Fill in the Bubbles Contest Voting

Voting has begun for our Fill in the Bubbles Contest! Head this way to vote!

We encourage you to vote, and here are some incentives.

If we reach 50 or more voters, we promise we will release the rest of Legend of Sun Knight V8 in September. That means V8C12, the extra, AND the epilogue! It’s possible we’ll see LSK completed by next month! If we don’t reach 50 voters, we’ll just release V8C12.

If we reach 100 or more voters, we promise we will release Dominion’s End V1C6 in September as well. We’ll push ourselves extra hard. ;)

In order to vote, you need to sign up for a forum account if you don’t already have one, and you need to be logged in. Happy voting!

Comments (11)

  1. 3:08 pm, August 23, 2015Trespasserby  / Reply

    As always, please remember to answer the Security Question that will pop up once you’ve made your account. If you can answer the question correctly, we’ll believe you’re not a spammer bot account.

  2. 7:05 am, August 24, 2015tsukiyo  / Reply

    how to vote? there’s no place to click to vote… do we have to comment or something?

  3. 9:36 am, August 24, 2015~RenTheWitch~  / Reply

    Dominion’s End always takes a lot of votes! gotta work hard

  4. 4:49 pm, August 24, 2015Jasae Bushae  / Reply

    Three votes away from getting the rest of sun knight~

  5. 10:28 am, August 25, 2015~RenTheWitch~  / Reply

    i’ve been wondering for a while, how do u decided which chapter of which novel is gonna get translated each month? popularity? whim? the God of Light guidance? flip coin :D?

    • 3:57 pm, August 25, 2015Trespasserby  / Reply

      Hey there, Ren. This is Trespasserby, one of PR!’s proofreaders.

      Choosing which chapters to release each month is actually just based on common sense.

      We definitely have to release at least one chapter each of The Legend of Sun Knight and of No Hero each month, since those are our two main projects at the moment.

      Then, we see which chapters of our side projects we can probably finish up in time to release during the month. If we don’t think we can finish it in time to release it that month, we don’t make promises to release it.

  6. 11:40 am, August 27, 2015Azarhel  / Reply

    Hello, just tried to create myself an account on the forum to vote for my friend, but it doesn’t seem to be approved.
    Here it says you need to answer the question to get approval, however when I saw the question there wasn’t any place to answer it. Is that normal?

    • 7:58 pm, August 27, 2015[PR]raylight  / Reply

      Hello! I have taken a screenshot of the screen you are supposed to see and where to put the answer:

      If you still cannot see it, please inform us again, I’ll get someone more technical to fix this. ^^

      • 6:10 am, August 28, 2015Azarhel  / Reply

        Yeah that box definitely wasn’t there. My account got approved in any case. Thank you.

  7. 6:31 pm, August 30, 2015Jasae Bushae  / Reply

    Welp, it looks like we will get all the chapters. ^^

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