The Legend of Sun Knight V6Epilogue: Character Introductions

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The Legend of Sun Knight Volume 6: The Undying Lich, Part Two

Original novel in Chinese by: 御 我 (Yu Wo)

Epilogue: Character Introduction – translated by Raylight

Character Introductions

Stephen: A dark knight, Awaitsun’s right hand man. However, in fact, he’s…

Charlotte: The Cathedral of the Shadow God’s youngest shadowpriest in history. However, she seems to have another identity.


[This epilogue contains many spoilers about the plot. Those people who haven’t read the contents of the novel and come to sneak a peek at the epilogue before doing so will be bitten by the Sun Knight!]

P.S You’re not allowed to come peek at the epilogue for the sake of getting bitten!

I have a feeling that if this volume ended where a certain person had died, then everyone would really kill me. Therefore, at the end, I have added an extra line.

Everyone, please don’t kill me. I tried my best! Really!

The volumes of the Undying Lich have finally ended.

A certain someone has killed off two liches, and then was killed by the third one. This lesson teaches us: “If you harm liches, harm will come to you.1 Henceforth, one shall not casually kill liches for fun.”


Following this are the volumes of the demon king. However, I haven’t decided to directly call them “demon king” or just add on other words. Anyway, the seventh volume and the eighth volume will be volumes about the demon king.

By the way, the eighth volume will be the last volume.

The dispute of the demon king candidates actually started a long time ago; it’s only that Sun had completely forgotten all about it. In the next volume, we will understand more regarding this matter, and a few small secrets will be revealed.

A first-person point of view is really hard to handle, especially a first-person point of view for a long series. Every time I write a first-person point of view for a long series, this kind of feeling is etched even deeper. (However, I still continue to write them without changing. Is this possibly a tendency to inflict self-abuse?)

Luckily, I had planned since the start to have prologues and epilogues for the Legend of the Sun Knight to not be written in the first-person point of view, and thus I can use them to add on some stuff. Otherwise, the author really would cry. The main character from whose point of view the story is told has kicked the bucket, so someone teach me how to continue writing~

The author has actually killed off the main character in a first-person point of view story; this is really the epitome of the case that misfortunes springing from ourselves are the hardest to bear. (This once again proves that the author is not only fond of abusing the main character, but also abusing herself.)

In the past, I have seen some readers comment, saying that the first to die was Leaf, and the second to die was Judgment, so who will be the third to die? After that came a lot of speculation, and there were even guesses as to what Sun would lose because of Resurrection.

I really wanted to reply, “Wrong, wrong, wrong, all of you guessed wrongly! Hahaha!” (Is beaten by the crowd)

Cough. Anyway, did anyone manage to secretly guess that Sun would die? Though if you guessed it right, there isn’t a prize for you.

However, everyone can still continue to guess if there is a side effect, and if so, what would it be? (Sun running towards everyone with bouncing breasts… *is killed in seconds by Judgment*)

Below is the epilogue that was casually written…

I’m very curious as to what everyone thinks of Roland and Pink? Everyone can come to my website’s reflection corner to tell me!

Being the Judgment Knight sure is tough. Every day you have to worry about the Sun Knight walking out of the doors upright but coming back lying flat on his back. (Judging by this standard of tough work, Adair’s job is also pretty tough.)

However, the previous generation’s Chasel probably didn’t have this much to worry about! He only had to worry that Neo would send someone home flat on their backs and then they would walk upright to the Holy Temple to make a report.

Every generation has a Sun Knight that is hard to handle! Let us give a second of silence for every generation’s Judgment Knight… Done.

Let me just remind everyone, if you haven’t finished the book, please don’t come over to my website’s reflection corner to sneak a peek, otherwise you’ll get spoilers! If you see the shocking bits first, it wouldn’t be as interesting anymore!

However, to remind people of this in the epilogue should more or less already be too late. And I even especially told everyone not to look at the epilogue if you hadn’t read the novel… Never mind! Everyone can start being cautious from the next book onward!

By Yu Wo


1 “If you harm liches, harm will come to you”: This is word play on the proverb, “If you harm others, harm will come to you.” Basically, your karma will come back to haunt you.

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    2 volumes left……T_T I want more! more! moooooore! ;)
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  2. Miau Miau Yeen

    Haha. Yu Wo’s sense of humour never failed to amuse me. Yu Wo Da Da! I love you~~!! <3

  3. Jasae Bushae

    So she originally planned to leave it with him being dead?
    Wow….it would take alot of courage to do that given fan reactions XD

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    I so love YuWo! She’s sooo funny! I can’t wait for the next volume!>3<~

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    Thank You PR=D
    Wow… Yu Wo is amazing!
    I don’t want LSK to end yet >.<

  6. YouNeedNotKnow

    xD i just love Yu Wo. She’s so funny! “The previous generation’s Chasel probably didn’t have this much to worry about! He only had to worry that Neo would send someone home flat on their backs and then they would walk upright to the Holy Temple to make a report.” <– this made my day

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    I don’t normally leave comments, I normally read and run. Just want to say thank you for translating LTSK! and I’m super excited to read the rest!!

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    I have never commented before but I felt that it was now or never :} I just wanted to say how grateful I am to you translators because I honestly do no know what I would do without these novels. They make my entire month. So, in conclusion, I just wanted to thank y’all for your hard work :}

    Ps. I can’t wait to see what Sun will be like/ do when he awakens!!!!

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    I absolutely adore LSK, so thank you everyone for translating this!! I can’t wait for the next update

  10. KT

    “Every generation has a Sun Knight that is hard to handle!” So true. That goes all the way back to Carol, who just might have had the most hard to handle Sun Knight of the lot of them.

  11. chay

    oh.. so we can eliminate the bouncing breasts on Sun as a side effect because he will be killed by Judgment in a matter of seconds..haha..

    • [PR]raylight

      Pretty sure that Yu Wo meant that she would be killed by Judgment in a matter of seconds if she ever made that scenario come true… XD

    • bites

      I bet his side effects is that sun got more beautiful than handsome / more girly looking than when he first appeared in chapter one xD

  12. Septimus

    This my first comment but I want to thank PR for all there hard work translating LSK.I love this series and Yo Wo’s sense of humor but I’m sad there’s only two more.can wait for the next translation.

  13. Erenu

    So…. our Yu Wo is a kind of a masoquist who loves to bully herself making her own histories (1st person point of view) harder by killing off the prota….now….how you continue again?….I love it xD
    Thank you very much for writing such amazing stories and thanks PR for traslating and made us closer to Yu Wo’s stories…….even if we die by cliffhangers in the process hahahahahaha. Keep up the good work! I LOVE YOU!

  14. kutiue

    Alas, the poor Judgement Knights…Thank you for translating another awesome chapter, can’t wait for the next!

  15. Maddy

    I remember when I first started the series, only the 1st volume was translated…
    Can’t believe that there are only 2 volumes left
    You translators are awsome thanks for the chapters

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    Yu Wo’s so cool!

    ..and it’s WONDERFUL that there are still two more volumes to look forward to!

    …and depressing that there are only two volumes left. But beggars take what they can get.

  17. mir

    Because of that ” bouncing breasts” comment Yu Wo made, I imagined something funny: Sun becomes a girl and simultaneously loses his memories (again). Knowing that it would NEVER happen, thinking it didnt bother me much.
    But then I had a really horrible thought that made me greatly wish it had never occurred to me ……. ‘… Would Earth hit on Sun… D: ?!!??!’
    May the god of light cleanse my mind of this with holy light and not let me be supiciously murdered by certain someones….

  18. Frostdaemon

    Omg i love you people, in fact if yu wo’s novels was in korean i’d even volunteer to be a translator but that’s beside the point, and my hats off to the judgement knights seeing as they havent broken down, and as for side effect of sun being resurrected i kind of think sun will become even more strong, seeing as i think everyone would offer their blood, and end up being stronger than before he was killed due to a blessing of god of light, but maybe he’ll glow all the time? Or all the side effects he suffered will be erased? There’s too many possibilities ahhh!! How does yu wo come up with these things?! She’s the best author ever!

    • bites

      ! Forget that! If it was out in English, I would buy 3 copies each. 1 is for safe keeping, the 2nd is for reading, and the 3rd is for giving to people if they want to borrow ;D

  19. lightjedi6

    Wow! Thank you so much to every translator that has/is putting so much effort into each chapter just to give us leeches our fix! @Shakii I know the feeling, read, laugh, cry and most of all run and try not to hold my breath while waiting on the next chapters. This series has been a true joy, I absolutely loved 1/2 Prince but lsk is in my opinion the superior story. I am once again waiting with baited breath for the up coming chapters and crying the whole time knowing that the series is going to be over. What’s wrong with 2014?! The most amazing series’ of all time are coming to a close, bleach and lsk, I might just swear off foreign comics after this year.

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