No Hero V3Prologue: Prologue (April Fools’ Version)

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No Hero Volume 3: Inhuman Killer

Original novel in Chinese by: 御 我 (Yu Wo)

Prologue — translated by lucathia

Today is a morning that is somewhat ordinary yet not exactly ordinary.

What was ordinary was that I was currently cooking various breakfast foods, just like every other day.

What was not ordinary was that when the young master returned from his run, he suddenly said that he wanted to eat beef noodle soup. The reason was because he passed by a store selling beef noodle soup during his morning run and smelled the aroma of beef being cooked. It seemed very delicious.

Therefore, I could only quickly begin to cook noodles and then consider all the methods I could think of to cook the beef so that it would become tender in the shortest time possible. Otherwise, I dreaded that it would not be done by the time the young master went to school… Thankfully, it just so happened that there was beef stored in the refrigerator. What luck amidst the misfortune.

Ding dong.

The doorbell? Who would visit at such an early hour? I quickly called out in the direction of the living room, “Dell, may I trouble you to help me answer the door?”

“I’ll do it!” Immediately, a response came from the living room.

This is the young master’s voice… Letting the young master personally open the door was truly rude of me. However, during this busy time where I had ten different types of breakfasts cooking in front of me, there was perhaps no harm in a slight compromise.

“Charles.” The young master suddenly extended his head into the kitchen.

I hurriedly turned and answered, “Yes.”

“Someone is looking for you!”

Looking for me? I was surprised and asked, “May I ask if it is X?”

The young master shook his head and replied, “It’s someone I don’t know. He says his name is Grisia Sun!”

Grisia Sun? I had absolutely no recollection of this name. It should not be someone I was familiar with. Might it be a fellow vampire who caught wind of me?

Suddenly, I heard someone sing “Let it Go” at the top of his voice. The singer was likely to be this “Grisia Sun” person who was at the door. The young master had on a delighted expression. He eagerly turned to me and said, “Charles, you won’t lose to him, right?”

“Of course not, Young Master,” I replied. If the young master wished to listen to Charles sing, then Charles could only comply. Even so, breakfast had to be cooked! As I added the beef, I opened my mouth and began to sing.

The ancient clock chimes twelve times
A shabby coffin lid opens

The charming sunlight of day
has been slain by the darkening shroud

Don’t scream
There’s nothing
Night is the only haunt
Darkness gone mad

Don’t look
Just sleep tight

No blood-sucking monsters
wandering around until all is conquered

Fresh blood is my favorite meal
2 day mail, I’m so tame
I take a sip, it’s the real deal
I give vampires a bad name

I give vampires a bad name

As I finished singing, the beef noodle soup and the other breakfast foods were also done cooking. The young master smiled happily.

I smiled in return and said, “Breakfast is ready, Young Master.”

(Skip to the 10 second mark if it does not autoplay. We are happy to announce that we now have an official singer for any chapters that include songs. We hope you enjoy this extra touch to our chapters!)

Beef…? Not _______?

The password is a type of meat. Ah Ye’s favorite, and we even have a vendor who sells this exclusively at the market. The number of underscores in the blank matches the number of letters.

Just so you know, the link doesn’t lead to the actual chapter, and we are not actually going to have an official singer.

Happy April Fools’ Day, hope you enjoyed the chicken.

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  1. Ha! Again?? You fool me two times already! Hiks…hiks…

  2. Levianne

    unfortunately, just like last year the real post is password protected, but I can’t figure it out for the life of me! the hint is in the chapters. Last year it was blueberrypie all lowercase with no spaces. hopefully that helps someone figure it out/

    • @Levianne
      Ah Ye likes eating _____ so much that he has a shirt with the company’s logo on it! (XD I can’t figure out the Legend of the Sun Knight one though…)

  3. It took me way too long to realize this was an April Fool’s prank. Nice one!

  4. Oh I was so happy :) and crying right now :(

  5. dollyfishe

    *cries* must i re-read the whole chapter ? i really cant remember anything right now !!!

  6. I was thinking it was probably an April fools chapter the whole time, but I still burst out laughing when everyone burst into song
    And I like the recording, please don’t delete it later!

  7. hahaha, oh my! You guys are so sweet!

    “I give vampires a bad name” -> Really? At least you don’t sparkling under the sun light… (-_-‘)

  8. OMG! I literally cried of laughter… Thank so much you guys, you are all soooooo amazing!

  9. Do I have to put passwords from the past in order to get the chapter? I’m confused on how the password thing works.

    • @Alex
      uhh no. you have to look for a new password hidden in the actual chapter.

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