Romance RPG V1C11: Part Eleven

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Romance RPG

Original novel in Chinese by: 御 我 (Yu Wo)

Part Eleven – translated by Kii

At this time, the man finally seemed able to recover from the pain of being “ambushed.” He then looked down at the culprit. Meng was still hiding her face and kneeling on the ground. She inwardly blamed Sword Spirit for not hurrying up and coming up with a solution to the problem in front of them.

“You are hurt,” the man kindly reminded her in a gentle voice.

Hearing this, only then did Meng notice the burst of burning heat coming from her left arm. She turned and saw a long, bloody mark around ten centimeters long there. The wound was probably not deep, as there wasn’t much blood coming out.

Meng casually wiped her arm on her pants and then looked up at the man. His gentle voice made her less scared. But who knew that this one look would actually cause her to stare blankly for quite some time…

When the man saw her wipe her arm so casually, he frowned and said in a displeased tone, “A wound should be properly taken care of. Come with me, I’ll help you wrap it.”

After saying that, he stretched his own hand toward Meng to help her up, posture and expression perfect and elegant.

Faced with such a handsome guy, Meng’s face turned red. When she looked at her own hands that were covered with a mixture of blood and mud, she did not dare to take the hand of the man who was wearing a white, long-sleeved dress shirt and white gloves. With a strained smile, Meng got up by herself.

The man did not seem to expect that she would not take his hand. Only after staring blankly at her for a while did he calmly guide Meng inside of the beautiful palace.

As they were walking, Meng was panicking. No matter how one looked at it, she was an intruder. So if she just followed this person, it was hard to say that she wouldn’t walk right into a prison. She couldn’t help but reach for the sword on her back and shake it violently, whispering, “Hey! Why are you keeping silent? What do I do now?”

After being shaken like that, Sword Spirit finally returned to his senses. Seeing Meng’s anxious look, Sword Spirit put aside the issue of the man’s appearance and started to think of a way to solve the current problem. However, as he saw it, the current situation was actually pretty good. Falling down from a tree was easy, but hitting someone on the way down was comparably harder. On top of that, the person that had been hit just happened to be a pretty handsome guy (Sword Spirit couldn’t help but praise himself a bit). The likelihood of something like this happening was even less than the chances of winning the lottery.

“Go with him,” Sword Spirit said with some excitement.

Meng shot him a strange look, but she couldn’t think of any better ideas, so she could only follow the man in front of her, all the way into the inside of the palace. In front of her was a long corridor lit with several candles on both sides. It was very well illuminated. The stone floor was polished to a smooth finish, and was so clean that there wasn’t even a single speck of dust. She could nearly see her own reflection. It made walking difficult for Meng. She was afraid that her dirty shoes would leave footprints on the corridor floor.

Although she didn’t leave any footprints, Meng had overlooked her bleeding arm. A moment of thoughtlessness, and just like that, several drops of blood had fallen. Contrasted with such a snowy white floor, those drops of blood looked even more obvious. Frantic, Meng secretly tried to wipe away those drops of blood by shuffling her feet several times.

But just at that moment, the man turned around and said with a slight smile, “Please come this way.”

When she heard that voice, Meng immediately drew her foot back. She looked up at his face, but she didn’t see any strange expressions, only the same polite smile. But a whisper came from the sword on Meng’s back. “You’ve really done it now. His impression of you must have gone down by several points.”

Hearing Sword Spirit say such words, Meng became nervous again, thinking, I’m done for, done for! How many points got deducted?

She walked uneasily into the room the man had indicated. It looked like a reception room. There were a few ornate chairs and a small tea table inside. A few landscape paintings hung on the walls. Meng went in and immediately felt softness beneath her feet. She looked down and found the floor was covered with a thick, blue velvet carpet. This made Meng even more nervous. She immediately clutched her wounded arm tightly against her chest, afraid of getting a single drop of blood on the carpet.

“Please sit down for a moment. I will bring over the medical supplies.” The man smiled and left.

Hearing him say so, Meng then looked for the plainest chair to sit in. However, even the plainest of the chairs was either soft and cushioned or delicately carved, which caused Meng to sit uncomfortably.

“Why are you sitting so close to the edge? Do you have hemorrhoids?” Looking at how she was sitting, Sword Spirit really couldn’t stand it. How can she manage to seduce a handsome guy while looking like that?

Meng gave Sword Spirit a glare, sat a little further back, and said, “I’m just afraid to get this chair dirty. The palace is too gorgeous, so I have to be careful at all times. It’s so troublesome.”

Sword Spirit couldn’t help but roll his eyes at her. He said wryly, “Please, this is what you call romantic. Would you rather go to a food market with your loved one, while you carry two bags of vegetables and he clutches a chicken?”

He then glanced again at Meng and sighed, “But speaking of which, your get up with this pair of blue and white slippers is indeed more appropriate for going to the market. In this palace, no matter how you look at it, it just looks weird.”

Before Meng could retort, from the door came two knocks. Then, the man from earlier came into the room again. In his hands, he carried a small, gilded, sapphire blue box.

That thing can’t be a first-aid kit, right? Meng narrowed her eyes at the object that looked like a jewelry box.

When the man reached Meng’s side, he opened the box and began to disinfect and wrap the injury for Meng. The bandages, potion bottles, and other objects inside it clearly told Meng that it really was a first-aid box. For Meng, the box was more expensive than the most valuable pearl earring in her house.

“What’s the point of using such a good box as a first-aid kit? The potions won’t be better, and regardless of where a bandage is kept, it’s still used to wrap wounds,” Meng couldn’t help mumbling.

However, Sword Spirit, who was behind her, fought back his urge to scold this woman for her obliviousness to the romantic mood. Just why is she caring about how a first-aid kit looks like at a time like this? Shouldn’t she be thinking about the man who is half-kneeling and helping her bandage her wound, about how he’s super handsome, how this is really romantic, or something like that?

Wait for him to leave before scolding her. Wait for him to leave before scolding her. Sword Spirit silently chanted to himself. I definitely can’t break up this two “person” atmosphere right now. If he didn’t speak, he wouldn’t count as a person, but if he were to speak, he would count as half a person. Romance is a matter between two people. There couldn’t even be a half a person more than that.

“What did you just say?” The man who was originally concentrating on bandaging the wound looked up and asked.

Meng waved her hand hurriedly. “No- Nothing at all!”

He smiled and didn’t question any further.

On the other hand, it was Meng who then spoke up, looking at the door with worry in her eyes as she asked, “Hey you, won’t we get found if we are here? You know, I did get in by climbing the wall…”

Hearing Meng’s words, the man asked with slight surprise, “Don’t you know that I’m Edward?”

Meng blinked. “Edward? No, I don’t know you. Are you famous?”

It seemed to be the first time Edward had been asked a question of this nature. He stared blankly for a while, and then answered a little hesitantly, “I think so? I don’t go out often, so I don’t know if I’m really famous or not.”

“What’s your job?” Meng became curious.

“My job? Well…” Edward’s expression grew somewhat awkward. He didn’t know how to reply.

“Is this question really hard to answer?” Meng said to herself out of habit, not knowing what was wrong with her question.

Edward seemed to think that if he didn’t answer the lady’s question, he would come off as very rude. Even though he was reluctant, he still answered hesitantly, “M-My job is a prince.”

“Prince? What kind of occupation is that?” Receiving such an answer, Meng was confused and her brain couldn’t really comprehend it.

“Ah!~~ What a stupid woman!” At last, Sword Spirit couldn’t bear it anymore and shouted angrily, “Prince is not his occupation but his identity!”

Meng was shocked. Her brain seemed to turn around and finally connect to its right place. “A prince.” These two words hit Meng’s mind hard.

The person in front of me helping wrap my wound is actually a prince?

Sword Spirit shook his body—the blade—crazily and lamented, “Falling from a tree and hitting a handsome guy is like winning the lottery. It’s worth tens of millions. Falling from a tree and hitting a handsome prince is simply—priceless!”

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  1. Luna

    So he really is a gentle princely guy! Maybe he can show our protagonist how it’s done. And poor Ming LOL, so dense at the wrong moments.

  2. Aurelia Avalon

    I pity those handsome guys that have to be the sacrificial cushions to break the girls’ fall xD If you’re handsome, don’t ever walk under a tree!

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