The Legend of Sun Knight V8Epilogue: Character Introductions and Special Project (End)

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The Legend of Sun Knight Volume 8: Ending the Demon King, Part Two

Original novel in Chinese by: 御 我 (Yu Wo)

Epilogue: Character Introductions and Special Project (End) – translated by lucathia

Character Introductions

Michel: One of the unfortunate adventurers who accepted the Demon King. Also the leader of the adventurer team.

Taylen: The second of the unfortunate adventurers who accepted the Demon King. Furthermore, a super unfortunate guy whom the Demon King selected as the first hero. Other than that, he also seems to hold some secrets.

Charlotte: The third of the unfortunate adventurers who accepted the Demon King. In addition, since she has the same name as the demon king candidate from before, she has somewhat caused the Demon King to shift his feelings to her. In the end, she seems to be a little interested in the Demon King, too.

Jasmine: The princess of the Kingdom of Forgotten Sound. Elijah’s betrothed.


I remember seeing a movie in the past. Basically, the movie was about the male lead saving his younger sister, who got caught on a snowy mountain. He formed a team to foray into the mountains, but on the way, accidents kept happening, and the team members died one after another…

At the time, I was quite young. As I watched, I felt that the male protagonist was really stupid. For the sake of saving one person, a bunch of people ended up dying. It was not worth it at all!

But as I grew older, I started to understand that you can’t assign a worth to this kind of thing, because there’s absolutely no way you can watch a loved one turn into a cold corpse right before your eyes.

Saving her might end in regret, but if you don’t save her, you would regret it from the start.

The feelings the Twelve Holy Knights hold for each other are much the same. They are unable to watch any one of them walk toward destruction right before their eyes. Even if dragging him back would result in perishing together, they would still not be able to let him fall into the abyss.

In short, this series is a story about being unable to place righteousness before family. It is full of bonds and fetters between companions, but these bonds don’t stop at the Twelve Holy Knights. They extend endlessly onwards, from the previous Twelve Holy Knights, to the current Twelve Holy Knights, the current vice-captains, and finally, to the next generation of Twelve Holy Knights…

Between people, even with endless words, they still cannot say clearly whether it was coincidence, fate or destiny. In the end, Grisia merely smiled and said, “You have a brilliant smile,” completely following in the footsteps of his teacher, who answered “because of your brilliant blond hair.”

The final ending details the selection of the next generation of young knights, but this is actually a beginning. Every generation of the Twelve Holy Knights has a story, a legend.

The ending of the previous generation is the beginning of the next generation. This never-ending legend is exactly the God of Light’s biggest miracle.

In fact, reality is much the same. From the parent to the child, and then the child has another child. Every person endlessly continues onward. Each and every one of us has our own paths in life, and the tracks we leave are all stories, all legends.

We are the Twelve Holy Knights.

Some people are like the workaholic Storm. Some people are like Earth, pretending to be prey, when they’re really predators. Some people might want to hide like Cloud…

And then you might meet someone cold on the outside but warm on the inside like Judgment, or someone who says one thing but means another, like Metal, or someone kind but who secretly hammers straw dolls like Leaf…

You might not meet twelve of them, or there might even be hundreds and thousands, or strangers might come together by chance, or join hands and experience life together, or keep company until old age, until finally, you see each other off.

Everyone has their own path to follow. The Legend of Sun Knight detailed one such path, one that crossed with each and every reader. Although all good things must come to an end over the course of one’s life, they will leave everlasting memories.

As an author, my biggest wish is for my works to accompany everyone in a part of their lives, leaving a memory never to be forgotten. I hope this child, The Legend of Sun Knight, has been able to accomplish that.

The paths in one’s life will intersect. This is the most beautiful painting the world has to offer—the best legend.

There have always been miracles. We are the miracle.

By Yu Wo

Special Project: The Legend of Sun Knight Question Dump

Because this is the final volume, I let everyone ask questions in my blog, and now I will include the questions and answers in volume 8’s epilogue.

However, I obviously can’t include all of them, so I picked some to answer. If I did not answer yours, please don’t be sad. If you enjoy this kind of question and answer corner, you’ll have another chance with No Hero! Try, try again!

Q1: When will The Legend of Sun Knight volume 8 be released?
A: Right now.

Q2: Will The Legend of Sun Knight have spin-offs?
A: Yes. There will be spin-offs (stories that you won’t understand unless you have read The Legend of Sun Knight) and related stories (stories that can stand alone), those being Searching for Roland and Female Warrior.

Q3: Who is the author’s favorite character?
A: The triple-awesome guy with awesome strength, an awesome personality, and an awesome figure: Knight-Captain Judgment. (The guy with terrible strength, a terrible personality, and a figure that’s not worth looking at, Knight-Captain Sun, can stop glaring at me please.)

Q4: The Legend of Sun Knight has ended. What is the side benefit that the author will miss the most?
A: The days where I get to savor readers’ thoughts from discussion posts that I open for readers to leave their opinions after reading.

Q5: If Sun didn’t become the Sun Knight, what would he have become?
A: Of course he would be a necromancer-in-training -> necromancer -> demon king candidate -> demon king OR corpse, in that order!

Q6: What kind of flour does Sun use in his facial masks?
A: Gluten-free flour from the plains of Skartalax. PS: Our world does not produce this kind of flour.

Q7: I want to know Roland’s past and future!
A: Please refer to Searching for Roland. This is merely a question and answer… But I can tell you his three sizes are 109, 78, 96 (unit: cm). How’s that for an answer?

Q8: Where did the name The Legend of Sun Knight come from?
A: The brain of the author filled with unidentified substances from another dimension.

Q9: Is Aldrizzt a virgin?
A: If he is, what do you plan on doing?

Q10: How does Judgment regard Sun?
A: Admiration. He really admires both his ability to solve matters and his ability to cause trouble.

Q11: May I ask if Grisia’s facial mask really works?
A: It only works for holy knights.

Q12: What type of girls do the Twelve Holy Knights like?
Sun—Before becoming blind, beauties. After becoming blind, anyone with a good figure.
Storm—Someone who takes the initiative to chase after him, but her figure cannot be too good. He would be embarrassed.
Earth—Beauties who are busty.
Blaze—What are girls? Can they be eaten?
Cloud—It depends on what kind of female protagonist is in the book he is currently reading.
Judgment—Someone filled with a sense of justice and who will take the initiative, or else there will probably be no result for his entire lifetime.
Moon—Always on the lookout for a girlfriend over 180cm tall.
Ice—Someone who likes to eat sweets. It’s even better if that someone gives off a nice scent.
Metal—Someone with a whip. Moon doesn’t count.
Stone—As long as the person likes me. (Pauses for a moment.) Really likes me!

Q13: May I please ask if the other Twelve Holy Knights actually all know that Sun and Judgment are good friends?
A: “No, no, of course we don’t know that they are such good friends that they often chat in the bathroom!” By the Twelve Holy Knight-Captains

Q14: Does the Storm Knight ever have a day where he doesn’t have to correct documents?
A: Yes, in order to express gratitude toward him, he is always given a day of vacation on his birthday.

Q15: What is Neo and Chasel’s relationship like?
A: One is responsible for causing trouble. One is responsible for cleaning up after him.

Q16: When can the Twelve Holy Knights marry? Don’t tell me it’s after forty?
A: It depends on when they save up enough money for the marriage. Holy knights are very poor.

Q17: Just how much money did Sun sneak away with by the time he retired?
A: Actually, after the demon king incident, Sun is left with only debts.

Q18: Adair, Vidar, and Tyler, please describe your captains in one sentence.
Adair—”Captain, would you like some blueberry pie?”
Vidar—”Yes, Captain Judgment!”
Tyler—”Captain, please do not worry. You are doing an amazing job, so don’t fret.”

Q19: Please give me Adair’s past, future, and ambitions!
A: …His height is 185cm, his three sizes are 113, 82, 98 (unit: cm). How’s that?

Q20: What is Sun’s small habit when he gives a serious command?
A: He will unconsciously… “You’re not allowed to say it!” By the “Eleven” Holy Knights

[The Legend of Sun Knight END]

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    Wow….That statement by Yu Wo was quite touching. I am just wowed by it.

    Also…Roland is a closely kept secret, isn’t he? XD

  2. Xiao Mei

    This part was quite funny, especially the answer to question 3. I’m going to miss these characters, but I’m really looking forward to LSK 39. Thank you PR for translating!

    But really, what is Sun’s small habit when he gives a serious command? Is it that he stops smiling or speaks simply? I guess I’m going to have to reread the entire series. :)

    • [PR]doza

      She actually answers it in LSK 39, in the Q&A at the end of it. Or at least, that was the earliest time at which I found out XD (I’m a bit slow though ahaha) So do stay tuned till the end of LSK 39 ;)

    • CV

      @Xiao Mei
      Here’s a hint- Sun wcouldn’t prove he was giving a “serious command” when he was Demon King. Hope that lights the way towards gathering clues about his habit

  3. GonZ

    by Q12 standard.. Blaze, Ice, and Metal is going to match up with sun.. and maybe Judgement if sun start being serious.. lol
    thank you for the epilogue :)

    • carrot

      If Sun had a whip to whip Metal with, I’m afraid the entire world would be destroyed – all except for Metal.

  4. midori

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    -rolls on ground from laughter and cuteness-to the person who asked for the type of women the knights like…good job!-thumbs up-

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    Aww, so this is the end of the Sun Knight. I loved this so much. Thank you so much for translating Yu Wo’s works. This ending is so… bittersweet. I’ve been waiting to read the ending forever, and now that I finally can, it makes me sad.

    Time to re-read! :)

  6. Lunar191

    Okay, wow, Yu Wo’s epilogue is really quite wonderful. And it makes me want to read the whole thing from the beginning…. again….

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  7. KT

    This is quite funny! I’m pleased that Roland apparently gets a story of his own. Oh, and this part:

    Q1: When will The Legend of Sun Knight volume 8 be released?
    A: Right now

    Do I detect an author fed up with people asking for updates?

    • Xiao Mei

      I dunno, maybe this is her being funny. I know I chuckled a bit when I read that.

  8. dollyfishe

    first of all, thank you for finishing translating the series ^o^ you got really awesome job there *cheers* i hope we readers able to give you support through the comment (although i suspect that may be some of us were really annoying some times, me include :p )
    and like i said somewhere before, PR really spoiled us with the translating qualities. and i do realize that there were less and less mistakes for the newer chapter now i cant even found one (not that my english is superb, that’s why i never try to help proofreading). and it is PR to blame that i never really want to try reading other translating site (i’m not great with english, and yet i want the best to read. how selfish one can be ?)
    and the last, i will still blame PR for making me fall in love with Yu Wo works (not her, mind you). may be now i cant find anything i really want to read (coz all the story being translated now is a bit sad), but i will still read whatever PR throw at us :p
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    Also, for the face mask thing, there are recipes online, but you can probably just use sour cream mixed with lemon juice to lighten your skin.

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    • [PR]raylight

      “Searching for Roland” is a story that Yu Wo has planned to write in the future, possibly as a series. However, she has yet to start on it/finish it. If she does write it, we will translate it though!

  14. Crystal

    Having the feels right now since LSK is over T^T A big THANK YOU to PR! for translating the entire series \\(^o^)//

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    Thanks to Yu Wo and all the staff on this site for translating this.

    I’m already missing this Legend. ;( Ohh, but the 3 sizes are nice. Yu Wo’s answers are nice.

    Now, off to fin those spin-offs then lying face down and crying for the end of The Legend of terrible Demon King Sun Knight.

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    • BlueSunsetKisses

      I did notice but just thought it was because Roland died when he was still pretty young, forever trapped in a adolescent body. *secretly drools* Ahem, err, do you think Adair and Lesus could have approximately the same sizes? XP or maybe Lesus would be a little, err, …. bigger… *drools too much to hide*

  17. Moikan Yoloko

    I’m going to miss this so much! This has been a constant trough my life for the past 3-4 years, Thank you PR staff and Yu Wo for this wonderful that filled my life with happiness!!! Hopefully we’ll see LSK39 next month!!!
    On a side note, does PR plans on translating that “Searching for Roland” That Yu Wo mentioned, or did you already translate it and i somehow missed it!?!?

    • [PR]doza

      @Moikan Yoloko
      Of course we will translate ‘Searching for Roland’! But Yu Wo has yet to finish the story T-T as far as I know, she released a small part of it, but the story is not completed.

  18. dulcia

    I can’t believe it ended… i’m so sad!! I’ll miss Sun and the other holy knights but they’ll probably show up in LSK39 right? Btw, i know girls’ three sizes mean BWH but what do guys’ three sizes stand for? Or are they the same?

    • [PR]raylight

      Yes, some of the holy knights make an appearance in 39! The teachers are very important to the students after all.

      I believe that the guys three sizes also mean the same *cough*.

  19. Hsabelle

    This ending is beautiful! I can’t believe this serie is finally finished (well kind of).
    I loved everything about the journey and Sun will forever be my favorite character haha!

    Thanks a lot for translating and sharing this awesome series for us \o/

  20. bladerain

    What a beautiful and magnificent novel. Although there were sad and tragic events, in the end it was all good. I pity Charlotte, the Demon Queen though. I give my utmost admiration to Yu Wo for writing such a tale and my gratitude to Prince Revolution for enduring these long months earnestly translating this novel. Thank you so much. My favorite character would be Judgement, next is Sun, then Leaf. On that notice, I wish there was a picture depicting all the characters in the novel, good and bad, in one large picture.

  21. immasweetslover

    so if i get this right based off the charts Yu Wo has so kindly given us as fanfiction bait Sun is suited for both Ice and Judgement…do i sense a fight for the prize coming?

  22. Mir

    ” As an author, my biggest wish is for my works to accompany everyone in a part of their lives, leaving a memory never to be forgotten. I hope this child, The Legend of Sun Knight, has been able to accomplish that. ”
    It definitely has! ; – ;

    The afterword was very touching!

    “Q9: Is Aldrizzt a virgin?”
    “A: If he is, what do you plan on doing?”
    Really, reader of question 9, what -were- you planning on doing with that information…? o-O

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  24. Displaced Cloud Knight

    thank you so, so much PR staff for translating this series! over the years sun and his friends have brought me a lot of joy and it wouldn’t have been possible without english translations. if not for kind ppl such as your ppl like me, who aren’t adept in languages, wouldn’t be able to know a series like this – so all the thanks and appreciation!
    I wanted to see the happy end and not a suffering demon king sun but now said happy end is here and I’m just sad to say goodbye to the twelve holy knights, their VCs and other characters. I’ll miss them and even though there’s the 39th generation left I’ll still want to know more about LSK. it also saddens me to know sun’s great efforts at saving money for his retirement found were wasted since he caused so many problems as demon knight. well, if he should end up poor and homeless after leaving the holy temple I’m sure either judge or ice’ll take care of him – that’d be so like them! goodbye sun, goodbye judge, goodbye forgotten echo and many thanks to yu wo for this great work!

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  27. Lizz

    Woah, so awesome!
    Author, thanks for writing and dear translator(team) thanks for the hard work!
    I liked the story really much, though I had trouble to finish volume 8 because of certain frustrated feelings about Sun Knights behavior. Scary~

  28. silentghost

    Just reread this for the umpteenth time, and gotta say, it only gets better with age. Thanks again to the wonderful PR team for translating! And an especial thanks to Yu Wo for bringing this story into the world. It truly means a lot to me to have found it and it will always hold a very special place inside my heart. May the warm sun illuminate your path even when you have your back to the light. ☀️

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