No Hero V3C6: The Strength of Non-Humans and the Modifications of Humans

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No Hero Volume 3: Non-Human Killer

Original novel in Chinese by: 御我(Yu Wo)

Human, Non-Human Killer Chapter 6: The Strength of Non-Humans and the Modifications of Humans– translated by Raylight

Contrary to expectations, this time the young master didn’t start a cold war with the master.

He started sitting in front of the computer for entire days, as though he was searching for information.

I had sneaked a few peeks, and it all seemed to be information pertaining to universities. Could it be that the little young master wanted to go to university? That wasn’t a bad idea, seeing how he was really bored anyways.

However, every time the Sun Emperor walked by, the little young master would switch his computer monitor screen to a page on weapon information.

I’m not sure why the little young master would want to hide it from the Sun Emperor.

It feels like a storm is brewing!

I dashed out of the building. Originally, I was a little lost as to where to begin my search, but Mr. Bramble had called to inform me of Melody’s whereabouts. Therefore, I followed his instructions and started chasing down Melody. I usually walked on the rooftops, but occasionally when there were no interlinking roofs, I would jump down to street level and continue running.

However, I quickly gave up on traveling on the streets. That was because there had been several times I had nearly bumped into the patrolling police, or gangs of young people holding weapons with practically every part of their bodies modified. Those people looked like they had no relation to the word “peace,” and I definitely did not want to get into trouble right now.

I returned to the rooftop and continued running. However, even while on the roofs, it did not feel very peaceful. I could not tell if it was just my misperception, but as I passed over the rooftops, I kept feeling as though there were more spying black shadows than usual.

It seems like the non-humans are also growing a little restless?

For both the humans and non-humans to look so heated, it was definitely not a good sign. Though I felt uneasy, the most urgent matter at hand was still to find Melody. Everything else was secondary…


“Yes? Where do I head next?” I paused in my footsteps and looked down at the cell phone on the front of my chest. Mr. Bramble was still on the phone and was continuously giving me instructions as to where I should head next.

“Melody is on the rooftop of the next building. Also, that fellow transformed again. The young master is currently busy restraining him, so he asks you to use your own judgment based on the situation. There is no need to consult him.”

“Very well.” Hearing that, I could only silently pray that Dragon Peace could make it out safe and sound… I believed that the young master, with his strength, would definitely be fine, so it would be unnecessary to pray for the young master.

I looked at the building next to me, and then discovered in shock that this building was not unfamiliar to me. A powerful non-human resided here. Melody once said that she knew that non-human.

Could it be that Melody came over to look for the non-human?

With a jump, I leapt over the gap between the buildings and landed. Once I lifted my head, I saw Melody. The woman called Yina was curled up by her feet, and it seemed like she had fainted.

“Melody?” As I walked closer, I inquired, “Why did you capture Yina? Has Anceo not caught up to us? Or did you already…”

“I didn’t think that he would actually not be here. This is bad!” Melody turned around and looked at me as she spoke, but she did not answer my questions.

Her expression looked very solemn. I could not help but ask her in anxiety and puzzlement, “Who is not here?”

“The owner of this territory.” Seeming to think that such an explanation was not enough, Melody then added on, “He is the strongest non-human in this city… Excluding E.X. who dropped by.”

“I know that.” However, I was still rather confused, so I could only once again question, “Even if he is not around, what does it have to do with the situation?”

Melody fell silent for a long time. In this period of time, I walked right in front of her, but I did not speak. I merely gazed at her with a gentle smile, waiting for her answer. My honorable father had once taught me, a gentle smile coupled with patience is the best way to make the employer willingly say what is on their mind.

Melody turned around, looking across the entire Dark Realm before her. She then finally answered, “Butler, do you know how difficult it is to hide your identity in a highly urbanized city like Sunset City? There are surveillance cameras for practically every step you take, and it is not difficult at all to retrieve the images from the cameras. In the streets, regardless of whether it is day or night, there will be people running around wildly. On top of every building, there are also non-humans looking down from above!”

I was extremely astonished. Could it be that the young master’s hero identity has also…

“Even if it’s true that nobody has seen the young master jump out from the window of his room, as long as one analyzes the speed in which Dark Sun arrives to different incidents, it’s very easy to find out roughly which area the young master lives in. In this area, if only the young master has that kind of silver hair…”

Melody turned to look at me and said bluntly, “The fact that the young master is Dark Sun, do you really think that no one has guessed it, especially the non-humans?”

I gave it a little more thought, and I too felt that Melody’s words were absolutely reasonable. If the young master’s identity were to be revealed, then…

“Don’t worry, Mr. Butler.” Melody unhappily said, “From the very beginning, I had already contacted the strongest non-human in this place, and also made an agreement with him. Humans and non-humans will not interfere with each other! As long as non-humans do not harm humans or heroes, the heroes will not hurt non-humans.”

That explains the matter. I sincerely praised, “You are very attentive and thorough.”

“But of course!” Melody said proudly, but she then showed a vexed expression as she shouted, “But those Church people broke the agreement! And now, the guy who can suppress the majority of the non-humans is not around!”

She said fretfully, “Anceo is merely the vanguard. If they were to ask the Church for assistance, there will be a large number of Church members dashing into Sunset City! Sunset City isn’t the territory of the Church, but the headquarters of the non-humans! They definitely would not allow the Church to run amok here. At that time, non-humans and humans will definitely be drawn into a large war!”

“A war?” I froze for a moment, and then started to feel a little uneasy.

Melody nodded her head impatiently, saying, “Moreover, Anceo has already found out that the young master is Dark Sun, so he wouldn’t see the young master as human. However, on the other hand, the non-humans definitely would not see Dark Sun as one of them! The young master is completely stuck in the middle between humans and non-humans, and once the war starts, he will definitely become a victim.”

“The young master will not become a victim.” I was not too worried about this, and I tried reminding Melody, “Could it be that you have forgotten that he is that person’s little brother? As long as the young master gives a call to the master, I believe that the master could at least resolve the issue with the Church.”

Instead, Melody frostily said, “Butler, do you truly understand why the young master wanted to leave home?”

I was stunned for a moment, and then I recalled that the young master had naturally left home to leave the master’s protection.

Melody spitefully said, “That Anceo has already forced the young master to bring out the master’s name in order to scare him. If matters become worse, and the young master has to call the master for help, then he might as well go home!”

I nodded my head. Moreover, the young master himself was not someone who liked to ask for help. All along, he had always kept the unhappy matters to himself and borne them silently.

Melody said as though it was a matter of fact, “Thus, not letting the young master be forced to use that last resort is my job.”

“Job?” I turned to look at Melody. Though her expression was very determined, I still did not understand what the job she referred to was.

Melody aggressively spat out a series of questions. “You are the young master’s butler. Bramble and the others are helping the young master oversee the surveillance cameras. Then, what about me? Hiring an eighth generation vampire with a yearly salary of over ten million to oversee surveillance cameras? Even if the young master is rich, isn’t that still using a sledgehammer to crack a nut?”

I quickly said, “You have helped the young master a lot.”

She gave a “hmph” and said in an extremely unsatisfied tone, “In the beginning, the young master employed me because he wanted to have me at his side, to prevent me from being slaughtered by the master without a single sound! Butler, if the young master hired you as his butler purely because you are his friend, and he wants to protect you, but he actually doesn’t need you to work at all, would you stay by his side obediently?”

I immediately shook my head. Naturally, I would not do so.

“I am also not freeloading!” Melody proudly said, “You are the young master’s butler. As for me, I am the young master’s killer, specializing in resolving matters dealt under the table. This is my job! So, do you have any dissatisfaction toward the fact that I captured Yina to threaten Anceo not to reveal the young master’s identity?”

“Not at all, Ms. Killer.”

I answered with a smile and saw Melody show an astonished expression in response. I continued my words while smiling, “As long as you are performing your duty, I have no reason or need to stop you. I believe that you would not stop me from performing a butler’s duties as well, such as cleaning the young master’s home, right?”

“Cleaning…” Melody froze, but following that she showed a bewitching smile. She charmingly said, “Indeed, it is cleaning. You clean the house, and I’ll clean away anything that dares to hinder the young master!”

I nodded my head and looked down to see the unconscious Yina. Though I felt rather regretful, I would not stop Melody any longer. I merely asked her, a little curious, “Do you intend to drink her blood?”

“If you want to drink it, go ahead. But don’t kill her.” Melody did not seem to care as she said, “There’s still use for this woman, to threaten Anceo with her. If he dares to notify the Church or reveal the young master’s identity as a hero, I will kill her.”

“I will not drink.” After I answered, I could not help but smile and shake my head. I said, “We really sound like villainous characters from this exchange.”

Melody also gave an enchanting smile, and she spoke in a seductive tone, “The young master is the hero Grim Reaper, and thus we are the Grim Reaper’s butler and his hired killer! What’s wrong? Do you still think that you’re a good vampire?”

“Naturally not,” I denied it with a smile. However, I could not help but pray in my heart that this incident would end with minimal casualties…

“So, it was like that? Young Master, if that’s the case, why don’t I invite the clan’s vampires to come over and suppress the non-humans of this city?”

This was not Melody’s voice. I froze and turned to look. Only then did I discover that Gong Feng Xiang was currently standing at a distance not too far behind Melody and me, smiling. Her appearance not only stunned me a little, even Melody beside me was on the alert.

Instead, as though she had not seen our guards raised, she merely went on to say, “Young Master, as long as you give the order, the Endelis clan can immediately resolve this issue.”

Hearing that, I frowned and explained to her seriously, “I am a butler, and ‘suppressing’ is not part of a butler’s duty. Even if the young master commands me to suppress them, I would not do so. Therefore, I do not require your help or the help of the clan. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Young Master,” Gong Feng Xiang answered respectfully.

However, I still did not trust her. Or I should say, I did not trust any of the vampires from the Endelis clan, even if I am one of them myself.

“However, Young Master,” Gong Feng Xiang suddenly said in deep worry. “Please, you must take some time to go back to the clan. If I am unable to persuade you to return home, Countess Avexila may decide to personally come here.”

“What?” I received a great shock. How could this be? I could not help but look at Gong Feng Xiang, but she still continued to smile sweetly. I completely could not tell whether she was joking or whether she had meant it.

Countess Avexila is coming? W-What’s her motive?

I had to take in a deep breath before I could manage to tell Gong Feng Xiang, “I am afraid that I will probably be very busy these next few days. Even if I were to go back to see Countess Avexila, it would be have to be after that time.”

“That’s simply perfect.” Gong Feng Xiang said with a smile, “Young Master, since you have already said so, then I will not disturb you over these next few days. If there is anything that you require my services for, I will be in the house I am staying at currently. I ask for you not to hold back, and to please tell me whatever you require.”

After I nodded my head, she slowly retreated, blending back into the darkness. Not a single trace of her could be seen.

Melody walked up to me and asked cautiously, “Do you know how old she is? Looking at her, she’s probably around the same age as me. She’s at least three hundred years old, but she’s from the sixth generation!”

I gave a wry smile as I said, “I am not sure…”

“Why are you unsure of everything?” Melody unhappily said, “Isn’t that your clan?”

“They are not.” I indifferently refuted, “My clan is the old and influential family of butlers, not the vampire clan. My honorable father was the one who raised me into a man—raised me.” Although this line should have been “raised into a man,” I suddenly remembered that I could not be counted as a “human,” so I could only correct myself on the spot.

Melody seemed to be very interested as she said, “But your surname is Endelis. That’s the surname of the vampire clan.”

“That was something that my honorable father had promised my mother. Although she…” I stopped for a moment, gave a smile, and continued, “She left afterwards, but my honorable father has always been a man of his word, so I have my mother’s surname.”

Melody stared at me with curiosity, looking me up and down. However, I merely gave her a gentle smile in response. After she gave a snort, she said, “Forget it, forget it. If you don’t want to say it, then don’t. It’s not like it’s uncommon, anyway!

“Help me report to the young master! I’m not going back, and I’m also not going to take the young master’s calls, in case he gets in the way and stubbornly asks me to release this woman. Also, if you need anything, call me. I will take your call, but as to what can and cannot be said, I trust that you know!”

After Melody finished speaking, she bent down and picked up Yina.

I could not help but give a forced smile. Now, I hoped that the young master would not find out that though Melody would not take his calls, she would take my calls. Otherwise, he would probably use an expectant expression that was hard to refuse to ask me to call Melody and have her release Yina.

At this moment, Melody jumped off the building while carrying Yina. Though it made me suddenly recall that I ought to have warned her that there were many policemen below… she had already jumped off, so I could only drop the subject. Thinking about it, Melody probably was not scared of the police. She had always excelled in blending into crowds and might even strut past the police confidently, giving them a charming smile in passing.

I also ought to leave soon, for I should go back a little faster to check on the situation between the young master and Aren. Just as I took a step to jump to the next building—

“Stop, but don’t look back.”

I stopped in my tracks and suddenly felt a bone-chilling sensation. There had actually been two people listening to my conversation with Melody, but we had been completely unaware of it. If they had wanted to kill either of us, we would probably have become ashes.

There were really too many profound characters in Sunset City. Certainly, the person behind me was probably not below Gong Feng Xiang’s strength as a sixth generation vampire. I just wondered whether Gong Feng Xiang had realized he was there.

I followed as he said, neither moving from the spot nor turning back. I politely asked, “May I inquire as to who you are? Is there a reason you have sought me out?”

“You are standing in my home,” that voice said icily.

“I am dreadfully sorry for the disrespect. I came to find Melody, and if I have offended you, I apologize greatly for it.” I tried using Melody’s name. After all, she had said that she knew this non-human… I just hoped that they were not merely passing acquaintances.

“I know. That little lass is sure troublesome… Also, you can call me Stone.” The voice sounded rather helpless.

“Yes, Mr. Stone.”

Hearing the suppressed sigh in his voice, I felt slightly more relaxed. The tone in which this non-human mentioned Melody was like how Bramble talked about Briar. It was a tone of how a senior would treat a little daughter, helpless but pampering her with love. It seemed that the two of them were as expected, closely acquainted.

All of a sudden, Mr. Stone grew fierce as he said, “But this time, even if that little lass Melody were to speak up, it will be of no use! Although Cornell made quite a bit of trouble this time, it was all for the sake of not dying under E.X.’s hands. While aiming for his survival, he has already tried his best to listen to my words and not let the werewolves under him attack humans directly… But Dark Sun still killed him!”

“Mr. Stone, I fear that you are mistaken!” I quickly explained, “Cornell was not killed by Dark Sun! The only ones that Dark Sun killed were those five werewolves who were attacking humans and destroying public property at will, on that day in the streets!”

Mr. Stone growled, a little indignant, “If it was not him, then who—“

“E.X.,” I answered straightforwardly. In any case, it was not like the number of E.X.’s enemies was just this one. I explained in detail, “He and Cornell seemed to have a deep grudge against each other. Even if Dark Sun were to try and kill him, E.X. would probably not have let him done so. That day, after the incident with the sniper concluded, E.X. immediately went to look for Cornell.”

The voice behind me fell silent for a very long period of time. Mr. Stone then gave a sigh and said, “Sigh! So he still died under E.X.’s hands? Forget it, I guess it counts as ending a grudge.”

Thankfully, he was willing to believe me. This made me heave a sigh of relief. However, there were more important matters at hand. I tried to request, “Mr. Stone, since you have an agreement with Melody, may I ask if it is possible for you to warn those restless non-humans? You should be very aware that if this continues, there might be a large war between humans and non-humans.”

“This time, I am unable to intervene,” Mr. Stone rejected immediately.

I gave a small cry of shock, “But…”

“The non-humans have been restless for a very long time already! Ever since Dark Sun and E.X. had a great battle… Humans have simply modified themselves to be too powerful, and the non-humans have already lost their absolute advantage in fighting strength. Thus, they have started to feel uneasy. The strong humans as well as the arrival of the Church… If we were to restrain non-humans any more, I’m afraid the non-humans really would be suppressed by humans.”

Mr. Stone cut himself off, and then continued, “You too are a non-human, so you should understand… Ah! That’s right. Charles Endelis, you are a vampire raised by humans…Wait! You were originally the offspring of a human and a non-human, and are already considered as half non-human.”

I remained silent.

Mr. Stone gave a small chuckle as he commented, “You and Dark Sun… Haha! Is this considered ‘birds of a feather flock together?’ You two are at the same time, human but non-human.”

“The young master is human.” I emphasized that fact.

He chuckled for a moment, and then said indifferently, “Does he seem like one?”

I fell silent for a moment, and then repeated, “The young master is human.”

“Your young master is human… Then what about you?”

“Me?” I asked in puzzlement.

“A large-scale war between humans and non-humans is about to unfold in Sunset City. Charles Endelis, child of humans and non-humans, which side will you choose to stand on?”

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