New Beginnings Contest Voting

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Hi all, voting for the New Beginnings Contest has started! It is happening over at our forums.

We received a total of 22 super creative submissions. This time, there was no limit to the type of submission that could be entered. Recipes, fanfic, fanart, comics, crocheted blueberries, figurines, a dating sim… You name it! It was truly wonderful seeing so much creativity and participation.

We encourage you to vote and comment. As an extra incentive, if 100 or more voters vote in the poll, we promise we will definitely release Dominion’s End V1C5 this month in July! If less than 100 voters vote, we’ll still try our best, but no promises~.

*NOTE: You need to sign up for a forum account to be able to vote! Also, remember to ANSWER THE QUESTION in the sign-up sheet.*

Hope you’re having a great July, and look forward to the rest of our releases for the month. :)

Now to announce the results!

Overall Winner:
CherryChimchim—The Ohmygod Collection

Staff Pick Winners:
hazel81—Giant Stuffed Blueberry
shyfeather—Ah Ye and Charles Oreo Cupcakes

Thanks for participating! Look forward to the next contest!

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  1. Trespasserby

    So, those 136 “Jiang Shutian for Gege” voters (as of this moment) definitely will be exploding with excitement. Not only do you get to see cool fan work, but you may be able to secure your fix of Dominion’s End for this month.

    The rest of you should definitely take a look at the submissions too. On my end, I’ve just been constantly refreshing the forum page during this entire week.

  2. ~RenTheWitch~

    SAys i cant vote :< but i'll say it here: i love ohmygod collection, the giant crochet blueberry and the recipe of blueberry truffles!

  3. i’ve already sign up, but still can’t vote

  4. Roger that

  5. I didn’t know where I should write this question(most likely in the forums) but is princerevolution considering on translating Yu Wo’s new story her first real BL novel(forgot the name that was written)? <3

    • @Nessy
      If you’re talking about the Bai Lian Yue novel, possibly, since it is related to No Hero. It’s being sold in Taiwan this August~. It will probably only make sense to readers who have read Eclipse Hunter.

      If you’re talking about Yu Wo’s BL novel she planned for in the future, we have little clue what that series will be like yet, or when she’ll release it.

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