Romance RPG V1C12: Part Twelve

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Romance RPG

Original novel in Chinese by: 御 我 (Yu Wo)

Part Twelve – translated by Kii

“Y-Your Highness.”

Meng suddenly jumped out of the chair. Seeing that Edward was still holding her arm with one hand while the other was pulling on the half-wrapped bandage, she jerked away as if she had been electrocuted. Her face a deep red, she stuttered, “I-I’m really sorry, I didn’t know you were the prince himself. But you can’t blame me. How could I have known that someone like a prince would go into the deep part of the garden all by himself?

“Up until now, I’ve been really rude to you because I didn’t know that you’re the prince. An ignorant person isn’t a guilty one, right?”

Listening to Meng’s incoherent explanation, Edward faintly smiled. “Of course it’s fine. Women have the right to be impolite to men.”

“Err, is that so?” Hearing that, Meng felt a bit awkward. It was a bit like apologizing to someone and discovering that the other person had actually already forgotten all about it.

“Your sword is quite unique.”

Edward was observing Sword Spirit on Meng’s back with great interest. If he hadn’t been strictly observing etiquette, he might have already moved closer to inspect it.

“Are you talking about him? Yes, he’s very unique.”

Meng casually grabbed Sword Spirit, and then held him out in front of Edward. Curious, Edward stared at Sword Spirit’s two eyes and mouth. Meanwhile, Sword Spirit, being stared at by someone who had the same exact face as him, felt that nothing could be stranger than what was happening just now.

Just as Edward looked at Sword Spirit with great interest, the door to the room was suddenly opened by someone. The one who had opened the door was a splendidly dressed but funny-looking man who appeared to share the same physical characteristics as a ball. Behind him were a slim and serious looking man and a very beautiful girl.

The ball-shaped man, while jiggling his countless layers of chins, said in a shrill voice, “My Lord Duke Biggs, please have a seat over here, and I will go request His Royal Highness Prince Edward to come and greet your daughter.”

When the serious looking Duke Biggs saw the situation in the room, he was utterly shocked, and the girl, who was timid, let out a small cry. The ball-shaped man had been standing with his back to the room. When he saw the facial expressions of the two, he swiftly turned his head to look. What he saw was a strange person holding a sword, and the sword was pointed at no one else but His Royal Highness Prince Edward. The ball-shaped man also let out a shriek. That cry was far more unpleasant than the girl’s scream. It immediately attracted attention.

From the sound of armor clinking, it was apparent that a few warriors were currently rushing over. The duke, who was standing by the door, pulled his daughter aside to make way.

Meng and Edward were both stunned. They didn’t understand how the situation had turned out like this. By now, warriors had reached the door, and the ball-shaped man screamed, “There is a thug taking His Royal Highness hostage!”

The warriors heard him. How could they have let this happen! Immediately, they pushed the ball-shaped man out of the way. Seeing that the so-called thug seemed to be rather shocked, these warriors couldn’t let such a perfect opportunity go to waste. They all rushed forward at the same time. Seeing the warriors’ fists come flying at her, Meng screamed in fear. Edward was snapped out of his daze by the loud cry and immediately extended both of his arms, standing between the warriors and Meng. As he did so, he shouted, “All of you, stop!”

Seeing the prince blocking them, all of the warriors abruptly stopped, and they also clearly saw that the so-called thug was actually only a screaming girl. They looked at each other and understood that this situation was probably a misunderstanding. The warriors straightened up and saluted to their Royal Highness the Prince. Edward gracefully saluted back and then said, “It’s a misunderstanding. I am merely observing this lady’s sword and am not being held hostage at all. You may all return to your posts.”

The warriors obeyed the command and turned to leave. As they passed through the door, they didn’t forget to glare at the ball-shaped man for making them look like fools. The ball-shaped man himself had his own unvoiced grievances. Anyone who saw that kind of situation would naturally think the worst. How can they blame me? He glared at Meng with hatred. It’s all this weirdo’s fault for going as far as to point a sword at His Royal Highness.

At this time, Duke Biggs entered the room. He took the initiative to walk to Edward, while saying, “It has been a long time, Prince Edward.”

Edward smiled faintly, and while maintaining the dignity of a prince, politely replied, “Indeed it has. The last time was at my mother’s birthday party, Duke Biggs.”

“His Royal Highness has an excellent memory.” Duke Biggs laughed wholeheartedly, and then pretended to glance at his daughter, as if having no choice but to give an introduction. “I present to you my daughter, Marisa.”

Duke Biggs introduced his daughter proudly as Marisa shyly stepped forward. She had long, wave-like, curled flaxen locks that shone like gold, a pair of elegant, classic eyebrows, and an oval face to complete the image. She looked like the perfect example of a classic beauty.

“She really is a masterpiece,” praised Sword Spirit, and Meng turned her head to glare at him. Sword Spirit made an innocent face. I’m only saying the truth.

The prince showed his customary smile, gently lifting and kissing the back of Marisa’s petite hand. “Greetings, Lady Marisa. This is the first time we have met. It’s a pleasure to meet you.”

“Hello, Your Royal Highness,” Marisa replied shyly.

Edward smiled, and then he said to Duke Biggs, “I’m very sorry, Duke, but I’m still entertaining my guest. Could I trouble you to wait in another guest room for a moment? I will be there shortly.”

Edward called out to the ball-shaped man, “Rohtun, bring His Lord the Duke to the Rose Garden Room.”

After Rohtun heard him, he swiftly made a fawning expression. Jumping to the door, he opened it, grinning while he made an “after you” gesture to the duke and Marisa.

The duke’s face displayed his dissatisfaction, and he said lightly, “Your Royal Highness, I hope you know that you must carefully choose which guests you entertain.”

“Thank you for your reminder, Duke.” The prince still smiled politely. His handsome face didn’t show any signs of disturbance after hearing the words the duke had just said.

The duke turned and took with him Marisa, who seemed reluctant to leave. As the duke stepped out of the door, he turned his head to look Meng over, his eyes filled with disdain. The beautiful Marisa couldn’t help but look back with her father. At first, she looked disapprovingly at Meng, but when she saw Meng’s uncouth clothing and grotesque hairstyle, she couldn’t help laughing and left like a proud peacock.

After being scrutinized by two people, Meng’s heart felt heavy, and her facial expression also became dull. She listlessly said, “Your Royal Highness, I should leave.”

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  1. adrimiz7

    Yep, nobility can be disgusting. But, I just imagined Sun being in Meng’s place. He would not take any of that laying down. His knights would be beating someone else that night.

    • Sakurachi

      Though of course, Sun would never be in that position. No one would dare look down on him. Besides, who would score his looks? Through many chapters its been told of how beautiful and ….*Cough* Feminine …. *Cough* He is. Heck, he probably looks better as a Girl than that stuck up peacock…. what was her name? …. Marisa! That was it.

    • adrimiz7


      If he were to not groom himself, not apply his facial, hike throught the woods, and fall from a tree, he probably wouldn’t be looking as attractive. Grantd, this would have to be in some place no one knows he’s the sun knight, or demon king…

    • Lulu

      well some nobel (princess) did talk bad at Sun and you know what he did
      make her skin darker for no one know how long (1/2 year?) Lol

  2. cat

    Sword Spirit’s two eyes
    Didn’t it say in a earlier chapter that he had one eye?

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