The Legend of Sun Knight V5C8: “Adding Another Serious Injury to Crimes”

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The Legend of Sun Knight Volume 5: The Undying Lich, Part One

Original novel in Chinese by: 御 我 (Yu Wo)

The Eighth Misdeed of an Undying Lich: “Adding Another Serious Injury To Crimes” – translated by Azakura

Despite having spent a lot of time and energy concocting lies and excuses, in the end I still wasn’t sure everyone believed what I said. From the lukewarm expressions on their faces, it seemed that most of them were still skeptical. It certainly feels as if even the radiance of the God of Light wouldn’t illuminate this. However, I don’t have time to care whether this is going to give rise to gossip in the future that the Sun Knight was involved in a foursome. What’s most important now is to go all-out locating the murderer that killed Lesus!

After Aldrizzt paid the innkeeper one gold ducat and we switched to another room, Pink said, while sipping her fruit juice, “You should know how to use psychic magic by now, right?”

“…By screaming out loud?”

“What the heck are you screaming for?!” Pink huffed irritably, “Use your brain to think!”

“I can’t think of anything!” If I could grasp it by just thinking, why would I even need to find Pink and Aldrizzt to teach me?


The Legend of Sun Knight Side Stories 14: “When Teacher Wasn’t Yet Teacher Part Three”

The Legend of Sun Knight Side Story: When Teacher Wasn’t Yet Teacher

Original novel in Chinese by: 御 我 (Yu Wo)

“When Teacher Wasn’t Yet Teacher Part Three” – translated by lucathia

“Reporting to Knight-Captain Judgment, I have only managed to find out that Sun Knight previously came to this area before he went missing. I have not managed to discover anything else.”

Kleenly summoned his courage to give his report, feeling that his days before getting dragged to the torture rack were numbered.

Chasel’s brows creased as he looked at the small alley in front of him. They were no longer on the main streets of Leaf Bud City and were already a fair distance from the Church of the God of Light. However, he did not find it odd that Neo would come here; their Sun Knight has always been a large idiot with directions. It would not be strange no matter where he ended up in Leaf Bud City.

Although Neo always claimed that he was taking a walk, everyone knew the truth. If you wanted Neo not to be late or to actually make it to a gathering or a meeting, it was best to give him a guide.

After Chasel muttered to himself, he told Kleenly, “We’ll enter the alley. Then, we’ll have you ask the people in the vicinity if anyone has seen a blond-haired, blue-eyed person with fair skin come here. Don’t mention that it’s the Sun Knight. Neo might not have worn his Sun Knight uniform.”

Neo was such an eye-catching person. He should have given people a lasting impression.


Female Warrior Prologue V1C4: Light and Shadow Part 4

Female Warrior Prologue Volume 1: Light and Shadow

Original novel in Chinese by: 御 我 (Yu Wo)

Chapter 4: Light and Shadow Part 4 – translated by Azakura

“Save your breath. They’ll be back again later to force you into signing a slave contract.”

The bard turned to look. The one who had spoken was one of the slaves. He was covered in so much filth and had a thin and weak body that if it weren’t because his voice was indeed that of a man’s when he had spoken just now, it would have been impossible to tell his gender from appearance alone.

“But how can that be?” The bard stated heavily, “Slaves are only permitted to sign the slave contract on the ‘Slave Contract Signing Day’ that happens once a year! There must also be someone whose status is at least as high as a city lord present as witness!”

“So where do you think you are right now?” The slave said in a mocking tone, “Aren’t you in the city lord’s prison?”


½ Prince V9C6: Wicked, Part Two

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½ Prince Volume 9: Sequel

Original novel in Chinese by: 御 我 (Yu Wo)

Chapter 6: Wicked, Part Two – translated by raylight

“Zhuo-gēgē, when Xiao Xiao Lan grows up, will you marry her?” Xiao Xiao Lan asked me with innocent and adorable eyes, and she had a giant ribbon on her head.

“It’s Zhuo-shūshu.” I corrected her patiently, trying to resist the churning inside my heart. What Xiao Xiao Lan just said was almost identical to what Xiao Lan had said in the past.

I thought that I had already stopped caring about Xiao Lan’s marriage to another person. However, once I heard Xiao Xiao Lan’s words and saw that pair of eyes that were so similar to Xiao Lan’s, I felt as though my scars had been re-opened. I… fled in defeat from Xiao Xiao Lan’s house when Xiao Xiao Lan was just seven years old. (Thankfully, the eight-year-old Xiao Long Ming was already very sensible and was skilled at taking care of his little sister.)

I thought about things in the past as I stepped onto the streets of Infinite City. Just now, I had another huge quarrel with Gui and then took the chance to run away. However, I quite understood that for a long time now, Gui hadn’t been able to ignite my wrath. What I was afraid of was that Xiao Xiao Lan would be coming over in a short while.

According to what Prince said just now, Xiao Xiao Lan had always been looking for me, for her Zhuo-gēgē.