No Hero V3C5: The Madness of Non-Humans and the Calmness of Humans

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No Hero Volume 3: Non-Human Killer

Original novel in Chinese by: 御我(Yu Wo)

Human, Non-Human Killer Chapter 5: The Madness of Non-Humans and the Calmness of Humans – translated by Raylight

March 10, 2110, Drizzling

The little young master and the Sun Emperor continued their cold war… Or, rather, I should say that the little young master was in the middle of a cold war toward the Sun Emperor. He was implementing the strategy of not looking at him, not listening to him, and not talking to him. This was really effective. In just three days, the Sun Emperor surrendered.

However, the next day, the assassin dropped by again, either by coincidence or something else. The little young master took action again, and this time he even had a bullet scrape past his cheek. He ought to have been able to dodge the bullet, but perhaps, he had not completely dodged it on purpose.

The Sun Emperor immediately ordered all of the bodyguards around him to go ”rescue” the little young master… At that moment though, I felt that the only person that needed rescuing was actually that assassin.

This time, the little young master didn’t throw a tantrum. However, the expression he had while looking at the Sun Emperor, really… made me want to hug him and comfort him thoroughly!

The Sun Emperor was indeed very steady and mature. However, when matters pertain to the little young master, it seems like he could easily become even more childish than the little young master.

During the following three days, I finally understood why the young master treated Mr. An Te Qi like a young child. He had not only given him a few obvious instructions, such as “You should eat when you are hungry,” he had also specifically instructed me to take good care of him.

In those three days, Mr. An Te Qi had never taken the initiative to go to bed. Most of the time, I had to coax and persuade him into it. I even had to use the young master’s and the master’s names to threaten him before he was finally willing to lie on the bed.

Even so, he usually would not sleep for long before crawling out of bed to work on his experiments. In a twenty-four hour period, he spent roughly only three hours truly asleep. With one hour taken for all his three meals, the rest of his time was all spent on conducting his experiments.

First, he had drawn Aren’s blood. Then, he had used it to do all kinds of experiments, many even involving animal testing. There were several cages of white mice, various glass measuring cylinders, unknown pieces of apparatus connected with many transparent tubes… The entire apartment became like a mad scientist’s lab.

Though I wanted to tidy up the place, I had once picked up a measuring glass, and Mr. An Te Qi had turned around, warning me in a casual tone, “Don’t shake that measuring cup, because once you shake it, it will create a huge explosion.” Afterwards, I merely cleaned off the dust on the floor.

The lessened workload made the days feel a little idle. Though Mr. An Te Qi was certainly very much in need of someone to take care of him, other than requesting for him to go to bed and cooking all three meals, I did not dare to help him do anything else.

This made me feel a little guilty, and I could not help but remind him, “If there is anything that I could possibly help with, please feel free to tell me.”

Mr. An Te Qi did not even lift his head up as he said, “Then, help me wash these measuring cylinders. You have to wash them at the specialized washing basin that I brought over.”

“Certainly. However…” With a smile on my face, I once again questioned, “Are these the measuring cylinders? Can all of them really be washed? There are no fluids in there that will explode once shaken, right?”

A butler’s duty is to obey orders and not question them. But when it comes to dealing with dangerous items that could possibly explode and send the entire place flying toward the sky, along with a muddle-headed employer, I simply had to ask for clarification.

Mr. An Te Qi finally raised his head. He looked at the ceiling, and thought for roughly ten seconds before he said, “Nope, there shouldn’t be any. However, remember to wear gloves. I think there might be corrosive liquids in there!”

These words, “shouldn’t” and “might be,” make me feel extremely uneasy… Later, I should probably wear two additional pairs of gloves, and also try my best not to disturb the glasses.

I cautiously took the glasses to the basin. As I washed them, I wondered how the situation over at the young master’s side was.

Although Curtis is from an influential family of butlers, he is not familiar with the young master. He probably would not be able to serve him with all his heart, right? Sigh… Afterwards, I should make some new and interesting dishes to compensate for the time that I am unable to serve the young master.

Just as I was thinking that the young master should like spicy hot pot, my phone rang. After taking a look at the display, I picked up the call, asking, “Melody, what is the matter?”

“Butler, get over here.”

Following that, she ended the call.

Feeling bewildered, I first went to check whether Mr. An Te Qi required anything. He was currently looking through the microscope and recording his observations. The last time he did so, he sat in the same position for a solid eight hours, until I used the young master’s as well as the master’s name to “advise” him to go to sleep.

“Mr. An Te Qi, my apologies. I have to leave for a while. I will be back soon.”

He merely gave an “Oh.”

After making sure that Mr. An Te Qi would not move for at least eight hours, I left the apartment with my heart at ease. I headed to Melody’s place, which was the apartment next door.

I knocked on the door and heard Melody yell from inside, “The door’s not locked!”

I politely shouted back, “I am coming in,” and then pushed the door open and went in. This was actually my first time entering Melody’s living quarters.

Once I stepped in, I saw Melody lying lazily on a dark purple couch. She was only wearing a red silk nightgown, and her skirt was so short that it could barely cover her butt.

Inside the apartment, a pure black plush carpet was spread on the floor. The black curtains were extremely thick, and the surrounding walls were painted gray. The entire room looked extremely gloomy and did not resemble a human’s room in the least. However, it was very suitable for a vampire to live in.

“I am coming in.”

Once I walked into the apartment, I followed Melody’s line of vision and looked over, and then realized that she was watching television. Moreover, the television in this living room was simply astonishing, for it took up almost an entire wall. However, she was not watching any movies or television programs. Though the television was huge, the screen was divided into many smaller images. They looked like the surveillance footage that would appear in a security guard’s office.

I stepped onto the plush carpet, and as I walked over to Melody, asked, “What is the matter?”

Melody extended a finger heavily painted with nail polish, and pointed at the television lazily.

I turned to look at the television in puzzlement. Only then did I look at the contents of the screen in detail. I realized that, though the screen was partitioned into many small boxes, the box in the center was especially large, and was practically the same size as a forty-inch television… Moreover, this image seemed very familiar.

It was a living room, and not only was the decor very familiar, I could even say what was placed inside each of the drawers… That is the young master’s apartment.

“Melody?” I felt a little uneasy as I said, “We should not be peeking at the young master’s daily life.”

Melody glanced at me, saying, “The young master gave me permission to do so. He even said, ‘You have to get Charles to watch it with you! Since he can’t stay by my side to take care of me, he must be very worried.’”

The young master really hit the mark. I looked at Melody a little awkwardly, and the latter folded up her long legs. She then patted the empty couch space, and said teasingly, “Come over and take a seat, Mr. Butler. Stop acting! Who doesn’t know how concerned you, the butler, are over the young master?”

I walked over to the couch and sat down. At the same time, I clarified, “That is a butler’s duty.”

Melody rolled her eyes at me and said, “Why are you being as reluctant as Bramble to admit it? Is being concerned for the young master something that unspeakable? The young master is adorable, and all those who have met him treat him like a treasure. Even werewolves can’t bear to hurt him! Let alone us, who are with the young master every day. Being concerned for him is natural!”

Hearing these words, I merely thought for a moment before sincerely agreeing, “You are right.”

“Of course!” Melody lifted her chin as she finished her words, as though it was to be expected. Then, her gaze shifted back to the television screen. She said, “Let’s watch the TV now. The young master went downstairs just now to receive the people from the Church, and he’s coming back soon.”

I was a little astonished as I asked, “Those three members of the Sin Elimination Committee?”

“That’s right. I went around inquiring about them. They are the Anceo Team.”

“Anceo?” I gave it some thought and asked, “Is that the name of the oldest member?”

“No, this team is led by the youngest in the group, that guy.”

“That overgrown boy?” I asked, a little surprised.

“Overgrown boy?” Melody burst into laughter. “Please, he’s just baby-faced! He has already been one of the leaders in the Sin Elimination Committee for ten years. He should be at least thirty now. That makes him older than both May and Dell.”

This truly made me feel extremely astonished. I had thought that his age should be more or less close to the young master’s.

“The reputation of the Anceo Team is not too bad. Their methods cannot be called brutal. In this team, what they specialize in is tracking.” At this point, Melody stopped, and then gave me a glance.

I adjusted and corrected my facial expression. Tracking? As expected, have they come to find X?

“Ah!” Melody softly exclaimed. “The young master’s home.”

I quickly turned my gaze back onto the television. As Melody had said, we saw the young master pushing the door open and walking into the living room. Behind him, only two people followed. That overgrown boy rushed in first… I should call him Anceo now. The other one was the quiet lady. It seemed that the most senior one of them had not come.

On the screen, the young master was smiling as he told them, “Please enter.”

Anceo immediately headed for the living room, asking, “Your place looks really nice! Is no one home?”

“Nope, Gēge and Bàba are still at work, and will only come home later.” After casually replying, the young master asked, “I’ll go get drinks for you both. Do you want cola or black tea?”

“Cola!” Anceo said, beaming.

“Either is fine,” the cold lady said indifferently.

The young master nodded and left the living room to get drinks.

The lady still continued to sit upright on the couch, and her line of vision did not even move. In comparison, Anceo was looking left and right around the living room, and even touched a few decorations from time to time with his hands. Thankfully, I had already instructed Curtis to keep all the valuable items of the apartment in my room.

Thinking of Curtis, I wondered where he went. I inquired Melody about it.

“Before the Church members arrived, he had already been sent up to the rooftop by the young master to accompany Bramble and the others as they brewed tea.”

That explained the matter.

On the television, Anceo just noticed the large photo hung on the wall. That was the photo of the young master shot in the Tears of an Angel commercial. However, I was not the one who had put it up. The young master had probably taken it from Ji Luo Chu’s studio within the past few days.

Anceo kept staring at the photograph, all the way up until the young master walked into the living room with the drinks. He then turned around, and as he took the drink from the young master’s hands, he commented, “I didn’t think that you were actually a celebrity.”

As he gave the black tea to the other guest, the young master explained, “That’s not it. I only went to work as a print model. I’m still studying in university!”

“So, you are a university student!” Anceo sat beside his companion, and then waved to the young master, “Come over! Stop busying about welcoming us. Sit down for a chat!”

“Okay.” The young master sat beside Anceo, and he looked at the two with eyes full of curiosity. He asked, “Then, what do you two work as? Priest and nun?”

Anceo nearly spat out his cola at that, and he shouted straight out, “Do we look like a priest and a nun?”

The young master looked at Anceo, and then at that lady. Then, he told Anceo, “You don’t look like a priest, but Yina-jiě looks rather like a nun.”

Anceo burst into laughter with a “Pfft,” and as he chuckled, he said, “Y-Yina, Ah Ye says you look like a nun!”

“What’s so funny?” Yina said icily, “I originally intended to be a nun! If I hadn’t chosen to become a member of the Sin Elimination Committee, that is.”

Anceo met with a rebuff, and he merely rubbed his nose, not wanting to bring contempt upon himself.

“Sin Elimination Committee?” The young master’s eyes slightly widened, and his face was the epitome of curiosity. This expression was just like his disappointed expression, as it was just as hard to refuse.

As expected, Anceo found it hard to reject him. After he snuck a peek at Yina, he started explaining, “It’s not wrong to say that we are a priest and a nun! In any case, we are all part of the Church. However, they are responsible for preaching, while it is our duty to catch non-humans who have committed sins.”

Yina suddenly gave a cold shout. “Anceo!”

Anceo also froze for a moment.

“What are non-humans?” The young master then asked.

Thankfully, the young master still remembered to ask about it, though he was late by an entire beat.

“Oh, they are those races that are not human. Like werewolves and such. You have also met them before, haven’t you?” Anceo seemed like he did not quite want to explain this topic clearly. Following that, he asked in concern, “That night, you were scared stiff. That werewolf was very scary, right?”

Naturally, the young master nodded his head.

“You poor thing…”

Anceo rubbed the young master’s head, and subsequently he started chatting with the young master about various issues. He even started to complain about his superior, and talked about the Church’s eight religious rules. He even complained jokingly that the partner at his side, Yina, was like a giant ice cube. In the summer, he wouldn’t even need air-conditioning, for just staying by her side was enough.

Seeing how the atmosphere in the living room was pretty good, I gave a sigh of relief, and then turned around to tell Melody, “This is really great. It seems like this Sin Elimination team does not consist of bad people.”

“What? You haven’t realized it?” Melody asked in shock, and I could tell from her tone that she seemed a little dissatisfied.

“Realized?” I asked, extremely bewildered. “Realized what?”

“I thought that only men were very slow, but I didn’t think that male vampires were just as slow!” Melody said unhappily, “That fellow called Anceo, he has been pawing at the young master!”

I stared blankly at her for a moment, and then I asked, “What do you mean?”

“This vampire, you’re not only blind, but you’re even deaf? It’s exactly what it means!” Melody was raging as she said, “He is stealthily groping the young master. Do you understand it now?”

I observed Anceo’s movements, but I did not feel that there was anything out of the ordinary. He seemed like a very laid-back person, and had a personality a little similar to Yue Gang’s. Yue Gang had always been a casual person, and putting his arm around someone else’s shoulders from time to time was something common for him. Sometimes, when he got very agitated scolding me, he would even pinch my face.

“His actions should still be considered normal. The policeman I know, Yue Gang, also frequently puts his arm around my shoulders.”

Melody said coldly, “That Yu Gang, bathtub, or whatever of yours, wouldn’t touch your thighs and butt, right?”

It is Yue Gang. After I silently corrected her in my heart, I shook my head, saying, “Of course, he would not… Wait a moment! You mean Anceo has actually done t-those actions?”

Melody nodded her head and said mockingly, “He has actually done it rather secretly. It seems like he has practiced those discreetly groping actions rather often, for it doesn’t seem like that woman has realized that her partner has been doing it at all!”

After Melody had said so, I scrutinized Anceo’s actions. I then realized that his left hand had always been placed between him and the young master…

I felt a little at a loss as to what to do, so I could only ask Melody, “T-Then what should we do? Does the young master know how to deal with this kind of thing?”

“What else can we, two vampires, do? Don’t tell me we can just jump in and shout at him, ‘You pervert from the Church, let go of my young master’?” After Melody gave a sarcastic reply, she then said, “However, you can call the father and ask him to come home.”

Father? Ah! It’s Mr. Bramble! I quickly picked up my cell phone and gave Mr. Bramble a call. As I watched the television screen, I explained the current situation to him.

Mr. Bramble probably had the speaker on, so that Dell and May could also hear my words. I knew because the moment I finished speaking, I immediately heard Dell yelling, “He’s going to die” and the like, and I could even clearly hear May saying “Seconded” in a chilling tone.

With the knowledge that Mr. Bramble would go and help the young master, I relaxed and continued to watch the television screen.

Anceo was still rambling on to the young master, “Ah Ye, what course are you studying?”

“Combat Major,” the young master answered with a smile.

“Combat? Wow!” Anceo had an exaggerated expression on as he exclaimed, “Then, you must be very strong, right?”

The young master nodded his head and replied, “I am very strong.”

“Just how strong… Ah!”

Anceo abruptly screamed. The next second, the young master twisted Anceo’s left arm upwards. His arm was evidently bent at an awkward angle.

The young master still had a guileless smile on his face as he answered, “How strong am I? Probably strong enough, that if you were to touch me again, I would break your arm.”

Hearing that, Anceo’s expression turned into one of pain and astonishment. Even Yina, who had been icily cold all this time, finally showed a different expression. She angrily growled at him, “Anceo, again you…”

Halfway through her words, the front door suddenly burst open. Following that was Dell’s loud calls, “Ah Ye, Ah Ye!”

“Huh?” The young master let go of Anceo’s arm and looked at the three people at the door. He asked in confusion, “Bàba, Gēge, why are you back so early?”

Steaming in anger, Dell glared at Anceo and roared, “You punk, to actually dare to—”

“Dell!” Mr. Bramble interrupted him with a shout. Then, with a calm tone, he asked, “Ah Ye, who are these people?”

Faced with Dell’s shout, Anceo indeed looked a little guilty. But his expression, as well as Yina’s, were more toward them being unable to make heads or tails of what was going on. Even if they had sexually harassed someone’s son, it shouldn’t have been found out that quickly, right?

The young master answered dutifully, “They are friends who came over to play.”

“Is that so…”

Mr. Bramble put on a smile, though it looked a little forced. At this moment, May nudged Dell, and only then did the latter suppress his anger and force the corners of his lips upwards, though it looked even more strained than Mr. Bramble’s smile.

The situation seems a little awkward. I sighed. If I had known earlier that the young master was capable of handling the situation on his own, then I really would not have called Mr. Bramble to step in. Instead, it had made the situation even more complicated. Right now, I can only hope for those two to leave quickly!

At that moment, the sound of an explosion suddenly rang out. It was muffled, but definitely audible.

Both Melody and I looked at each other in dismay. She frowned and asked, “What was that sound? It sounded like a small explosion, and it seemed to have come from next door?”

Next door… Ah! I exclaimed, “Mr. An Te Qi!”

I left Melody’s apartment in a hurry and dashed toward the residence that Mr. An Te Qi was staying in. Once I opened the door, I did not even need to ask to know what had happened.

In the living room, the huge Dragon Peace currently had his fists raised high and was about to attack Mr. An Te Qi, who was cowering in front of him… With a slide step, I dashed forward and carried Mr. An Te Qi away. Immediately, a loud sound came from behind me. I turned my head back to look and realized that Dragon Peace had made two holes in the floor.

Looking at them, I felt my scalp go kind of numb.

“C-Charles… Thank goodness you’re back.”

Mr. An Te Qi’s voice shook as he spoke. He looked at Dragon Peace, and suddenly his eyes started shining. Ignoring the urgent situation at the moment, he started mumbling an explanation, “Though I have already injected him with the medicine, he still transformed. I believe that it must be a side effect of using the medicine to forcefully transform himself last time. It resulted in an abnormality; therefore, the old amount of medicine is already not enough, and even the effect on him is weakened…”

I really wanted to tell Mr. An Te Qi that no matter what the reason for Dragon Peace’s sudden transformation was, it was not important at this moment. Really! It is not important at all.

Dodging Dragon Peace’s continuous punches was what was most important.

As I dodged, I also continued to retreat backwards. Once I had nowhere else to retreat to, I could only crash through the door and exit, even though I knew that those members of the Church might already be in the corridor to investigate the cause of the explosion. However, I did not have any other choice. Once I ran out into the corridor, Dragon Peace followed. However, due to his large body size, he was unable to pass through the door easily. Therefore, in a fit of rage, he destroyed the doorframe together with the surrounding walls.

Seizing the moment, I quickly asked, “Mr. An Te Qi, do you have any way to revert him back to Aren?”

At this point, Dragon Peace could squeeze half of his body through the destroyed doorframe. Another swing of his fists, and I immediately ducked to avoid his attack. It was a narrow miss, and even the ends of my hair flew upwards from the wind created by his punch.

Mr. An Te Qi gave a small shriek, and immediately stopped talking about the contents of the experiment. He merely instructed quickly, “Inject him with more tranquilizers. They are in my lab, in the right cabinet, second drawer. That’s the pile of syringes. We have to inject him with at least three for it to be enough.”

Just then, Dragon Peace destroyed yet another wall and managed to escape his predicament of being struck in the doorframe… Now it was my turn to land in a predicament.

“Mr. An Te Qi, please run away quickly!”

I threw him backwards, and following that I used my blood ability to form two rapiers. Then, I started battling with Dragon Peace, who pounced on me.

At first, Dragon Peace did not mind the attacks of the rapiers at all. However, once I managed to draw numerous wounds on his body in succession, he finally started to find it painful. He then retreated step by step… I only hope that I can force him back into the room in time, so as to avoid being seen by the Church members. That way, it would not trouble the young master.

When I thought about that, though I was not fond of fighting, I moved my rapiers rapidly and my movements became even more confusing and harder to predict.

The delirious Dragon Peace had great strength, but he evidently did not have enough judgment to deal with enemies who were too fast. He merely continued to swing his fists around. Though the speed of his punches was fairly fast, for a vampire it was not difficult to dodge.

However, I continued to groan inwardly. Dragon Peace hit the walls and floor frequently, and the sound was so loud that even the building next door would be able to hear it, let alone rooms on the same floor. Therefore, it would probably be impossible to stop the members of the Sin Elimination team from seeing Dragon Peace. I only hoped that they would not treat Dragon Peace as a non-human…

Dragon Peace suddenly kicked at me. Due to the fact that he had not used his legs to attack before, my reaction was slow, and I nearly did not avoid it in time. Thankfully, my speed was significantly greater than his. Just before I was struck by his foot, I tossed aside my rapiers and grabbed his leg with my hands. I swung myself upwards in passing, and jumped onto his shoulder.

Following that, I sent another chop to the back of his neck, thinking about knocking him unconscious like the last time in the sewers. However, even after attacking him three or four times, Dragon Peace did not show any sign of passing out, and he almost tore me off his shoulder. I quickly jumped down and made my blood rapiers return to my hands.

He is actually this strong? If I were to hit this many times on a normal human’s neck, their neck would probably be broken by now.

I could not help but bitterly laugh. To get the Sin Elimination team to treat Dragon Peace as a human would probably be a little difficult.

“Good heavens…”

While I dodged Dragon Peace’s attacks, I heard the exclamation. It seemed like ultimately, I could not avoid having Dragon Peace discovered by the Sin Elimination team.

Dragon Peace seemed to have also noticed this shout. He turned around, clenched his enormous fists, and roared at the people who had arrived.

Seeing this situation, I hesitated for a moment and then put away my blood rapiers. Then, seizing the moment while Dragon Peace’s attention was elsewhere, I darted into the apartment and rushed into the lab.

Cabinet… I pulled open the second drawer. There were many rows of syringes lying inside, and all of them had liquids in them. I grabbed an entire handful of syringes, and then rushed back to the corridor. At this moment though, I heard Dragon Peace’s heavy footsteps.

Could it be that he has already started attacking the young master and the others?

I started to panic and quickly rushed out of the apartment. I was just in time to see Dragon Peace dash toward the young master. Anceo pushed the young master aside and then drew out two guns. He started shooting at Dragon Peace wildly.

The bullets were beneath Dragon Peace’s notice. He merely raised his arm to block them or swung his arms around in a frenzy. The bullets fell to the ground with a clinking sound. None of them actually hurt him.

“Yina! He’s not scared of silver bullets!” Anceo shouted.

Hearing that, Yina too drew her gun and fired unhesitatingly. However, what came out of it were not bullets, but a ray of light… An energy gun!

Dragon Peace used his arm to block it like before, but what was different this time was that he started roaring and shouting in pain. Smoke even came from his arm.

Seeing that, I took the chance to “glide” behind Dragon Peace. I took out a syringe and stabbed it into his body… Snap! The needle actually broke!

I was stunned. Now what should I do? Is it okay to consume it instead? But how am I to make Dragon Peace drink it obediently?


The young master is calling me? I looked toward the young master, but suddenly, a huge shadow appeared in front of me. Without thinking, I first raised my arm to block it, and following that a large force sent my entire body flying. At that moment, all I could do was seize the opportunity to jump backwards to reduce the majority of the force. However, I was still sent flying, and my back hit the wall hard.

It was only once I landed that I felt pain coming from my arm and back… I hope nothing is broken.

“What is going on here?” Anceo seemed flustered and yelled in exasperation, “Ah Ye, you’re calling him? You know that vampire… Y-You all?”

Hearing the sound of gunshots, I lifted my head up and saw Mr. Bramble, Dell, and May. They all had their guns out and were even standing in a triangle formation surrounding Dragon Peace. They were attacking him very efficiently. The moment Dragon Peace targeted someone, the other two immediately fired rapidly, not letting him have any spare strength to attack. When he turned back to attack one of the other two, the others would start firing at him frantically.

This strategy was extremely effective against the delirious Dragon Peace, and he was practically being toyed with by the three of them.

The young master quickly shouted, “Bramble-shū, don’t kill him!”

“Young Master!” As Dell switched positions while firing his gun, he actually managed to reply with a struggling expression, “Don’t you think that you should ask him not to kill us? Isn’t that more fitting for the current situation?”

However, the young master did not reply to him. Instead, he ran up to me, and as he helped me back onto my feet, he asked worriedly, “Charles, are you alright?”

I stood back up and slightly stretched my hand. Though it was extremely painful, I could still move it, so the bones should not be broken. With trembling fingers, I handed the syringes over to the young master and explained, “Young Master, these contain the medicine to calm Dragon Peace down. Mr. An Te Qi says that we need to inject him with at least three of them. However, the needles cannot pierce Dragon Peace’s skin.”

The young master nodded his head and took the syringes from me. He said, “I will think of a way. Go and rest first, and see if you want to go drink some blood.”

“Understood, Young Master.” Though that was my answer, I also knew that it was impossible for me to turn away from this chaos, and go back into the apartment for a meal.

Anceo seemed to be in disbelief as he questioned, “What in the world are you people?”

The young master gave Anceo a brief look, and his tone was hostile as he said, “We’re all not human! Now stand aside.”

It looks like the young master really loathes Anceo … The moment the situation worsened to the point that deception was no longer necessary, he completely started giving him attitude.

The young master shouted to the trio, “Bramble-shū, Dell, and May, cover me!”

They immediately shouted together, “Copy that, Young Master.”

The young master put three syringes, one each in the gap between his fingers on his left hand. Following that, he headed toward Dragon Peace fearlessly.

Once he got near him, Dragon Peace started to feel uneasy. He started to roar at the young master. Due to the three obstructing his way, the second he rushed in, he would get fired at. Therefore, he was unable to go near the young master. Even so, he still swung his fists through the air at the young master as a demonstration of his power. He did not look any different from a wild animal.

The young master walked around Dragon Peace many times. Just as Dragon Peace decided to give up on attacking him and turned to the other three, the young master finally made his move. He slid to Dragon Peace’s side, as though he was gliding. Dragon Peace turned around and his palm smacked down toward the young master’s head. However, the young master used his right hand to grab Dragon Peace’s hand, and then he flipped over and jumped onto Dragon Peace’s body.

At the same time the young master hopped on, I suddenly saw a glint of silver light on Dragon Peace’s arm. I then realized that there was a syringe stuck in his arm! The young master had stuck in one of the syringes when he jumped, and he had even made use of the wound left behind by Yina when she had shot the energy gun. This resolved the big problem of the needle being unable to pierce through Dragon Peace’s skin.

After he had dealt with that problem, just like that, the young master hopped on Dragon Peace’s body here and there, trying to find an opportunity to stick in the rest of the syringes. His positioning and his way of moving his limbs were strange, like a snake’s and even like—like… a vampire’s!

Am I just seeing things? The young master’s movements seemed to have more and more of a vampire’s feel. In the very beginning, when I watched the young master battle, his movements did not resemble a vampire’s at all.

All of a sudden, Dragon Peace seemed to have also realized that something was amiss. He did not bother with the young master any further, and instead started running toward the window in the corridor.

The young master shouted, “Don’t let him escape!”

His voice had only just sounded when gunshots rang out. The bullets, as well as the energy ray, forced Dragon Peace away from the window. Within this time period, the young master inserted another two syringes into his wounds.

Not long after, Dragon Peace started to struggle less, and he also became slower. At this point, the young master yelled, “Cease fire” and then jumped back down. In the end, Dragon Peace fell down, and he lay on the ground entirely. He was panting, with his eyes half-closed, and he looked extremely tired.

Following that, he actually started to shrink. First were the hands: his fists, which were originally almost the size of a human’s head, gradually shrank to the average size of a man’s. Following that were his feet, his entire torso, and then his head. Finally, Dragon Peace reverted back to Aren.

He was sprawled on the ground. Though both his eyes were closed tightly and his chest heaved in and out vigorously, he was evidently not in any life-threatening danger.

It was only then that the young master’s expression finally relaxed…

“Don’t move!”

I was stunned, and upon lifting my head up to look, saw that Anceo actually had his gun pressed against the back of the young master’s head! He coldly said, “You are Dark Sun, right? I recognize your moves… Everyone here, don’t move!”

He stopped Bramble and the others, who were just about to go rescue the young master. He then said with a cold laugh, “This gun is specially made by the Church. It’s a gun made specially to deal with non-humans. If I were to fire at such a close distance, your head would explode, even if it was made out of metal!”

“If you dare to fire, go ahead and try.” The young master said, extremely calm, “That is, if you’re not scared that the Sun Emperor will eradicate the Church.”

Hearing these words, Anceo’s expression momentarily changed. He asked in suspicion, “You have connections to the Sun Emperor?”

“Hey! Babies from the Church!”

Hearing the Hollow Roar that was distinctive to vampires, Anceo’s and Yina’s expressions changed drastically. They turned around, and behind them was a Face Morphed vampire… Melody!

Melody stood right beside Yina, and her claws swung toward her, knocking her unconscious. Following that, she carried her and ran downstairs at lightning speed.


Anceo shouted and turned to glance at us. His expression was rather complex, but in the end he still lowered his gun and left the scene to chase after Melody.

The young master stared blankly in the direction the three had left in, and then returned to his senses. He shouted, “Bàba, where are you? Come over quickly and take a look at Aren!”

Only then did Mr. An Te Qi crane his neck out of the young master’s apartment to look around. He was only willing to come out after he had made sure that the situation did not look the least bit dangerous. He then squatted beside Aren and started inspecting his body.

Once he started his inspection, his eyes once again started to overflow with passion… passion for an experimental subject. Just now, he had refused to come out. However, I believe that right now, even if Aren were to start transforming, he probably would not be willing to leave.

After Mr. An Te Qi gave a confirmation of “Relax! The current him is very tough. With just some sleep, even his wounds would most likely be almost completely healed,” the young master stopped worrying about Aren. He then hesitantly looked at the door leading to the staircase and muttered, “Why did Melody take Yina away? I should follow and check it out…”

At this point, he lowered his head to gaze at Aren with a little uncertainty. It seemed as though he did not know whether to give chase or to stay and look after him. If the latter were to transform again after he left, it would be a disaster.

I quickly said, “Young Master, please allow me to go look for Melody.”

The young master frowned and seemed unsure as he said, “But your hand is injured.”

I lifted my hand up and moved my fingers dexterously. With a smile, I said, “It is fine. No matter what, I am still a vampire.”

However, the young master still did not give his consent, even after a long time. With a doubtful tone, I gave a call of “Young Master.” Only then did he softly say, “But I’m scared that I will drag you into another battle…”

That explained things.

With a smile, I said, “Young Master, the reason why I want to chase after Melody is not only because of your orders, but also because Melody is my friend. And I am concerned for her safety.”

The young master nodded.

However, this was not all that I wanted to say. If I did not explain myself to the young master clearly, these kinds of incidents would still continue to occur in the future. I bowed and gave an apology first, “Young Master, may Charles be allowed to directly say something disrespectful?”

The young master looked at me with curiosity and replied, “It’s okay. Say it!”

I straightened up and said firmly, “Because we have made a verbal agreement before, that a butler’s duty does not involve fighting, if you were to give me an order to fight, I would definitely not obey it! However, if I were to still get involved in the battle, then that is certainly because I am concerned for my friends, and not because of your orders. Therefore, I will not choose to stand by idly because you forbid so. Please understand this!”

After saying that, I looked at the young master a little uneasily. Did I come across too strongly with my words? Perhaps I should have used a milder tone. I felt a little remorseful.

The young master first showed astonishment, and then looked at me profoundly… In the end, he nodded his head, and gave an extremely, extremely radiant smile. He happily said, “Okay then, you can go! If you really can’t manage, then come back with Melody, or give me a call. Don’t forget, I am also Melody’s and your friend!”

Friends, is it? From the very beginning, the young master had said that he wished to be able to get along with me like friends. However, at that time, I was still doubtful… It was only recently that I truly recognized the degree to which the young master would go to for the sake of keeping his word.

With a smile, I said, “Understood, Young Master.”

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