Update: August 2015

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August Chapters
  1. Illusions, Lies, Truth V1C1: Xiao Xue Part 3 – Twins
  2. Kill No More VS 1/2 Prince V1C7: Chapter 7
  3. Dominion's End V1C5: Special Powers
  4. Kill No More VS 1/2 Prince V1C8: Chapter 8
  5. Romance RPG V1C9: Part Nine
  6. No Hero V3C4: A Non-Human Body and a Human Experiment
  7. Kill No More VS 1/2 Prince V1C9: Chapter 9 (END)
  8. Romance RPG V1C10: Part Ten
  9. The Legend of Sun Knight V8C11: “The Twelve Holy Knights—Gathered”

We have a lot of chapters for you this August, at least one chapter from each of our projects! First up, we’ll be wrapping up the Kill No More VS 1/2 Prince crossover this month. Another short project finished, and we bid Prince and Liola goodbye. Second, Legend of Sun Knight reaches the climax in V8C11! We are so close to the end. :’)

A new contest is up and running over at our forums. Fill in the speech bubbles of the Human Doll Contract manhua page provided, and you might just be able to earn some nifty prizes. It’s a quick contest and shouldn’t take too long to participate. Deadline is August 22. We look forward to your submission. Voting will open after the deadline, so don’t forget to check back then to help us determine our winner!

As a reminder, we’re working with Papermoon Scans to bring you a scanlation of Human Doll Contract. The first chapter was released last month. Expect to see more!

PR! Français is already starting on translating V2 of 1/2 Prince, and they’re almost done with V1 of Legend of Sun Knight. They will even be starting Romance RPG soon. They are looking for proofreaders to help with their projects. Check them out, and tell your friends~

Our July poll, “If you suddenly gained an older brother, you would want him to be…” had a total of 1485 voters. Lesus Judgment dominated the poll with 839 votes. These Judgment Knights are too popular!

(18.72%, 278 Votes)
Lesus Judgment
(56.5%, 839 Votes)
Ri Xiang Yan
(7%, 104 Votes)
Jiang Shutian
(17.78%, 264 Votes)
Total Voters: 1485

Our question for you this month: “What would you like to eat?”

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  1. Woah, so many in a month! I’m so glad no hero isn’t last, but the fact that LSK is lady is driving me nuts! I can’t wait to see what happens! Thanks for the translations PR!

    • @Eclipse
      We’re gearing up for the grand finale of LSK, ahhhhhh.

    • EclipseK

      … Wow, I’m terrible with touchscreen. First I get my name wrong, then autocorrect turned “last” into “lady”. Well, I learned my lesson. I’m gonna proofread my comments from now on! (If I remember…)

    • dollyfishe

      it would be easier if u just turn off auto-correction on the phone setting ^^ i always hate it since its always change things i want to said into something else

  2. yyyyyyyyyyayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

    Ecilan´s Blueberry pieeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ou yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah

    Thank u very much for this hard work! we love u!!!!!!!!

  3. Wow, I’m actually impress by the amount of chapters you guys are going to release this month!
    By the way, now that you’re wrapping up KNMvsPrince, do you have any intents on taking up a new project like GOD, or are you simply going to focus on ILT and No Hero?

    • @AkaiiRia
      We’ll be focusing on our current projects first, especially No Hero and 39 LSK. But I’m personally hoping to finish translating a bunch of stuff so I have time to translate GOD afterward. XD;

      (If more translators join us, it would be possible~, like what happened with Dominion’s End)

    • Jasae Bushae

      Oh wow! Really? Gosh, at that point, every Yu Wo work will be either translated or in the process of being translated. Awesome!

  4. Jasae Bushae

    Sadly, I cannot eat fried food without developing stomach problems, I don’t like soups, and ive yet to eat a wonton that was properly cooked, so I will take a blueberry pie in the hopes that Ice made it.

    Also, wow! So many chapters this month. @[email protected]
    This week will put us over a quarter of the way to the end of RPG love, wrap up that silly crossover, and a chapter for everyone else~ Yippee~

  5. “What would you like to eat?” because I’ve just started to reading No Hero, its still fresh in my mind about Charles’s sundae >.<
    but there wasn't that option, so i settle with ice knight's blueberry (was it his?)
    so thank you for this month translation PR! You guys always bring joy in our heart every month. If I could request, after finishing LSK and Kill No More VS 1/2 Prince,could you guys focus on Dominion's End? i've always has a soft spot for gender blender, and of course it's Yu Wo creation. Thank you PR! Good Luck

    • EclipseK

      Charles’ sundaes… That needs to be in the poll too due to my love for ice cream! Sadly it’s not, and I’m not very fond of the other foods… Also, I can’t help but feel that if Judgment was placed in this poll, he could very well be the winner… I also second the idea for Dominions End! I like the story so far and gender benders are often funny and interesting, especially when mixed with the “it’s the end of the world” theme. That makes it even more appealing!

  6. Sakura Hyuga

    Wow~ I haven’t been here forever because of school but now everything changed! There’s polls and contests (are you doing those each month? Wow!) and more series?! Need to catch up.

  7. I’m too much of a sweet tooth to pick anything other than blueberry pie XP

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