Romance RPG V1C10: Part Ten

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Romance RPG

Original novel in Chinese by: 御 我 (Yu Wo)

Part Ten—translated by Doza

Meng’s voice sounded very dreamy. “Tell me Sword Spirit. If I’m willing to work as hard as I did while climbing this tree, will I become a girl who is loved by all?”

“Loved by all?” Sword Spirit’s lip curled as he continued, “This level of difficulty is too high. Where can you find a girl that perfect? Having eight out of ten people fall in love with you at first sight is already pretty good. I’m Sword Spirit, not Aladdin’s wish-granting lamp.”

Meng giggled and replied, “You’re right. Then, you have to turn me into a girl that will make eight out of ten people fall in love with her at first sight, alright?”

Sword Spirit glanced at Meng’s current appearance: an auntie-like hairstyle, Pikachu blouse, and blue and white flip-flops. If he had a face, it would definitely show an extremely troubled expression. However, one could tell from his strained voice that such a feat was very difficult. “Then… How about this: four out of ten people who lay their eyes upon you will fall in love, alright?”

Meng objected loudly, “No way. At least six. It can’t be considered passing otherwise!”

“A compromise then, five will do.” Sword Spirit attempted to slash it down by one.

“Five and a half!”

“… A half?”

Sword Spirit didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, and Meng also felt embarrassed when she saw his expression. She explained, “Sorry, I’ve haggled so much in the food market that it’s become a habit. Alright, five then.”

Even five seems rather hard. Sword Spirit sighed. Raising simulation games are very tough nowadays.

“Forget it. Let’s look for the prince first.” Sword Spirit urged her.

Meng cast a strange look at Sword Spirit. She muttered, “I keep feeling that you want to see the prince even more than I do…”

“What?” Sword Spirit’s sharp ears caught it.


Even though you don’t have ears, you can still hear things so clearly. Meng complained in her heart as she slowly shifted her body, moving toward the side of the wall. Luckily, this tree grew close to the wall; it was only half the length of Meng’s arm away. In addition, its horizontal branches crossed over the wall, and extended into the imperial palace. Thus, it was not at all difficult to climb from this tree onto the top of the wall. If it hadn’t been like this, she would have never agreed to climb up.

Meng chose a large branch that crossed over the wall and used her hands and legs to crawl across. With some difficulty, she managed to move onto the top of the wall. Meng automatically sat down and took a moment to survey the situation below. Excellent, this happens to be at the edge of a large garden. The vegetation is rather dense, so it shouldn’t be easy to attract others’ attention.

After Meng had observed the place for a while, a strong gust of wind happened to blow past. Her body swayed, and she nearly slipped down the wall. Meng hurriedly hugged the tree branch beside her firmly. When she saw that her feet were still several meters above the ground, Meng finally realized that there was a big problem. She blurted out, “How do I get down?”

“Uh…” Likewise, Sword Spirit had only just thought of that problem. With some difficulty, he responded in a questioning manner, “It’s only one story high. Can’t you jump down?”

“Jump down?” Meng’s eyes widened. Even if it were only one story high, who would jump down from the second story for no reason?

Sword Spirit also knew that it was too much to force Meng to jump down. Even if she was willing to jump, she might sprain her leg during the landing. Furthermore, it was easy to jump down from this side, but it was virtually impossible to climb back up later. They couldn’t just scale the wall to enter and then casually exit through the front gates while saying goodbye to the two guards, right?

“If we had a rope, we could tie it around the branch and then climb down.” Sword Spirit said, feeling vexed.

“Then, what should I do?” Meng also could not come up with any ideas.

Sword Spirit replied callously, “Let’s go back first. Tomorrow, we’ll bring a rope when we climb up.”

“You’re so cruel. The one exhausted from scaling the wall is me, not you.”

Meng pouted as she slowly moved toward the outside of the wall. Who would have guessed that at that moment, a stern shout of “What are you doing?” would suddenly come from below? Meng didn’t expect anyone to be around and was immensely startled. She slipped, and with a shriek, fell out of the tree.

At the moment Meng slipped, Sword Spirit immediately ordered, “Curl your arms in front of your chest, and roll after you hit the ground.”

“Careful!” The voice that had startled Meng rang out once more, accompanied by rapid footsteps.

In the midst of falling, Meng was beside herself with panic. It was practically a reflex that she followed Sword Spirit’s words. Just as she curled her arms, she collided straight into a warm body which gave out a muffled groan.

Meng’s legs weakened, and she sunk to her knees on the ground. A moment passed, yet the pain she had imagined did not arrive, and with her eyes tightly shut, Meng finally realized that something was off. She furtively peeped through a gap in her eyelids. A pair of calves wearing long boots came into view. At that moment, Meng knew that she had actually crashed into someone. Logically speaking, she had been startled by someone’s voice, so it was only natural that a person would show up. After all, not every object could speak like Sword Spirit.

However, after sneaking into the imperial palace and being caught by someone, whom she had even crashed into, Meng could not raise her head to face the person.

On the other hand, Sword Spirit had no such qualms. His main mission was to marry Meng off to the person she loved, so wasn’t this unexpected meeting perfect? Even if that man should be in a lot of pain from being struck by at least forty to fifty kilograms accelerated through the fall from the second story… He probably would be unable to speak for a while.

Sword Spirit looked at that man. As expected, his expression was one of pain but he was trying hard to bear it. However, this face… was rather familiar. Sword Spirit froze. I feel like I’ve seen this face many times before? Particularly thick eyebrows, slightly haughty eyes beneath them, a straight and protruding nose, a pair of thin lips below them, and a somewhat narrow face…

I-Isn’t this me?! Sword Spirit was alarmed. That’s right—the face currently before his eyes was Lin Jian Yin’s. No, not just the face. Sword Spirit took measure of that person’s figure. His height was around 178 cm, and he appeared slim and lean. Even the body was identical!

What is going on? Sword Spirit was at a loss.

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  1. Plots and Twists

    So…He has to marry her off to himself? THIS IS THE GREATEST!!!! Hahahahahaha

  2. Luna

    That’s awesome, at least in terms of future laughs lol. How weird it would feel to matchmake her to yourself? Well at least it should motivate him to lvl her up more XD.

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    omg! omg! OMG!!!!!!!!!! Yu Wo will never stop surprising me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!

    big Applause to Yu Wo!!!!!!!!!!!!BANZAI!

  4. Jasae Bushae

    Hes the prince! XD
    Oh my, watch the prince turn out to be as fowl mouthed and jerkish as he, and force him to come to terms with himself. XD

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    the prince ? buahahahhahahahhaha …. so i guess Lin will actually experience how he will be bash by himself :p

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