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September Chapters
  1. Illusions, Lies, Truth V1C2: Jiang Jiang Part 1 – Those Things that Cannot be Remembered
  2. Romance RPG V1C11: Part Eleven
  3. No Hero V3C5: The Madness of Non-Humans and the Calmness of Humans
  4. The Legend of Sun Knight V8C12: “Ending the Demon King”
  5. Illusions, Lies, Truth V1C2: Jiang Jiang Part 2 – Those Things that Cannot be Seen
  6. Dominion's End V1C6: Turning Ice into a Weapon
  7. The Legend of Sun Knight V8Extra: “The Demon King is Actually the Sun Knight, shh!”
  8. The Legend of Sun Knight V8Epilogue: Character Introductions and Special Project (End)

As promised, we are releasing the rest of LSKv8 this month! Thank you for joining us on this incredible journey. We’ve followed Sun’s trials for a total of eight volumes and several side stories. Although his story as the main character ends here, there is still the sequel, 39 Legend of Sun Knight to look forward to. We are most definitely translating anything and everything related to LSK. LSK and NH are still our priorities. We will be bringing you steady releases of both 39 LSK and NH, with releases here and there for our other projects. (Don’t get to used to having 7~9 releases a month! These months have been flukes!)

Now that LSK is coming to an end, we’d like to ask you, how did you get into LSK, and what’s one thing you like about the series? Our poll is also about LSK this month—what will you miss the most from the given list?

And now for other news.

  • LSK aside, we have 2 chapters of ILT, 1 chapter of RRPG, 1 chapter of NH, and 1 chapter of DE (as promised) for you this month too. Lots of exciting things happening in every series! We’ll also possibly have a manhua chapter of Human Doll Contract. Keep your eyes peeled.
  • To celebrate the completion of LSK, PR! will be doing a Q&A that we will post up at the end of the month after we finish releasing LSK. Please submit your questions here.
  • We have a game for you. Remember 2048? We have modified it to include all Twelve Holy Knights. Here’s an app version you can play on your phone or tablet. Even when LSK ends, you’ll still have the Twelve Holy Knights to keep you company!
  • The LSK side stories PDF has been updated to include all 18 translated side stories thanks to ListeningDaisy, and we now also have a pdf for the KNMvsHP crossover!
  • Congratulations to Sakura Hyuga for winning our Fill in the Bubbles Contest! Congratulations to Monica for winning Staff Pick!
  • We have a new contest for you, a Halloween contest! Check it out over at our forums! You can even win a copy of LSK V5, with a newly drawn cover by J.U. The insert illustration included inside is of a dashing Lesus Judgment! Deadline is October 31.
  • Blueberry pie won the site poll last month with 775 votes. The question was “What would you like to eat?” and the results were wonton in chili sauce (18.6%, 277 Votes), blueberry pie (52.05%, 775 Votes), fried chicken, (20.69%, 308 Votes), chicken soup (8.66%, 129 Votes), with total voters coming out to be 1489.
  • The German translations have started back up! Check them out! They’ve recently translated several chapters of LSK. They are also looking for more staff to help out with translations and proofreading.

Last but not least, feed us comments! Want more of a series? Comment more! We love to hear your thoughts and theories, but short comments are great too. Comments (and people frequenting our forums) are the best motivation for us to translate more. (:

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57 Responses

  1. Where’s the everything choice on the poll D: And why is everything about Sun! What about all the other lovable characters? Though, I think what I’ll miss most will definitely be Sun in general. I’m going to sit on the answer choices for a while before I choose. This is so sad :'( It’s like saying goodbye to a lover ; ;

    That aside, I really want to thank the PR staff for all the wonderful translations! and I can’t wait for 39! Makes saying goodbye not as painful :’)

  2. waaagh … i was about to vote for the new poll when it’s suddenly turn back to last month poll ~><~
    anyway, i still cant believe it's ended this month. at first i was a bit hesitating reading this series. the beginning only telling how incompetent our sun is. but still, i cant took away my eyes from the series, and ended up love it more than HP. hahahaha now i understand how everyone worship sun more and more ^^ i will reserve my thanks for the last chapter, but surely u all did a great job \(^^)/

  3. Aw man, I’ll miss my monthly dose of Sun and the rest… it’s been years since I first started reading, and a beautiful ride all the way~

    I discovered this through Half Prince and Odd Squad, actually! Best thing to happen, I like Legend of the Sun Knight many times more than Half Prince by now~ Sun is a most lovable despicable bastard.

    In any case, thank you guys so so much for translating this :) You have made my life a little brighter by adding this to it~ And I, also, am really looking forward to 39!

  4. How is Sun going to teach his student swordsmanship?? No, really, this has been plauging my mind for almost a year now. His sword handling abilities suck. Is he just going to beg Neo to do it??

    • EclipseK

      It’s a miracle Neo didn’t kill Grisia… No that’s not right, it’s a miracle Grisia didn’t kill his teacher and the others who were learning with him! Who knows how Grisia’s student will survive with the teacher being the demon king and all. And that’s the part that is the safest about Grisia. His swordsmanship… That’s the most unpredictable thing about him. Where will the sword fly? Nobody knows! Oh, but I’m sure his student will excel at footwork in order to avoid dying by the hands of Sun’s demonstrations.

      Anyways, since Neo taught the other holy knights, I’m sure Lesus or Roland can teach instead of allowing the students to suffer the teachings of Grisia.

    • @adrimiz7
      hahaha OMG right?! When I saw “not that great” swordsmanship, all I could think was, wow PR is being so nice and modest, Sun’s swordsmanship is utterly terrible! You don’t think he would actually dare to teach his student magic would he? XD

    • dollyfishe

      with his ability to ask everyone to do a small favor, the swordmanship teaching is not a problem at all (laugh so hard when I realize how neo become the strongest sun knight). I’m more worried for elaro character classes. it would be a waste if he become twisted later, while when he not, he wont pass the lesson *sigh* who would narate the 39 lsk I wonder ?

    • EclipseK

      Revival of the falling lessons?! Suddenly I feel like mourning for Elaro… I hope Sun won’t twist his personality. Wait, Sun was a pretty nice person in the past… Do the character classes have a side affect of twisting their personalities? And Sun won’t ask Elaro to do “small favors” right?… RIP Elaro.

    • SniffingYou

      Yup it did affect Grisia. He did say that before the Sun Knight training he’s just an innocent cute little boy. I’m already mourning for Elaro right now.

      I remembered in one of those Yu Wo’s plurks when the Neo, Grisia and Elaro were interviewed. LOL at Grisia being the same as Neo as a teacher.

    • @adrimiz7
      Since Neo was calle the Instructor for swordsmanship for the past generation and apperently taught all of them, I’d guess that the best swordsman of the current generation would be responsible for swordsmanship lessons and the others are just responsible for position specific skills (like archery for Leaf, or kicking for Storm) since apparently all have to learn swordsmanship, even though a lot of them have specific fighting styles that don’t include a sword.
      And even if that wasn’t the case, I think they would never allow Grisia to teach swordsmanship to anybody…

  5. I only have two picks from the choices, and they are both the top answers hahahaaha! I guess we all love that side of him(even though technically its not a good thing).
    And thank you very much PR! for spoiling us this month hehehe . Im looking forward to the holloween contest. I so hope i could join this time..

  6. As have others, I discovered LSK through Half Prince. If a manga has a LN, I usually at least check on it to see if it’s good/better, and with that found this site a good 2, 3 years ago. Immediately fell in love with LSK and read through the 3 volumes that were translated at the time 5 times in a row.
    LSK has since been my absolute favorite in the realm of anime/manga/light novels. Nothing gets me as excited, and I drop pretty much everything when I see a release. Thank you so much PR! staff for releasing HQ translations all of this time! I’m probably going to go insane when it’s over, but hopefully the thought of 39 and more side stories might keep me going…

  7. I just love how everyone immediately starts the vote off with the “worst” traits as lead XD

    Honestly, where’s the “Sun being badass” or “Sun’s constant complaining” option? Or “Sun being so relatable” or “Sun being the exact opposite of how he’s supposed to be” or “Sun always screwing reality with magic” or “Sun making me laugh all the time”–

    Oh screw this, where’s the “I love everything about Sun” option!?

    • EclipseK

      PR! I second this person’s ideas! There’s just too much to love about Sun!

    • @asdf
      If we included the “everything” option, we would never know what people thought of Grisia’s individual traits! As for the other options, the list already got very long. XD

    • @asdf
      XD I agree. Like, what’s not to love about Sun? But, after sitting on the question for about a week, I think I’ve found what really makes me feel so attached to him. I just absolutely love how he cares so much about everyone in the Church of the God of Light, especially his holy knight brothers. It just warms my heart every time and makes me feel so emotionally when he’d, without a second thought, readily give up a part of himself to save the others (and make sure they don’t grow a tail or boobies:P). When talking about lovable overprotective brothers, I think we should also include Sun because he’s definitely like an older brother type in his own way. Elaro will be in good hands for sure! Sun’s actually a really nice guy and he’s also really sweet, he just adapted some bad habits haha

  8. I actually got into LSK from the manhua. From there, I came to discover the light novels and was literally addicted from the start. There’s just something about LSK that makes me think Yu Wo has been stalking me, as if she knew exactly what I liked and wrote a series with all of those things…
    LSK has seriously upped my literature standards. I don’t think I’ve ever seen– or ever will see– a protagonist as awesome and realistic as Sun. I’m really sad that the series is coming to an end, but at least there’s 39 LSK (though there’s no way the new Sun Knight can compare to the old) and the manhua to cling onto…
    If I had to choose my favourite trait of Sun that I’d miss the most, it’s actually his narration. I love the way he thinks, and I’ll miss reading from his perspective very much. I have a feeling Elaro’s narration won’t be nearly as fun to experience as his teacher’s, and the manhua cuts out a lot of Sun’s dialogue.

  9. Fuwaaaa I still can’t believe that LSK will end ;___;
    I knwo there’s the other related stories and such, but still…
    (btw we have news of Female Warrior? I’m a bit out of touch with the world lately xD)

    I voted “Suns ability to be called a despicable bastard” since it pretty much sums up everything, from his naming sense to he’s getting all those “small favors” and alcoholism and so on… Seriously, we love Sun as a whole! The way he intertwines his thoughts to the narration, the way he’s a “Jerk With an Heart of Gold”, his bromance with the other knights T^T *hugs them all*

    • [PR]doza

      I haven’t seen anything about Female Warrior on YuWo’s plurk/blog recently. But she just released a BL book about Yue Baylian (I’m taking Odd Squad’s naming) and Ri Xiang Yan – http://blog.xuite.net/kim1984429/yuwo/329182277.

      On a random note, I just saw this plurk that you might be interested in XD Not about Female Warrior, but numerous generations ahead of them. Twas posted about two weeks ago. Ahahaha, forgive me if there are grammar mistakes ^^;;; I’m too used to having proofreaders around~

      I met a friend who is crazy over Neo at some place and we had a little chat. She suggested that I release a volume of short stories about Neo, especially since there were already quite a number of them stocked up on the blog. She said something along the lines of “Wouldn’t publishing them be less stressful for you?”
      This really made my heart beat faster. If I were to publish a book of short stories about Neo, would everyone be interested? It will include “When Teacher Wasn’t Yet Teacher”, the full version of “We Are Not the Dark Human Squad”, and I will add a few more stories about their adventures and their past.
      But I’m still rather hesitant over this… I’ve already planned to release something in August next year. If I want to release such a book, I might have to do it in February. (Collapses)

      Ahhhh, I really really want her to finish We Are Not the Dark Human Squad!

    • AkaiiRia

      Ooohhhh A book of short stories about Neo??? I bet there are a lot of Neo fans who would definitely love that! Yu Wo should really make one…

      Now that I think about it, that BL book sure sounds interesting. Has PR! any intentions of ever translating it one day? All the fujoshi fans would go crazy over it! ^^

  10. I discovered LSK while reading a korean manhua called Black Haze at MangaHere. The site is famous for tsukkomis (in page comments), so then I was reading one chapter of Black Haze, when I read a tsukkomi that said “That’s as sparkly as the sun knight.” (bec. MC acts weak (thus sparkling) in order to get away from trouble) I got curious about what the sun knight thing was, so I searched and searched, until I finally ended here. Many thanks to PR! for all the translations. LSK has been my most favorite series, so sad to see it end. Will be waiting for 39 LSK and Female Warrior. Again thanks for translating this wonderful series *bows head* arigatou! fēi cháng xiè xie nǐ.

    Btw, the poll is super hard this month XD don’t you have an ‘all of them’ option? No? Then I’ll probably take a whole month choosing my answer :D

    • [PR]doza

      Omg Black Haze? XD I love it too haha, sometimes it feels like the beginning of my week is a Wednesday ^^;;;

    • @[PR]doza
      Ehehe, Glad to see another Black Haze lover here! Im jealous, BH only updates every Thursday here sooo :/ Why dont you check it out. In ch. 68 page 8, the page is littered with how Rood can be a possible Sun Knight candidate XD Well, I guess I have to agree. Rood and Sun are almost similar in every way, blond hair, blue eyes, personality, etc. XD

    • @AB
      oops, I meant page 11

    • EclipseK

      Did someone say Black Haze? WHERE?! My god I want to know what happens so bad right now! Now that I think about it, Rood always does the “I’m just a very ill person” act whenever he wants to avoid someone. Just like Sun.

    • @EclipseK
      Ahahaha, I know right! Rood can pass of as a Sun Knight with no problem at all XD

    • @AB
      Haha omg I totally agree, I just started BH like a week ago and it very quickly became one of my favorites. AND to add to the acting skills, Rood is very adept in magic, just like Sun! He’s also very sneaky and protective of his friends! Maybe Sun’s long lost twin? XD

  11. Chicaalterego

    Oh dear god of light, we are about to read the end of this novel, I’m so exited! Also, I wanted to say that poll is the most difficult you have put on so far. I was unsure if I would miss more the speaches, Sun being called a despicable bastard and the doing of favors… thank God there are fanfictions out there! Not to mention you guys are there so I can re-read the whole thing to my heart’s content.

    I will miss LSK. Miss it so much. You guys are the best to have done so much with it. It is my favorite novel of all times, no contest.

    Now I’m feeling sentimental :'(

  12. About the 2048 LSK game, is it for Windows? Because I have a Mac, and it says “No application set to open this document” so…….
    hmm… now sigh’s spelling looks weird…

  13. To elaborate on my previous comment:
    1. I’m using a Mac
    2. When I try to open the .apk using The Unarchiver, I get a .apk.cpgz
    3. When I try to open the .apk.cpgz, I get a .apk
    4. It just keeps looping over and over…

    • @carrot
      Hi, .apk files are for Android phones!

    • @[PR]dahlys
      I have a different problem. I have an Android phone, but my Android version is very old (1.something) and I can’t open the app. Do yo know, whether the problem lies in my Android version or whether it should work on old versions as well and I have to look for a different error? Because a lot of Apps don’t work on my phone since the Android version is too old.

    • @[PR]dahlys
      oh! thank you

  14. Ohmygod, I don’t know how I will miss Sun :'( his unique and funny character is what I love…
    damn it where will I find a shameless, cunning, idiotic bastard who deserves a kick in his ass and much more but remains somehow adorable funny and his big bromance????!! *Sigh* thank you for the hard work of translating whole 8 volumes!!

    oh amd is it only my phone that can’t play the app? Is my android too old too let it function? I can only open the app and see the start of the game and can only scroll up and down the display, nothing more… damn it I want my sun and judgment …

    Sorry for my rambling… ^_^; *hides in her bed and smile like an idiot*

  15. Are you guys gonna pick up LSK 39?

  16. I found LSK through the manga Half Prince. Actually I started reading it on another website, bud they stopped translating it, so I ended here – thankfully.
    Thank you PR! very much for translating LSK and the others novels as well!
    I am very curious how Sun will teach his student in general – dont forget how Neo taught Grisia :)

  17. Aaahhh~~ Time sure flies~ It’s almost over already! My heart weeps. But hey, at least that means I get to read about my adorable son — soon. <33

    I've been thinking about trying to dig someone up to contact about the German translation team before… Might also help me get back deeper into the series, ahh. But I'm so lazy. And with school starting I'm not yet sure how much time I have, let alone if I finally find a side job….

  18. If you need a german translator I am in~ I was also playing with the thought of reviving the german translation, but I am also lazy and this is my last school year …
    but if you decide to start translating, you can contact me under [email protected]

    • @haweii
      That is great, but could you post this on the german page please? I don’t always read the complete comment sections on the main page and I don’t get notifications for comments here either. Or, even better write us a mail (you can find all the details on our recruitment page).
      And I have already been translating througout August. I finished german translation of the first LSK novel.

  19. I… I can’t decide what option should I choose on the poll… Really, it’s too difficult!

    Also, amazing that the german translation is up again! I was wondering if the same will happen with the spanish translation. If it is, I’m willing to help!

  20. I just wanted to say that I love you guys and that you are doing great work!
    I really don’t know whether I should be excited or cry because LSK is going to be finished this month. On the one hand, I’ve been dying to read the finale, on the other hand, I am going to miss this series so much. But I can always reread it :-)

    On a different note: Please, please, please visit or german page! It’s so lonely over there… And we really need staff!

  21. Wake me up when September end~

  22. SniffingYou

    I can’t believe I’ve finished reading LSK back in 2012 via headache-inducing google translate and can finish it now without the feeling of nausea. Thank you PR for not giving up on 1/2 prince and introducing us to this despicable fellow. I’ve discovered a whole new magical world because of you.

  23. Jasae Bushae

    I had discovered PrinceRevolution from a translation of 1/2 prince by oddsquad I saw on another website, with an add at the back mentioning princerevolution. Came for 1/2 prince, stayed for Legend of Sun Knight

    As for what I want to see…Well, im not sure what the new sun knight will be like, but I of course want to see that.
    Beyond that…Im most enjoying Romance RPG, and No Hero.

  24. Its been a couple years, but I remember that I read 1/2 Prince manga first, liked it, and then found the Legend of the Sun Knight manga. Before I started reading I looked at a few of the comments and saw some saying that the novel was much better. I was curious so I went to read it, and I loved it. I loved the heck out of it. I still do. Seeing new LSK chapters would often make my whole day, or 3 days, and this is over a couple of years. My interest in it did wax and wane, but reading a new chapter always made my day. Even the sad or painful chapters, it felt good to see all the other comments hoping for our favorite main character to get better, to be a part of that a little. You don’t quite get that reading a novel off the shelf in the library.
    And I’ll never forget one April Fools chapter! That still makes me laugh whenever there’s a scene in the main story that could possibly be, just maybe, in an imagination, related to the April Fools chapter.
    So after reading 1/2 Prince, I was interested in Yu Wo manga, after reading Legend of the Sun Knight, I was interested in Yu Wo novels! And then I went a little crazy with it…. >.>;;; The first novels I read through Google Translate were Yu Wo novels, and let me tell you, my grammar has never been the same. I read a lot of No Hero, (and will forever think of the words ‘Towards the Cable’ as a name orz), tried to read GOD, but got too lost after a few volumes to continue, read Gong Huuuuaaa~, tried a tiny bit of Illusions Lies and Truth, but usually if something was being translated I didn’t read it through GT. Gong Hua is an exception.
    I’ll be participating in the Halloween contest! I might not be able to give a great contribution, but I’ll add something!
    I voted for “Sun’s ability to get called a despicable and shameless bastard” because as soon as I read it I started laughing a lot.
    Like someone else said, I think the thing I will miss the most is the way he narrates. I’m looking forward to the final chapter! And to the series about the next generation of knights!

  25. I love dominions end, it is very interesting! And i’m in a zombie mood. Haha.
    I am depressed that yu wo hasn’t finished the female warrior main books rather then the prologue, but it’s ok. I don’t know what all books yu wo has written, but i will look into it and see if i am over the top for one to read XD

  26. I knew about LSK at Mangahere. It’s manga updated so I checked it out because the art was cool, after that I was hooked because it was very hilarious. And when I see a manga that I like, I usually google it to see any light novel or raw summaries and such. and then bam! Prince Revolution. Love you guys!!!! <3 <3 <3

    I am soooo gonna miss Sun. Specially his love for the other eleven holy knights. and uhm, do you know if there's any good yaoi fanfic about Sun and Judgement? XD hahaha! :))))

  27. i knew sun knight at LSK at mangareader.net, i was so into it manga and searching for it, hoping to see more chapter of it, but it ended in vain. Then i read 1/2 prince and realized it has the same author, so i search online for group that translating it, and i ended here. Thanks PR! very much.
    And i have played your 2048 game, it was aaaamazing. And, in my opinion it would be better if you can add a save mode to it. I always lost my game when i accidently close it as a background app.
    Anyways, thanks very much. Hope to see you translating more.

  28. I didn’t see that you had asked how we got into lsk, ok i’ll tell you!
    I am unsure how i first saw it, I had read 1/2 prince, then in the forums i heard about this site, and went. Personally i prefer reading over manga, and felt really happy reading the wittiness, and haven’t gone back to the manga. I found on this site lsk, or maybe i had seen a picture of it on mangafox. At first I wasn’t interested, then i got curious. Yu wo has a way of attracting even me with the mysterious plots, and the intellectual plans of the sun knight. I enjoyed reading it ^^
    All the elements of it, From light to dark, amazing.

  29. Really excited for the next chapter of Dominion’s End… Yu Wo is one of my favorite authors. I loooved 1/2P and Kill No More, and read a fair amount of Sun Knight back in the day, and I’m excited to go back and finish it at the end of the month. You guys are so great! I don’t know if it’s author’s prose, the Chinese language, or you guys, but your translations read so beautifully and smooth compared to most novel translations I’ve read. I’m willing to give you guys a lot of the credit! Thank you so much~

  30. Can’t download the game

  31. So many feelings right now. Happy to have read it to the end, at the same time, sad that there’s an end T.T
    About how I got into LSK… I actually started with the ½ Prince manhua, after running out of chapters… I think I saw some comment about the novel being translated, or I googled for more chapters and found princerevolution that way, shortly after you started up LSK, I remember reading the prologue and first chapter and thinking “this is hilarious”. So yes, I was already here from the get go, and yes, I was hooked from page one, and yes, it’s all your fault!
    With that said, Thank you very much for all the tears and laughs you’ve given me throughout the years by translating this amazing LN. *bows deeply*

  32. I started reading the LSK manga some years ago,… but never finished what had been translated by that time. At the beginning of this year, Ihappened to see it in mangareader again, and started reading it again. When I finished the 2nd volume, I noticed they mentioned something about the story being a novel,…

    I will just miss Sun. That’s it. Discussing with my friend about the latest chapter, and making theories,…. yes, I will miss it.

    Thanks to all the staff for working so hard on it!!!

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