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July Chapters
  1. Kill No More VS 1/2 Prince V1C5: Chapter 5
  2. Romance RPG V1C7: Part Seven
  3. The Legend of Sun Knight V8C10: “God’s; the Demon King’s; the People’s—Plan”
  4. Human Doll Contract Manhua Chapter 1: Xiao Xue
  5. Kill No More VS 1/2 Prince V1C6: Chapter 6
  6. Romance RPG V1C8: Part Eight
  7. No Hero V3C3: The Non-Human Werewolf and the Human Dragon Peace

Hi everyone, here’s our tentative schedule for July! These are all the chapters we’re promising at the moment. We hope we can finish more~.

Remember, our “New Beginnings” contest ends on July 7th. Get those submissions in! Public voting will be done over at the forums. We encourage you to sign up and vote. :)

ETA: The contest deadline has now been extended to the end of July 9th! (When July 9th ends in all time zones). You can check when that is for you over at this link.

Cai Hong Zhong, the artist of the 1/2 Prince manhua, has started an adaptation of the first case of Illusions, Lies, Truth—Human Doll Contract. We are excited to announce that we are working along with Papermoon Scans to bring you a scanlation of this manhua. It’s a Papermoon Scanlation project, so follow Papermoon Scans for more news. We’ll try to keep you updated here as well.

These were the results for June’s poll, “Who would you want as your father?” Out of 1222 votes, Chasel came out with 621 one of them, 50.82%. He led the poll from the start and never stopped leading. For a moment, it sure seemed that it was more a contest to see who would end up in last place! (In the end, Neo still lost to Meatbun!)

Xiao Lan
(9.74%, 119 Votes)
(10.72%, 131 Votes)
Neo Sun
(10.64%, 130 Votes)
Chasel Judgment
(50.82%, 621 Votes)
(3.36%, 41 Votes)
Charles’s father
(3.93%, 48 Votes)
(10.8%, 132 Votes)
Total Voters: 1222

Our poll this month: “If you suddenly gained an older brother, you would want him to be…”

29 Responses

  1. random leecher

    Anyone else miss the twice a month releases for No Hero and LSK..? But, nevertheless, I should not complain! Thanks so much for these translations, they are greatly appreciated. Ah, no Dominion’s End :( As for the poll, this one is really hard!

  2. someone

    Fact: If one puts a Judgment Knight in any poll regarding familiar relations, they will win. With landslide votes.

  3. 15B

    At the moment after I voted, there were fifty votes.

    Only two of them went to Ri Xiang Yan (Devon). Which means that out of the first fifty people, only one person besides me voted for our beloved Gege of all Geges.

    DEVON!!! You can do it! Keep going!

  4. Flit

    Ah Judgement is in the lead already. Both Ri Xiang Yan and Jiang Shu Tian deserve more votes though! Their capabilities as an elder brother have already been proven in canon.

    The Sun Emperor had amply proven his devotion to his sibling in Eclipse Hunter and No Hero! You would be the weak point of a world financial power! His love might be smothering but he would definitely treat his siblings well!

    Jiang Shu Tian is also an ideal big brother! He would drop his job and rush home on an airplane on word of your bad dreams and battle through a horde of zombies! He even comes packaged with the caring and sweet Jiang Shujun as a sister!

    They are both definitely worth more consideration.

    (Ah. Now I feel guilty for not defending Wolf. Wolf is amazing too! He’s kind and gives good advice! He would notice of you were upset and would comfort you! If the other two are too over bearing and you want someone sweeter, Wolf is definitely the choice!)

  5. tsukiyo

    lol yeah this month poll is very difficult to choose. all of them are ideal big brother. Eventhough wolf-ge will be a good choice, lesus still win him in my mind. lol devon is too protective… and we just see a bit of jiang shutian

  6. EliSan

    I’m sorprised no one pointed out that LSK this month will not come last! Yey! Looks like my cry on the forum didn’t go unnoticed >.< good, good! I'll make sure to cry some more in the future ;)

    I hope I'll be able to complete my art till deadline. If not… Well, I'll just throw it at the fanart section.

    I'm looking forwored to manga(manhva) adaptation of "Human doll contract"!!! Hope it won't take long.

  7. dollyfishe

    errr … which wolf ? HP or KNM ? i guess HP ??? but nvm that as i cant help but choose lesus teheee
    i was quite happy with the list :) LSK not the last. and just as i wonder if NH is just too long, but there’s someone explain it already (thanx EliSan).
    and there’s 2 HPvsKNM. no matter how good other story is, i still prefer to laugh hehehe (not that i dislike other books, it’s just that i need a lot of laugh these days)

    • dollyfishe

      ummm … if its from KNM it would be a bit interesting. its a totally different choice after all. but here at PR not everyone familiar with blood wolf since its other site that translate it. KNMvsHP got no blood wolf at all. and as how everyone saw it as ugly wolf, guess thats it.

  8. shizuka

    Thank you for the update!!! About the poll, no dubts for me, even the others candidates are all pretty good, my vote will forever go to Judge!!! <3 <3 <3

  9. Erenu

    Chasel???????????? really??????’ I think it would be a nightmare to have him as a doting parent! never come late, always unable to lie, being questioned as a criminal for everything……. living with the terror of annoying the Judgement Knight…….I mean……he even could scare Neo away!!!!!!!!! no thanks??????????? LOL

    thank you for the new chaps! Im so glad you´re gonna help Papermoon Scans with the manwha too! you are AWSOME!

    please bring a little chaptie of Dominions end too this monthhhhhh pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!

  10. EclipseK

    I don’t know about Wolf (I’ve been meaning to get to HP for a year now but… Honestly I didn’t enjoy the first chapter of the manga) but
    Lesus will be a reasonable brother who isn’t as strict, maybe a bit too stop you from doing dumb things, but doesn’t spoil you. He’d be a pretty normal brother.
    Ri Xiang Yan would spoil you to death and eliminate anything making you sad. He’d play the amazing brother in front of you but would try to hide his cold ruthless side.
    Jiang Shutian would spoil you but not as much as Ri Xiang Yan. All I can say about him for now.
    I’m pretty sure they would all risk everything in order to save their sibling(s). Such good brothers…

    • Luna

      I think your summary coincides pretty well with my feelings. Wolf as someone else mentioned is the gentle, kind advisor, mild-spirited sort of older brother. It’s true we have seen comparatively less of Jiang Shutian but my impression is he is a bit doting and spoils his siblings but more stable minded than Ri Xiang Yan. He overall seems like how a parent figure brother would be in my imagination, if said brother also happened to be a mercenary loaded with cash lol. He overlooks the odd habits of his siblings, prioritizes their feelings/needs, and he trusts them while also sheltering from the things he knows they’re not prepared for. I adore Lesus, but for me somehow I can’t picture him as my brother though he is excellent brother material. For me he’d be more like what he is for the other holy knights, the brother-like dear friend. Also keep in mind that you are usually stricter with your expections from family than you are with friends, so while Lesus may let Grisia get away with a bunch of stuff he may be a bit tougher on his sibling. Still, Judge is very kindhearted so I’d doubt he’d ever be too strict.

    • Trespasserby

      That may all be true. All the others would be responsible and kind brothers who would be more likely to solve problems than cause them… But… But…

      How can I choose a good or bad one? Being brothers is simply inherent.

      Thinking analytically, I should choose one of the other options… But as soon as I saw that name on the list, my cursor flew to it, clicking on the bubble in a less than a heartbeat. Even if my mind says to reason this out, that the chance to choose a brother is a chance a person normally doesn’t have, when my heart is resolutely made up, how can I still try to calmly make an unbiased decision?

      I won’t have any regrets about choosing the most troublesome Gège.

  11. chi

    No Dominion’s this month ;_;
    Which older brother would I want? One that spoils me rotten (Lesus), or the one that spoils me rotten (Jiang Shutian) or the one that spoils me rotten (Ri Xiang Yan)? That’s quite the predicament here!
    One goes as far as jumping through a wall and and have his way to get what you want.
    The other would do the same as the former + being rich.
    The last would have what you want in seconds while still by your side (way too rich).
    All of them would be overprotective (specially the last) and caring.
    Truly a difficult decision….

    If it was Wolf from KNM he would be the brother who would teach me how to drink (though he would also be the mean one)…. but from HP would be quite the normal one.

    • yaku

      even if it’s Wolf from KNM, I think he’s pretty sensitive to others’ feeling (though he likes to slack off) but still, he has his own way to protect to his precious people and never abandon his comrades, right?

  12. dinoj

    Haha that poll was definitely probably the hardest decision I’ve ever had to make. I’m questioning if I’ll regret, picking such a troublesome Gege that is.. haha Devon Solaris would definitely spoil me rotten. I feel like that doesn’t even describe it well. As long as it makes me happy, that brother would never refuse me. Heck, he’d probably fund me if I decided to make bombs to bomb random cities!

    I guess that decision was pretty bias though haha since I’m still in post EH withdrawals :/

    I wasn’t too big on half prince and didn’t really feel any connect or attachment to any of the characters other than the self-aware npcs, also it’s been a really really long time since I’ve read HP. Wold is very caring and sweet though, it’s just that compared to the others, he doesn’t really stand out..

    As for our Judgement knight, I feel like Sun, I admire him greatly and love him but I also kind of fear him. If I did something bad, even if the scolding most likely won’t be too tough since he’s such a kind-hearted brotherly figure, there will still be scolding :( Then again I just gave up the opportunity to have 12 Holy Knight very interesting but loving and caring Geges that would never abandon me.. Do I sense some regret? Haha okay I definitely am starting to feel a bit regret D:

    Lastly, Jiang Shutian.. another pretty freaking badass brother who would mostly likely spoil me rotten. Coming with the package deal of adorable and caring Jiang Shujun was really tempting. But, I haven’t seen much of him and therefore am not as attached:/

    All in all I feel like whoever you’ll probably still end up being spoiled rotten, just that the degrees to which you’ll be spoiled rotten is quite varying. Such a hard decision. But with that Gege, I’ll get to play with Dar and also mess with Charles! Also, there’s Elian’s Trio, Ezart, Papa Avery, and First Wind! Melody and I could become best friends too!

  13. EclipseK

    Lol, what the heck? “Everyone” is scared of the judgment knight yet he still wins? Why is it that as long as there’s a judgment knight no other options would stand a chance? Anyways, maybe he’ll lose if you have a sort of weirder poll. Like “person most likely to blow someone up” or “person you would like to see join a circus”.
    Actually, I can’t tell whether some of these “brothers” are supposed to be the hero of anti-hero…

    Now, try to think up some polls where judgment would not do so well in!

    • [PR]raylight

      Hahaha, alright, next poll will be a Beauty Contest Pageant! … Just kidding. I’ll try to think of something that he wouldn’t win then. XP

    • [PR]doza

      Although to have Charles or Ice cooking dinner every night is a dream, I still think Judge would win XD

    • dollyfishe

      just a thought … why not leave a reason as to why PR choose these people in the poll ? along with who PR think would win at the end of poll ? as for the winner, everyone should be able to see (as long as everyone pop in the last day of the month which is almost all did ~ oh well, should as well respect who cant)
      as for the “likely to blow up someone” i guess glee would win that ? (neo lost again)
      join a circus … hmm ? liola with baolilong ? aaah cant imagine how they would ended up blasting everything up. knife throwing prince ? aaaaatoo cool to be in a circus. hey thats quite a question there !!! *busy thinking all the possibility now*

  14. Acidic

    No, Dominion’s End this month? I was really looking forward for DE’s new chapter… But thank you for your hard work PR! :’D

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