

    PR may be good at making April fool jokes but they suck at making puzzles for guessing the passwords.
    Is your password using capital letters? What about spaces? Does it have numbers? Special Characters?
    At least tell us the format of the password.
    What’s the point if only 1 out of 1000 can guess it correctly?

    April Fool Jokes are supposed to last a few seconds to a few minutes.
    Otherwise it’s not about fun anymore it’s just being mean.
    Making such a hard puzzle is contrary to the spirit of April Fools Day.

    BTW. It’s 2nd April already.

  42. ~_~ when i saw the update, i was surprised there was updates at the first week of the month O_O, then i realized april fool’s day X_X huhuhu, somewhat hurt. but i liked the song it fits dear grisia <3 very much. And Grisia is a great singer XD

  43. Happy April Fools’, the password was one letter long and all about your sense of self!

    If its one letter only than it has to be i…

    And on the 8th line
    Be the reckless bad guy you have to be

    The actual singer sang it with … I have to be…

    But it still not working ….sigh….
    It’s already 2nd of april…when will pr will release the unprotected post

  44. ….i have found 5 changed words in the sang text.
    But i have no idea what to do with them anymore!
    I put then in with AND withouth spaces. NOPE
    Tried to put them in another order. NOPE
    i just give up…..i don’t get it.

  45. Uuuuuu…. The singer’s voice is so husky, I don’t like it at all…. I’m not trying to sound mean or rude, it’s just that I wanna read the chapter but I can’t bear to hear the husky voice over and over again in order to figure out the password >< God of Light, please shine Your light unto the darkness and enlighten this confused follower of Yours…

    BTW, is this official singer going to be permanent? If you people know enough computers skills to translate things and post them onto a blog, can I recommend that you guys use a Vocaloid to produce songs? It's much easier than finding a real person to sing, and Vocaloids are all professionally done, so the quality might even be slightly better.

    I probably sound like I'm complaining about the husky-voiced singer and being all whiny, and I'm sorry, but uggghh… I just wanna read the chapter already DX

    • We were just joking about having an official singer. We don’t have time like that! And definitely no time or expertise to produce Vocaloid songs. You think too highly of us. Producing songs and posting on a blog are two different worlds.

      There’s no actual chapter release at this time. The post was something different. In any case, we’ve updated the post, and now all shall be enlightened of the very complicated password.

  46. This song. Them lyrics. ; – ;
    I’m going to reread all translated the volumes now, to appreciate this song more.

  47. dollyfishe

    ok u got me … i actually give up before midnight will thinking it’s must be the csps, but tired of trying already :p sorry for my laziness *laugh to hide defeated* the jokes going too far ? ah well … why overthink it anyway :) I’m having fun for two days thinking what would the pass be ^.^

  48. King Yana

    …I’m sorry. Having an official singer for possible future song-chapters is GREAT…

    …but dude, your voice does NOT match Grisia’s. At least not in my head. It’s too…husky. And rugged. It’s a nice voice, for sure, but…not Grisia-like.

    Which is why when the music suddenly started playing while I was reading the lyric-part came…I felt a mixture of fascination and horror. Kind of like watching a train wreck. :)

    Nice April Fool’s by the way. It’s so totally expectedly unexpected.

  49. PhantasyPen

    Um, wow, any way we can get a download of this song? Please?

  50. I hate you guys~~!! XD

  51. Are cruel guys.
    I feared it was a joke April, but still tried to read it.
    It is simply not possible for me to find the password!!. *cry* I don’t understand oral English a lot ! I already difficult enough to read it … All for the king demon lol
    (really, I don´t speak English)

    • [PR]raylight

      Please read the last part of the post, the password is very clearly stated there.

    • Too late, you’ve broken my heart. :`(
      Anyway, thanks for all the work the whole year! =D
      Thank you for the whole thing! (O.O)/
      Even so, I still think are cruel.

  52. I’m trying to show the april fools page to a friend I finally got interested in the series. Is the password not working anymore for anyone else? “I” doesn’t seem to do anything , even though I remember it working before, and the page has been edited to confirm it is the password… @[email protected];;;

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