Update: October 2015

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October Chapters
  1. Human Doll Contract Manhua Chapter 2: Twins
  2. End of LSK - PR! Staff Interview
  3. End of LSK - Question and Answer Section
  4. Romance RPG V1C12: Part Twelve
  5. Illusions, Lies, Truth V1C2: Jiang Jiang Part 3 – Jiu Ge
  6. No Hero V3C6: The Strength of Non-Humans and the Modifications of Humans
  7. Romance RPG V1C13: Part Thirteen
  8. Illusions, Lies, Truth V1C3: Jiang Ziya Part 1 – Fuel
  9. The Legend of Sun Knight Side Stories 19: “The Complete Peeping Record on Lesus Judgment”

A dash of Lin Jian Yin’s poisonous tongue, more spooky events surrounding Ziya (perfect for Halloween), Charles being as polite as ever, and… peeping on Lesus Judgment! Yu Wo must know how much Lesus Judgment dominates all polls (just kidding. I’m sure a large reason is exactly what she stated in her Q&A here where she answered about her favorite character). This LSK side story is a post canon story that follows Lesus Judgment around for a day. It’s the result of a bet between Yu Wo and a friend. It comes chronologically before 39, so we’re releasing it now. Our 39 releases will start next month!

Enjoy the releases!

Some bullet points for you~

  • Chapter 2 of the Human Doll Contract Manhua is out! Check out Ziya’s troubles in manhua format too~.
  • The deadline for the Halloween Contest is October 31. We look forward to seeing your entry! Remember, you can even win a copy of LSKV5 that comes with a dashing insert illustration of poll dominating Lesus Judgment.
  • We had an amazing number of votes last month—2016 votes! The question was, “Translations of LSK will be completed this month! What will you miss the most?” Sun’s scheming won with 703 votes.
  • The rest of the results—Sun’s nicknaming sense (3.47%, 70 Votes), Sun’s “not that great” swordsmanship (2.43%, 49 Votes), Sun’s love of blueberry pie (2.08%, 42 Votes), Sun’s scheming (34.87%, 703 Votes), Sun’s stinginess (1.88%, 38 Votes), Sun’s ability to get called a despicable and shameless bastard (15.67%, 316 Votes), Sun’s alcoholism (1.09%, 22 Votes), Sun’s perverseness (0.89%, 18 Votes), Sun’s beauty treatments (1.49%, 30 Votes), Sun’s God of Light speech (11.31%, 228 Votes), Sun’s singing ability (0.55%, 11 Votes), Sun’s face mask curse (1.79%, 36 Votes), Sun’s capability of getting people to do him “small favors” (22.47%, 453 Votes). We’ll miss you, Sun!
  • October’s site poll is your ideal vacation spot!
  • It’s exciting to see several of our sister translation groups active. Don’t forget to check out PR! Français and PR! Deutsch. Our newest addition is PR! Čeština.
  • A PDF of Legend of Sun Knight volume 8 is now available, thanks to ListeningDaisy. Head over here to grab it!
  • Read all about PR! staff’s thoughts on completing LSK over at the Staff Interview and the Question and Answer session.

Last but not least, don’t forget to continue feeding us with comments. They keep us going. ;) You know you can’t resist the puppy eyes!

33 Responses

  1. dollyfishe

    wew … who peep on lesus ??? I waaaaaaant too *scream with jealousy*

  2. No dominion end??? Why..oh..why………

    • ~RentheWith~

      Ik how u feel ;__;

    • Blaquestarr

      I agree! I’m hooked on Dominion End, especially after last month’s whopper of a chapter. It’s a toss up between which I love more Dominion End or No Hero now that LSK and HP are done… :(

      Oh well – guess I have to get caught up with Romance RPG this month instead….

    • @Ruth
      It’s because we don’t have any Dominion’s End chapters stockpiled, unlike our translations of LSK and NH. It’s Yu Wo’s newest series, so we haven’t had as much time to work on it. We are proofreading as chapters are completed, while in LSK and NH’s case, we’d already finished translating quite a few chapters well in advance so that proofreaders have plenty of time to proofread them.

      Dominion’s End chapters are also very long. We’re making progress though!

  3. I agree! Dominion’s End has quickly become my favorite series (though I like No Hero & Legend of the Sun Knight as well)! Thank you for all the chapters of Dominion’s End you have released!

  4. No Dominion’s End again this month? Noooooooo T.T I really want to know what’s going to happen in next chapter and I’m sure I’m not the only one who feels like that XD

  5. That picture… is that… thats- its gotta be Dar
    Don’t cry Dar! I’m commenting! Also, don’t let your bro drop the nukes!

    (I know you guys translate his name differently, but the OddSquad names are the first I read, so they’re stuck in my head. Also I have no idea how to pronounce the new ones, so I can’t shout them mentally ; – ;
    its more satisfying to shout “DAARRRR!” than “Shi- shi- I don’t know. YOUUUUU” )

    *reads through the post*

    ” You know you can’t resist the puppy eyes!” – You got me there!

    I haven’t read the epilogue yet, I clicked the link for it but…. I can’t! I can’t read it just yet! I’m not ready for it to be over! I won’t read it yet! *cries*

  6. Oh, you want comments? Okay, leave it to me!

    You have… very nice… handwriting. On that box.

  7. Wooo last month you said there won’t be as many chapters but look at what we’ll have this month! You’re still spoiling us guys! Thank you!

  8. AAAhhhhh The puppy eyes… Sweet Ah Ye sitting in an empty frozen chicken box, asking to be taken home… Indeed, I would sooooo take him home ^^

    Many thanks to PR! for your hard work! How do you even get so many chapters per month? xD How I wish we could publish just as many in the french team! Now that I think about it, it’s been exactly one year since the start of our team. We still feel like we are in our beginings haha.

    I think that my ideal vacation spot would be in Second Life. There I can do whatever I feel like doing, it sounds fun.

    By the way, who’s drawing those images of Judgment and Ah Ye?

    • @AkaiiRia
      It’s because we’ve been working on all of these chapters for a long time already. XD; The key is having a stockpile of chapters waiting for proofreading. We are not a fast group and wouldn’t be able to maintain steady releases without stockpiled translations. Since we had translations stockpiled, our latest batch of proofreaders joined just in time. You can see an increase in our releases since June thanks to new and returning proofreaders.

      Elkin drew both pictures. :)

    • AkaiiRia

      Well we do have a few translations stockpiled. But there’s not that many proofreaders in the team, and I just can’t bear to let them become zombified version of Storm (like you) by making them work faster. It would be way too cruel…

      (Your drawings sure look nice, Elkin :P )

    • @AkaiiRia
      We have proofreader droughts now and then. Thankfully not right now~

      The French team is making really good progress. Congrats on your one year anniversary. :D Finishing both V1 of 1/2 Prince and V1 of LSK in one year is impressive~. You’re nearly done with V2 of 1/2 Prince too. *___*

    • AkaiiRia

      Haha. Actually, if we manage to follow the current schedule, we should be able to finish publishing V3 of 1/2 Prince and V2 of LSK by march. That’s our plan for now. =D Hopefully, everything will go well.

    • [PR]elkin

      Thanks! Feel free to leave ideas, maybe it’ll inspire me to draw something (but no guarantees).

    • AkaiiRia

      Well I think a cute Ohmygod or some other Twelve Holy Knights or even a chibi Charles would be nice.

    • Français

      Oh! A sweet baolilong would be cool too :P

  9. so sad T.T
    I hope november will come soon and you guys will gave us dominion end.
    Any recommendation for novel/ light novel/ manga that similarwith dominion end?
    please i need my fix >_<

  10. More LSK please! *gives puppy eyes* I haven’t gotten enough of the 38th generation of the Twelve Holy Knights! Not to mention, it’d be amusing to see them in the teacher position this time xD

  11. Too bad there aren’t any Dominion’s End, I feel like it would have been super appropriate for the month of October. Anyways just want to thank you for the quality translations you guys make. I wonder if DE will get a manga like LSK and KNM and 1/2 Prince

  12. … Who actually wanted to visit the world where a zombie apocalypse is happening?! Then again, I shouldn’t be talking since I wanted to visit the city over populated with non humans…

    • dollyfishe

      hahahhaha …. for vacation … it should goes to second life (coz we can be whatever we want to be, as long as we’re not meeting that cross-gender NPC), or Kingdom of Forgotten Sound to meet our Twelve Holy Knight ( i dont think we will actually meet them if we go there, but it’s worth a try no ?)
      and for Sunset City, you can actually feeling the Devon syndrome, and meet Charles, the vampire who wont bite you (if you not planning on harming Ah ye), and other heroes too.
      well, if it’s vacation, meisia would be cool for anyone with adventure blood boiling in them. you wont find it anywhere else, no ? as far as everyone keep shout for more DE, till now, only 2 from a total of 318 voters that actually want to go there. hmmm ? may be “not enough advertisement” can be blame for it.
      as for taiwan … i dont have a say with this. i’m not from taiwan, but i just dont have the nerve to visit taiwan. the dialect was a bit hard to pronounce, and i will be practically rendered mute, wont be able to say any words right …
      all in all, i’m really curious as to why these 2 voters choose meisia too :p

  13. sandra younes

    HI IN REGARD OF LSK THERE SEEM TO BE A SIDE STORY MISSING.### Side Story #18: “We Are Not the Dark Human Squad Part One”### IS PRESENT THEN IT WAS ANNOUNCED THAT ###Side Stories 19: “The Complete Peeping Record on Lesus Judgment”### will posted during october. SO THE QUESTION IS WHERE IS ###Side Story : “We Are Not the Dark Human Squad Part Two”?###

  14. Only a few people want to visit Taiwan? Why? Yu Wo LIVES THERE! T-That means, getting to visit all those other places at the same time too!

    And getting an autograph. And shaking her hand.

    • MaplePanda

      Haha so does Lu Yang and his ghost/demons/illusions/lies/truths-exterminating family, and Jiang Ziya only shows us with his eye how much more unseen creepy stuff there actually is in (fictional) Taiwan as well.

      I’ve been meaning to ask to, is Taiwan on the list because of ILT or because of Yu Wo?

      As for me, I chose Second Life, cause I don’t want to leave my house either XD

    • @MaplePanda
      When we got to ILT, I laughed because it would just mean including Taiwan as one of the choices. Taiwan is on the list because of ILT and Romance RPG.

  15. Also in the camp waiting out for more Dominion… My favorite series in order are probably LSK, EH, DE, HP… Clearly the latter is fourth because the characters don’t go crazy enough for my tastes XD

  16. Jasae Bushae

    I would want to visit Second Life. It would be a vacation that wouldn’t require me leaving my house, and id be able to dabble with character customization

  17. Wtf!!!? My eyes keep sparkling right just because a quick glance on title complete peeping on lesus judgement.. (๑✧◡✧๑)♪

  18. I would go to meisia…. if i get a special ability…. and i can come back with that special ability :D

  19. 1/2 prince series, is the only series to make me go on book depression a year after.
    *sigh* it was so amazing….

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